tagInterracial LoveA Hot And Steamy Daydream

A Hot And Steamy Daydream


Say, do you ever get the chance to look outside and spot a group of virile young shirtless tanned workmen doing some work on the roof of the house right next door?

If the answer is yes, then you might be curious about what would be on their minds whenever any one of those guys spots either a group of college girls tanning and frolicking in the pool of another neighbor or other stuff like that.

Of course, that brings us to this one hot day in July on which a handsome stud whose name happens to be Steve Foley was doing some work on the roof of this one house on Hartman Street, only to stop and wipe the sweat from his forehead.

That was when he had glanced his eyes toward an opened bathroom window of a house next door and noticed that hot babe who looked exactly like a February Nineteen Eighty-Two Playmate Of The Month for Playboy whose name happens to be Anne Marie Fox taking a shower.

And while he was watching her rub soap all over her deliciously hot bod, Steve began to start having a hot and steamy daydream in which he had appeared in that very same bathroom, got totally naked and jerked off before he stepped into the shower and rubbed his hands all over her bare back.

And after the African American beauty had looked at Steve with a smile and said, "I was wondering when you would finally get your ass over here and fuck me.", she wrapped her arms around the caucasian stud with dark brown hair and kissed him on the lips before she kneeled down and started sucking on his large dick.

That was before he had placed himself against the wall of the shower, lifted her up and began to do the same thing to her moist snatch and carress her huge tits.

Then, after she took his huge cock out of her mouth and said, "Please, Steve! Fuck me in the ass! I want it! Fuck me in the ass now!", Steve had placed her back on the floor, laid his hands on her shoulders and started shoving his enlarged penis straight into her asshole.

And while he was also blowing his hot breath on the nape of her neck, the Playmate look-alike had placed her hands on Steve's arms, slowly licked her lips and said, "Yeeeessss! That feels ssssoooohhhh good! Now, I want you to fuck my pussy! Do it now!", before he took that gigantic log of his out of her butt, turned her around and began to drill it deep into her soaking wet pussy.

And then, while he was also sucking on the nipples of her breasts, the amount of intense sexual pleasure had forced the Playmate clone to dig her sharp fingernails deep into his bare back before she had let out a scream that truly was loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.

Then, after they had finally allowed a tsunami of cum to crash itself right out of them, the two newfound fuck buddies had stopped to catch their breath just in time for them to hear someone knocking on the bathroom door and say, "Say, Babe! Are you almost done? That new movie starts at Three Fifty-Seven!"

That was enough to snap Steve out of his little sex fantasy just in time for him to see the hot African American babe open the shower door and say, "Okay, Babe! I will be down in a minute!"

But when she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself with a large towel, the Playmate double had looked in the mirror and saw that Steve was staring at her from the roof of the house next door.

That made her look at Steve with a small smile on her lips, walk over to the window and say, "If I were you, I would keep my mind on my job and my eyes off the hot babe next door! That is unless you want my husband to call the cops and have them bust your ass!", before she had slammed the bathroom window shut.

And of course, that made Steve take off his toolbelt, slam it down on the roof and said, "Ah, shit! I do not believe this! Why can I only win in my fantasies and not in my real life?"

And if you were to ask me, sometimes you just can not win.

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