tagRomanceA Journey of Passion Ch. 07

A Journey of Passion Ch. 07


They'd spent every moment together that first weekend. Gabriela never wanted to leave him but life didn't always work that way. Seth had his business in Florida and she still lived in Indiana. It about broke her heart when she boarded the plane alone.

She walked into her apartment and saw the light blinking on her answering machine. Gabriela's first thought was to ignore it but she pressed the button on her way passed the phone. She heard telemarketers, wrong numbers and Nicole's voice without really listening. The last call made her heart pound.

"Baby, I hate this. It's only been a few hours since you left and I'm lost. I felt sick when I saw the plane take off knowing you were on it this afternoon. Call me as soon as you get in, no matter what time it is. I love you Gabriela."

Grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator, she took the phone with her to the bedroom. She dialed the number and sprawled over the comforter. Seth answered on the first ring.


"Oh honey, I miss you already. When can I see you again?"

"I'll clear my schedule and fly up as soon as I can."

"We can't just keep flying all over, Seth. You have your business to take care of down there."

Gabriela knew the distance was going to be a problem. Loving Seth from afar when he was injured was one thing. Now she'd touched him, been with him, felt his skin next to hers. It wouldn't be easy to go days without kissing him.

"Then you come down here. Pack some things and move in. Ship some bags and stay with me."

"Seth, we don't know—"

"Sweetheart, listen to me." Seth had an idea of what she was going to say and he wasn't going to listen. "The only way we will know if we can have a future together is if we're with each other. That means in the same place. You said yourself that I have my business here. Right now, you aren't working so it makes sense for you to come here. Fly here and move in."

Gabriela closed her eyes as she pictured him as she'd seen him just that morning. His naked body covered hers as he claimed her once more.

"Seth, are you sure?"

"I love you, yes. How long will it take you to pack what you need?"

"I'll have to check for a flight ..."

"No, I'll take care of that. Tell me how many days you need and it's done," he said.

"Give me two days. I should talk to Nicole and let her know I'm staying with you."

"Deal," he replied. "I'll call you tomorrow with the airline information. Gabriela?"


"You won't regret it, I promise you."

"Oh Seth, I have no doubts there," she whispered before they hung up.

Neither slept that night. They felt lost in their beds, alone. The next morning Gabriela talked to her daughter as she sorted through her clothing. When the taxi pulled up a day later, she was more than ready to go.


Gabriela stared at the house in front of her. This was where Seth lived. The beautiful three story contemporary home had cedar siding and tall, over-sized windows. Its irregular shape harmonized with the surrounding landscape. Stones littered the single flowerbed and framed the path to the front door.

"Is there something wrong?" Seth noticed the way she 'd gone quiet and worried.

"I've never seen anything so gorgeous, Seth."

His chuckle of relief burst from his throat. "It's just a house. Let's go inside."

Gabriela wiped her shoes on the mat outside the door before she stepped in. The trapezoid shaped windows let in the sunshine to highlight the open floor plan. Seth closed the door and began to walk across the shiny hardwood floor. She didn't take a step.

"Honey, come on. I'll show you around."

"Let me take my shoes off first. They might make the floor dirty."

"It's a house, not a showroom. Relax, okay?" He took her hand and led her through the main floor, pointing out anything he thought was important. Spare bedrooms and another huge family room of sorts filled the second floor. It was the master suite and attached office on the third and last floor that made Gabriela gasp.

"This is almost as big as my entire apartment, Seth."

"You like it?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I wanted to make sure, since I plan on spending a lot of time in here with you," he said as he pulled her close.

"Just what do you plan on doing to me here?" Gabriela felt the answer to that pressing into her.

"You'll love it, I promise."


She found it almost impossible to define her feelings for Seth in a simple way. He was everything a woman could ask for in a man. He was also much more. Today was one week since she'd moved in with him. Seth was doing all he could to make things easy for her here. He still had a housekeeper that came in to do the major cleaning each week. They had light meals on the patio with Seth grilling most nights. Her first full day there he stayed home from the office and gave her a full tour of the grounds.

