tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Hostile Takeover

A Hostile Takeover


Everyone was herded into offices and conference rooms, in shock that this quiet office was now over run with gun toting bullies. Connie tried to resist the attackers but that only made them mad. Connie was a spitfire and she didn't take anything from anyone, but at 5'4" she was no match for these guys even if they didn't have guns. Of course, being her friend, Tony stepped up to protect Connie. All that did was get them both attentions they didn't want. They ended up seated in front of the group's leader TJ, who was actually one of their co-workers, in an Executive VP's office.

When the leader spoke, he ranted with the usual posturing about his mission...yada, yada, yada. "So Tony, Connie must be very special to you. I mean, my men could have killed you easily yet you came to her rescue...how gallant."

Tony snarled back, "She's my friend! I wasn't going to stand around and watched your bullies hurt her. No real man would stand around like that. Only little boys hurt women."

TJ laughed, "You're very brave for someone in your position." TJ paused as he paced behind the desk. "I think the reason has more to do with your feelings for Connie. I've seen the way the two of you look, or shall I say, don't look at each other. It is a shame that the two of you deny what everyone else in this office sees."

Again he paused and then a wicked smiled came to his face, "You know what I'm going to do for the two of you. I'm going to give you an excuse to release your true feelings. Yes, the two of you will have sex."

Connie's eyes got wide and she spoke up, "I don't think so!" Rage flashed through Tony's eyes, he wanted nothing more than to leap over the desk after TJ. But he knew that would only lead to his death, or worse, Connie's death.

"Oh dear Connie but I do think so," TJ said in a menacing tone, "see, if either of you refuse...the other dies. But I will be humane; I'll leave the two of you alone. I want to see your clothes outside this door in five minutes or one of you will die and the other will have to live with being the cause of the death."

As TJ left the room he spoke, "And I better hear some moaning and groaning very soon after those cloths are left outside. If I don't Connie dies because you aren't man enough to make her moan. And if I come in and find that you haven't cum in Connie then you die Tony since Connie wasn't women enough to please you." TJ then turned and shut the door leaving Tony and Connie alone.

"What's the point of doing this," Connie spoke with tears in her eyes, "we're dead either way. You know they're going to kill us all!"

It was hard to argue that, "Maybe...or maybe not. If we stay alive there is hope that we will be rescued."

Connie was crying, "But I've never cheated on Mark and you've never cheated on Allison. This would be cheating."

"I think they'd rather have us alive," Tony pointed out, "don't you?"

"I guess," Connie said as she wiped the tears from her eyes, "ok...we'll do it. But we need to do it and get it over quickly."

"Agreed!" Tony stood up and moved the chair while Connie did the same, "we will take a piece of clothing off together at the same time. That way it won't be as embarrassing." Connie nodded her head in agreement. "Ok, shirt first." They both took off their shirts. Connie stood with her bra on while Tony had on an undershirt. Connie looked down at the floor, not making eye contact.

Next Tony's undershirt and Connie's bra came off. Tony stood marveling at Connie's full, round breasts and soft-looking pink nipples. Connie looked up to see why Tony wasn't continuing with the strip. Connie's eyes ran up Tony's hairy chest. He wasn't built bad she thought to herself.

Tony snapped himself back to reality and next off for both was the shoes and socks, then their jeans. They both stood looking at each other in their underwear. Both of them had flushed cheeks and both showed signs of arousal: Tony's growing bulge and Connie's hardening nipples. "This is it Connie...the last piece. On the count of three, 1...2...3" With that, they both peeled off their underwear and were completely naked. They both gasped when they looked at the other. Tony was captivated by the silky soft blonde bush that covered Connie's protruding pussy lips while Connie was hypnotized by Tony's eight-inch long semi-hard cock.

Tony was the first to speak, "Give me your cloths." They both scooped up their cloths but neither stopped staring at the other's naked body. He took all the cloths, quickly opened the door just enough to dump the cloths onto the floor and then shut the door.

