tagNovels and NovellasA King's Wife Ch. 04

A King's Wife Ch. 04


The heir to the Greenleaf Castle and his queen-to-be arrived outside the gray stone walls in time to see a well-armed group of soldiers gallop towards the deep forest and the royal hideout with the false king at the head. The gathering gloom of the night would set their plan into motion perfectly.

Aubert touched Byth's stomach affectionately as he bade her farewell.

"Guard the precious seed that I have planted. For he will mount the throne someday to carry on the Greenleaf rule. And guard yourself, sweet Byth. Without you, I know of no kingdom that would please me."

The fair red-head blushed at the king's proclamation and threw her arms around his neck to pull him close.

"You shall take your rightful place, sire," Byth whispered into his ear before she took one step back and lowered her head. His index finger pulled the girl's chin even with his.

"You shall never bow before me, sweet Byth." After a peck on his cheek she hurried towards the gates.

The moor, Marielle, Edweena, and the hound had already arrived and were about to set their part into play. With hand signals and tender touches the blond had instructed the moor on his role. He grinned broadly at his new love while he turned the duty of guarding the sweet Edweena's over to the huge hound.

Marielle waited at the door of the garrison wearing a diaphanous gown of the finest silk, a gift from a suitor when her father, the king of Greenleaf, was still on the throne. The remaining soldiers didn't stand a chance against her beauty: a beauty that shone through the shear fabric even as darkness was falling. Footsteps on the roof signaled that her brother had arrived and that now was the time to act upon their plan. The faithful hound stood guard over the toddler Edweena while the rest set about their duties.

Byth remained bowed in the scribes' anteroom, while the queen was summoned to hear this red-head's claim that she alone knew the location of Aubert of Greenleaf. Looking down her nose at the kneeling woman the false queen stepped close to Byth to take in her beauty. It was known to many that the woman seated beside the false king had an eye for a woman's charms and had taken many female subjects to her bed. This was an important part of their plot to rid the castle of the pretenders.

"Rise my dear," the woman beckoned. "What is the name of one so pleasing to my eyes?"

"Byth is the name I was born with, my queen." Byth curtsied keeping her eyes downcast as she arose.

"Leave us," the queen barked at the scribes who scurried away like mice caught in the glare of a new day.

"Please, you may call me Henrietta since we shall become much closer." There was a familiar tone to the queen's voice when she continued. With a crooked finger under Byth's chin the queen lifted the younger woman's face up so she could inspect it more closely.

"Oh bother," the woman sighed. "You may call me Hanna in the security of these chambers," the woman finished with a shake of curly brown hair. "You have flawless skin Byth. Is all of your skin so well kept?" Byth nodded shyly.

"Then, it would be my pleasure to see it... All of it, my dear." Hanna took Byth's hand in hers and led her up the stairs to her private chamber where she had her trysts with the pretty young women of the kingdom. The woman fell onto the bed and stared into Byth's face for some time before she spoke.

"Turn 'round, young Byth, so I can see your shape more clearly." Byth whirled with flourish and looked at the false queen with a longing in her stare meant to complete her ruse.

"Now, show me the charms of that young body your face has promised."

Byth pulled a small box from her sleeves and placed it on the bed before she stepped back to begin her striptease.

"And this?" The queen queried.

"A gift of pleasure to enjoy while I entertain you, dear Hanna." Hanna smiled when the lid fell open and the two shiny silver balls appeared.

"I have heard of such items, Byth. Pray, how do I accommodate these tools of rumored pleasure?"

Byth rushed to the bedside and pushed Hanna's skirt up her thighs but then stopped with a blush of embarrassment.

"With your permission."

Hanna smiled. "Most certainly." The false queen was quite taken with this beautiful, and obviously randy, young girl.

