tagFetishA Holy, Wet Sunday

A Holy, Wet Sunday


It was Sunday. Summer was in full swing, and the morning air was warm as sunlight beamed down to earth. Monica's alarm clock had woken her up at 7am, and she hit the snooze. After a few rounds of slapping the alarm clock, Monica agreed that it was time to wake up, and she tapped her husband to get him awake as well. With a couple of grunts, the couple was up, and began preparing themselves for the day.

Tim and Monica both were regular church-goers. Tim's family basically pressured them into going each week, but Monica agreed it was for the best, for the most part. Most Sundays, she couldn't pay attention and had difficulty staying awake through the entire service. Nevertheless, the couple made a commitment and was going to keep it.

As Tim was in the shower, Monica stared at herself in the bathroom mirror as she began to undress and prepare for her turn to get cleaned up. She didn't wear a bra to bed, just a tight, white tee shirt that hugged her breasts tightly. After taking her shirt and panty off, she couldn't help getting turned on by what she saw.

"God, I'm sexy," Monica muttered to herself. Her massive breasts hung firmly, and her freshly shaved pussy almost begged for action. Monica thought for a few minutes, and came up with a devilish scheme.

Tim was still showering, so Monica had a few minutes alone. She walked downstairs into the basement, and went to her hiding place. Nestled in the rafters, she took down a brown box, and placed it on the floor.

"Now, I'll be at least an hour at church today, so I might as well enjoy it," Monica said to herself as she pulled some goodies out of the box.

She quickly pulled out two Tena overnight diapers and a pair of pink plastic pants. Monica always played with overnight diapers for their extra bulk. She gathered up her supplies and headed upstairs. She thought it would be nice to enjoy a cup of coffee before heading out, so she got a pot ready and went back to the bathroom. Before Tim got out of the shower, she put her diapers under the sink. She walked past Tim as he was drying himself off, and gave him a sexy smirk as she stepped into the shower.

Monica took a shower faster than she had ever done before. She did take time to lather up her pussy a little bit, just enough to get her really horny. In a matter of minutes she was finished, and began to dry herself. Tim had finished getting ready too, and had made his way into the kitchen for some coffee.

"If this is going to work, I'd better hurry," Monica thought as she walked to the bathroom door. She locked it and walked quickly to the sink. Tim and Monica were a recently married couple, and hadn't yet been comfortable with going to the bathroom in front of one another. If Tim walked by, he wouldn't think anything of a closed bathroom door.

Monica unfolded the two diapers and flattened them out onto the floor. With fingernail clippers from the medicine cabinet, she cut slits into the front and middle of the first diaper, and placed it on top of the second. She sprinkled some baby powder in the top diaper, and sat down on it. Quickly, she taped the top diaper around her body, and did the same with the diaper over that. She stood back up.

"Damn," she said. "This never gets old."

She ran both of her hands around the back of her diaper and admired the crinkly feel. She then pulled up her pink plastic pants and grabbed her towel. She had forgotten to bring her clothes into the bathroom with her, but wasn't about to take the diapers off to go get them. She wrapped the towel around her waist and slowly opened the bathroom door. She peaked out, and heard some noise in the kitchen. She quickly bolted out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom. She opened the closet door and grabbed a skirt. She chose a solid black skirt, and put it on quickly. All of Monica's clothes were tight, but this skirt wasn't as snug. Looking closely in the mirror, Monica could identify her diaper lines, in the front and back, but she didn't think it would be that noticeable to anyone else. She opened up her dresser and found a bra. It was quite kinky, and had a shiny plastic material on the outside and was black in color. She put the bra on, and her tits squeezed inside the cups. The light reflected on the bra and it looked like it was shined with wax. It was very sexy. Lastly, Monica grabbed a top, a red sleeveless shirt with horizontal black stripes. The top too, was tight, and her DD breasts stood out in front of her like a pair of cannons. She loved the way she looked as she glanced into the mirror.

"I'm all set," she said as she put on a pair of black high heels. She did a couple of test walks in the room to see how badly her diaper crinkled. There was a definite noise, but she felt that it would be masked by other outside noises and no one would notice. Satisfied with that, she left the bedroom and went into the kitchen.

