A Keychain of Girls



"Danny, I'm so sorry I fell apart last night...it had just been...decades since I...you know...did it with a guy..." Chiu prodded her fingers together nervously as she sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from Danny.

"It's perfectly fine." Danny smiled, wrapping his arms around her bare midsection.

"But I left you alone and unsatisfied." Chiu looked away from him.

"Is that going to be the only time we get to have sex?" Danny asked flatly.

"Well no, I sure hope not." Chiu said, poking her fingers together again.

"Then what's the problem? I'll get it next time?" Danny said, his hands sliding down her waist, "Unless you want to do it again now?"

"Well...maybe not sex...I'm a little sore...but I could finish what I started." Chiu said, turning around.

"Works for me, he's happy and waiting this morning." Danny said, pulling back the blankets.

Chiu crouched over him and wrapped her lips around his cock. She sucked on him and rubbed around his sack.

"Oh...Chiu! Wow, that's better than before!" Danny breathed out, putting a hand on her head.

She slurped and sucked, almost deep throating his shaft. Danny groaned, stretching his legs taunt as his pleasure mounted high. She pulled back and licked around his head. Her clasped hands rubbed up and down him as she licked and sucked on his head.

"Chiu...Chiu! I'm...I'm cumming!" Danny moaned, bucking slightly.

Chiu kept her lips tightly around him and sucked up all of his semen. She sat up after licking him off and she swallowed it all down. She licked her lips and smiled widely.

"You know, I'm surprised at how much you've come to enjoy sex. You know...I don't tell the others...but..." Chiu moved closer to him and spoke quietly, "I love the taste."

Danny's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"It would seem we're surprising each other a lot. I always saw you as the one who was sexually controlled." Danny said, crossing his legs as he sat up.

"Oh I am. I don't have sex on a nightly basis or anything. I enjoy it every now and again, but don't think I'll make a habit of it." Chiu smiled and winked.

"Okay." Danny smiled happily, "I suppose we should start getting ready for the day."

Chapter 18 - The Gladiator Master

"You want to be a gladiator? You?" The man laughed, "Your so scrawny!"

This man was the Battle Master of the Gladiator Stadium. A battle veteran of thirty years, John Masters had become the Battle Master ten years ago. He was almost fifty and still had a battle hardened body, tight with muscle and covered in scars. The two of them stood in the middle of the Gladiator Arena in the late afternoon. Danny was the last entrant to be examined by John and the Arena was completely empty.

The arena itself was a hundred yards across down on the Arena floor. It seated ten thousand in the stands and had sun shades over the seating. A powerful but invisible barrier separated the the Arena floor from the stands, in case a stray bit of magic or a wild weapon flew towards the crowd.

"I can hold my own." Danny said, crossing his arms.

"I doubt that, but if you think so..." John smiled, "Then you wouldn't mind a little sparring with me? If you do well enough, I'll let you in."

"I'm okay with that, but no weapons." Danny said, taking a stance.

"Okay." John nodded, raising his fists.

Danny felt an interesting energy coming from him. It wasn't magic, but it was something that was coming from John. The power felt considerable.

He breathed out and clenched his fists. Magical power exploded out from him, blowing dust and rocks away from around his feet. John's eyes widened and he took a step back. Danny felt his clothes snapping about him as the wind whistled away from him.

"Ready?" Danny smiled.

"Sure..." John said, a little unsteady from Danny's show of power.

The moment the word was out of his mouth, Danny launched forward. His fist exploded with power and he swung at John. However, something happened that he never expected. John grabbed his fist and stopped him cold. The power radiating from him filled his entire body, making him as strong as Danny's magic enhanced muscles.

"Your damn strong." John grunted, stuttering.

"You too!" Danny smiled, flushing his body with magic.

He shoved forward, pushing John to a knee. The ground beneath them shuddered and cracked. Danny stepped and took the upper hand, punching John in the chest as hard as he could. He flipped over backwards and landed on his feet, sliding to a stop. Danny used the Shundo and exploded forward. Just before he reached John, he leapt up and over his head, turned around and dashed towards his back.

John dropped and put his shoulder towards Danny's shins. Danny flew upward, flipping over and hitting the dirt painfully. The Shundo's momentum carried him forward and he crashed painfully into the eight foot stone wall around the Arena Floor. Groaning in pain, he stumbled to his feet.

