tagInterracial LoveA Husband’s Proposal Ch. 03

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 03


Tony opened his eyes’ early the next morning and found himself still lying in the same position he was in last night. He knew he fell asleep with his cock planted deep inside Diana. Tony looked down, found himself still hard and still inside Diana’s pussy. Tony gently eased his cock from Diana’s tight pussy letting the cool air hit his cock for the first time in hours.

Diana was still asleep as Tony lifted himself off the bed. He looked down at Diana’s ass and saw the sperm he had been blocking from escaping Diana’s pussy slowly making its way down onto the sheets of the bed. The sperm had turned clear since it has been several hours since he had last cum inside her.

Tony lied back down on the bed thinking about this gorgeous woman he had wonderful sex with last night. Tony had hoped Diana had felt something during their first meeting together, now he knew the answer to that question. He felt that he would have to be the one to make the first move while everything was still fresh in their minds.

Tony lied back on the pillow admiring this beautiful white woman lying next to him with her body almost perfect in every proportion. What he couldn’t understand is why her husband wanted to share this beautiful woman with other men? When Diana wrote him the very first time about her husband’s perversion, she seemed desperate to try and please her husband because she loved him. Even though she didn’t really want to commit to his desires and adultery.

She was reaching out for help from someone and he just happened to be the one that could help. It may have brought out something deep inside that she was missing in her life. Sex could play a part in her search, but love and affection from your life partner is the most important.

Tony knew she was confused with the situation her husband had put her in. He would just have to be there for as long as it takes. If she accepts the lifestyle her husband wants her to have, then Tony wanted to be a part of it because he felt something strong for this woman.

Diana turned over and looked at Tony, placing her hand around his waist and moving her leg until it rested on top of his legs. Tony brought his arm around her shoulder, pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead. “Good morning sleepyhead,” he greeted.

Diana smiled and moved her head to kiss him on the lips. They relaxed while they embracing each other, looking and touching each other for several minutes until she moved to get up to use the bathroom. A trail of sperm was still leaking out of her pussy as she walked to the bathroom. She turned back to look at Tony and asked, “Honey, what did I do last night sleep with your cock inside me?”

Tony laughed and answered, “Baby, as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what you did last night.”

She smiled back saying, “No wonder my pussy feels like it’s gaped open this morning, I have you to blame for this.”

The bathroom door closed and Tony got out of bed walking toward the door and tapped as he listened for a response. “I’m going pee in here and if you don’t go away I’m coming out there and sit on you again.”

Tony laughed at her remark saying, “I’m coming in there to pee between your legs if you don’t hurry.”

The bathroom door opened as Tony was finishing his sentence and he was pulled in the bathroom.

Diana was giggling as she took hold of Tony’s cock and pointed it at the bowl. “Here, go pee while I hold your cock,” she said. She could feel the warm liquid traveling up through the large vein in his cock as she aimed it for the toilet watching it splash in the water. “I don’t think Joe’s cock spurts this volume of pee,” she added, still giggling.

He laughed. “That’s because his cock isn’t as large as mine,” he told her, squeezing out the last drops of pee while Diana began to shake it off. She was still laughing at herself when she bent down to kiss the head and patted it before rising up to kiss Tony on the lips.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her toward him holding the kiss.

They stay locked in the kiss until she twisted around and turned on the water in the shower. She adjusted the water until it felt right, reached around, pulled him into the tub and closed the curtain. Reaching for the washcloth and soap, she started to rub Tony’s chest until it was all lathered up. She continued down to his cock and testicles before lifting his legs one at a time to do the same.

Diana handed him the washcloth and soap when she was done with him.

Picking up the rhythm, Tony began to wash her chest moving the cloth slowly around her large tits, raise her arms to wash her armpits and work the cloth down to her bald pussy.

Once they were completely done, she got down on her knees and started to suck his cock. Tony looked down and saw Diana looking straight into his eye’s as she lovingly sucked his shaft in her mouth. She had both hands on his testicles and her fingers under his cock lifting it up while her mouth did the work.

Diana deep throated Tony like she had the night before. Only this time, she was able to hold it down her throat for a longer time.

