tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 06

A Hunter Watches Ch. 06


Sheila had found her lover in the woods. Once an erotic stranger now he was hers. She loved him, all of him, including the beast that lurked inside him. Her love was deep enough that she wanted to join him. Forever.

Sheila stood in the shower and let the powerful spray beat against her skin. Her body held the joyful ache of the recently loved. It felt as though every muscle in her body sang out to her as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. It was her mind that sang the loudest; he had found someone. Hunter, her half wolf lover, had found another wolf capable of changing her.

Hunter was a werewolf, but a hereditary one. It meant that his bite or scratch was not contagious. A changeling, or made-werewolf, could spread the ability much like a disease. One that she wanted to catch. If Sheila did not join Hunter as a wolf then their time together would be limited by her own short life span. Though only in her twenties her remaining time seemed so much shorter than what was possible. A werewolf aged so much slower than a human.

There was the risk that the change would kill her. Hunter had seemed unwilling for her to take that risk; yet he had found her another wolf. Sheila closed her eyes to the excitement coursing through her system. She shivered in surprise as strong hands curled across her belly and she leant back against the long hard body of her lover.

Less than a half hour ago they had made spine-tingling love on the steps to her cabin. Already she could feel desire for him thickening her blood once more. She sighed deliciously and rolled her head back to rest on his chest.

"Tell me about the wolf." She said quietly. Allowing the water and the safety of his arms to calm her nerves.

"His name is Ash." Hunter bent low and rubbed his chin on her shoulder. It was an unconscious habit and showed that he was thinking deeply about something. Sheila loved the feel of it because it felt like she was being scent marked. "He followed me."

Sheila took a few moments to digest the weight of his words. If this other wolf had followed Hunter then he must be nearby.

"Oh." She gasped.

Sheila blushed deeply so that the whole of her body seemed to heat. He must have seen them. Just for a second she could picture the two of them, herself and Hunter. Her body bent low before him as he reamed his magnificent body into her. Her embarrassment was short-lived as she felt the heat of a different kind rise within her.

Hunter rubbed his chin over her shoulder, he could smell her arousal. His body reacted automatically to her scent.

"It doesn't bother you?" He asked quietly.

"No." She turned in his arms and laid her face into his chest, hiding herself from him. "You watched me. I really liked that; even when I didn't know that I liked you."

Hunter felt a tremor run through the entire length of his body. He stroked a finger along her spine, slowly rubbing each vertebra, as he remembered watching her.

The very first time Hunter had seen her she had been taking a shower beneath the waterfall directly in front of his cave. He had stayed crouched and mesmerised at the sight of her. Watching her as she dropped to her knees in the shallow stream and touched her wondrous body. The memory was still strong enough to make his mouth water. Her dress had turned invisible beneath the pounding water, giving him a clear view of her darkened nipples and the triangle of hair at her apex. It was the sight of her on her knees desperately plunging her fingers into her core that had undone him. He remembered the torment of not being able to taste her scent through all that cold clear water.

He hadn't been watching for her when he all but stumbled on her only a few days later. Hunter had been new to the forest; he had noticed the solitary cabin years before on a hunting trip. His father had taken him hunting several times a year once it became apparent that his son carried the beast within him. He had taught him how check a territory for signs of other were-animals; the difference in scent between hereditaries and changelings. They had passed right by that cabin, Sheila's cabin, and they had found the cave that day also.

Hunter had been walking that same path, remembering his father, when he caught the flash of gold from Sheila's hair. He had realised then that it was his water nymph from the other day; after all what were the odds of there being two sensuous beauties running around his woods? Instinct had him sheltering out of sight but it was desire that had held him there.

Sheila had been leaning back against one of the many large trees in the small clearing. Having finished eating she put the used wrapper into the pocket of her dress and settled back against the large trunk, it must have been early autumn because she was curling her bare toes in a layer of dried leaves. He could still hear the crunch and hiss of them, see the dark mulch between her toes as she stretched and flexed them. The image was so sensuous, so innocent but certainly not child like.

Her dress should have been modest, nearly reaching her knees, but the action of playing with the leaves had caused it to ride up to her thighs. That glimpse of pale golden thigh led his eye further to her breasts, the soft fall of them puckered against the moving fabric. She had not been wearing any underwear. He had watched breathless at the soft half smile on her face, her thoughts obviously drifting to some memory or fantasy. Hunter had acknowledged the fact that he should leave but he was compelled to stay and watch. He tasted her scent, committing it to memory. He felt the very moment that her desire sparked; the fresh musky notes of arousal that he would never had spotted without his heightened senses.

Sheila had begun to squeeze her thighs together as she continued to move her feet in the mulch. The action had brought a soft moan from her lips; the sound alone was enough to make Hunter stroke his hand down his hardened shaft. Very slowly she had curled her hand beneath the hem of her dress from the movements of the fabric Hunter could tell that she traced the line of her slit.