"You've got power kid and you've got some semblance of skill. But you don't know what your doing. You've obviously trained and gotten very skilled, but you have almost zero battle experience. How do you hope to compete against battle veterans?" John said, cracking his neck.

"I...I've defeated stronger than...you..." Danny grunted, getting to his feet.

"I doubt you defeated anybody of any consequence!" John said, running forward.

"The Demon Xexas and the thug Enzio!" Danny pointed out, meeting John fist for fist.

"Enzio? Xexas?! Are you kidding me? Enzio is a retarded thug with barely a pinch more power than the average citizen of the Magical Realm. As for Xexas..." John said, "He was probably just overly cocky."

"And you aren't?" Danny said, building up power in his right arm.

He lunged at John and released the magic for a powerful razor wind punch. John punched the ground and the stone beneath him crumbled and cracked, heaving upward. It folded around the point of impact and created a barrier all around John. The razor wind exploded on the stone and blew it to pieces. John was missing from inside.

"Where?!" Danny cried, looking around.

"You are too cocky!" John yelled from above.

He came downward with his foot leading. Danny stood his ground and let magic radiate out from him. The moment John neared him, Danny grabbed his foot, spun around and let go. He was thrown across the entire distance of the Arena and collided with the other wall.

"Ooof...Damn that was a good hit...alright, that's enough." John said.

"What?" Danny said, raising an eyebrow.

"I told you that if you do well enough, not if you beat me." John said, "I'd rather not let this battle get too bloody. Your strong enough to be a gladiator, but without any skill...somebody will kill you early. Nevertheless, your flashy attacks and sheer power will draw crowds."

"Tch. You show some confidence." Danny said flatly.

"I had nineteen other recruits sign up today and I bet none of you are even going to qualify for the Grand Gladiator Championship starting in two weeks. Over the next month, I and six other Arena trainers will be choosing two hundred and fifty-six entrants. Anyone who is currently Bloodletter or higher is automatically in regardless of skill, which makes forty entrants so far." John smiled.

"Bloodletter?" Danny asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It means you've won at least ten matches of equal or higher level. Essentially it means your in the fourth out of the five Gladiator brackets." John explained, "At the moment, your not even in the fifth bracket until you win one match against another entrant. Then you have to win ten more to challenge a Bloodletter for one of the twenty seven fourth ranked gladiators."

"Hmm. That doesn't sound so hard." Danny said, "But maybe I'll go train up a little bit."

"Good plan. Your first fight is scheduled for Monday. Be here at dawn and be ready to fight." John laughed, waving him off.


"From what you say, he was using Chi. If magic was the mental realm of power, Chi would definitely be the physical. The total opposite of magic, Chi can be used by almost anyone non-magical. Even those in the mundane realm use Chi. Any trained fighter does, sometimes without even knowing it." Chiu explained.

"Hmm...so what does Chi do?" Danny asked her.

"It simply enhances strength, speed and endurance. However, skilled users can channel it into attacks and weapons just like magic and use it as such." Chiu said, leaning back.

The two of them were sitting in the main room of the Inn, chatting quietly. His fight in the Arena had finished over an hour ago and now they were enjoying a light dinner.

"So what about this training situation? I mean...I can't possibly train enough in just two or three days." Danny said, running a hand through his hair.

"Actually...yea you could...come with me." Chiu said, standing up.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the Inn. The sun was falling outside and the streets were calm. Chiu pulled him down the street, running quickly through the white stone houses and small tent covered stalls.

"Where are we going?" Danny cried.

"To see an old friend!" Chiu said, "I hope he's still alive!"

Danny huffed and followed behind at her quick pace. They passed over a long stone bridge onto a larger island full of tall buildings and thin streets. Chiu led him across it to the edge of the island. In front of them floated a small house fifty feet away on an island about a hundred feet across. The hut was only about twenty feet square and the rest of the island was a nice green lawn.

"Go." Chiu nodded towards the island.

Danny took a running leap and used the Shundo to bridge the gap in a single bound instead of using magic to fly. Chiu followed him, floating gently across the gap on a gentle breeze.

"Who lives here?" Danny asked, pointing at the small white stone house.

"An old master actually. He's probably around three hundred by now...if he's still alive." Chiu said.

"T...Three hundred?!" Danny stuttered.

"Magical realm remember?" Chiu sighed, knocking on the door.

"Oh yea..." Danny hung his head.