She sucked his cock with a faster pace now, working to make him cum as her tongue danced around his shaft. And then, just before he was about to cum, Tony lifted his hands to her head and gently ran his fingers in her hair.

Tony let out a yell when he felt that he was about to come. Diana clamped her lips around his massive shaft as he began to shooting the first streams of sperm straight down her throat. She started to cough and laugh at the same time as he finished shooting his thick load inside her mouth.

When she stood back up in the shower, Tony pulled her close to him. “That was quite good for a beginner, I thought you were going to gag there for a minute,” he told her.

“That was my first time in the shower, the water started getting up my nose when you came,” she replied.

He laughed saying, “You need a little more practice and you’ll be an old pro with this black stick.”

Diana looked up at him, touched his chest and said, “I’m I going to get another chance to practice?”

“Honey you are going to get as much time as you need to practice on me, he told her while holding her tight. “ I’ll be here whenever you want me.”

At that, she smiled back at him declaring, “I’m making you my permanent stud from now on.”

“I’ll have to put a claim on you myself if your going to be that way about it,” he told her back.

They both laughed while Tony turned off the water and said, “We better shake on that.”

“I have a better idea than just a hand shake,” she said mischievously. Then, they both smiled as they reached for the towels and started to dry each other.

They spent the day together after driving back to Diana’s house so she could change into something else since her dress was stained with semen. Tony had come prepared with extra clothes and waited for her to change into something else. Diana emerged from the bedroom wearing pink shorts, black top without a bra and a pair of low heels that enhanced her beautiful long shapely legs.

She stood in the doorway trying to remember something she forgot to do but gave up as she walked out into the room and span around so Tony could get a good look.

He glanced at her from head to toe as he opened his arms for her to come to him. Diana sat down on his lap and gave him a kiss on the lips. ”What do you think of my pink shorts?” she asked.

“It’s the beautiful woman in them that I’m looking at,” he told her kissing her for a second time as his arm reached around her and cupped one of her tits.

She responded. “Do you know if your brother is busy tonight?” she asked him.

“He’s at my house right now, I gave him a call on the way here,” he said.

Diana got up fro his lap. “I’ll give my sister Lisa a call and see if she’s home and if she can get a baby sitter.” She walked out of the room to use the bedroom phone leaving him on the sofa.

Several minutes passed before Diana walked into the room, the phone still in her hand. “Lisa will be over around eight tonight. Her husband is leaving with the kids for a short overnight camping trip,” she told him. Afterwards, she walked back into the bedroom and didn’t return for almost half an hour.

When she did, was smiling. She sat down on his lap and gave him another kiss on the lips. “I’ve just told my sister all about you… and I mean everything.”

Tony was surprised hearing those words from her. But she went on, “My sister and I are very close and we share everything in our life together including our problems. She is fully aware of my husband’s desire for me to see another man.”

Tony was still surprised by Diana’s words as he continued to listen to her talk on.
“My sister has always been a little more daring than I and it didn’t take much convincing from me to have her meet your brother. Lisa’s husband is great with the kids but he leaves her at home all by herself all the time. Right now she’s fed up with it.”

He just couldn’t help asking, “Is she looking for a boyfriend on the side?”

“No, she just wants to get out tonight. She wanted to meet you anyway.”

“You mean you told her we’ve been fucking?”

“No, I didn’t go that far.”

”What exactly does she think we are doing together?” he asked, puzzled.

She laughed. “Relax, she is aware that you’re helping me do what my husband asked and nothing more,” she told her, kissing him once more.

“I’m going to drive back and pick Dave up. Would you like to come with me?”

She shook her head. “I better stay here. Besides, I have to pick up my sister and bring her here because her husband will have the car.”

He held her in his arms as he gave her another long passionate kiss before leaving to get his brother. “I’ll meet you back here this evening around eight,” he said.

She returned the kiss and watched as he walked out the door.


It was seven thirty and Diana was busy lighting some candles around the room while her sister Lisa was in the bathroom applying her makeup. “Are you about done in there Lisa?”

“Yes, I’m just about done,” Lisa replied.

