tagInterracial LoveA Husband’s Proposal Ch. 04

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 04


Diana looked in the mirror and adjusted her pink shorts and tugging her top down before heading out into the family room. She could still hear Tony running water in the bathroom as she walked out the door to check on Lisa and Dave. She could still feel the wetness between her legs as she walked from the fucking she had just received from Tony.

She made her way into the kitchen for a glass of water, her mind drifting off thinking of her birth control pills. She opened several cabinets and drawers until she found her little purse. Diana felt somewhat more relaxed finding her purse knowing the packet of birth control pills would be inside. She fumbled around inside the little purse until she finally dumped everything out onto the counter top. Diana was more than puzzled now because this was the last place she could remember putting her pills in.

Diana jumped as she felt two big hands around her waist from behind. It was Tony who made her jump and she quickly told him to stop scaring her like he did. He grabbed her anyway and pulled her around and gave her an open mouth kiss. Tony than said to her. "I didn't mean to frighten you." Than gave Diana another kiss on the lips while running his big hands around her ass and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"I was just looking for something before you came in and couldn't find it." Tony kissed her again before saying. "Have you checked on your sister and my brother yet?"

Her reply. "They were out by the pool when we left a little while ago. I'm sure they are still out there talking."

Diana started to put everything back in her purse when Tony asked. "What were you looking for in your purse?"

She hesitated not wanting to tell him she had lost her birth control pills and said. "I was just looking for some gum that I had but found some up in the cabinet."

She gave him another kiss on the lips and said. "We better get out by the pool before they think we fell asleep."

Diana was the first to head out by the pool looking for her sister. Everything was dark outside except the glow of the moon. Once her eye's adjusted to the darkness, she started to call out her sister's name but there was no answer. She went back into the door and flipped the light switch on and looked all around the pool but there was no sign of Lisa and Dave.

Tony walked up behind her pinching her ass which made her scream. She gave him a peck on the cheek before walking back in the house trying to find out where her sister might have gone.

"I don't know where they could have gone, they said they were coming out here by the pool and there is no sign of them around."

Just as she started to walk toward the bedrooms, she saw Dave walking out of the guests' bedroom by himself.

"Where is my sister?" Diana asked. "I think she is still in the bathroom." He replied. Diana noticed his pants were unzipped as she walked past him toward the guests' bathroom to find her sister.

Diana found her sister combing her hair in front of the mirror and asked. "What have you and Dave been doing while I was gone?" Lisa stopped combing her hair long enough to answer her sister and said. "I was going to ask you the same thing about you for the past hour."

Diana stood there for a moment before giving her an answer. "You're a married woman and you have kids, what were you doing with Tony's brother?"

Lisa stepped forward until she was looking at her sister directly into her eye's and said. "You asked me to come here tonight to meet the brother of the guy you just finished fucking." She went on to say. "I was just getting to know David better while you were busy."

Diana starred at her sister and said. "Did you fuck this guy?" Reaching out and holding her sister by the shoulders, she replied. "All we did was talk and maybe we kissed a couple times."

Diana said."Is that why his zipper was wide open when I passed him coming out of here?" Lisa giggled and replied. "I was curious to see how big his cock was."

Diana grabbed Lisa's arms and pulled them down until she was holding her sister's hands in hers and replied. "You still didn't answer my question. Did you fuck Dave tonight?" Lisa replied. "I only took it out to play with tonight and to give him a little sample of what he might be getting next weekend."

Lisa replied."What do you mean about next weekend?" She replied. "We have a date set for next Friday night and we are meeting right here at your house."

Diana looked a little surprised and said. "Joe will be home next week, and you can't meet him here." She went on to say. "What do you think my husband would say if I let my sister meet a black man here at our house?"

Lisa said. "Tell him I got curious about my sister fucking a black guy and wanted to try it myself." Lisa went on to say. "Didn't you tell me you were fucking this guy with Joe's blessing?"

Diana looked at her sister and replied. "I told you he wanted to watch me with another man, but I didn't say I was fucking him."