Her other hand lifted to trail the outline of one perfectly taut nipple, as she nudged the hardened centre her body slid softly down the tree trunk until she sprawled before him. A soft boneless pool of arousal. He watched as her knees parted, he caught a glimpse of her wet cunt before her finger pushed inside. The sight of that digit slowly disappearing into her partly exposed sex and reappearing slicked and shiny with her juices made Hunter clutch tightly at his shaft through his trousers.

Sheila's fingers pinched and tugged at her nipple through the dress making it stand to attention. All the while she slid that long delicate finger deeply into her folds. She added another finger and the sight had almost brought Hunter to his knees. Her hand moved faster now, her breathing heightened, lips parted as she gave herself over to sheer sensual instinct.

He could see the pulse in her neck jumping as her heated blood pumped through her veins. Watched as her breasts strained at the material of her dress with each intake of breath. She pushed a hand into one of her pockets and pulled out a half filled water bottle and Hunter's breath had shuddered as he saw her lower it between her thighs. She had pressed the capped top to her core, arching her back as it penetrated her hot wet cunt.


The girl had physically jumped at the call that came from her mother. She froze in panic for a moment before replying in a shaky voice. With an embarrassed hiss she sat up straight, arranged her clothing and then hurried back to the cabin for dinner.

Sheila studied Hunter's preoccupied expression.

"Does it upset you?" She asked quietly.

"That he watched or that you like that he watched?" He looked down at her with a gaze so piercing that she squirmed physically. Hunter reacted to the shiver of her body and it took a moment for him to understand her discomfort. He reached across her and turned off the shower; the hot water was running out and nobody enjoys a shared cold shower.

He wrapped a large towel around her shoulders and took another for himself. He had scrubbed his skin mostly dry before realising that Sheila still stood as she had been. Hunter folded her towel tightly around her body and pulled her into his arms. He dragged his hands up and down her back to warm her. Even though he knew that it was not the cold that had made her withdrawn.

"I am not upset by your sensual nature; it is what drew me to you in the first place." He felt her body soften against his own once, the tension draining from her. "I worry about the risks to you if Ash gives you the wolf and I worry about his price for doing that. Please be assured that I love the way you enjoy your body."

"You're not angry with me?" She asked quickly searching his face for signs of disapproval.

Hunter laughed, a rich deep sound that boomed through the tiled bathroom. He rubbed her hair with his towel and then tossed it on the floor. He picked her up, still wrapped in the large towel so that she was trapped within his arms and carried her through to the bedroom.

Sheila frowned in her confusion, unable to keep up with the fast flicker of his emotions. He sat down on the edge of the bed with her held on his lap with arms tightly to her and nuzzled into her neck.

"You cannot make me angry, woman of mine." He laughed softly against her skin. His possessive words sent a tremor of delight through her body. "I watched you for a long time." He pulled open the towel baring her body in the circle of his arms. "I watched you explore your own body and I watched you give it to another man."

Sheila gave a hiss of shock. "You saw me with Mark?" She had only brought her ex to the cabin twice; he had hated it. Hunter nodded, Sheila could feel the movement against her skin. "I didn't know you were there. I'm sorry." Just the thought of him watching her with Mark made her feel like she had been unfaithful, to Hunter.

She couldn't see but felt his smile against her throat.

"I think I should not have been watching." He gave another chuckle. "You were beautiful when I watched you touch yourself for your own pleasure but you were even more so when you touched yourself for mine. Even now I cannot believe the change in fortune that has brought me to your bed." He lay down on the bed pulling her with him and then he covered them both with the quilt.

Sheila rolled onto her side to pull the damp towel from between them before wrapping herself tightly around him.

"Tell me what's wrong Lupus." She said quietly her voice becoming shaky with fear, the mere fact that she Hunters' birth name proved her strong emotions.

"Ash is a handsome man, my love. You enjoy the idea of him watching you; how would you enjoy fucking him?" Hunter held her fixed with his gaze. Sheila smiled with relief.

"Would you like me to?" She asked. She considered the idea more fully; the idea of Hunter watching her beneath another man and she had difficulty catching her breath.

Hunter could already hear her pulse race and her desire spark and he could barely contain his smile. She was the most amazingly sensual woman. He wished he had thought sooner to have another man share their bed. He would relish such a night had Ash not been extracting it from him as payment that was.

"Are you sure you wish to share this curse my love?" Hunter said seriously.

"How could you call it a curse if it keeps us together? Yes; I wish to share your gift." Sheila raised herself on her elbow and looked down at him with an expression of determination.

"Then I will make the arrangements." Said Hunter with a slight nod. He pulled her back down and curled his body around her in readiness to sleep.

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