A 'Joy-Full' Homecoming


Rod responded by rocking his hips slightly, gently fucking the writhing wife with all but an inch of his cock, slow, easy strokes that instantly had her gasping and groaning in carnal delight, her legs clasping at his lower back, trying to force the final inch of his hardness into her drenched depths. "Oh shit, oh yeah daddy, fuck me, fuck your little slut-girl," she whimpered.

Joy's obscene words turned into a loud, lusty scream as Rod suddenly grabbed her hips and rammed his entire oversize fuck-organ into her tight, gooey twat. "Godddammmmmnnnnnnnbabyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The horny young housewife's body briefly stiffened as a searing pain shot through her suddenly stuffed cunt. By the time the scream shot from her throat the pain was being replaced by a sensation of erotic fullness that began as slight ripples deep in her wildly stretched pussy, the pleasure growing until every nerve and fiber in her body felt like it was vibrating, sending electrical currents of ecstacy racing through every inch of her being. "Oh fuck yessss," Joy hissed, working her hips lewdly, wiggling on the impaling, animal-like erection, her pink, throbbing clit scraping roughly over the hard base of his massive, meaty dick, shooting sparks into her clenching, creaming cunt. "I'm r-ready," she gasped, her little hands sliding up to his neck, tugging at him, as her legs tightened around his hips. "Ready to cum."

Joy seemed starved for his kiss, pulling on his neck as she tried to struggle upward while keeping herself stuffed with his big prick, pink tongue wetting her lips as they opened submissively, looking pleadingly up into his eyes. Rod gave a soft, almost cruel chuckle as he gave it to her, letting his weight descend on her writhing, petite body, clamping his open mouth nastily to hers as Joy wrapped both her arms and legs tightly around him, giving herself completely to the dominant, donkey-hung stud old enough to be her father. Joy whimpered loudly, lewdly as she sloppily sucked on Rod's tongue, the obscene sound quickly joined by a soft, nasty squishing as the two of them fell into a perfect fuck-rhythm.

Their bodies stayed locked together as the two of them squirmed and slithered gracefully without losing their lewd liplock, saliva streaming down Joy's chin as their mouths worked wetly at each other. They grunted and groaned through the torrid tonguefucking as Rod speared his massive cock harder into the wet, willing young pussy, the taut, tingling walls of her scorching cunt massaging his aching, enormous fuck-rod as it spasmed in pleasure.

Mark's hand matched the illicit couple's erotic movements on his own, much smaller cock, thrilled beyond belief at the sight before him. The two seemed unable to break their wetly nasty fuckkiss, faces tilting and moving this way and that to keep it going as they started fucking harder, faster, Joy thrusting upward eagerly to meet each spear of the huge hard cock as it sliced through her parted pussylips, wiggling her hips as the log-like dick pushed through her clinging cunt channel, the big bulbous head smearing searing hot wetness into her womb each time he bottomed out.

Their bodies bucked and bounced, Joy using her legs to maximize each downward thrust of her hugely hung lover as he stabbed his big meaty cock into her with an animalistic passion, their kiss-muffled moans and groans getting louder along with the slapping of their skin. The power of Joy's orgasm finally forced their hungry mouths apart as she wailed and moaned loudly, legs flailing at Rod's pistoning hips. "Oh there-ohfuck-there ohgod baby I'm cumming," she squealed. "Oh don't-don't stop, fuck-fuck me, ohgoddam I'm f-fuckin' cumminggggggggggg."

Rod responded by growling deep in his throat and lifting back up on his arms as he hammered into the howling, humping housewife with renewed lust. He pummeled and pounded her pulsating pussy with almost savage intensity, driving his supersize dick deeper and faster. Joy kept pace with the powerful fucking, clinging to his shoulders with her arms as her hips churned lewdly. "Oh fuck yeah fuck me, ohhhgoddd d-don't stop daddy, please don't stop," she sobbed her eyes filling with tears, her orgasms like chain explosions that kept building and building. "I'm cumming ohfuck I'm cumming f-fuck me, k-keep f-fuckin' me."

The hung stud had her completely under his spell for good now, Mark could tell, amazed by his wife's continuing orgasms and the older's man superior sexual skills. Rod's hands toyed with Joy's bouncing tits, fingers gently flicking her nipples, then swept up and down her undulating body, caressing her hips, her wickedly flexing ass, all the while slamming his oversize fuckstick into her spasming, soaked pussy with surprising force, her cunt smashing wetly into his hard groin, clit pressing into his cock-base, on each full downward stroke. The horny husband was equally amazed by how stretched and stuffed his wife's fuckhole looked, her opening wildly distended, her cuntal lips stretched tight around his huge, hard thickness. I'm gonna cum, Mark suddenly realized as he concentrated on the sight of the log-like prick sawing in and out of his wife's soaked, clinging cunt.

Rod had reached the same point. "Gonna blow," he grunted, easing his upper body down on Joy, her arms slipping back around his neck. "Suck my tongue while I cum in you." Joy clamped her limbs tightly around Rod's humping body and slurped his tongue into her gasping mouth with a lewd whimper. Mark spurted another load into his already gooey hand as he watched the older man's buttocks clench, drilling every last inch of his horse-size dick into Joy's creamy, cumming cunt. Mark cupped his spewing prick as he watched Rod empty his load deep into his wife's womb.

They lay still for several moments, catching their breath. As they started to shift their bodies around, getting ready to break their clasp on each other, Mark was forced to move away from the tent door, fearing he would be seen. He could only listen as he crept to the other side, away from the house, putting his undersize penis back in his pants. He knew from the soft slurping sounds that the adulterous couple was sharing another wet tongue kiss, then he heard his wife's soft giggle, followed Rod's gruff murmur. "Yeah, you're gonna be a good little whore-girl, you're gonna take real good care of your daddy, ain't you baby?"

"Oooh yeah daddy," Joy replied, her voice slipping back into the little girl tone she'd used earlier. "I really am your slut now." Rod's chuckle was followed by the soft wet sounds of yet another kiss, Mark paying particular note to the lusty, needy whine to his wife's voice as she whimpered weakly amid the wet sucking and smacking sounds, yet another sight and sound that literally made him weak in the knees, one of many in a day filled with them, the sum of which meant only one thing -- their lives had changed forever.

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by Anonymous03/24/18

OhYeah he has balls

But rod no longer does. But that is in the next chapter along with a 20 year old ex-wife. And Mark's new 40 year old girlfriend.

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