Monica poured herself a cup of coffee as Tim messed with the TV in the living room. Monica remembered that she went straight into the shower without even going to the bathroom. Her bladder was almost full from a night's sleep and she knew the coffee wouldn't help matters. Or, rather, that might help things indeed. She started sipping the coffee, and then drank it faster and faster. Soon the entire cup was gone, and she decided she should have one more. She basically chugged the second cup and felt the warm coffee sink down into her body.

Tim switched the TV off and asked Monica if she was ready to go. She nodded, and the couple walked out to the driveway. Mr. Gray was walking out to get the paper as he spotted the couple. Monica looked like a knock out as she put her sun glasses on. Tim was walking ahead of her, and she looked toward Mr. Gray and licked her lips slowly. She then pulled up the back of her skirt and paused to stick her ass up in the air and then proceeded behind Tim. Mr. Gray just stared in shock as the couple drove away.

On the ride to church, Tim held Monica's hand. He was so clueless about what was taking place and what was yet to come. Together they listened to the radio and kept quiet for most of the ride. Once there, the parked and walked into the front of the church.

Once they entered, they found Tim's parents waiting to sit down. They greeted each other and hugged one another. Tim's younger brother was obsessed with his brother's wife, and each time he had the chance to hug Monica, he made it worth his while. This time was no different. As he put his arms behind Monica's back, he locked them, and squeezed her tightly to feel her tits press up against his body. He closed his eyes with delight. After a few moments he released, and slowly dropped his hands. He "accidentally" brushed them against Monica's diapered ass as he released, and was curious about the feel he wasn't expecting. He didn't think much of it and assumed that she was probably wearing some sort of butt-enhancing panty. Monica's face went white, but soon realized he, like his brother, had no idea what she was up to.

Together, the family moved to the center of the pews, where they always sat. Monica had hoped to sit in the isle, but was moved into the middle of the pew next to Tim and his brother. Mike always sat next to Monica. Being taller, he could easily look down the front of her shirt to see the pair of tits he loved. The service had begun with the usual announcements, and Monica got herself comfortable.

By this point, Monica's bladder was full beyond normal capacity. She had drank a few drinks before going to bed Saturday night, and combined with the morning coffee, she was having trouble keeping control. She had forgotten that coffee is hard on a person's stomach, and with the two cups she had that morning, her stomach was doing summer salts. The congregation was ordered to stand, and began to sing.

Knowing full well that she was protected by two thick diapers, and a pair of plastic pants, Monica had no worries. She wanted to hold in her pee until the last possible second. As she was singing, she pushed herself forward into the pew in front of her and grinded her diapered pussy against the wood. She rocked back and forth and side to side for a while and enjoyed the feeling of a padded front. After a few moments, the congregation was ordered to sit, and she sat down with everyone else.

After a few moments, prayer began, and Monica thought that this would be a great time to let go. Everyone would have their eyes closed, and no one would look at what she was doing under her clothes. The reverend began, and so did Monica. Almost at the exact same time as he commanded eyes closed, Monica opened the flood gates and warm, yellow pee began to shoot from her pussy. It didn't come out normally; it came out extremely fast and full. She hadn't peed in over eight hours, and it showed. She spread her legs and pushed up on her heels. The warm liquid flooded the diaper, and flowed from her pussy to her ass and everywhere in between. For over a minute and a half liquid gushed from her pussy and into her diaper. She was soaked. The diaper could take more, but unknowingly to Monica, the liquid began to seep into the outer diaper through the slits she had carved in the first one. After a series of amens, eyes opened and the service continued. Monica lowered herself back down on the pew slowly, and felt the soaking wet diaper hug her ass cheeks. As she sat down, she bit her lip with pleasure and closed her legs.