Tony then went over to Connie and guided her to the desk. Connie sat up on the desk and looked into Tony's eyes. Her heart raced but she tried to play it cool, "Let's do this quick and get it over with." Tony agreed even though this was the moment he'd been fantasizing about for years. While he has rather hoped that the moment would take place in a bed or in a field and would be totally voluntary, he still was secretly happy for this.

Tony dropped to his knees and kissed Connie's lips softly, gently. She didn't kiss back but Tony didn't feel her heart jump or her pussy become moist in response so he kissed down her neck to her soft breasts. He began to suck on her hard nipple and a moan escaped Connie's mouth. Connie didn't want to show that she liked this but her body betrayed her. She too secretly wanted this but she didn't want it to show. Tony was expertly sucking her nipple, flicking it with his tongue and it had been a long time since she had a lover that paid attention to her body, one that took the time to make love to her body rather than just fuck her quick and get his rocks off. She loved Mark but he wasn't much of a lover and his pencil dick didn't do much of her either.

Little did Tony and Connie know, TJ was watching and recording every minute of it. He had two hidden cameras in the office pointed at the desk. His plan was to use them to show the world he meant business. The microphone wasn't hooked up but he smiled when he heard Connie moan through the thin office walls. Oh yes, TJ thought to himself, once we're out of here I can make a little money from this.

Back in the office Connie reclined back on her hands and spread her creamy white thighs to expose her intimate pink sex to Tony...giving herself to him. Tony switched his attention to Connie's other breast while he slipped his hand between her thighs. Connie's hips bucked when Tony slid a finger inside her vagina, finding her very wet. Tony took that wetness on his finger and began to tease and touch her aroused and swollen clit while he sucked, licked and bit on Connie's aroused nipple.

She's so wet already, Tony was thinking to himself, and she's moaning so loud already...I think she really wanted this too. That thought made his cock harder, so hard it was aching, with copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from the tip.

Tony almost shot his load when he heard Connie moan out, "Tony!! Stand up, let me see you hard cock!" He complied, a little embarrassed. He was sure she'd had bigger. His cock was eight-inches long but it was not very fat, though not thin either.

Connie slipped off the desk and proceeded to devour his cock. She sucked and licked the full length of his cock while playing with his balls. All he could do was moan as she pleasured him. Connie found herself wanting his cock in her mouth, wanting to taste him. She was surprised by the discovery that she really did want this man. Not just for sex, but she really wanted to be with Tony. Connie pulled back and stood up, sat on the desk and pulled Tony down to her, kissing him passionately...deeply. She wanted to show him how she was really feeling.

Tony got the hint and returned the kiss. He never knew that Connie could be this passionate. When they broke the kiss they were both breathing heavily from the excitement and the scent of Connie's arousal lingered in the air. Connie lay back on the desk and spread her legs again. She was fully open to Tony's gaze. Tony knew that she was now giving herself totally to him but he wanted to taste Connie before he made love to her.

Tony kneeled on the floor at the edge of the desk; the aroma of her desire was intoxicating. He leaned forward and began flicking Connie's clit with the tip of his tongue. "Oh yes!" Connie moaned...as long as it has been since she has had good sex, it has been even longer since she's been eaten properly. Tony delicately made love to Connie's clit...licking, sucking and kissing it tenderly. Connie was moaning, consumed by the rapture of Tony's ministrations...her orgasm building slowly.

Tony's tongue glided down the silky smooth folds of Connie's sex and penetrated her love tunnel causing her body to quiver. Connie screamed out, "OH GOD YES TONY!" as she felt his tongue inside her. She was unable to control herself as she arched her back, wrapped her hands around Tony's head and pulled him tight against her crotch as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body. Streams of Connie's sweet nectar gushed across Tony's tongue and he kept lapping up the nectar till the orgasm subsided and Connie released her grip on his head.

