tagNonHumanA Hole in the Darkness Ch. 03

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 03


With the red blade touching my jugular I know I'm about to die. Scared shitless, I have to defend myself. I have nothing to lose. I'm a little bigger than her, but she's faster and far more experienced. I figure as soon as I move, she'll cut my throat open.

She looks at her partner for the briefest moment, maybe for his go ahead. I move as fast as I can grabbing the wrist with the knife and flipping her the opposite direction to put the knife to her neck. I'm a lot faster than I thought I would be, faster than I've ever been, but it doesn't work the way I planned. I get the knife away from my neck and fling her off my body, but just as I'm about to throw her clear of me, she grabs my hand and uses the momentum to flip over my head and behind me, taking my wrist and the blade with her. Wrapping her legs around me from behind she returns the knife to my throat. She has a death-grip on me now.

"You're a lot faster than I gave you credit for. Now if you'll sit still this wont take long. Keeping the knife in place she reaches around me and grabs my cock. I forgot it was still out.

"What are you doing?"

"Shut up!"

It's still hard from being around "them". She pumps it fast and hard while licking the side of my neck. Is she toying with me? Is she going to slit me as soon as I cum? Damn, it feels really good. I mean better than ever. Probably because she's blood and I'm aroused around my race. She pumps faster and already even in the face of death my balls tighten getting ready to cum.

"You're about to pop." She whispers into my ear.

My ass clenches and legs buckle as the first blast of cum explodes out of me shooting four or five feet followed by another, then another, and on and on. She orders me to open my eyes and I look at the huge man in front of me squirting again, the girl still pumping the hell outta me.

With new vision he's even bigger now with shiny bluish skin. Black stones with jagged edges about the size of eggs protrude from his skin in various places from his waist up with one in the center of his bald head. His eyes are black with a mouth full of copper teeth. Instantly noticeable is his huge cock. It looks like it's 6 inches around and over a foot long with jutting purple blood veins and it's not even hard. I bet that thing could kill a girl fully erect. When did he take his clothes off? Putting out his cigarette he turns to me and snorts, a puff of smoke coming out of each nostril. "Reasha, you better hurry before he's done cumming."

I shoot another load. I've never came this long or much.

The girl withdraws her knife and untangles her legs from my waist, leaping off my back and flipping over my head. She lands in front of me and stands there for me to look at barely dodging my next geyser of sperm. Her body is totally hairless including her head. She has small spike looking appendages the same color as her skin sticking out from her lower arms, calves, shoulders, back and head. Her skin is pink and glistening. She has medium firm breast with purplish silver dollar size nipples that are erect, purple lips and dark blue eyes with no whites. She's quite stunning and nude as well except for a strap hanging from her left shoulder to her right hip holding the sheath and knife.

"How did you take your clothes off while on my back?"

"We were never wearing any. You were seeing us as a human would. They see humans with clothing when they see us. That's a huge load you got going there. How much longer you think it's going to last?"

"I don't know. I think it's starting to subside a little." How many times have I squirted? Fifteen, twenty times I don't know. It almost looks like my body weight in cum is on the ground. She stands about half a foot from it with a smirk.

"It smells good. You have a strong seed."

A couple more spurts and It finally subsides to a prolonged dribble. Legs weak I almost fall in the white puddle.

The big man says "This is Reasha and I am Kapelion. You've seen us and we see you. We've been watching you for quite some time, until you forced our hand and made us intervene. You need a trainer, either that or I'm going to have to kill you. It would be a shame to have to kill one of our own for being a dumbass."

"Are you going to train me?"

"No, we're not trainers, welp."

"What are you then?"

"I'm a warrior and Reasha here a tracker, like you."

She gives me a devilish grin and nods.

"What do you mean, I'm a tracker."

"You're a tracker. It's in your bloodline, what you're best at.

"How do you know?"

"I know by looking at you."

"Do all trackers look the same?'

"No but there are similarities, things you have in common. No two "Kind" look alike."

Reasha walks over to Kapelion leaning her head on his chest touching his huge limp dick with one finger.

"Not now." Kapelion chides her, but she ignores him and starts stroking it.