Mike, as usual shifted his body to take in the full view of Monica's chest, but other than him, the rest of the family was focused on the service. It was time to sing yet again, and Monica knew she needed to relieve her bowels. She had never once thought about actually pooping in her diaper, other than using messy food as a substitute. And, while she was getting ready this morning, she had not accounted for the fact that she might need to poop. She thought about her options. She could leave and retreat to a bathroom, but then she would have to remove the diaper. She loved the feeling of being diapered and didn't want to ruin the strength of the tapes, or make any unessicary noise in the bathroom. If she pooped herself in the church, she worried that everyone could identify the smell that would come from her. She had to make a choice, and she had to make it soon.

She planted her feet apart, and held on to the front of the pew with one hand, and the song book with the other. Her ass cheeks were clenched together tightly, holding in the load of shit that was trying to escape. Monica closed her eyes and continued to sing as she relaxed her ass. With almost as much force as the pee, her ass exploded and a huge load of poop oozed out of her asshole. It kept coming and coming. Turd after turd, the load dumped into her diaper. She could hear it coming out, but it was silenced by the music. Her diaper filled itself with more pee as her bladder could not be controlled with the release of the shit load. Her diaper started to sag from the weight. It was full. Fuller than she had ever felt before, and she loved it.

The song had ended, and everyone started to sit down. Monica knew she had to be careful. She slowly sat down, and the massive load smashed itself against her ass cheeks. Her diaper was so full, that wet, messy, poop had been forced forward and surrounded her pussy and pubic area. She moaned quietly with delight. She looked forward at the decision maker, a baby, and realized that if anyone smelled her they would assume it was the diapered baby in front of her. Besides that, she was loaded with baby powder, which helped to mask the smell.

The sermon progressed and no one seemed to notice what she was enjoying in her diaper. She moved back and forth slowly and discretely, enjoying the wet mess she had created. As the pastor prayed, she moved faster, back and forth and side to side. She was going to cum. She grinded her pussy against the wooden pew and humped it. Again, she bit her lip as she came. She was focused on cumming and kept quiet at the same time. After the wave of orgasm had passed, she opened her eyes as the prayer was finished. She looked around and realized no one had noticed. After all, she was being quiet, and it wasn't obvious was she was doing.

After one more song, the service was ended and the family began to leave. After saying goodbyes, Tim and Monica met the pastor at the door.

"Did you enjoy the sermon today," he asked them.

Monica quickly replied, "Yes, it was the best in months," Monica said with a smile.

The couple headed to the car. As Monica walked she knew she was waddling more and more with the massive load in her diaper. As she opened the car door, she sat down again on the mound of shit and it oozed everywhere. Up and down her ass crack and all around her pussy.

"Mmmm," she murmured.

The couple proceeded home and had an uneventful drive. Best of all, no one knew what Monica had done, not even Tim! As they pulled into the driveway, Tim had talked about plans for lunch and they entered into the house. With that, Monica headed to the bathroom and decided to have one more go. She locked the door behind her and stripped down to her plastic panty. It showed signs of moisture, but had remained dry. Her diapers on the other hand, were soaked. Monica walked over to the bathtub and turned the water on. Kneeling down, she held the front of her diaper open, and let the water fill her diaper. She stayed still and enjoyed the sensation of the warm water running down her pubic area down to her vagina and her ass. She stayed in that position for a few minutes until her diaper was filled to the max. She stood up and felt the front and back of her diaper. It felt like it was going to explode.

Monica straddled the edge of the tub and just lightly sat on it, still standing. She rocked back and forth for a few minutes and stood back up. She got fully back into the tub and sat down. Water, pee, and poop oozed out of the diaper and into the plastic pants. She looked at this, in awe. She loved it. She bounced up and down, harder and harder and rubbed her pussy. She put her hand in the plastic pants and rubbed the outside of her diaper. Warm fluid found its way to her hand as she rubbed, only making her hotter.

"Oh shit!" she screamed out loud. She was cumming, harder than ever before. Her pussy squirted with delight as the warm mess moved itself throughout her diaper. She was in heaven. Monica lay there, in a diaper filled with her own filth for a few minutes and then began to clean up. The entire time she was washing up, she could not stop thinking about what she had done. She wanted more. She wanted to go downstairs and get another diaper. She knew she couldn't risk it, and was proud she had pulled the day off. Stage two was complete, and the future was endless with more possibilities.

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