A Hot Tub Surprise with Nikki


When I confronted Jenny, she freely admitted the affair and started crying. She hadn't intended to hurt me but, after the night with Catherine, she realized that something had been missing in her life and it was something that I couldn't give her. She didn't want a divorce, she said, but she didn't want to give up her other lover. She wanted an open marriage.

I told her that, in my mind, an open marriage was no marriage. I acknowledged my responsibility for allowing that night with Catherine to happen but . . . if that is what Jenny was missing in her life, I know that she would have discovered it sooner or later, with someone else. So, we parted our ways on amicable terms.

I didn't owe Jenny any child support or alimony, so it was fairly simple to separate and disentangle our lives, except for the matter of Nikki. I loved Nikki and Nikki loved me and we wanted to continue having time together. Jenny agreed that it would be a good idea, probably because Nikki wanted it and also because it would give her private time for her lesbian relationship. So . . . Nikki started visiting with me every other weekend and then or most of every summer.

* * *

Nikki was 15 years old when Jenny and I divorced. She was beginning to blossom as a woman and she looked less and less like a child. Even though she was not my child -- not biologically and not by adoption -- I felt like her daddy and I was very protective of her.

Nikki had grown up with me and she had always been very comfortable around me. Neither Jenny nor I was particularly inhibited about our bodies and Nikki had routinely seen us in various stages of undress. Nikki, also, was comfortable walking around the house in her underwear or in her panties and a short sleep shirt at night. By the time she was a senior in high school, just after her 18th birthday, she would occasionally sleep topless. I knew this because she had to leave her bedroom door; the cat usually slept with her and it would need to get to its litter pan and food during the night. When I woke up in the mornings, I would look in her room to check on her; it was an old paternal habit, checking to make sure that my girl was where she was supposed to be. I would pull her door closed until it was almost shut.

Nikki loved to wear thong bikinis that revealed way too much and I wouldn't let her wear them out in public but she could wear them at home around our pool. Every now and then, she would leave her bedroom door open while she was getting dressed; usually, it happened when she thought that I was in another part of the house. When I walked by her room and looked in, it was not a big deal to her, or to me. Nobody screamed or freaked out. We weren't nudists but, again, we weren't overly modest, either. Nikki occasionally saw me in my boxers but not very often because I didn't want anyone to hear about something like that and get the wrong impression.

I had my suspicions that Nikki had become sexually active during her senior year of high school. I wanted to kill her boyfriend but I understood his attraction to her; she was a very cute girl. She was 5' 3", 110 pounds, and had light brown hair with dark brown eyes that could melt any man's heart. Her boobs were only a 34A (which I knew because Nikki had clothes that she left at my place and I did the laundry) but they were perfectly proportioned to her body and, the few times I had seen them, they were very perky with little brown nipples. If I had been 18 years old, I guess I would have been chasing after her, too.

I asked Jenny about Nikki's sexual activity and she told me that Nikki had confided that fact in her. Jenny asked me not to reveal that she had told me that and she reassured me that she had made sure that Nikki started on birth control.

I was quite relieved when Nikki broke up with the guy in February of her senior year. I knew that she would find another boyfriend and have sex with other guys eventually, but I wasn't ready to know about it.

Nikki dated a few guys the rest of the year but nothing turned serious. She was home at 1:30 am on prom night and I was quite relieved. I knew she was no longer a virgin but I still didn't want her having sex with some guy just because it was prom night and he expected it.

I had dated a few women since the divorce and I had even had sex with a few. I was actually surprised at how much easier that was in my late 30's compared to when I was younger. But I hadn't met anyone who was a candidate for a permanent relationship. I had not mentioned dating to Nikki and I never scheduled dates when she was staying with me.

Nikki decided to go to college at USF, about four hours away from our home. Of course, her mother had no money to give Nikki for college and, since I was the de facto daddy, I got to foot the bill. Nikki didn't get to have a car with her the first year of college, so her visits home were more sporadic than I would have liked and most of that time was spent at her mom's house. I went to visit her a few times in Tampa. Each time we said goodbye, she hugged me and held me so tight; it was as if she didn't want me to go.

