tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 04

A Jedi's Training Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – A Jedi's Resilience

That evening and the next day for Jacen was a mixture of exhausting physical training and passionate sex with Star. It seemed to him that the two of them did it everywhere – in the shallows of the river, out in the open by the fire at night, in both their shelters... Star was seemingly insatiable. She blamed her voracious sexual appetite on her time spent stranded on Dathomir – apparently the culture on that world was much more sexual than was generally known, and Star had fallen right into the middle of it for several days. By dusk on his third day of off-world instruction, Jacen was physically worn out by the combination of sex and physical training. When he wasn't coupling with Star, he spent much of his time running obstacle courses, drills, and practicing fast-paced hand-to-hand combat. His body ached and longed for rest. Fortunately, Star seemed appreciative of his need for respite and they both retired to their respective shelters after eating dinner. Before giving in to the haze of sleep, Jacen briefly wondered if Star would resort back to her toys for the night.

After an hour or so of rest, Jacen's mind was jogged from sleep by the sound of female voices in the distance. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he peered out the entrance to his shelter, which he had left open when he fell asleep earlier. Looking toward the campfire, he saw Star sitting with a young woman, a blonde who he soon recognized as Liana from the Academy. Before he could do much else, Star looked over in his direction and saw that he was awake.

"Oh, it looks like Jacen is up," she said to Liana.

Both women set down the beverages they had been holding and walked over to Jacen's shelter. Jacen quickly pulled his sleeping bag over, covering himself below the waist since he had, as was quickly becoming his habit when he was with star, gone to sleep naked earlier in the day. Star approached his shelter first, with Liana following close behind.

"Jacen, you remember Liana don't you?" Star asked, stepping aside for Liana to come closer.

"Yes, yes I do," Jacen said, sitting up, careful not to let his sleeping bag slip down. It was nothing that Star hadn't seen already, but Jacen knew that Alderaanian women were rather proper in their behavior. "How are you, Liana?"

"I'm good, Jacen," Liana said, kneeling down at the foot of Jacen's sleeping arrangement. Jacen noticed that her voice was more relaxed than usual, softer and lacking the cool edge that usually characterized Alderaanian speech. "I'm better, now that you're awake."

"What do you mean?"

"Liana's been waiting for you to wake up from your little nap," Star explained from behind Liana. "Her instructor, Master Vera, is old and likes his quiet meditation time, so I invited her over for some tea I made from the Flower of Paradise."

Jacen raised an eyebrow at Star's last comment, and Star nodded to confirm.

"It was REALLY good," Liana said, emphasizing the word "really" with a bit of a laugh. "Star wanted me to help her with your training."

"I know I've worn you out these last few days, Jacen," Star said, "but that was part of the training plan. Tonight we're going to test your resilience. Are you ready to get started, Liana?"

Without speaking, Liana grabbed the lapels of her outer and inner Jedi robes and pulled them aside, fully exposing her breasts to the night air.

"Doesn't that feel better?" Star asked her.

"Oohh, yes," Liana moaned, scooting herself closer to Jacen, until she was kneeling over his legs. "Master Vera is such a traditionalist, always making me wear full Jedi attire even out here. My skin has been dying for some air."

Jacen felt his cock starting to stir despite his exhaustion as he looked at Liana's exposed breasts. They were larger than Star's, and he guessed that she was either a high 3 or possibly even a 4. Without the support of her clothing, they jiggled and swayed whenever Liana moved.

"How long has it been since a man touched your breasts, Liana?" Star asked, as she began to remove her own clothing.

"Oh, far too long," Liana whimpered, looking at Jacen. "Will you touch them? Please?"

Jacen was in a daze, seeing the prim and proper Alderaanian girl behave so out of character. Liana pushed her robes off her shoulders, causing them to hang at her waist due to the belt and sash which were still tightly fastened there. She paid them no heed, instead taking her own breasts in hand and massaging them.

"Please don't make me wait Jacen," she begged, as a now-naked Star kneeled down beside her. "I'm aching for you."

"That Flower of Paradise is really something, isn't it Jacen?" Star asked mischievously.

"Oh yes it is," Jacen said, as he reached forward and replaced Liana's hands on her breasts with his own.

Liana drew in her breath sharply through clenched teeth as her hands moved lower on her body, frantically undoing her belt and waist sash.

"Oh that's it, touch me," she moaned. "Squeeze my tits!"