Lisa looked down at the wet stain at the crotch of Diana's pink shorts and said. "I suppose that's water and not nigger cum leaking out of your pussy."

Diana held her sister's hands tight and said. "You have to help me find my pills." Lisa looked a little puzzled and said. "What are you talking about?" Diana squeezed her sister's hands again and said. "I lost my birth control pills, I've looked everywhere and can't find them."

Lisa replied."So that are your black lovers little sperms dripping out of your pussy." Lisa starred at her sister than went on to say. "How many times did he fuck you without protection?"

Diana looked in her sister's eye's and said. "Tony and I have been fucking all weekend while Joe's been gone and he is going to kill me if I get pregnant with a black kid."

Diana started to cry as she held her sister's hands and said. "Everything started because of Joe wanting to see me fuck another man."

Lisa held her sister and said. "Joe didn't see anything this weekend so you only have yourself to blame if you get knocked-up by this guy."

Lisa held her sister in her arms when a thought came across her mind. "We'll go down to the drug store in the morning and get you a replacement packet of birth control pills."

Diana seemed to feel more comfortable when Lisa said she would help her get new pills in the morning. "We better go out and see what Tony and Dave are doing without us."

Lisa looked at her sister and they both laughed making there way out into the family room to join the guys.

Both women were greeted by the men when they entered the room. Diana walked over and gave Tony a kiss on the lips while her sister hugged David. Tony was the first to speak. "David told me about the date that he and Lisa had for next Friday night. Maybe we could all go out together for a few drinks and have a little fun." Tony had his hand on Diana's ass while glancing down at her crotch and laughed when he saw the wet spot on her shorts.

Diana said. "Honey, you better not wear pink next Friday because every little stain seems to show up with that color."

Lisa looked at the clock and said. "I have to get home before my husband starts calling around looking for me."

David grabbed her just as she was about to leave and kissed her on the lips. His hands were cupping her ass as she pushed her tits against his chest. Lisa returned the kiss by sending her tongue inside his mouth and when they finished she said. "I'm looking forward to our date on Friday."

David walked her out to her car as they said goodbye leaving Tony and Diana hugging in the doorway. Diana kissed Tony and said. "What are we going to tell my husband Joe we are doing next Friday night?"

Laughing, Tony said. "Just tell him your going on a date with your new boyfriend."

She looked in his eye's and said. "What about my sister, what if Joe tells her husband what's going on?"

Tony replied. "Don't worry about that, and I'll take care of your husband."

Diana looked a little puzzled as Tony kissed her again and said. "I'll take care of everything next Friday."

He gave her one last hug before walking out of the house into the dark night to catch up to his brother.

Diana walked into the bedroom and slipped off her clothes thinking about next Friday and wondering what Tony had planned on telling her husband Joe. She was so exhausted that she fell right to sleep while Tony's cum continued to drip out of her pussy.

Diana reached over to turn the alarm clock off looking at the time thinking to herself that she only had an hour to pick Joe up at the airport. She got out of bed and hurried into the closet to find a dress to wear when her old purse fell to the floor and the small packet of birth control pills spilled out.

She had a look of relief on her face as she picked up the little packet and punched out three of the tiny pills and placed them in her mouth. Getting a glass of water from the bathroom she swallowed the little pills down her throat all together thinking they better work. She took a quick shower and got into a little sun dress and called her sister while combing her hair.

The phone rang several times until Lisa's husband picked up the phone. Diana spoke. "Can I speak to Lisa for a minute?"

He answered saying. "Just a minute and I'll get her on the phone."Diana could hear the kids in the back as she waited for her sister to come to the phone.

Lisa finally answered. "Hi Diana, do you still have Tony in bed with you?" She replied back. "No, I'm on my way to the airport to pickup Joe and just wanted to tell you I found my birth control pills this morning."

Lisa sarcastically replied back saying. "Oh good, I was worried about how you were going to explain a little black baby to the family."

