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A Hot Wife Honeymoon


She look’s so beautiful, today feels like my wildest dreams coming true. All those years of dreaming of her being mine, and it’s finally happened, even more then that though, tonight my hottest fantasies are going to come true to.

I know I’m the luckiest guy to ever walk the earth as I wrap my arms under her, around the white lace of her wedding dress. I feel her body press against mine as I lift her up, her smile beaming wide as I look into her eyes and carry her across the threshold of our honeymoon suite.

As I carry her through the door I try to not show that I’m straining from the effort, she’s my Princess, not a weight for me to bear.

I kiss her lovingly on the lips as I place her on our bed. The room’s exactly what we wanted, private, lush – a luxurious honey moon suite; the perfect setting to start off as we mean to go on.

It’s lit with soft candle light, and the loudest sound to be heard is the faintest trickle of water from the large Jacuzzi over to one side of the room. The bed is large, massive in fact, I’ve never seen one so big, decorated in virginal white and covered with the dark red rose petals we asked for.

We grin like children; we’ve been waiting for this night for a long time, planning it in our minds. In our plans this is going to be the most special, perfect, night of my life. Never again will I have her like this, so pure and perfect; all mine.

I stroke her cheek softly as we cuddle.

‘Are you sure you really want to go through with it?’ she asks me in a whisper, daring me to say yes.

‘Yes, I am.’

Last year when I finally admitted to her my darkest fantasies, I expected disgust, maybe even horror, not for her to share them too. For a year it’s been a thrill, first thinking it could actually happen, then knowing it will, if I let it.

‘I want to talk about it one more time, to make sure. Can we, pleaaaase?’ She pleads in her most teasing voice. Every night we’ve fucked for the last month she’s asked the same thing, I know it’s her favourite turn on, and I’ve got quite good at telling it – almost like a story.

‘Okay, my love, you want me to talk you all the way through it, from start to finish?’

‘Yes please.’ She lustily replies.

‘How about I give you a massage, and then tell you what I want as I pamper you?’

‘You’re such a sweet hubby. That would be wonderful.’

She teasingly sneaks a kiss on my lips as we stands up. A fast wet one, leaving me expecting more, wanting more – she’s got skilled at teasing me these past months.

‘Come on then hunny, get me out of this dress then.’ She purr.

I jump up, more then ready to unveil her body.

I start by slowly sliding the soft lace from around her, dropping it from her shoulders, and sliding it down to her waist. I can only imagine the great view from the front as her wonderful tits are exposed. I lick my lips, I want her, but I’m now use to being a good hubby, my days of taking the lead are well and truly over.

She wiggles her hips, her ass pressed against my crotch, as if trying to get the dress to slide down lower. I almost salivate at the thought of her sexy ass, and quickly pull the dress to the floor. She’s naked beneath. She told me she would be, she decided to go without underwear today, because she knew that all day I’d have been thinking of her naked pussy. How much I want it; what I’d be giving up

Without giving me a chance to take in her naked body she stepped out of her dress the moment it fell to the floor and jumped onto the bed, lying on her front. My new wife then wordlessly waits for her massage, there’s no doubt who’ in control here. I’d do anything she asked right now.

I look through the body lotions, butters, and oils in the room’s supplies, and select her favourite aroma. I can tell she’s impatient without having to look, it’s not only me who has been looking forward to this for months. I hurry back not wanting to displease her.

I start not with my hands, but my mouth, kissing her shoulders, and then her whole back. I love her so much, I’m lost with words to describe her, so drop dead gorgeous will have to do.

My lips find there way down to her back to her ass, my favourite bit. I squeeze it, separating the cheeks. I can see the bottom of her pussy lips, overflowing with juices; the smell hits me, making my cock twitch, how I’d love to bury my tongue in either one of her holes right now.

I pour massage oil on my hands, and as the flagrant aroma fills the room I slowly begin to work it into her back.

‘Go on then, I’m waiting, tell me what you want.’ She demands.

‘Yes my love.’ I take a moment just to get my mind together before I start, I almost can’t believe I’m actually going to say this. ‘What I want, no, what I need is for you to be my Mistress in all things sexual. I need you to completely control my sex life, to completely control my cock. I want to be your good submissive husband, submissive to you’re every will.’

I’ve asked for it a 100 times before, but never have the words seem so real before. I see her slip her hand under her body, reaching to her own pussy, she loves to stroke her aching clit as I talk about our kinky future, she always does.