In March of Nikki's freshman year, her mom announced that she was moving to Atlanta. I was concerned about seeing even less of Nikki, so I immediately offered Nikki a summer job at my office. Of course, Nikki also wanted to return to the home where she grew up and spend some time with her high school friends, so she gladly accepted the job. I offered to drive to Tampa to get her and bring her home but she assured me that she could get a ride with a friend. She told me that she would be home around 2:00 pm on Saturday of the first weekend in June.

* * *

This was Friday night and it was likely to be my last Friday night alone for awhile, as Nikki would be arriving tomorrow. I was in the hot tub naked. When I wasn't dating, I would console myself with getting in the hot tub on Friday and Saturday nights, drinking three or four beers, usually fantasizing about that night with Jenny and Catherine, and then jerking off. The hot tub was in the back yard and the privacy fence was enough to prevent anyone from seeing me so it had become my own private fantasy world.

I had already had four beers and, I'm not a lightweight drinker, but it was enough for me to be feeling buzzed. My eyes were closed and I was fantasizing about having my dick in Catherine's tight ass. I was probably about 30 seconds away from cumming when I heard a noise in the house.

My initial reaction was to jump out of the hot tub and go investigate. But I also realized that the noise might just be the cat, or maybe Nikki had come home early. I didn't have any clothes with me -- not even a towel. And, if it was Nikki, it was too late for me to make a mad dash to anywhere, so I just stayed put.

The door onto the deck opened and Nikki walked over to the hot tub.

"Surprise!" she said. She paused before she asked, "are you surprised?"

"Well, yeah, honey. I thought you weren't gonna be home until sometime tomorrow."

"Yeah, Cindy and I had talked about staying around Tampa and going out for one last night on the town, but we both decided we were too anxious to get home, so we left about 5 o'clock. Man, the drive was awful!" she said.

"Bad traffic?" I asked.

"Yeah, bad traffic through Orlando and then it was just boring. I'm a little stiff from sitting so long!"

"I'll bet. So . . . it's only about 10 o'clock. Whatcha gonna do tonight?" I asked, looking for an opportunity to get into the house and get some clothes on.

"Well, it's kinda late to start planning something for tonight, so, how 'bout if I just stay home with my daddy?" she asked in her little girl voice. What man could say 'no' to that request?

"Yeah, sounds good to me," I said. "You wanna watch TV or a movie. I got some new DVDs."

"No, Daddy. I think I'd really like to get in the hot tub . . .."

"Sure, honey. Why don't you go in and get a swimsuit on and then we can sit here and talk for awhile."

"Well, I don't have any swimsuits here. Uh, I took 'em all to college and they're all packed up in some boxes in the back of Cindy's truck. She's coming back tomorrow to drop off my stuff."

"Oh . . . well, what were you gonna wear?" I asked.

"Well, I can wear my panties and bra. That's just like a swim suit."

"Okay. You gonna go up to your room to undress?"

"Don't be silly, Daddy? Why should I go to my room to undress when you're gonna see me after I'm undressed? That's not modesty; that's just weird," she replied.

"Well, uh . . . honey . . . I'm not really wearin' anything now, myself," I finally admitted. "I thought it was just me for the night and there's no sense in wearing a swimsuit in the hot tub when I'm alone, ya know? But, I don't wanna embarrass you or anything like that."

"Daddy, I kinda figured you were skinny dippin', the way you've been squirmin' around in there. But that's okay. I can't really see you now but it's not like I haven't seen you naked before," Nikki announced in a very matter of fact voice.

"Oh, really? When was that," I asked.

"Last summer, right after I graduated. I was suppose to be stayin' with mom but we had a stupid argument so I decided to come over here. When I got in the house, I went lookin' for you but I finally saw that you were in the hot tub with some chick and it looked like you were both naked and havin' a pretty good time," she said.

"What . . . exactly . . . did you see?" I demanded. I remembered that night. I had coaxed Beverly -- one of my paralegals - out of her clothes and into the hot tub where we eventually had sex.

"Well, the two of you were in the water and I wasn't really sure if you were naked and . . . I've never seen you with another chick . . . and, I was lookin', tryin' to figure out what was up, and then you stood up like you were gonna come inside for something and . . . I remember . . . don't be mad, Daddy, but I remember seeing your thing stickin' straight out and that's when I ran out the front door and went back home."