He'd told her the night before that she brought a sense of peace to him he hadn't realized was missing before. All his life he'd lived. Now he was alive. Seth had a tear in his eye as he spoke. She'd learned in the beginning that was rare for him. Knowing his feelings were that deep still amazed her.

Now she sat at the desk he'd put in for her and chewed on the end of the pencil. She loved him more than anything but wasn't sure she said it enough. That's why she'd decided to write this poem. None of the thoughts fit, and it was beginning to aggravate her. Gabriela wanted this done earlier, but the right words wouldn't come.

She rearranged some of the words, then read it again and sighed. She just wasn't sure they said what she wanted them to. The sound of the door opening told her it was too late to change it now. Seth was home early.

"Honey, I'm in here," she called out.

"Hi baby, how was your day?"

Seth pulled her close and kissed her. His lips lingered as he leaned closer. His body pressed into her only to send chills down her spine. It amazed her how fast this man turned her on.

Gabriela forgot about the poem and told him with her body how she felt. Every touch took them higher as they made their way to the bed. Hands and lips explored naked skin bringing moans and whimpers from each of them. They stripped and Seth spread her legs, then snaked his tongue between her lips. He ran his thumb over her clit as he dragged his tongue back and forth over her swollen lips. She screamed out when his teeth chewed along her labia. Seth pulled himself up and plunged inside her walls. His need for her took over until they both soared.

He watched much later as she walked out of the room to return with a piece of paper. She slipped back under the sheet with him before clearing her throat.

"You mean the world to me Seth. Today is a week since I came here to be with you so I wrote this."

My life was dull
I existed without light
Feeling empty inside

My world opened
Days turned bright and alive
Filled with hope

My love is forever
You took over my soul
Gave me true happiness

My love is yours
I give you my heart
Without you, I am nothing

Happy Anniversary Love

Seth didn't really hear the words as much as he felt them.

"It's beautiful and I can't ever thank you enough for that."

He spent hours trying to show her, though.


Sawdust floated through the air and clung to his skin. Gabriela lingered on the path to the barn and wished she had her camera. Muscles bunched and stretched as Seth worked on the shelving unit for her side of the office. Her heart pounded out of control as she remembered the feel of him over her just that morning. A soft moan escaped her lips at the thought of taking him out here.

Images ran through her head that left her breathless. She continued her perusal of his body as he cut another board into the length he needed. Never had she thought there would be someone like Seth in her life. His humor, intelligence, compassion and vulnerability were just a few of the things that drew her to him. The love she felt for him brought a sense of completeness to her that also bound her to him forever.

The whining of the saw cut through the air once more as he cut a board, then laid both pieces to the side. She saw him straighten to flex his shoulder and worried he might be overdoing it. He turned and spoke before she could ask him about it.

"Hi baby. I've got your shelves about cut," he said with a grin.

"That's fantastic. They'll be beautiful."

"How do you know that?" Seth chuckled at her confidence.

"You're making them for me so they'll be the best."

He knew she didn't just say the words to appease him. Gabriela wasn't that way. They'd learned many things about each other. She told him the truth at all times.

Gabriela held up the bottle of water she'd brought for him and tossed it his way. Her eyes never left him as he took a long swig of the icy cold liquid.



"You know how the other day you said you never felt alive before you met me?"

"I do," he said.

"We talked about many things all those weeks you were in the hospital. Do you remember in the beginning I hinted a bit about my childhood?"

"Yes, I do." He knew that when she was ready to talk about her past, he'd be right there for her. Whatever happened seemed to have hurt her but he wasn't going to push her into talking about it.

Gabriela nodded and went on. "When did you realize you were happy with who you were?"

Seth took a moment to think of the words he wanted to use. "My parents were great. I don't want you to think I'm bragging, but my life was easy. If I wanted something, they made sure that I had it. School wasn't hard and the college I chose accepted me without a problem. I've always been satisfied with who I am and what I did."

"Yes, I can see that. It's a part of your strong personality, I think. You're confident in everything you do."

"I am because I know what I'm capable of and I prepare myself for every challenge and task I take on."

"That's something I envy, you know, Seth."

"Gabriela, you're much stronger than you realize. It's only when you think about it that you are weak."

