tagLoving WivesA Hot Day For Outdoor Sex

A Hot Day For Outdoor Sex


It was a hot day in July, the hottest day we have endured in a while. I would say 102 degrees. I thought I would run to the store for a drink, when passing by a construction site, I noticed a fine young man bent over a machine. I think it was a bulldozer or something like that. He stood up stretching his arms as if to say I'm so tired. Then reaching for a rag in his back pocket he wipes the sweat from his head. Seeing this handsome hard working man makes me want that drink even more.

After getting my drink and starting home I decide to go by the site once again. This time I stopped and pulled up where he couldn't see me. I sat there watching him work. His arms tight with muscles built from hard work. His sleeves rolled up above his shoulders. I got out of the car and eased up for a closer look. His hand moved the tools as if they were part of his body. I was thinking I bet he has a wonderful tool he could use on me. He bent over with his head exposing his ass clear in the air. I moved closer and closer. I couldn't stand it anymore. I walked behind him, him not seeing me there.

I admired his body close. I reached for his firm ass rubbing my hand across his nice ass and down his large muscular leg. When he noticed me and leaned up. I put my finger over his lips as if to say SHHHHHH. He smiled. I rubbed his lips with my finger slowly, sliding my finger in his mouth. He sucked my finger, as if he wanted me to make love to him right there. Not thinking about the world around us I knelt down unzipping his pants and putting my hand in to expose his hard and wonderful tool. I looked up into his eyes he looked into mine as if to say take me I'm yours.

Taking his tool in my mouth sucking and pulling it in and out. I pulled his pants down and grabbed his balls rolling them around in my hand. He was about to explode. When laying me down on a tarp that was next to him. He kissed me passionately. It felt as the temperature rose to a whopping 202 degrees as I was wanting his huge tool inside my machine. I stood up pulling off my shorts, I bent over so he could see how much my machine needed his hard tool. He stood behind me easing his hard tool into my hot wet machine. It was throbbing with pleasure.

I reached down and rubbed my machine feeling the pleasure of his tool and my finger working together. His tool was so good I couldn't hold it in at that moment I let out a scream. Yes fuck me! fuck me! Cumming on his hard and hot tool of a cock. He reached down and rubbed my ass.

Looking over my shoulder into his eyes asking him, would you like to put that tool in my ass? He replied with oh I would love too. Giving him a nod of my head he put his tool close to my ass rubbing it up and down. It felt so good. He eased in the head slowly pushing easy, pushing in a little more until the whole thing was in my ass. I felt his balls hitting my ass. He began to pull in and out of my ass faster and faster. Yes! Yes! I screamed, feeling his hard cock in my wet and hot ass.

He pulled me closer to him as he shot his load inside me. We both laid back taking a moment to catch a breath. When we heard clapping of hands belonging to the construction workers on the second floor of the building.

Running to the car red from embarrassment, he followed me sticking his head in the window and said, I love you, see you at home about 5:00.

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