Jacen's cock was again standing at attention as he obliged Liana, kneading her soft globes between his fingers. He could feel the weight of her breasts in his hands, something he had not experienced with Star. He squeezed the soft flesh and pulled on it gently, eliciting moans of approval from Liana's lips. Her head was now tipped back, her long blonde hair loose and cascading down her back. Star's hands joined Jacen's on Liana's body from behind, her palms sliding slowly over Liana's stomach and hips as Liana pushed her robes, along with her pants, down to her knees.

"Lean forward," Star said, giving Liana a gentle push between her shoulder blades.

The blonde girl fell forward, catching herself with her arms, planted on either side of Jacen's body. Her face was only a few centimeters away from Jacen's, her blonde hair forming a curtain around them, as Star tugged Liana's clothing the rest of the way down her legs and off her body. Jacen's hands were still on Liana's breasts, which were now being crushed against his palms by her body weight. Liana seemed to like it, though, moaning out in pleasure as she continued to press down against his hands.

"What's this doing here?" Star said, tugging at the waistband of Liana's flesh-toned panties, which were still securely in place. "This has got to go."

In one quick gesture Star slipped the young woman's panties off, exposing her ass and pussy. Without hesitation, Star plunged on finger into Liana's already-wet vagina, causing the blonde girl to cry out, throwing her head back. Jacen quickly leaned forward, capturing Liana's lips with his. It took her only a moment to respond, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she spread her legs wider and moaned into his mouth. She began moving her hips forwards and backwards in time with Star's motions.

"I think somebody's ready," Star said, reaching down to pull away the sleeping bag that was covering Jacen. "Liana, sit up and have a look."

Reluctantly Liana pulled away from kissing Jacen and sat back. Her eyes widened as she looked at Jacen's erection.

"I want that inside of me," she whimpered, running one hand softly up his shaft.

"Liana, have you ever had a man inside of you?" Star asked.

"I haven't," Liana admitted. "Only some toys I have hidden in my room at the Academy."

"You'd best trade places with Jacen then," Star said. "You can lie down and he can..."

"No," Liana interrupted, placing a hand on Jacen's shoulder and pushing him back down. "No. I want to be on top of him."

"I knew that Alderaanian assertiveness was in there somewhere," Star said with a smile. "Jacen, are you agreeable to this?"

"No complaints from me," Jacen said, still pinned to the ground by Liana's hand.

"He's all yours," Star whispered in Liana's ear, finishing with a quick flick of her tongue.

Liana stood up and positioned herself over Jacen's erection, which was by now pointing straight up. Slowly she squatted down over him, one hand between her legs to spread open her swollen lips. Liana shuddered as she felt the first contact of his head. Instead of sinking down all the way, she stopped, barely supporting herself on trembling legs. Her hands instinctively went to her breasts, clutching and squeezing the soft mounds as she ran Jacen's tip back and forth along the slit of her pussy, stopping occasionally to press his cock against her clit.

"Is this what you do with your toys?" Jacen asked, staring up at the lusty young blonde.

"Yes," Liana gasped, letting his cock work its way back and forth between her pussy lips. "Oh but this... this is so much better. So hot and ... real."

Star wrapper her arms around Liana from behind and placed her hands over Liana's, pulling Liana back until she was pressed up against Star's body. Liana moaned as Star's nipples scraped against her back. Slowly, Liana began to sink onto Jacen's throbbing shaft. Her juices trickled out ahead of her, dripping down his cock and wetting his skin. Star kissed Liana's neck as the girl moaned more and more loudly, enjoying the feeling as a man's penis filled her for the first time.

"Oh, by the Force!" Liana moaned as she finally reached the bottom of Jacen's pole, her swollen labia pressing against his skin. "It feels so big!"

