tagErotic CouplingsA Higher Education Ch. 06

A Higher Education Ch. 06

byval wrangler©

It was only my fifth time on an airplane (Dad had always driven us everywhere) and it was so nice to look forward to someone special waiting for me when I came through the arrivals doors, especially someone as special as my landlady.

That was something that over the time we were together that always struck me as so odd: having to refer to Laurel as my "landlady", but it had proved to be necessary, just so I wouldn't make some sort of slip in public. After my little run-in with Mike at the pub, I saw how easy it would be for everything to fall apart completely. Bad things would happen to her if it ever got out.

I had been so torn over my holiday trip back home. Certainly, I'd missed my family and relatives, having never really been away from home before, but at the same time, I'd wanted to be with Laurel. Mom and Dad, as well as my friends, were sorry to see me head out early, but I'd come up with a plausible excuse, and I stayed most of the holiday season with them. I was only cutting out three days earlier than I'd planned, after all.

It might have been only been absence making my heart grow fonder, but to me Laurel looked stunning that day. There had been snow overnight and the day was brilliantly sunny, and when I spotted her on the fringes of the crowd at the arrivals gate, I thought she looked like a movie star traveling incognito. A white scarf wrapped around her head, huge sunglasses and the collar of her coat pulled up immediately brought Audrey Hepburn to my young mind.

I ached to scoop her up and plant a crushing kiss on her red lips, but her body language made it clear that wouldn't have been cool. We couldn't be sure that someone who could cause trouble might see us. There would be plenty of time for kisses and much more when we were alone.

"Good to see you again, Derek," Laurel said, holding out her hand. "I hope you had a good flight."

"Yes, ma'am," I answered and was immediately rewarded with a tiny smile, just the faintest curling up at the corners of her mouth.

"Well, come along then," she answered as she turned and headed for the door.

I'd found out that Laurel could walk very quickly and I had to trot the first few steps to catch up to her, my Christmas present suitcase, bouncing along behind as I pulled it.

"What have you been doing while I've been gone?" I asked.

She didn't answer right away because we were walking through a crowd of happily chattering people also entering the car park building. Most were parked on the first floor, but two couples got on the elevator with us. Laurel looked impatient.

Once the elevator door closed at the second floor and we were alone, Laurel took one step and pressed herself against me. Pulling my head down with both hands, she gave me a bruisingly hard kiss, her tongue in my mouth like a snake in search of its next meal. I felt a hand rub my hardening cock.

Just as the door opened at floor three, she stepped away and smiled. "Now you know what I've been thinking about."

Walking to the far end of the building, my hand instinctively reached out for hers.

"Not here," she whispered, pulling it away. My hurt feelings must have shown in my face, because she added, "I'm sorry."

The day was cold with a blustery wind that whistled through the structure nearly unhindered. I stopped to pull up the zipper on my jacket and Laurel walked a head a few steps before stopping. My eyes never left her.

Even with the bulky coat on, one could get hints of the lithe body that was buried inside. About four inches of bare leg showed below before being engulfed by high brown suede boots. With that sense some women possess -- usually the most beautiful ones -- she instinctively knew I was watching her because she stopped but did not turn around. After a few moments though, Laurel turned her head, smiled innocently, and asked, "Coming?"

It was certainly a loaded question if I'd ever heard one.

She got in the car as I quickly dumped my suitcase into the trunk and when I got in on the passenger side, I noticed she'd unbuttoned the bottom of her coat as she always did so that she could comfortably use the clutch. What was different this time was that I could detect nothing but skin beneath it.

"Are you naked?" I blurted out.

Laurel looked down at herself. "Oh dear. Looks as if I forgot to get dressed."

I made a lunge across the stick shift as she turned the key and the car's engine roared to life.

She gently put a hand on my chest and pushed. "Down Tiger. Now is not the time or place. You're just going to have to be patient."

As she pulled out of the parking space, I asked, "Why are you teasing me like this?"

"I'm teaching you patience." We started down the exit ramp. "Truthfully, though, I'm teasing both of us. There's something deliciously wicked about being naked in public."

"You do this often?"

"Only when I'm in a particular mood."