Diana replied. "It isn't funny at all, I thought you would be happy for me and more understanding about this whole thing. After all, you weren't such a nice little housewife yourself last night were you?"

Lisa giggled and said. "The only thing I did wrong last night was to take David's big black cock out for a little peek last night. I didn't even try it out for size." She than added. "What did you do with Tony last night? Did you try out Tony's cock last night?"

Diana hesitated before answering her sister. "Don't worry Lisa. You'll get your chance with David next Friday. Have you told your husband your going out with me?"

Lisa responded. "Yes, I told him I was spending the weekend with you and he had to watch the kids."

Diana said. "I'm running late picking up Joe at the airport so I'll have to let you go." Diana continued. "I'll talk to you later about next Friday." She hung up the phone wondering what she was going to tell Joe was going on next Friday. None of this would have taken place if Joe hadn't made the suggestion a few weeks ago about becoming a cuckold. In addition the fact that Tony had been so nice and understanding on their first meeting had changed her whole outlook on the situation. Diana had to admit to herself that she enjoyed getting some of Tony's black cock on the side.

Joe was waiting for her near the front entrance of the terminal and he looked excited to see her and told her all about his trip on the drive home. Once they were back home, Diana helped him unpack his things and took the suitcase into the closet when she felt her husbands arms slid around her waist from behind and he gave her a kiss on the neck. She turned around while putting her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips and said that she was glad he was back home.

Joe kissed her back and walked over to the dresser reaching for a wrapped package he had unpacked from his suit case and noticed the additional video tape sitting on the dresser. Joe picked up the tape and read the label. The label said. "This video tape was made especially for Diana's husband."

Joe was standing their holding the video tape in his hand and looking over at his wife with a puzzled look on his face and said. "I don't remember this video tape being here when I left." Diana looked a little stunned and said. "I forgot to put that away, I was just marking some old video tapes we had around the house while you were gone."

He placed it back on the dresser and said. "I'll take a look at the tape a little later. Right now I want you to open your present I bought you."

Joe handed his wife the little pink wrapped package and gave her another kiss. Diana started to unwrap the little package finding a little booklet and jewelry case. Joe said. "Open the little jewelry case first, than you can read the booklet later."

She opened the little case and there was a little diamond on a small chain inside the case. Joe smiled over at his wife and said. "It's a one carat diamond ankle bracelet, let me put it on your ankle for you."

She replied. "It's absolutely beautiful darling." Joe reached over to take the little bracelet out of her hand and she kissed him again as he got close and said. "I love you very much darling."

Diana stepped back toward the bed and sat on the edge raising her leg as her husband kneeled down placing her foot on his knee so he could free his hands to place the bracelet on her ankle. She glanced at the booklet that came with the package while Joe snapped the little hook in place and the title read. My complete handbook for the wife to become successful at cuckolding your husband and opened the book to a page that Joe had marked with a book mark.

Diana was trembling as her thoughts drifted back a few weeks to the first night she had met Tony. She remembered how pleased her husband was that night he watched her fuck another man for the very first time. He was not only pleased but seemed to get sexually excited watching her fuck Tony that night.

She was about to read over the pages Joe had marked when he raised up and kissed her on the lips and said. "I want you to read the paragraph in this book that will tell you the reason I bought an ankle bracelet for you instead a diamond neckless."

Joe helped her open the book and pointed at the paragraph he was preferring too in the book he wanted his wife to read. Diana kissed her husband again and thanked him for the bracelet and started to read the book.

A symbol that married women wears when they want to advertise that they are available for sexual relations with other men and that is the ankle bracelet. The meaning of a married woman who wears both her wedding ring and the ankle bracelet is advertising to men who are aware of the cuckolding lifestyle that she practices the cuckold lifestyle. The symbolism originated in the swinger community but has since been adopted by women that practice cuckolding. To those couples that know the meaning of this symbolism, it can make the experience of going out in public, with the anklet on display, more exciting experience.