Jacen could only moan in response. Liana was much tighter than Star, and rightfully so, seeing as how this was her first experience with a man. Jacen could feel every surface of her pussy clinging tightly to his cock, sealing around it like a wet, hot glove. Even though he was already buried to the hilt inside of Liana, he instinctively thrust his hips up, straining for more. Liana let out a yelp followed by a loud lustful moan as his motion lifted her up, then caused him to slip out of her when he fell back down. Without hesitation she grabbed his shaft and lowered herself back onto him, this time thrusting herself up and down just on the tip of his cock. Jacen moaned his approval as she slowly began making longer and longer thrusts, until she was pumping herself up and down over the entire length of his shaft. Jacen began to match her motions and, no longer able to support herself on trembling legs, Liana fell forward onto her knees. Without missing a beat, she planted her hands on Jacen's shoulders and began to quicken the pace, her whimpers and moans escalating to cries of pleasure. Her motions became quicker and more abrupt, and her breasts began to bounce vigorously with each thrust. Jacen leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the wondrous sensations as Liana's tight vagina clenched around his cock. After several moments he sensed a presence above him, and opened his eyes to find Star kneeling over his face, her wet pussy splayed open a hair's thickness away from his lips. His mind still reeling from the immense pleasure of Liana riding his cock, Jacen instinctively stuck his tongue out and began licking the length of Star's pussy. Her sweet wetness immediately trickled out onto his tongue and lips, coaxing Jacen to sink his tongue in deeper for more. He could hear Star's sweet voice moaning in unison with Liana's as his tongue delved deep into the depths of Star's wet core, taking in the taste of her sex.

Star began to grind herself against Jacen's mouth, feeling his tongue wriggling its way into her pussy as he buried his entire face between her legs. Leaning forward, she grabbed Liana's breasts in her hands and pulled the young blonde in, kissing her passionately as the two rode Jacen to ecstasy. Liana was much farther along than Star, and it wasn't long before she began to lose control of her body, her hands grabbing at Star as her pussy clenched tightly around Jacen's erection. Star did all she could to help Liana's orgasm along, squeezing the girl's breasts as she plunged her tongue into Liana's mouth.

Jacen couldn't see what was happening above him, but there was no mistaking the feeling of Liana's vagina going into spasms around his penis as the busty blonde exploded in orgasm. He could hear Liana's muffled moans, and could only assume that Star was kissing her. The intense sensation of Liana's pussy squeezing around him sent Jacen into overdrive, and his tongue lashed furiously at Star's clit as the woman ground herself into his face. Liana was now bouncing up and down furiously on his cock, pushing him closer and closer to the brink. He felt Star's legs seize up and clamp around his face, and then her voice filled the shelter in a deep feminine moan of pleasure. A new wave of wetness exploded onto Jacen's face as Star came, her voice mixing with Liana's in a chorus of sheer ecstasy. Liana seemed to be coming time after time now, her entire body giving in to the pleasure of Jacen's incessant pounding in her pussy. Star was still coming off her orgasm when Jacen exploded, adding his voice to the two already wailing into the night.

Liana tensed up and shuddered when she felt Jacen's hot come splashing up onto the walls of her vagina. She squeezed her legs around his hips, mimicking the action her vagina was taking on his spent cock. She collapsed forward onto Jacen, resting her face on his chest as Star carefully lifted herself from his face. Liana looked up at the young man, his face and chin shimmering with traces of Star. As if in a trance, she pulled herself up on his body and leaned in, lapping hungrily at his face, trembling in pleasure as the tart taste of their mutual sex mentor dazzled her taste buds.

"You like the way I taste, Liana?" Star asked, when Liana had finished.

"Ooohh, I can't get enough," Liana moaned, weakly.

"Wait 'til you taste this," Star said.

The brunette walked around behind the two young Jedi initiates, who were still joined at the crotch. She lightly tapped Liana's ass with the palm of her hand, urging the young woman to lift up off of Jacen. Liana reluctantly did so, allowing Jacen's still semi-hard cock to fall out of her. Star plunged two fingers into Liana's unexpecting pussy, eliciting another moan of delight from the sweaty young blonde. Star then retracted her fingers, covered with the two students' come, and brought them to Liana's lips.

"Have you ever tasted yourself mixed with a man?" Star asked.

Liana's only reply was to voraciously suck both of Star's fingers into her mouth, moaning with exquisite joy as she sucked them clean. Her own hands journeyed down to her dripping pussy and extracted more of the concoction, and she licked that clean as well.

"Told you you'd enjoy it," Star said with a glimmer in her eye. "You might want to clean your friend up too."

Needing no further prompting, Liana grabbed ahold of Jacen's softening cock and took it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all over the tip and shaft, sucking away the traces of their coupling. Jacen's cock instantly perked up under her attention.

"Looks like he's ready for more," Liana said, smiling as she popped his cock out of her mouth.

"I had hoped so," Star said. "I still want him inside of me too."

