tagErotic HorrorA Horror a Day

A Horror a Day


Stacey is tied to the bed and blindfolded. Spread-eagle and attached to the four poster with some sort of wet cloth, she notices the room smells like jasmine.


Michael is tied to a chair in the corner of a bedroom. At least it is decorated like a bedroom, the walls are clear, like a really thick glass pane all the way around. He can see the girl from the bar tied to the bed with some sort of worms, or leeches? No, they almost look like disembodied tentacles, green and glistening wet.

"Is anyone there? I can't see anything."

Stacey pulls on her restraints, but the more she pulls the tighter things get and her hands are starting to go a little numb.

"Please! Somebody!"

Michael tries his damndest to respond to the girl on the bed, but no sound comes from his vocal chords. Mouth agape, he tries again to speak to the girl on the bed, let her know she is ok, or at least not alone, but he can't even grunt.

Nurse-bot enters the room hovering on a cloud of hot air and moves toward Michael. She pulls a reclining lever on the side of Michael's chair putting him in a "dentist is here to see you" position and slowly begins to stroke his forehead. The foot rest section of the chair rises up and brings his knees level with his chest.


Michael's view is now mostly stars. The ceiling of the room is practically invisible, but there must be something there to keep nature out. Other than the smell of jasmine this room seems almost surgically clean. Michael hears a click come from the seat of his chair and feels something wet probing between his buttcheeks. It seems to stop short of entering him, pull away, and push back again, this time with a very dull vibration. Michael tries to vocalize a protest to the strange robot dressed as a nurse that seems to be trying to calm him, but still no sound will escape his lips.

"Who's there?"

Stacey can feel the weight of something climbing onto the bed with her. She pulls at her ankle restraints some more, but ultimately gives up when she feels them tighten further. Then she feels something warm and wet near her navel that begins to worm its way up her abdomen. Stacey's heart is pounding in her ears, her chest heaving as she starts to panic. She's pulling on her wrists as hard as possible now, almost in tears.

"No, no, no, stay back, no."

By now it is at her chin and pulling gently at her lower lip. To Stacey it feels like a wet thumb trying to pry her jaw open. It smells like a sweet flower and tastes like liquid sugar. Honeysuckle? Like the bush next to her grandma's house that she and her friend Monica would play near. This rush of memory has distracted Stacey just enough for the finger to enter her mouth and attach itself to her tongue.

"Phtbbb, et ee gah, et ee gah!"

Michael's anus is not used to this type of violation, at least not in the thrusting sense of things. The dildo thing in his seat, while well lubed, is a bit rigid and curved. Each subsection of the shaft as it moves in feels as if his muscles aren't going to let it go again, then it goes completely slack and slides out only to start again but with a varied bulbousness. A bit preoccupied with his own predicament, Michael just now realizes the girl on the bed had stopped yelling for help. Were those moans he could hear instead?


Nurse-bot has her rear-eyes on Stacey and the Voonith creature and her forward-eyes on Michael and the Fthagn. Both seem to be responding well and the next phase should begin soon.

Stacey has never felt anything like this before. Every tastebud on her tongue is alive with a mild fire that throbs with her pulse. Whatever tentacle-like thing that has entered her mouth has also stretched or possibly gown from where it started at her navel and down between her legs. One end is attached to her tongue, massaging it, almost fellating it like a cock. The other end is stroking upwards between her labia like a giant tongue leaving the wettest trail up to her clit and stopping to gently suck upon it or slap against it with a mild sting. Stacey isn't sure how to feel any longer, but is always one to live in the moment. If this is how she was going to die, giving in to pure pleasure, then so be it.

"Mmmhhm, mmmm, uuuuuhhh."

Michael's eyes shoot open at the slightest brush against his erect cock. It is warm and wet like a tongue, or maybe another of the things in his ass. The ceiling is still a pitch black nothingness, but is that a meteor that just shot across? Michael no longer cared, something warm and wet was enveloping his penis, and now his balls. The ass dildo-thing goes slack again and slithers it's way out only to remain non-bulbous this time and re-enters. Then it stops about halfway in and his chair is changed to an upright position again. Looking down in his lap he can finally see the green and grey thing trying to suck him dry. It isn't pumping up and down his shaft like a handjob or blowjob, it is slowly swallowing him and then pushing him back out, all within the tube-like creature. Michael's vision is starting to blur, the thing on his cock is now vibrating.

"Nod if you want more, Michael."

Michael nods frantically.

"Stacey, nod if you want more."

Stacey is in the middle of an orgasm and shaking her head from side to side, but Nurse-bot takes that as a "yes." Stacey's nipples are being sucked, twisted, and nibbled upon all at the same time. The fire has spread from where it started on her tastebuds to everywhere on her body that sweat is now covering. If there had been a breeze in the room she would have cooled right off, but her temperature just keeps rising, feeding upon itself. Her breathing is ragged, each nibble on her nipple is bringing her closer to the next orgasm, which hits her like a ton of bricks when her clit takes a small slap and then is sucked upon something fierce.

"Uhhh, mmmhm, uhhh, eeeee."

Michael's view is something out of a weird horror movie or an anime where the trees come to life and take the women down under the earth. He is turned on by what was happening to the girl on the bed, Stacey. It almost disturbs him, but his own wants are overpowering his brain and his desire to cum erases any shame he may have normally felt. The tentacle in his ass is gently rubbing up against his prostate. The tentacle on his penis is at one section pulling his balls away from him and in another section undulating/sucking his cock from base to head. Gentle vibrations starting in his toes are working their way up his entire body. Then it happens, his hips thrust, his fingers and toes curl, his calves flex and his teeth and eyes clench. Behind his eyelids everything goes blindingly white.

Nurse-bot had resigned to the other side of the room. The creatures were doing their jobs splendidly. They would be up to speed in no time. Internally Nurse-bot checked off her list for room No. 324 and initialized room No. 325 to begin the wakeup process for the next subjects.

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