Laurel re-buttoned part of the coat as we inched towards the payment booths. "I once picked up Ramon at the airport like this. I was ragingly horny and he was, of course, delighted. Unfortunately, when I reached out to pay, my coat opened right up and the guy taking my money got an eyeful. I don't think that would be a good thing today, me a professor and you a student and all. But it is a tempting idea."

"It turns you on, showing yourself to people, doesn't it?"

"There is a certain amount of the exhibitionist in me. Even though many wouldn't admit it, women liked being looked at, just maybe not in as radical a way as I am right now."

She rolled down her window, smiled at the man in the booth as if everything were perfectly normal, then slipped the car in gear as the gate went up, and we roared out of the airport. Once on the highway, she unbuttoned the coat again, this time pulling it all the way open.

"Sometimes women can get out of control," she told me as she drove. "We can be as aggressive as men. You will have women flaunting themselves at you, Derek. I'm sure of that. Someone who's out of control in the wrong situation can be dangerous to you. What if I was doing this and there was a husband around? Maybe I'm the wife of your best friend. What if I was a co-worker or even your boss? How would you handle the situation?"

Frankly, I was barely listening, currently watching the muscles in Laurel's thighs as she expertly shifted into fifth. Her legs were partially open and I could see her sex had been freshly shaved. My eyes rose up her flat abdomen to her breasts, their nipples very hard and red even though the car was quite warm. I knew her well enough by now to tell when she was aroused.

"Derek! Pay attention. If a woman was flaunting her body at you like this and you knew it wasn't appropriate, what would you do?"

"This," I answered as I undid my seatbelt, leaned across the car and sucked her right nipple into my mouth.

"Jesus! Do you want to cause an accident?" she gasped and used her left hand on my forehead to push me away, but not before one of mine slipped between her legs for a moment. My middle finger came away very wet.

I stuck it in my mouth, savoring her taste and scent.

Changing the subject, I said, "You like a little danger, I can tell."

"Only when I'm super horny."

"And you are now?"



"Because I haven't had a real cock for nearly ten days."

"That's pretty frank. I thought you were teaching me completely out of altruism," I teased.

"Only partially. There has to be some payoff for me, too."

"So you want me to make love to you when we get home?"

"No. I want you to fuck me."

"That's a pretty raw thing for a tenured and well-respected professor to say to an undergrad."

"Well, that's the way I'm feeling today."

"What if I don't want to fuck you?"

Laurel's hand snaked over to my crotch. "I don't think it will be hard to interest you."

I removed her hand. "You might be surprised."

I'm not sure if I upset her or not by sidetracking the conversation, but talk ended for the last ten minutes of our trip.

I wondered if all women were this puzzling. I'd used part of the time I'd been away thinking about just what had happened since I'd moved into her home. Sure, I'd come to university with the expectation that I might meet some girls and get lucky, the size of my cock not withstanding, but my relationship with Laurel was beyond my wildest dreams -- and believe me, I had some really wild ones.

After my run in with Nancy where she freaked when she saw the size of my dick, I decided that it might be a good idea to get my hands on a few sex books. That way, the next time I got in a promising situation, I might please a girl rather than scaring her to death. I learned (among other things) that females enjoyed being licked between their legs, that I shouldn't just jump their bones, but move slowly, and that if I got them really worked up, they just might be willing to give my cock a try. But all the books can't completely answer the questions I'd had.

Moving into the room at Laurel's had certainly answered all of them and then some, but every time I thought I'd begun to have more than a basic understanding of the female side of our species, this amazing woman would completely change tack and dump all the knowledge I thought I'd collected on its head.

So the remaining time of our homeward trip was occupied by trying to guess where the current situation might be going -- but also gazing at Laurel's body and imagining what I might soon be doing to her.

As if I wasn't in the car, she went about the the business of driving, but I did notice her legs had moved farther apart than they needed to be and her coat had fallen open even more. Anyone driving up next to us would have gotten an eyeful.

Once off the highway and closer to her house, even though Laurel covered things up a bit, there was still a lot of tease in every move she made. We both knew I was looking and she was making the most of it, seducing me via my imagination. If her plan was to stimulate me sexually by her half-hidden state of undress and her seemingly casual movements as she drove, it succeeded admirably: my cock had grown uncomfortably tight in my pants.