"Well, I guess I can't be too mad at you for wantin' to come over here to get away from your mom. And . . . I guess we haven't either one of us really acted like prudes over the years, so, if it doesn't bother you . . . what the hell!" I said with feigned exasperation.

"Okay, so I'm getting' in the hot tub," she declared. She immediately kicked off her shoes and then I interrupted her.

"Hey, while you're still dressed, how 'bout goin' and getting me another couple of beers?"

"Only if I can have one . . . or two!" she responded.

"As long as you're not going out anywhere else tonight, sure, why not?"

It didn't take Nikki more than a half minute to go to the kitchen and return with four beers in hand. She set them on the edge of the hot tub and returned to her prior task.

Her pants were off in a flash and I could see her cute little bikini-style panties. She began to lift her shirt over her head and then she paused.

"I almost forgot. I took my bra off earlier 'cause it was hot. Don't look, Daddy!" she said teasingly.

"I've seen your boobs before, young lady. There's no secrets to keep in that department."

"Whatever," she replied, indicating that she really didn't expect me to keep my eyes shut. In two seconds, her shirt was over her head and in a heap on the deck. My little girl stood there in just her panties, looking as cute as a girl could possibly look. I know that she was 19 years old but she looked younger. I knew that she wasn't a virgin but, still, she had an innocent look that could inspire a man to protect her, or to ravage her, or both.

She stepped up the two stairs and swung one leg, and then the other, over the side of the hot tub. She immediately sank down into the water and said, "Yummm. This waters feels real yummy, Daddy."

She handed me a beer and then grabbed one for herself. She didn't guzzle it down, but it didn't look like this was the first beer that she had ever drank. She began talking about school and her friends and we both got absorbed in the conversation. I think that we both forgot that I was naked and she was wearing nothing more than her panties. After a few minutes, she started her second beer as casually as if she did this every night of the week.

"Daddy, do you mind if I turn on the jets? I could use a little massage on my back." Without waiting for an answer, she turned to reach the controls. She wasn't too familiar with the layout of the control panel, so the first thing she hit was the switch for the underwater light. Then she found the control for the jets and they started churning the water.

Before, my nakedness had been hidden by the darkness and now, even though the underwater light was on, I was hidden by all of the air bubbles swirling in the water. We wanted to continue our conversation but the jets made some noise, so she moved around to sit next to me. I turned to face her and placed my arm up on the side of the tub. This placed our faces in proximity so we could continue our discussion. I really wasn't too interested in the stories about her roommate's boyfriend, but I didn't let her know that.

"Daddy, we're out of beer," she said. Without hesitation, she stood and got out of the hot tub, went into the house, and quickly returned with four more beers which she set on the rim of the hot tub.

When she stepped up the stairs to re-enter the hot tub, I could see her from the mid-thighs and up. Her nipples were hard, meaning that she was either aroused or cold. When I looked to the south, I saw that her panties had become transparent when they got wet. For some reason, I couldn't let any of this pass without comment.

"Are you cold, dear?" I asked coyly.

"No, Daddy. Why do you think that? . . . Oh." She looked down to observe her aroused nipples and then she laughed. "Well, Daddy, I got no control over what 'the girls' do any more than you've got any control over gettin' a boner. And . . . I am with a naked, good-lookin' guy."

"Well, I appreciate the compliment, even if I am your father . . .."

"Technically, you're not my father, you're just a grown man who has a young girl in his hot tub, practically naked," she interrupted me.

"And might as well be naked," I added. "Your panties became see through when they got wet."

"Really?" she asked, as if she truly didn't believe that. Again, she looked down, trying to observe what I was seeing.

"Well, they may not be 100% transparent, but I can tell that you shave your pubes and it doesn't look like you have any tattoos or piercings, I'm happy to report."

"Well, yeah, I do shave down there, and, no, I don't have any tattoos or piercings, and I hope I haven't embarrassed you too much."

"Honey, I'm sittin' here naked and you're talking 'bout embarrassing you? At least you got a little something covering a little something."