There was a noise inside and the door opened. An ancient looking man stood there in bright orange robes with a plain looking redwood staff in his hand. Long white hair cascaded down from his head and his chin, both long enough to tuck into his belt. When he saw Chiu, his face softened and he smiled.

"Chiu." He said, holding out his arms.

"Master Xen!" Chiu cried, wrapping her arms around him.

"And who is this young man?" The elderly man said, looking at Danny.

"I'm Danny, the Sprites current master." Danny bowed respectfully.

"Oh don't go doing that. I know I'm old, but I don't want to be reminded of such." The man chuckled.

"Old? You don't look a day over a hundred and fifty." Chiu said, standing back from him, "Where are my manners! Danny, this is one of my past masters, Xen Majere."

"A pleasure." Danny said, holding out his hand.

"So, you got stuck with the little Spites huh?" Xen said, chuckling and letting them in.

The room exploded around him, larger than he had expected. The ceiling reached a hundred feet above him and went far enough that Danny couldn't see the end. Xen closed the door and lead them over to a small table. Around them, hundreds of book shelves climbed to the ceiling. Chandeliers hung in the center and the entire floor was tiled in fine marble. Xen let go of his staff and it stood perfectly in it's place.

"Well, I survive with them. So...if you don't mind my asking, if you are still alive, why aren't you still their master?" Danny asked.

"Danny, don't be so..." Chiu quieted at Xen's raised hand.

"He brings up a valid point. I passed them onto my apprentice who was then killed by a demon and the Keychain was lost in the Mundane world. I assume then you ended up with them?" Xen said.

"Well...I got them from a corner trinket store for a thousand yen." Danny said.

"A thousand yen? Wow, they really don't value eternal magical slaves in the Mundane realm anymore do they?" Xen chuckled.

"Master...I've come to ask a favor." Chiu said urgently.

"What is it?" Xen turned to her.

"Danny needs to train up for the Gladiator Arena. His first fight is Monday and he needs considerable more time to perfect his skills." Chiu said.

"So you need the time orb." Xen smiled, "Of course Chiu, you know I'd do anything for you and your sisters. Speaking of them, where is April and Koto?"

"They've been captured and are slaves." Chiu said.

"That would be why your entering the Arena." Xen said, "It's a shame, April could really whip up a peach cobbler that would knock your tongue around."

"Wait, what's this time orb she's talking about?" Danny asked.

"It's something I made about a century ago. A large glass sphere with a very extensive time dilation spell on it. It can extend one hour into seven when your inside it." Xen said.

"So wait, in the next three days, I can train for...?" Danny started.

"A full three weeks." Xen said, "Enough time to gain a few skills."

"Wow...can I see it?" Danny asked, standing up.

"Of course, come this way." Xen nodded, taking his staff.

He led them through the halls of bookshelves into a large thirty foot square room. A set of stairs led down to an amazing sight. A giant fifteen foot glass orb hung suspended seven feet in the air. Inside it was an island with a large castle on it. A large beach and subsequent ocean circled around it. The ceiling above them was currently bright and sunny, however the sun was starting to set on one side.

"Every three and a half hours, this ceiling will make a full rotation, simulating a full day. Inside the orb, the temperature remains a cool twenty three Celsius and the water is salty and always twenty eight Celsius. The castle comes equipped with a fully stocked kitchen of preserved foods as well as a fast growing garden. You should be able to live in luxury while your training." Xen explained.

"Wow..." Danny's jaw dropped.

"Remember Danny, inside there, you will age normally, meaning for the time inside the sphere you will age seven times faster." Chiu warned.

"What's a few extra days." Danny waved her off.

"Only the young would be so foolish to say that." Xen smiled, shaking his head.

"Speaking of time, how does a human live to be three hundred, even a magical one?" Danny asked.

"I'm not human." Xen said, pulling back his white hair, "I'm an elf."

"What?!" Danny turned to him.

"Yes, I am from the only sentient race native to the Magical Realm." Xen said, "Pure blooded elves like me are a rarity these days. However, we are still around, most over two hundred already."

"How long..." Danny started.

"Around a thousand years." Xen said, anticipating his question about lifespans.

"Wow. So if your only the equivalent of a thirty year old...why're you so...?" Danny started, motioning towards his beard and age.

"Because this form represents my age and knowledge. I could make myself look like just about anything, but this is the one I have become most accustomed to." Xen said, "Enjoy your time in there."