"Yeah, I know. There were so many times I didn't know who I was, though. It was like I had to be so many people at once I never could separate them."

Seth leaned against the barn and ached for the woman he loved. He felt the pain she held inside but wasn't sure how to ease it for her. This kind of communication was never a part of his previous marriage. The odd beginning he and Gabriela had forced them to use words more than most couples ever did. Now he knew it was one of the key factors connecting them.

"Don't you think everyone has that?" he asked.

"Maybe, but ..."

"You're a beautiful, capable, unique woman with a heart of gold. The compassion and sympathy you have for others is rare in today's world. I haven't met Nicole yet but I know you were a good and caring mother. Gabriela, you are a bit of each of those all put together into one amazing lady."

She looked through the tears in her eyes at the only man that ever really knew her. Gabriela ran into his arms just as a sob escaped from her throat.

"Baby, it's all right. Let it out."

They stood in the shade until she stopped crying. Saw dust clung to her shirt where she'd touched his skin.

"Thank you, Seth."

"For what?"

"Thank you for understanding, for not laughing and for loving me."

"It's easy. But, if you think you need to thank me ..."

She laughed when he winked. "I can do that."

"Ohh, then I'd better put this stuff away," he said as he grabbed a hammer.

"Let me give you a hand."

Seth groaned as she slipped her hand inside the waistband of his jeans and squeezed his shaft. It didn't take long before he raced her along the path to the house.


"Why am I here again?"

Gabriela pulled on the heavy weights the next afternoon and grinned.

"You want to see your man almost naked."

She laughed and continued doing leg lifts. "I can do that upstairs, baby."

"Ah, but this is so much fun," he added as he flexed for her.

Seth was in excellent shape and he knew it. It was important that he remained in top condition when he was still accepting secret missions. Now it was a part of his daily routine without thinking about it. Gabriela joined in because she wanted to lose some weight but she was enjoying it.

"Oh I can think of fun things to do in here," she teased between ragged breaths.


"Uh huh, I sure can."

"Tell me," he said with a gleam in his eye.

"Well, I think it's fun to lift my shirt and watch your face, for example."

Her hands slid under the bottom of her tank top and eased it up a few inches as she spoke. Seth stared at the narrow strip of skin that appeared and moaned.

"You're a tease."

"Oh, I'd never think of teasing you. That means I'd do something like pull my shirt off."

He followed the movement of her hands as they crept higher and flipped the top over her head. Gabriela stood and walked over to the next machine. She knew the arm pull would give Seth a good look at her near-naked chest.

"You look warm. I think you should take your bra off, too."

"Wouldn't that be dangerous? I can't do anything to hurt these jewels." She cupped her breasts and pushed them together as she spoke. "But then, it is warm in here."

"I'll watch them for you."

She laughed at his choice of words and the way he stared at her chest. Seth made her happy and she loved pleasing him.

"All right, then. I trust you to take good care of them for me." With that, she whipped the sport bra over her head and tossed it into the corner.

Gabriela knew the reaction she was getting from Seth. It was obvious through the gym shorts he wore that he was aroused. If he only knew how wet she was already, she thought with a gleam in her eye.

"Honey, I was wondering if you could show me the right way to lift."

"Ah, lift what?" he asked as she walked closer to him.

"Over here, silly. Could you show me the right position I should be in on the bench when I lift weights?"

Seth looked at her a bit odd, but went over to the other side of the room. Once on his back, he put his hands on the weight bar in the stand.

"It's really easy, Gabriela. You just — oh god, baby."

Her hot mouth closed over him as her tongue slithered around his shaft. The pulsing in his body took over his thoughts as she sucked and nibbled on the tip. Tiny bites along the underside led to his balls until she nipped and chewed her way back.

"You're driving me crazy."

"I think that's good, right?" She loved teasing her big strong man. Knowing she could make him so hard so fast was a powerful feeling. It also humbled her that he loved her the way he did. She poured every bit of emotion into the way she milked him now.

Seth jerked and thrust his hips to meet her mouth. The bench wiggled and rattled with the added movement. She closed her hand over the base of his cock as she sucked hard. His moans intensified as she took him higher. Seth grabbed her hair and shoved his cock deep into her throat just in time to coat it with his thick hot juice.