‘And what about me, isn’t there some more?’ She asks.

‘Yes, I want you to be my hot wife.’

‘And what exactly does that mean?’

‘You are a beautiful sexy woman. And you deserve the best of everything, including cock. I can’t give it you, so I want you to get all the cock you need from other men.’

‘You have a cock though hubby, it’s not best of course – but why can’t you give me that?’

‘I am going to, but I want you to control it by locking it up.’


‘With a chastity cockcage, keeping me under lock and key.’

‘I see, so that’s how you want me to control your cock huh?’


‘And I just take it out when I need fucking?’

‘Well yes and no. If you ever want to use it, it’ll always be ready for you, but I want you to get all the cock you ever want from other guys, guys with the best, biggest cocks, so you won’t ever need to fuck my little one.’

‘Oh, then why should I ever let it out!’

‘Um, well, I don’t know. To reward me for being a good hubby?’

‘Hmmm, we’ll see. So what about these other guys I’ll get to fuck?’ She asks it innocently enough, but I know this is your favourite part, and as I lovingly massage her I feel her body shaking from the pleasure she’s giving herself.

‘The other guys, well you’ll choose them. Any guy, any time, any way you choose.’

‘So you really want me to be your slut wife with other guys then? But what about you, you never want any kind of sex, ever?’

‘I do want you to be my slut wife, that’s correct. But no, I do not want to have any kind of sex.’

‘What do you mean hubby?’

‘I want to ALWAYS want you. I want to be always horny for you. I want my locked up cock to be so frustrated that at every moment the thing I want the most is you. So that you’re always on my mind.’

‘But I’ll have all those other men, I won’t need, and maybe not even want your little cock.’

‘I know.’

‘Then what do you actually expect to get?’

‘What I want is to be your good submissive hubby. To worship you, my gorgeous bride. To serve you and give you anything you want. I hope sometimes to get to serve you sexually, well I hope often, but that is up to you my love.’

‘But you’ll have no cock?’

‘There are other ways I can serve you sexually as your submissive husband.’

‘Go on.’

‘I have my mouth, and hands. They’ll always be ready to serve you any way you could want. I would hope to get to give you massages, worship your body, pamper you, and generally love every inch of your body. I definitely want to still get some chance to pleasure you too, but I want to use my mouth and tongue instead.’

‘Is that it, you just want to be my sweet little sex toy?’

‘Well, no. I hope you’ll use me in other ways too, hopefully nasty ways.’

‘Interesting, what do you have in mind?’

‘I’d love to be your bathroom slave. Doing everything for you, washing you, pampering you, and also, being your toilet. Drinking all your piss, and licking your pussy and ass clean for you whenever you get dirty.’

Whenever I get dirty?’

‘Yes whenever.’

‘So that includes other stuff, like when I get my holes full of cum, you’ll be cleaning that up too?’

‘If you want, I hope so.’

‘That’s very sweet of you, so does that mean you want to be included when I fuck other guys?’

‘Yes, I do, hopefully I can serve you then too.’

‘And what do you get out of all this?’

‘I get to fulfil my fantasies. To be a frustrated, teased, and completely controlled. To love a wife who acts like a whore with other men. To worship the body of a beautiful woman. To be the willing slave to you, to be teased, humiliated, given nasty tasks too do, I get all that. I get everything I want.’

‘I see, and when do you get this.’

‘As soon as we’ve finished our first, and last, love making as a normal married couple.’

‘Oh and why do you want that?’

‘As something to remind me all through the years of what I’m missing, my one last time of not being your slave.’

‘Well, that all sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Are you sure that’s what you want, because if you agree now, that’s exactly what you’ll get, no turning back!’

I hesitate just a second.

‘Yes, yes I am sure, that’s exactly what I want.’

‘Good hubby, so are you ready for your last ever fuck as a normal man?’

‘Yes please my love.’

I stand back to give her space, and she rolls over, so she’s lied on her back, legs spread, pussy exposed and spread, waiting for cock.

I look at her in awe, as always, marvelling at how I got so lucky to find a girl so incredibly hot, the perfect women to be a slut wife.