Joe took his hand and placed it under his wife's chin tilting her head up until she was looking straight into his eye's and said. "I didn't buy this bracelet just for the reason you read in the book, I bought it for you because I love you very much and it excites me knowing your wearing it out in public with the thought that you are cuckolding me and I want everyone to know about it."

Joe kissed his wife on the lips again as he continued to say. "Honey, please take the time to read the book when you have time. I remember the night we met that guy Tony and I saw how excited you got that night when he fucked you and it gave me great sexual pleasure knowing you were doing it for us." Diana started to say. "I need to tell you about something that happened this weekend." Joe interrupted her by saying. "Honey, you can tell me later tonight, right now I want to take a shower and have a look at that video tape on the dresser."

Joe started to get undressed when he said to his wife. "Honey, I know this cuckolding thing is all my idea and I'm not going to tell you that you should fuck anyone unless you want to fuck the guy. I want you to take complete control and decide who, when and if you want to fuck another man."

Diana smiled back at her husband but didn't say a word as she gave him another hug and a kiss before he walked into the shower and closed the door. The shower door opened and Joe said. " Honey, come in and join me in the shower." Thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity to tell Joe what she had done while he was gone, she quickly got out of her clothes to join her husband in the shower.

Once she got in the stall, her husband put his arms around her and kissed her and said. "I love you for being understanding with me and would hope that cuckolding would enhance our relationship and our marriage." Joe went on to say. "I remember the wonderful orgasms you had fucking a strange man that night and I knew instantly that you were turned on with the idea of me watching you getting fucked."

He than reached for the wash cloth soaping it up before placing it on his wife's breasts and noticed the bit marks around them and said. " Honey, your tits look as if they were bitten by something." He noticed a few marks leading up to her shoulder and neck area while he gently rubbed her skin with the cloth. Joe said. "What are all these marks on your tits and neck from?"

Diana said. "Honey, that's what I wanted to tell you about before you interrupted me and said you were taking a shower." Joe looked at her with a confused look on his face and said. "Tell me what happened while I was gone." Diana looked in his eye's and said. "I was with Tony while you were gone on your trip."

Joe starred into her eye's and said. "Did you fuck him while I was gone?" Her reply. "I think you better look at that video tape on the dresser and it will explain everything."

Diana grabbed her husband by the arms and said. "I do love you very much and I'm very sorry for what happened this weekend and didn't mean to hurt you." She waited for a response from her husband as he put his hands on her waist and replied. "I gave you my permission to fuck other men, so why would you think it would hurt me." Joe went on to say. "I'm so happy that you took it on you're on to see this man yourself, it shows' that you enjoyed getting fucked by him and couldn't wait to see him again."

She was sort of stunned by her husband's words but not surprised now that he had put everything out in the open as to what he wanted her to do to him. She definitely felt a need to read that entire book over to maybe help her understand her husbands thought a little better.

They hugged each other and kissed again as Diana felt a bit of relief now that her husband knew about her and Tony. His hand's hand circled around to cup her ass as he continued to kiss her passionately as the shower water hit their faces. Joe broke the kiss and said. "Did you get fucked really hard with that black cock?" She responded my saying. "Yes honey, he fucked me all weekend." She looked in his eye's and said. "My pussy feels stretched out and gaped open right now." She placed his hand on the mound of her pussy so he could run his fingers inside and feel for himself.

Joe gently inserted his index finger inside his wife's pussy as he gave her another kiss on the lips. Joe looked into his wife's eye's and said."Are you planning on fucking him again soon?"

Diana ran her hand down to Joe's cock and wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock and gave it a squeeze as she kissed him back and said. "We have another date setup for next weekend. I'll tell you more about it later."

Diana slowly lowered herself until she was kneeing and lovingly took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on him with the water splashing in her face. Joe moaned with pleasure as he placed his hands on the back of her head while she slowly licked the sides of his cock. He reached down with both of his hands to play with her nipples as she continued to suck his cock. Joe was rocking his hips now as his cock began to swell from the intense stimulation she was giving him with her tongue.

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