They had a long talk this evening about Tony and his brother Dave. Diana told Lisa about everything good that she could think of about Tony. She conveniently omitted the fact that they were black men. She thought that her sister would be shocked to find out that they had dates with black guys, especially after she told Lisa how handsome and well built they were.

Diana still had the pink shorts and black top on while Lisa had come over wearing black shorts and a red low-cut top. Both of them wore heels and they wore their blonde hair in exactly the same style. She remembered Tony mentioning that looked like twins.

When the doorbell rang, Diana walked over and opened the door. She found Tony and Dave standing on the porch.

“Come on in guys, my sister will be out in a second.”

Just then, Lisa walked out of the bathroom and made her way towards the front door. She looked at them, held out her hand to the guys and introduced herself.

“I’m Lisa. You must be Tony and Dave. Which one of you is Tony?”

“I’m Tony and this is my brother Dave.” Tony said and introduced his brother to Diana while they all made their way into the family room.

“Please sit down and make yourself comfortable while I get us some drinks,” Diana said.

Everyone sat down. Dave sat on the sofa next to his brother and Lisa sat in a chair.

Diana made the drinks pretty fast, brought them out on a tray and sat down next to Tony on the sofa. They spent over an hour talking about simple things getting acquainted while Diana made several more trips into the kitchen for more drinks. On her last trip to the kitchen, her sister followed her.

“You didn’t tell me they were black men,” Lisa whispered.

Diana looked at her sister and smiled, “Oh, I didn’t think it would matter. Don’t you think they are handsome and nice guys?”

“Yes, tell me what I should do out there?” she asked Diana.

Diana looked at her sister. “Just be yourself and when you go back out there and sit on the sofa next to Dave so I can spend a little time with Tony,” she told her.

Lisa grabbed her sister’s arm, “But Tony is sitting right in the way.”

“Just have him move to the other side and I’ll handle it from there,” she whispered.

Once they returned to the family room, Lisa asked Dave to join her on the love seat while Diana sat next to Tony on the sofa. Both women were sitting very close to the guys while they talked. The conversation started breaking off into pairs as Lisa and Dave got better acquainted. Within time, neither could actually hear what the other couple was saying because their voices were lowered down to almost a whisper.

Diana kept glancing toward her sister. She saw Lisa pointing at something on her shoe as Dave was laughing at whatever it was she was pointing at. Next, she saw Dave lift Lisa’s foot as if he were trying to inspect something. Whatever it was they both seemed to be getting along very well tonight. Diana felt her sister was doing fine with Dave so she decided to focus on Tony for the rest of the evening.

Tony got up from the sofa and walked over to dim the ceiling lights until there was just a glow from the candles that Diana had lit. Tony sat back down next to Diana and kissed her on the lips. He glanced over at Lisa and Dave and saw that they were busy talking. He reached over, pulled Diana to him and gave her a long open mouth kiss, shoving his tongue inside her mouth. She responded, putting her arms around him and kissing him back.

She could feel Tony’s hands making their way under her tight black top until his large fingers were circling her tits. “Tony, Lisa and Dave might see where you have your hands are. Maybe you should stop.”

Tony just chuckled. “Look over there, can you see anything going on with them? It’s to damn dark for them to see where my hands are.”

He then lifted her top over her tits, leaving them completely exposed while tilting his head down to take one round bud in his mouth and started to suckle.

Meanwhile, all she could do at this point was to pull his head against her tits closer. Diana knew Tony was getting a thrill out of doing this with his brother and her sister across the room.

Tony raised his head up to give her a kiss, their tongues met furiously in a heat of passion. Tony stopped for a moment and whispered, “Lets go into the bedroom where I can fuck you.”

Diana gave him another long passionate kiss. “I don’t think we should leave the room yet,” she whispered.

“Okay then, I’ll fuck you right here.”

Just as he was about to slip off her top, he heard Lisa’s voice from across the room.

“Hey, are you getting a little frisky over there? We can leave you two alone.” She laughed, saying, “I think these two have a lot to talk about.”

Diana leaned forward to adjust her top. “We’re just fine over here, how about the two of you?” she asked.