Both Tony and Connie were breathing heavily after the experience. Tony slowly rose to his feet, the intoxicating scent of Connie's sex filled his nostrils. He stood between her legs and leaned close to kiss her. Connie wrapped her legs around Tony's waist, pulling him down and against her. Tony's erect cock nestled between Connie's fur-covered pussy lips and against her wet clit. Their kisses were passionate and urgent. Tony reached between them and readjusted his cock; positioning the head at Connie's warm, wet entrance.

"Go ahead Tony," Connie said breathlessly, "it's ok. I want you to." Tony stared into Connie's eyes as he slowly plunged his cock deep inside her inch by inch. Connie reacted by pushing up with her hips to meet his downward thrust. They fell into a rhythm immediately.

The two of them were moaning loud as Tony's hard cock pistoned in and out of Connie. Neither one ever closed their eyes; they both stared into the other's eyes. Connie could feel every vein and ridge of Tony's cock as it slid in and out of her creamy love tunnel. Tony felt every squeeze and contraction of Connie's velvety vaginal walls as they surrounded his cock with every thrust. Connie began to experience small orgasms that grew with intensity with every deep thrust...Tony was rubbing her g-spot with the head of this cock. Connie let go and let the growing orgasms wash over her. She was practically screaming, arching her back and digging her nails into Tony's back. Tony's own bliss was building to a crescendo with each thrust causing him to drive his hard cock deeper, harder and faster. He had never felt this complete or this level of intensity before.

Tony felt his balls begin to contract while Connie felt the head of his cock swell; signaling Tony was about to cum. "Yes Tony...I feel it...cum with me," Connie screamed, "Let me feel your hot seed shoot inside me!" With one last deep thrust, Tony coated Connie's vagina with copious amount of his hot cum. Connie could feel the jets of semen and it sent her into a frenzied orgasm, the likes which she had never achieved.

Tony collapsed, partially on top of her and partially to the side. They fell asleep like that, snuggle close, enjoying the moment.

About 15 minutes later Tony and Connie were roughly awakened, pulled to their feet and escorted out to where TJ sat. "That was quite a show the two of you put on," TJ said as he held up two tapes, "I should make a lot of money from it." TJ laughed as Tony attempted to lunge at him...but Tony was being restrained.

"Very long and passionate for two people who didn't want to have sex. But regardless, there are your clothes, put them back on," TJ demanded and then directed his men, "Once they are dressed, put them in the training room with the others."

They both dressed slowly when they heard gunshots. TJ dropped the tapes and picked up his radio, "What is happening? Who is shooting?"

"Sir," responded the voice on the radio, "The Feds are storming the building!"

TJ cursed under his breath...he thought the Feds would give him more time, "Grab the VIPs and lets get out of here!" They all scattered out of the building.

Connie and Tony quickly put the rest of their clothes on and grabbed the tapes TJ had left behind of their magical lovemaking. Tony hid them in his backpack and promised to erase them. Once the building was secured and everyone was interviewed...Tony and Connie went left separately to their respective homes.

TJ and a majority of his minions were caught shortly after, thanks in part to Connie and Tony's descriptions. Connie and Tony agreed they would go back to being friends though the temptation was strong. Both were nervous that their affair would be exposed at TJ's trial but were relieved when the details never surfaced. Months went by and both thought they were safe. Even though they were initially forced to have sex, it would be obvious to anyone that they clearly carried out the act far longer and enjoyed it far greater than an act of forced sex.

One day Tony got a call from his wife, she was crying and was very mad. Apparently the tapes he erased where not the only copies and whoever had the copies had now sent them to his wife. After he got off the phone he went to warn Connie only to find out that her husband had also received a copy. Neither spouse could get over the fact that the two friends had sex, whether it was under dourest or not. Both couples tried counseling but it didn't help and both couples got divorced.

Shortly after those divorces were final Connie and Tony decided to start dating...two years later they were married and neither one has been happier or more fulfilled.

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