He continues "You and Reasha have similarities but you don't look a like."

Reasha slowly slides her hand up and down Kapelion's slowly hardening cock with a bored expression on her face like her mind is elsewhere.

"Me and her are similar?"

"Of course, you're brother and sister."

"What, she's my sister? She gave me a hand-job."

"You're thinking like a human, welp. You're siblings with all the trackers."

I feel a little bit sick, thinking about my sister stroking my cock and me getting hard and cumming so much from it.

"Will I ever be able to see what I look like?" I ask him.

Kapelion's dick is starting to get hard but he pays no attention to it as Reasha slides the head of it into her mouth still pumping it. "You eventually will be able to see us all. Reasha, show your brother what he looks like." She drops his dick out of her mouth. It bobs in the air as she walks towards me.

"How are you going to show.........."

She pushes me up against a tree and wraps her hand around the head of my dick rubbing it.

"What are you doing? He said you're my sister."

"Shut up. You want to see what you look like? She bends down and spits on the head of my cock, wraps her hands around the back of my neck and pulls her legs up off the ground spreading them, her knees on my chest. Positioning herself to where the tip of my dick slips into her pussy and shoves it all the way in, her juices coating it and my balls.

"We can't do this. I didn't know you was my sister when you made me cum before, but now....I know." Damn it feels good. She's so wet and tight. How can she be so tight fucking that monster cock of Kapelion's, but she is. She isn't messing around, already pumping and grinding, working her ass up and down my shaft as fast as she can. With an enraptured look on her face, eyes half open. She loves fucking. Noticing me looking at her she buries her tongue in my mouth. I disengage her lips and she shoves my head between her breasts. Finding a nipple I suck on It fiercely. She pulls my head into them harder, she wants me to bite them, so I do.......hard. She moans deeply and I feel her pussy convulse. Her eyes open completely.

"You're going to make me cum little brother. I want you to cum with me. Fill me full."

I can't believe I'm doing this. So much has changed lately. She's dieing to cum, but holding out. She's waiting on me. Her pussy becomes really tight, like she's clamping down on me. It feels good. My dick grows numb and feeling the burning deep within me I fuck her as hard as I can.


"Yes, do it. CUM IN ME!!!"

I'm almost delirious. Clenching my ass, I fuck her as hard as I can. As the first stream of cum shoots into her she buries her nails into my back, digging hard....

"Reasha!!!" Kapelion says with a forceful growl.

She retracts her hands from my back, bringing them to my face. Still sliding up and down my wet shaft, she kisses me long and deep, bringing her thumbs to my closed eyelids and opens them.

I don't understand what I'm looking at. I'm staring at a new creature. It has hard orange skin with ridges in it. No hair like Reasha and the same spike looking things jutting from........... "HIS" skin. Holy Fuck did she become a man. I'm still fucking her, I can feel her pussy wrapped around my dick. I'm fucking a man?!? I look down to see what happened. Fucking shit, what's going on, I have tits and I'm not fucking a man, he's fucking me because I can see his big rigid dick sliding in and out of..........my pussy. "What the fuck is going on, I'm a girl now?

"Sev, you're not a girl and you're not being fucked by a man. You're seeing yourself through my eyes. You're seeing your true form as you fuck me.

"How are....."

"We're siblings, when you are inside me we can share senses even trade them. Now you're going to have to forgive me, considering you are cumming in me as we speak, but now it's my turn.............."

She keeps her eyes open and I can still see through them. I'm seeing what I look like fucking her.

I pull my dick out still cumming spraying her tits and stomach. It looks like a strange monster is cumming on me except I'm a woman. I stick it back into her pussy, still cumming.

Reasha grinds my dick hard, grunts deeply, pussy tightening, and slides off my dick. It makes a wet slap as it hits my belly. She starts fingering her clit and sprays my whole body as she ejaculates. I feel it from my point of view but see it through hers.

I'm quite a site. Not quite as scary as Kapelion but threatening none the less. My eyes look like two glassy ink filled orbs set in more black. I have no nose but a series of ridges to breath from. My entire body is covered in what looks like writings etched into my skin but I can't make any of it out. My spikes are set up just like hers, on my wrist, calves, shoulders, and head but much longer. We don't look alike but it's obvious to me now, that we're related.