We pulled into the garage and I was about to get out when Laurel spoke.

"So Derek, if I was your boss, and I made it clear that I wanted you, but you knew that it wasn't a good idea, what would you do?"

It was clear from her voice that she didn't want any cheeky replies. Hers was a serious question. She had slipped into teaching mode, and quite frankly I was disappointed. I wanted us to just enjoy each other after my long absence.

"I, ah, don't really know."

"Not good enough. The reason I'm asking is that it will certainly happen to you. You need to have strategies ready. Would you be able to resist?"

"I'd like to think that I could."

"What if she flaunted her body at you like this?"

Laurel pulled her coat completely open again and looked at me with a frankly sexual hunger. Sliding down in her seat, she opened her legs a lot wider. The small sports car was immediately filled with the fragrance of her arousal. While I watched, she delicately took hold of her left nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and began almost absentmindedly pulling and twisting it. Her right hand drifted onto her stomach, lightly caressing her skin as it slid lower.

When she spoke again, her voice had a husky quality I hadn't heard before. "Do you find me attractive, Derek?"

I gulped. "You know I do."

"Would you like to make love to me?"

"What? Right here?"

Laurel's expression and tone changed immediately. "Focus, dear boy, focus!"

I felt pretty stupid. "Oh, I get it. This is a scenario."

She shook her head a bit, then slid smoothly back into the character she'd adopted.

"Derek, I want you to put aside our business relationship for the next hour or two and make love to me. Take me! I'm yours."

A light went off in my head. Certainly my manhood had caught the attention of older, more experienced women very easily. Once I started in the workforce after graduation, it certainly could happen again. If I took everything I'd learned with Laurel as gospel, then I just might get into a situation like the one she was playing at. I reluctantly decided to play along.

What Laurel didn't know is that I had played with myself only the occasion of her hair-raising phone call during my entire time away. Sure, the first day or three, I was simply too busy, helping with preparations, hanging out with the relatives, but on the day after Christmas, when I'd realized just how horny I was, I had decided that I would wait until I was back with my beautiful lady again before I'd slake that thirst. It had been tough, but somehow I'd managed it.

Now, though, being able to see and smell and have the object of my desire just a few inches away was driving me absolutely crazy. To be told that I must resist seemed incredibly unfair. I wasn't sure I could do it. I certainly didn't want to.

Laurel had tilted her seat back and her legs were splayed as she touched herself. Her sex was wide open and glistening with sweet moisture as she slowly and sensuously circled her erect clitoris. With that beautiful slender body, naked except for the suede boots, and the feverish expression on her face, it was clear, act or not, that this was a woman in heat.

I wanted her so much at that moment, but what I said was, "It's getting cold in the car. We should go indoors." I decided that if she wanted to play games, I could too.

Taking her keys out of the ignition, I opened my door, retrieved my suitcase and headed for the back door.

I heard Laurel call from inside the car, "Derek, please!"

"Come in the house," I said, without looking back.

I realized suddenly that I'd never spoken to an adult that way before. It was rather disconcerting.

I was waiting in the kitchen when Laurel came in. Her coat still hung wide open and if the neighbors on our right or across the street had been watching, they certainly would have seen her like that. Being in a dangerous mood was certainly an apt description.

Without a word, Laurel crossed the kitchen, plastered herself against me and while her left leg wrapped around my right, her right hand snaked down to my crotch and squeezed my cock. Her other hand was quickly around the back of my head, trying to pull it down so she could kiss me. She began humping my leg, causing my cock to stiffen uncomfortably.

"Derek, I must have you," she cooed as I tried to resist. "What's the harm in it? We're both adults."

I grabbed her two hands and pulled them away from me as I fell into my role further. "But it's not a good idea," I said somewhat angrily. "Now sit down so we can talk!"

Exerting my strength, I pushed her back to one of the kitchen chairs and sat her down.