She set the beers on the side of the hot tub and looked me directly in the eyes. "If you feel like I have you at a disadvantage, I'll take 'em off."

Before I could say anything, she had pulled her panties down and tossed them over on the deck, away from the hot tub. For the first time in many years, I was looking directly at Nikki's pussy. It was shaved, it was beautiful, it was perfect. She didn't have that "full bloom" thing happening downstairs; all I could see was a simple slit framed by a pair of labial lips that were not fat, not freckled, not misshapen. If she had not been my daughter, I would have taken her without hesitation.

"If you're through lookin', I'll sit down now," she said. She stepped over the side and into the hot tub, returning to her seat beside me.

"I . . . I didn't mean to stare, honey, it's just . . . well, it's been awhile since I've been with a woman, and . . . you're so, so beautiful, and . . . if I was a younger guy and not your daddy, I'd . . .."

"You'd do what, Daddy?" she intoned in her pretend Southern belle voice, "I do declare. I'm glad you think I'm beautiful, and, it's okay that you're not younger, 'cause young guys can be total jerks. And . . . I might call you Daddy and you might call me your little girl, but you know we're not really related by blood or by marriage not any more. Daddy, I'm just the naked girl in your hot tub. And I've had the hots for you for a couple of years now. What do you think we should do about it?"

"Honey, you're still my little girl and I've never . . .."

"Daddy, I saw you lookin' at my pussy a minute ago and there was nothin' fatherly about that look. I wanna have you in me. I NEED to have you in me! Do I need to get you drunk first?"

With that question, she reached over to get a beer off of the side of the hot tub. She accidentally knocked two beers off and they landed on the deck. Fortunately, the beers were in cans.

"Damn," she exclaimed. She stood and looked over the edge of the tub. "No damage done. I think I can reach them without getting out," she explained. She then bent over the side of the tub and reached down to get the beers. When she did this, she spread her legs to gain better balance and I was treated to a wonderful view of her pussy and her ass, including the little puckered star that I could clearly see.

Reaching the beers, she grabbed them and handed them back towards me, indicating that I should take them from her. I moved forward to get the beers and this just gave me an even better view of her feminine assets. As I was checking out the holes available for fucking, she looked back and caught me checking her out.

"Tell me your interest is purely paternal!" she said. She waited for me to respond but what could I say? My interest was obviously sexual; I just didn't want to admit it.

"Well, see anything back there you like?" she asked. "Actually, I hope your interest is in my pussy and not my ass. I had one guy try the back door thing last year but it didn't work out very well."

"Well, you don't have to admit you want it but . . . just tell me if you want me to stop," she said, returning to her seat. "But . . . please don't say no," she requested. I couldn't imagine that I would ever say no to this sexy young nymph.

She reached her hand towards me and started stroking my dick. "Daddy, you're so hard. Is that because of me?" she said in her coy little-girl voice. "I'll bet it is," she answered her own question.

"Honey, if you keep doin' what you're doin', I'm gonna cum in your hand," I said to her. Actually, I would have been happy to cum in her hand but she abruptly stopped stroking my member.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I want you to cum but not in my hand." She smiled and then moved to face me. She got in my lap, facing me, with her knees straddling my legs.

Once again I felt her hand on my hard pole. It didn't need to be any harder and she sensed that. She raised up her torso, moved forward, and then lowered herself onto my rod. I felt my dick touch her pussy lips.

If she had stopped then, I would have felt like I had died and gone to heaven, but stopping was not in her plans. She was obviously very wet -- and not from the water in the hot tub -- because her pussy slid down on my dick as if this move had been rehearsed a hundred times. She didn't stop her descent until I felt her pubic mound against mine and my dick was completely surrounded by the warmth and wetness of her young, sweet pussy.

"Daddy, you feel soooo good!" she said. "I feel so full."

"Don't move for a minute, honey," I said. Placing my hands behind her, I pulled her torso towards me until my mouth connected with her right boob. I began sucking on her nipple and she was soon whimpering, moaning with shallow breaths, telling me to not stop.

She began thrusting her pelvis while trying to keep her nipple in contact with my hungry lips. The motion was getting me close to the edge and I knew I wouldn't last long.

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