She lift her hand from her pussy to my mouth, the one she’s been masturbating with, it’s covered in juices. In fact her pussy hole has oozed so much juices it’s made a wet patch on the bed. I know what she wants, to lick her hand clean – and I do it on command, submissive as ever. I savour the taste as my mind wanders off wondering if, or when, I’ll taste her pussy juices and another man’s cum mixed together.

‘Hubby, you know what I want you to do for me?’

‘No my love, what do you want me to do?’

‘Well you know how hot it makes me fantasising about a male stripper, him giving me a lap-dance as he strips naked in front of me, me getting horny for his massive cock, forced to wait as he slowly strips before he fucks me silly. I want you to give me a lap dance. Then I can compare you to the real thing tomorrow.’

My eyes are wide, almost shocked that she’s going to fuck another guy tomorrow; but this is what I just asked for.

I stand up, almost shaking as the emotions flood through me. I walk over to the stereo, and switch it on, naturally for a honeymoon suite the music is perfect for our needs.

‘Hubby, one other thing first.’

‘Yes my love.’

‘Get my toiletries back out of my case will you?’

I walk over to the case and after a moment find the bag you mean, it’s small though, and has just a metal object in it. I shiver as I pick it up, I know what it is, the cockcage I was sized up for the day after I proposed. I walk back to my wife and hand it to her. She places it on the night stand with a wicked smile.

‘That’s for afterwards hubby.’

Her eyes watch me eagerly, she’s been waiting for this honeymoon for months herself; I only have a vague idea of her plans, but I know from the look in her eyes that’s she’s thinking depraved thoughts. Usually it’s a time for man and wife to have all to themselves, but I sense she’s going to spend it fucking as many men as she can find, while I get completely sexually frustrated.

She moves over to the edge of the bed, and sits on the corner, legs spread wide, looking at me impatiently. It’s time for our last time of (fairly) normal sex.

I start to dance, nervously at first, I’ve never been a confident dancer, but I start to get into it as I see her rubbing her pussy as her lusty eyes watch my body move.

I shake my hips, and stroke my body through my clothes in time to the music. I’m horny, very horny, and as I start to moan sexily for her it isn’t fake. I’m enjoying it, it’s embarrassing yet sexy, and I’m doing it because I was told to, like all my favourite sex acts.

My cock is rock hard under my clothes, impossible not to see, I can’t help but rub it, and wish I could be wanking it, I want to cum desperately.

I run my hands over my body, feeling my chest and crotch, before turning around and giving her a good close up look at my ass, while I squeeze and spread my own cheeks.

She’s masturbating hard, and panting, as I wiggle my ass inches from her face, while undoing the buttons of my shirt.

I bend down, undoing the laces of my shoes while letting my ass rub against her face, then I stand up and turn around. I easily slip my shoes and socks off, and she look up at me, just now wearing my suit pants, open shirt, and the white briefs I chose to wear for this special day.

I rub crotch against her face, so she can feel how hard I am as I stroke my chest. I play with my nipples for her, with my shirt pushed aside, acting like a complete slut for her viewing pleasure.

I slip my arms out of the shirt, leaving me topless, then I place a hand on her head, pushing her into my hot crotch, while still shaking my hips to the beat of the sexy music.

I want her, my cock is rock hard, it has been ever since we walked into the room. I know she wants to fuck me too from the smell of the strong scent of her pussy, and her loud slutty moans.

I unbutton my pants, letting them slowly slide down my hips as I wiggle them, before they drop to the ground. I kick them aside, leaving me naked, but for my briefs.

She smiles at me after I reveal the wet patch of precum in my briefs. And smiling back I place her hands on the side of my legs.

‘Keep your hands there my love, and take my briefs off, with your mouth.’

She doesn’t waste any time in biting the waist strap, almost ripping my briefs as she pulls them down savagely, determined to free my cock. It pops over the waist-band, slapping against her face, all 6 inches hard for her.

She gives up taking off my briefs, she’s freed my cock, that’s all she wants.

She smiles up at me, reading the message written on my cock, ‘Laura’s lil Toy’. Another of the things we did the day after we were engaged, she demanded I had it written on if we were to be married. She had it tattooed, to make sure she’d be the only women to ever touch it again. Not that it’ll be the only one she’ll ever have, not even close.

She licks the sensitive skin of the head of my cock, making me moan. When we were first dating she use to suck my cock all the time, but as I turned into her submissive hubby she played with it less and less. For the past few months she barely touched it other then when we fucked, and she’s delighted in telling me that she’s been saving her mouth for her future lovers.