“We don’t seem to be as busy as the two of you,” Lisa answered. “ Dave was just telling me about his childhood and I thought I herd you kissing Tony. It’s okay with me Diana, I’m not going to tell Joe anything.”

Diana looked over at her sister. “I’m not going to tell any secrets on you either if you decide to get frisky with Dave over there.”

Both women laughed as Lisa got up from her chair and motioned for Dave to follow her out to the backyard towards the pool.

Dave stood and took Lisa’s hand while she glanced back at her sister. “We’ll be sitting out here by the pool if you need us,” she told her.

Diana watched as her sister close the patio door leaving just the screen open before disappearing into the darkness of the backyard.

Tony didn’t waste any time in putting his lips on her. He gave her a passionate open mouth kiss while running his hands up to cup her tits in his big hands. He continued to squeeze them until he asked, “Do you feel comfortable fucking right here on the sofa or do you want me to screw you in your bedroom?”

Diana glanced toward the door wall trying to get a glimpse of her sister and Dave but she could only see the darkness. “I think we better go into the bedroom in case they come back in and catch us in the act.”
Tony didn’t say another word. He reached around, picked her tiny frame up in his large arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He walked into the room kicking the door shut with his foot, as he walked towards the bed. He sat down with Diana resting on his lap. They began kissing again as she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt before working down on his belt and pants. When everything was ready, she kneeled and directed Tony to get everything off while she slipped her top off over her head and unsnapped her pink shorts.

Diana stood up on the bed while slipping the shorts down her legs. She kicked them onto the floor and began to jump around naked, daring Tony to catch her.

He hesitated for a moment watching her play around before asking, “Where does your husband keep his video camera?”

“Right over there next to the closet door in that little black case.”

He walked over, opened the case, and pulled the camera and the tripod out. Then, he began to set it up in the far corner of the room.

“What are you doing with that thing, get over here and fuck me.” Diana told him.

Tony stopped what he was doing. “I intend to do just that once I get this thing setup.”

With that, she jumped down off the bed and grabbed his arm. “Why are you getting this out now?”

“I want to film us fucking tonight for your husband to see.”

Diana ran over to the camera case laughing while she brought out a blank tape and handed it to him. She helped him plug it into the wall.

When it was ready, Tony adjusted the lens to point toward the bed. He pulled her towards the bed, smiling back at the camera. He walked to the foot of the bed pulling her with him, putting his arm around her tiny waist while reaching down to rub her bare pussy. He was, all the while, smiling at the camera.

“I just wanted you to know that I’ve been taking care of your wife while you were gone on your trip,” he said to the camera. “I could tell the first time, when I first screwed your wife that she wasn’t getting enough black cock.”

Diana was nervously standing next to Tony as she listened to him speak to the camera. She was not sure if she wanted Joe to see this tape. She thought that Tony was doing this all for fun. She could erase it anyway before Joe actually gets a chance to see it.

Tony pulled her closer. “Honey, tell your husband what we’ve been doing here all weekend.”

She smiled at the camera. “I’m only doing what you wanted, Joe. I’m giving Tony as much white pussy as he wants while you’re gone.”

Still laughing, Tony said, “Your wife’s pussy isn’t as tight as it was the first time I screwed her but she still fits around my black cock like a tight rubber glove.” He glanced over to Diana and said, “Honey, I want you to tell your husband who your pussy belongs to now.”
She hesitated for a few seconds, but then answered while smiling into the camera. “I’m afraid he’s right Joe. My pussy belongs to him now… just as you wanted.”

Tony bent down, kissed her passionately on the lips, looked back at the camera and said. “I’m going to show you how a real man treats a beautiful white woman like your wife.”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately while reaching down to cup her little round ass in his big hands. He gave her cheeks a squeeze. He pulled her back to the bed, pushing her down and told her to spread her legs for him. Tony then got down on his knees as he began to fuck her pussy with his tongue, making her squirm with passion as she held on to his head.

Tony wasn’t wasting much time getting her pussy worked up and wet. He reached up to play with her tits, probing his tongue deeper into her pussy. Tony continued sucking her pussy for several minutes making her squirm and squeal until he looked up between her legs and said. “Honey. I want you to tell me what you would like me to do to you.”

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