He turned and started to climb the steps.

"How do we..." Danny started, turning to Chiu.

"Just jump straight at the orb. You will pass through the glass and, as your passing through, you will shrink to the appropriate size and time will be slowed for you." Chiu said, lifting herself off the ground.

She let herself float towards the sphere and she passed into it, almost instantly disappearing from view once the last of her skirt disappeared through the glass.

Danny smiled and took a running leap.

Chapter 19 - Inside The Orb

Danny stuck out with a chain of moves from Chinese Martial Arts, empowering each punch with magic. He moved down the beach, fighting imaginary enemies. It wasn't exactly what he would call training, but there wasn't much else that he could do. It was only Chiu and him in the orb for twelve hours now and she wasn't any good at hand to hand combat.

"Danny, come here!" Chiu called from the covered pavilion that wrapped around the outside of the castle.

Danny turned and, in one fluid leap, he landed inches from Chiu.

"Hey! You're getting pretty accurate with that." Chiu said, stepping back.

"What's up?" Danny asked.

A young man of about his age stood up from a chair. Danny hadn't noticed him before. He had a chiseled face with prominent cheek bones and sharp eyes. His hair was snow white and fell about his neck. He had pointed ears. Danny thought he recognized him, but he wasn't sure.

"Someone to train with." Chiu said.

"Wait...Master Xen?" Danny said, pointing at the young man.

"I told you I could change my appearance. I figured if I looked a little younger then you wouldn't have any qualms about trying to hit me." Xen smiled.

"I never expected you to be skilled in combat." Danny said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, well...don't judge an old book will you?" Xen sighed.

"I'll try and take it easy on you." Danny smiled, turning back to the beach.

Suddenly his body erupted with pain and he was thrown from the pavilion. He flew high over the beach and crashed down into the water. Sputtering angrily, he stood up waist high and turned around.

"Never turn your back to your opponent and always be ready." Xen cried from the top of the beach.

His arm still crackled with electricity and he walked forward down the beach. Danny could feel the power radiate from him and it almost scared him. For once, he could feel a power equal to his own.

"Right!" Danny nodded, gritting his teeth.

"Let's go!" Xen yelled, lunging forward.

Danny met his Shundo with another and they punched each other at the same time. Danny gasped for air and felt pain explode in his body. Suddenly there was a powerful explosion right in front of him, blowing him back on his back. He grunted and got up slowly.

"H...How? I didn't hear any chanting." Danny asked, getting to his feet.

"I was the Sprites' master once too!" Xen laughed, "You think your the only one with unincanted magic!"

"Oh crap." Danny sighed, stepping forward.

"But imagine what I can do with incanted magic!" Xen laughed.

"W...What?!" Danny asked.

"Oh phasmatis of lux lucis, exorior. Adeo mihi quod premo meus hostilis. Vestri vox exorior, permissum him sentio vestri saevio! Levitas Tempestas!" Xen chanted, jumping into the air.

Danny tried to get close to him in order to stop him, but he didn't move in time. There was a massive flash around him and the entire beach exploded with lightning. Danny cried out as he was blasted into the sand.


Groaning, Danny cracked his eyes open.

"Your awake...good." Xen said.

He was sitting on his right and Chiu was on his left.

"Dang...what was that?" Danny asked.

"A legendary ancient level lightning spell. It uses the power of the very spirit of lightning to destroy your foe. No unincanted magic could match that." Xen said, "If you can manage to get to your feet, I want to show you the results."

"Okay..." Danny grunted, sitting up.

"Master?! How can you ask him to get up after that. You almost killed him!" Chiu said, appalled.

"Danny's strong and I did a good job healing him. Up you get!" Xen said, pulling on Danny's arm to help him up.

Danny swayed, almost falling if it weren't for Chiu's hands.

"Danny!" Chiu cried, holding him up.

"I'm okay. Just a little unsteady." Danny said.

He let magic flow through his body, strengthening his muscles and flesh. He stood higher and stepped away from Chiu. They walked out onto the beach and Danny gasped.

A football field sized piece of the beach was solid glass. It was thrown up in spikes all over and it glistened brightly. The glass sparkled and glistened, dazzling brightly.

"This spell was originally made to fight entire armies. It's part of the reason my wizards acquired the title 'Human Artillery'." Xen explained.

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