"Ms Jones-Gonzalez, Laurel, I really do appreciate what you're offering to me. You are a beautiful and desirable woman. Believe me, in different circumstances I wouldn't hesitate a heartbeat to rip my clothes off and make love to you until we couldn't move. But in the end, we would both know that what we did was wrong, that it had only been a weak moment. When you're thinking clearly again, you'll see that I'm right. Tempting as your offer is, I am going to have to decline. I hope that you won't hold it against me."

With that, I picked up my suitcase and left the room. On my way upstairs, I heard Laurel in the kitchen, applauding and saying, "Bravo, bravo," as if we'd just finished an opera performance or something.

I realized then that I was genuinely angry with my landlady. During my flight, I'd imagined us spending a wonderful day making love, not playing stupid imaginary games. I simply wanted her very badly. Yes, I was in love with her, and during her phone call it sounded as if my feelings were being returned maybe just a tiny bit. I wanted to be with my woman. And instead, I got another of her lessons. Certainly she was aroused, too, so why the games? And why now?

Feeling more than a little travel-stained, I decided I needed a shower. Luxuriating under the steaming water, I heard the knob on the bathroom door rattle a bit, but Laurel was out of luck. I'd locked it.

She was waiting for me on my bed, completely naked now and looking even more desirable. "Come and lie with me, Derek."

I shook my head. "More games? Another test?"

"No. Just two people making love." When I didn't whip off my towel and jump on top of her, she raised an eyebrow. "You're angry with me."

Without answering, I opened my suitcase and began putting away the clothes it contained.

"Derek, talk to me, please."


As I picked up the necktie Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bob had given me, an evil thought entered my head. If Laurel wanted to play, maybe I did, too, but not in a way she might want.

The bed frame in my room was an old one made of metal. It was simple but solid, probably iron. At the foot, a raised bar ran across, and the head was bigger and more ornate, just the sort of thing a person could be easily tied to. Smiling to myself, I grabbed three more ties from the closet.

Even though Laurel was not a tiny woman and proved surprisingly strong, it didn't take me long to get her securely fastened to my bed, arms above her head to the headboard supports, and legs stretched uncomfortably wide to each corner of the foot. Throughout the struggle, she didn't say anything, but it was clear that she had not expected it.

In the end, her expression as she glared up at me, panting heavily from her exertions, gave no indication about how she was feeling. Still turned on? Angry? A bit frightened? Maybe all three?

"What are you going to do to me?"

I was panting and a bit sweaty, too. So much for my shower. "I haven't decided yet." She needed to be taught a lesson. "I think I'll go downtown and get something to eat."

"And leave me here like this?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"I can feel my hands going numb. You've tied me too tightly."

"No, I haven't."

Laurel struggled a bit. The way her muscles moved, so well-defined under her skin, really turned me on, and I realized at that moment that curvy, well-padded women would never be my ideal. I preferred them long and lean -- like the one who lay helpless before me.

Being the witch she was, Laurel crawled into my thoughts.

Wiggling her rear end deliciously on the bed, she managed to open her spread her knees a bit. I felt my cock stiffen.

"I can tell that seeing me like this, helpless to resist whatever you desire, is turning you on, Derek. You want me, don't you? Your cock is aching to be inside my body, thrusting and thrusting until your lust is satisfied -- and I can't do a thing about it. I could scream until I was hoarse and no one would come to stop you. Admit it. That turns you on doesn't it?"

"I'm hungry," I answered as I got dressed and left the room, shutting the door behind me.

"Derek, dammit!" Laurel shouted. "Come back and untie me this instant!"

I went downstairs and enjoyed leisurely eating two grilled cheese sandwiches and reading the morning paper.

Forty-five minutes later, I re-entered my room, and realized that I'd never seen Laurel really glare before.

"Derek, this is not even remotely amusing anymore. My arms are aching, my left foot is numb and there's an itch on my nose that's driving me to distraction!"

I sat down next to her and scratched her nose. When my finger carelessly got too close to her mouth, Laurel tried to bite it -- and from the way her jaw snapped, it wouldn't have been a playful one.

I waggled a finger at a safe distance. "Temper, temper. I could decide to go out to a movie if you're not careful."

That hit home. "No! Please don't do that."

"Are you sorry that you played games with me this morning?"

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