My orgasm subsides about the same time as Reasha's and as it does, my link with her weakens until it's gone, my sight returning to my own eyes again.

She slides off of me as I fall back into a tree, sliding down to the ground, pine needs sticking to my bare, wet ass.

"You made me cum hard brother."

"Stop saying that."

"Stop thinking like a human. No children of our people are raised by one set of parents, but by all. None of us knows who birthed us, just the many that raised us. We don't own one another. We don't categorize ourselves other than by our talents and abilities. Kapelion is my mate but I have many lovers as does he. You are my brother and I have taken you. Someday you may be required to impregnate me. If you have a mate at the time she will understand. Our bloodline does not deform our offspring if we mate with our own, it strengthens us and keeps us pure."

Strange, but I can tell she speaks the truth and I find myself still wanting her, watching her breast sway as she gestures, seeing my cum drip from her wet slit, down the side of her leg.

"How come I can still see your true form? It usually quits when I'm finished cumming?"

This is the longest you've been around your kind. It gets easier to maintain. The longer you're away the harder it is unless you're well trained.

Kapelion lights another cigarette. It looks so tiny in his hand. He looks frustrated pacing around like a caged bull.

Much time has passed. The only light making it's way thru the tree tops is starlight.

"How come I can still see with it so dark?"

"You're abilities are heightened from being with us. Our peoples senses are better than humans but ours are even more so being trackers. Not just your vision but the rest as well. You'll see."

"You wish to be inside me again, I can tell." staring at my hardness.

What is wrong with me? Is this normal? Is it natural for us to be this horny all the time? How can I produce so much sperm? Just looking at her is making it drip out of me already. "Is this natural? I've cum so much and I'm ready to go again, I'm still so horny it's driving me crazy."

"We are a lusty race. You will be able to control it over time. Just being around us and the fact that it's so new for you is burning you from within." Stepping over me she reaches between her legs with her right hand, spreads her lips and straddles me, sliding my dick all the way inside her again, pumping fast and furious.

"You don't like foreplay do you?"

"I just like to fuck and cum as much as possible." moving faster her tits bouncing in my face.

I squeeze them forcing them to leak a clear liquid. Taking them into my mouth it has a sweet taste, she moans louder. "You'll always be horny around us, but you'll be able to control it when you get more accustomed to being around us. You'll have a harder time around me because I'm kin." Snarling her lip and grinding harder she growls a little. "You'll always want to fuck me." Her pussy gets wetter to the point I can hear and smell it. It drives me crazy.

"I've had enough of this" Kapelion says. "Come find me when you're finished. We're on a mission here." Lumbering off, his giant mass disappearing into the darkness of the trees.

"Is he upset that I'm fucking you?"

"No, he just get's impatient with me. I'm lustier than him and he's ready to get you to a trainer so he can get on with his business. He'll get over it. I've never fucked a brother before and it's sublime." Taking my hands off her breast she squeezes them spraying me with the strange liquid coating my face and torso. She rubs it into my skin. It's slippery and makes my skin tingle. Laying on me she rubs her body against mine. Her greased up tits slide up and down from my stomach to my chest while she pounds her pelvis into mine.

"Slow down you're about to make me cum. I don't want to stop yet."

"I don't care what you want." and speeds up.

My dick is so hard it hurts while she beats it faster and faster. "I'm about to cum!!!" My shaft grows numb and swells from within, then pops, shooting my hot seed deep into her cunt. I shoot eight or nine times into her before it subsides but she keeps going.

Her pussy splashes with each thrust as her tits continue to drip more profusely. Spit runs from her mouth down her neck into her cleavage, her eyes now closed.

My dick stays hard even though I just came and begins to grow numb again getting ready to cum again.

Her body tenses, muscles tighten, and her pussy grips my dick hard as it explodes all over my pelvis. Her climax is powerful. She shakes all over then head butts me.

I see nothing but blackness......then not even that.

To be continued.........

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