Gabriela sat up a few minutes later and smiled. "Didn't I tell you there are fun things to do in here?"


Seth left work early Friday afternoon. He hadn't accomplished much anyway since he'd been thinking of Gabriela all day. He walked into the house but found it empty. Seth looked out at the pool and smiled. Gabriela was swimming laps again. It was one of her favorite places since she'd moved in with him. She often remarked how lucky he was to be from a state with warm weather all year long. He didn't remind her that his family was from the north and he knew all about snow, too.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself," he said when she finally slowed down.

"Hey baby, come in with me."

"Give me a few minutes to change and I will."

"There's no one here. Take your clothes off, Seth." She stood in the shallow end of the water and looked at him as she spoke.

Seth took his time to answer. He already knew he would do as she suggested but didn't want her to think he was so easy to convince.

"Why should I? You have your suit on."

He saw the way she never hesitated. It only took her a few seconds to remove her top and toss it at his feet.

"It's your turn."

His shirt slid off his shoulders and he flipped it onto a chair. "I think it's back to you."

Gabriela moved into shallower water and stepped out of her bottoms. They landed near her top with a splash.

"There you go, baby. Now you have a few too many things on, so get busy."

He stepped out of his shoes and worked his belt loose. She followed the way his fingers skimmed over his crotch when he took his socks off and let out a soft moan. His zipper seemed to take forever for him to get down.

"Come on, Seth, you're stalling."

"Impatient are you, Gabriela?"

His slacks fell to the cement along with his boxers to leave him as naked as she was. Her breath caught at the sight of his body just as it always did.

"Always," she said. "Come here and I'll show you what I'm waiting for."

Seth walked into the warm water and pulled her to him. He loved the way she felt against him. They bobbed and floated as they kissed until he too became impatient for more.


"She's going to hate me, Seth." Gabriela hadn't met Seth's mom yet since she'd been travelling and just arrived home the previous day. Her request for them to join her for dinner made Gabriela nervous. She knew it was silly, especially at her age, but it was his mother after all.

"Stop it. She will love you, I promise."

"How can you be sure?"

"You're mine and she knows I have great taste." Seth hoped the quip would put her at ease.

"Yes, you do at that, love. In fact, I'd say it's the perfect taste, both a little salty and sweet together." Gabriela ran her hands over the front of his slacks and stared into his eyes.

Seth saw the confident look on her face and swelled under her hand. How he loved the feel of her against him, he thought as she slid closer.

"Baby, anytime you want a taste, I'm willing to provide it," Seth said with a grin.

She backed away and laughed when he pouted. "We can't be late, Seth. This is your mom we're meeting."

"Relax, she'll understand if we're a few minutes late."

"Oh, take my word for it. I'll need more than a few minutes to do what I'm thinking of," she shot back.

They finished dressing and soon left with her promise in both their minds. Seth soon pulled up in front of his mother's condominium and parked. He knocked, then opened the door and motioned for Gabriela to go in first.

"Mom, we're here," he called out as they walked through the rooms.

"I'm out back. Grab a drink and join me."

He stopped at the bar and grabbed a bottle of wine. Gabriela picked up some glasses at his nod and followed him through the patio doors. Flowers and shrubs bordered the entire backyard to form a fence of sorts for a hint of privacy. Off to the side a huge hot tub bubbled and steamed. Gabriela spotted the elegant woman standing by the lounge chair right away.

"Mom, this is the love of my life, Gabriela. Honey, this is my mom or Effie as her friends call her."

"Hello, Mrs. Flynch. It's nice to meet you."

Seth chuckled at the face his mom made. "Young lady, when I'm old, you can call me Mrs. Flynch. I'm either Effie, or if you ever marry this son of mine, then it's Mom."

Gabriela was horrified at her blunder and looked at Seth for help. "I told you she'd love you. If she didn't, you'd be out the door by now."

Effie smiled and hugged her son. "You look good. She must be doing something right."

Seth winked behind his mom's back before he answered. "That she does, Mom."

"Don't just stand there, child, I don't bite," Effie said.

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