I moan loudly, enjoying every moment. Almost purring like a cat, thinking of how long it could be before I have pleasure so exquisite again.

I look down and see she’s pushed her fingers into her dripping wet hole. Pushing all 4 of one hand in, stretching herself wide, while thinking of being stretched by massive cocks no doubt.

She pulls yourself away, panting loudly.

‘Fuck me! Now! I need a cock.’

She lies backwards, ready for me – her legs wide, her pussy hole waiting to be filled.

I jump on the bed, fast, I know this could be my last chance of normal sex, ever. I feel like I could cum any moment from the thoughts of what this is. The last time I fuck her tight pussy. If I ever feel it again it’ll be loose from being fucked by countless cocks that dwarf mine.

I couldn’t wait if I wanted to, I push my cock head against her hole and it sinks easily in, all the way in, until my balls and pressed against her ass.

She moans loudly for me and I feel like I could almost cum from the sounds of her moans.

‘Fuck me hard.’ She demands.

I try to; I thrust as hard as I can, pulling out as far as I can, before slamming back inside her. She moans with each thrust. I can’t help but imagine what affect a bigger cock would have on her, and feel my cock grow even harder with the thought.

I see an image of a big black guy fucking her brains out, and I feel my orgasm coming, very close. I can’t stop fucking her as hard as I can though. I’m so turned on that I’ve lost control, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming if I tried.

I feel my cock twitch inside her, and thrust to deposit my cum deep inside her pussy.

It twitches again and again, shooting load after load of hot sticky cum into her hole, I’ve not cum in days and it seems like I’ve been saving up a year, and as I finally cum to the end of my mammoth orgasm I start feeling tired.

I collapse forward on her, exhausted, and surprised, I’ve never cum so easily, or powerfully, in my life.


‘Yes my love.’ I reply breathlessly.

‘Roll over.’

I do as I’m told and feel her moving about. I don’t care right now, I’m too tired to care. I slowly start to think about what just happened. That I came prematurely on the last time I’d ever fuck my wife’s pussy. Then I feel something on my cock, and look down.

My wife’s taken the cockcage out and is pulling my cock into it. It’s the perfect moment I guess, when I’m too exhausted to get hard. I let her do it; it’s what I want anyway.

I shiver as I feel the cold metal wrap around my soft cock, not from the cold, but from the knowledge that I’ll never be able to control it again.

I wait what seems like an eternity until I finally hear the click of the lock being closed, the end of my cock’s freedom.

Despite myself my cock tries to get hard, because I know it can’t. The thought turns me on, and for the first time ever I feel the pain of an attempted erection.

My wife starts to move again, getting on top of me, straddling me, her pussy directly in front of my face. I lie still, submissively, letting her do whatever she wants.


‘Yes my love?’

‘Call me Mistress, when we are in bed I want you to call me Mistress.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ I reply, softly, while staring at your pussy. I can see my cum dribbling out of her hole, she’s not wiped her pussy clean like she usually does.

‘Hubby, I have a task for you. Seeing as you cum quickly like a wimp, and can’t keep your cock up like a man, then you’ll have to give me an orgasm with your mouth.’

I don’t even consider disobeying, and start to lick her pussy lips, up and down. I taste the bitterness of fresh cum mixed with her sweet juices, and feel more pain in my cock from the thoughts of it.

‘Hubby, try to eat up all that nasty cum of yours, I don’t want to make a mess of these sheets.’

I don’t answer, I have a mouthful of pussy, but I do as I’m told and try to suck my own cum from her pussy hole. I feel her pussy start to move, rubbing at my face, reminding me that I’m suppose to be making her cum too.

I wait until I have a mouthful of the cum and juice mixture before swallowing it, and wince as the sticky mixture slides down my throat. I don’t stop licking at her hole though, determined to do a good job, until finally I taste no more cum amongst her juices.

I then move my tongue onto her clit, so I can make her cum, like I couldn’t before with my cock. I slide my tongue all over her hard little clit, flicking it, then sucking it, using every trick I know.

‘Good boy,’ she purrs, ‘You might make me cum yet.’

I lick and suck harder, feeling her starting to rub her pussy against my face too, minutes pass of non-stop licking, then I finally start to hear her moan again.

‘Ohhhhh that’s the spot, you’re such a good boy. You want to know what I’ve been thinking?’ She asks.

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