"Star, you sure know how to wear a man out," Jacen sighed, exhausted yet extremely turned on by what was happening in his tent.

"And I want a taste of you too," Star said to Liana. "I think I know how we can arrange this. Scoot back a bit, Jacen."

Doing as he was told, Jacen sat up and shuffled toward the back of the shelter.

"Now, come over here, Liana," Star directed, sending the blonde toward the open entrance of the shelter. "Sit facing me."

Starting to get the idea, Liana leaned back on her arms and spread her legs toward Star.

"Jacen, I think you know where this is going," Star said.

The brunette got down on all fours, planting her face between Liana's soft thighs. Her sexy ass was pointed straight up, giving Jacen a perfect view of her entire backside. Without further ado, Star began kissing Liana's thighs and outer labia. Liana took on an expression of extreme pleasure as she continued watching the sexy brunette through spread legs. Liana moaned loudly when Star's tongue found her clitoris, and her arms became shaky as she struggled to maintain control of her body.

His cock now rock-hard again from watching the two women, Jacen approached Star's exposed back side. As if drawn by a magnet, the tip of his penis instantly sought out Star's waiting pussy, which was thoroughly lubricated from her earlier orgasm. The tip of Jacen's cock slipped effortlessly into her, and Star tensed up as she felt the young man penetrating her. She let out a soft whimper as she continued to tease Liana's clit, escalating into a guttural moan as Jacen immersed himself in her wetness. Jacen withdrew and slammed into Star once, twice, three times, each time drawing a wail of pleasure from her lips. Jacen repeated this several more times, mesmerized by the way the impact rippled up along Star's firm ass cheeks each time his body struck hers. Each motion was accompanied by the satisfying sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Jacen began to fuck Star faster, watching the tremors travel up her body each time he slammed deep into her.

Star, no longer able to adequately control her mouth and tongue, replaced them with two fingers in Liana's pussy as she began to moan and cry out uncontrollably. Liana, surprised by the sudden penetration of Star's fingers, felt her arms giving out underneath her and she fell onto her back as her hips began instinctively pumping up and down in response to Star's motions. She felt Star's fingertips probing around inside of her for a moment, until they finally settled on a spot. Instantly, Liana was struck by a wave of intense pleasure.

"Oh! Oh Star!" she cried out, her body tensing, hips bucking wildly. "My world, that feels so good!"

Star continued to rub the spot she had found, causing Liana's body to quickly spiral out of the young blonde's control. Star's erratic rubbing patterns, caused in no small part by the distraction of Jacen thrusting in and out of her now extremely sensitive pussy, seemed to be working just fine on Liana. As she continued to ride Star's fingers, Liana grabbed her breasts and began kneading them, pinching her nipples between her fingers as she cried out again and again.

Looking up through lust-glazed eyes, Liana saw Jacen watching her as he continued to pound away at Star's soaking tunnel. Liana licked her lips. She was dying to kiss the young man some more. Star's fingers were working wonders on her body, but on top of it all she wanted to taste and feel his lips against hers. She wanted to communicate all this to Jacen, but amidst her pleasure all she could manage was a phrase.

"I want you," she mouthed to him.

From behind Star, Jacen slowly leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Liana was slightly disappointed – had he even seen what she had whispered to him, or was he too entranced with fucking Star to even take notice? Not long after the thought crossed her mind, though, Liana got her answer. Even as Star's skillful fingers worked her closer and closer to ecstasy, she felt a pair of lips descending upon hers. Before she could question what was happening, she was caught up in a passionate kiss. Her mouth fell open under the assault of the phantom lips, and she moaned loudly, every second bringing her closer to the edge.

Jacen continued to thrust into Star as he focused on Liana, manipulating the Force into an extension of his lips. Fortunately for him, the act of thrusting his hard cock into Star's welcoming pussy did not require a great amount of his attention, although the immense pleasure he received from each motion was somewhat distracting. In spite of it, he continued to kiss Liana from afar, slipping his tongue into her parted lips. Through the Force, he could feel Liana's kiss becoming more urgent. Looking in front of him, he could see Liana raising her arms, grabbing tightly to the back of what would have been his head, pressing herself deeper and deeper into his kiss as her entire body tightened. Then, without warning, Liana pulled away and cried out, a deep cry of womanly pleasure as her body convulsed and a spray of liquid erupted from her pussy.

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