Slowly now, Byth hiked Hanna's skirt up to her waist. When Hanna's soft brown pubic hair came into Byth's view she leaned towards it and with a glance at the woman's eyes looked for a signal to continue. Hanna nodded slightly as Byth's lips approached her already damp and matted pubic hair. A tongue split the sticky lips of the false queen's sex and Hanna, overwhelmed by pleasure watching the lovely red-head between her legs treating her clit to a royal tongue bathing, gave in to desire.

Hanna sucked in a deep breath when Byth dove into her puss with abandon. Using nibbles and gentle nips at the older woman's wide open puss Byth caused the woman to cry out in passion and to clutch at Byth's hair in order to pull her face more snugly into the brown tangle of hair below the woman's waist.

"Oh ho, dear Byth," Hanna panted. "I would not need these balls with a pleasing girl, like you, at my side." The words were whispered close to Byth's ear when Hanna sat forward to hug Byth head to her breast.

"But," Hanna pulled Byth's head away from her well of lust with a sigh. "I want you to take great interest with my nips, also, sweet girl. Do you understand?" Byth nodded enthusiastically.

"Indeed, I do, Hanna."

This brought a smirk to Hanna's face.

"Then show me." Hanna sprawled back onto the bed awaiting the red-head's next move.

The back of Byth's hand gently stroked Hanna's cheek to slow down their sapphic play. Hanna's responded was a contented sigh and she even kissed the red-head's finger tips. Busy hands fussed with Hanna's outer garments until they were laid on the bed to surround the false queen. Hanna now wore only her white bodice and Byth slowly untied the top ribbon and tugged gently on the garment.

Taut nipples riding high on firm small breasts sprang free and Byth quickly covered one with her mouth while Hanna grabbed the other in her grasp and massaged it between her thumb and index digit. A sigh of building sexual pleasure filled the chamber and Hanna's head arched back, lifting her shoulders off the bedding and pushing her firm breasts upward so that Byth could completely consume them. Byth was caught up in this game now and she responded by twisting the other woman's nipples between her teeth ever so gently bringing a hiss from deep in Hanna's chest.

"Careful, my Byth," Hanna whimpered. "You are at the edge between pain and pleasure." At this, Byth sucked Hanna's nipple deep into her mouth and Hanna bucked her hips in answer.

"Oh God, in heaven, Byth. You truly know how to treat a woman's needs." Hanna was whining in delight by now and Byth found a pressure building in her own loins with this woman's nipple in her mouth.

"But please, Byth I must see you completely unclothed," Hanna whispered breathlessly.

Crawling off the bed, Byth was a surprised to find her own breathing was rapid and she found herself wanting to please Hanna in a way only a women could. Byth's fingertips dallied near the opening at the top of her own gown tracing an outline along the top of her larger and younger bosoms.

Hanna sat on the bed with her bodice bunched around her waist watching Byth's dance: the one she had preformed for Aubert so recently, but this time Byth's dance was genuine. She had no motives other than pleasing herself and this woman who sat before her. That was all she needed to do to uphold her part of the plan.

Staring at the faux queen more closely Byth was struck by good looks of the older woman. A slightly dark outer ring appeared as a halo around her small light brown aureole. There was no fold between the bottom of her breast and the flesh that covered her ribcage allowing her nipples to peek at the chamber's ceiling. Stomach muscles showed a vague outline near the woman's bellybutton and Byth could tell this was a woman who had worked hard at some point in her life.

The tapered legs that came together at Hanna's pleasant puss carried no fat and met her bum without any extra flesh clinging to her narrow hips. Byth found the woman's body different from hers and enticing because of it. The red-head remembered Marielle's body was lithesome and slight while Hanna carried more muscle beneath her lightly colored skin. A dusting of freckles on Hanna's shoulders convinced her of Hanna's humble upbringing. The two were not so different, Byth realized and that made Hanna all the more desirable to her.

Byth's ample bosoms met her ribs at a right angle and the size of them extended passed the width of her ribs just slightly. Also, Byth's pink aureole and tiny nipples contrasted sharply to Hanna's darker and wider circles that supported a large nipple: the diameter of a woman's fingertip. The more angular older woman was watching Byth's hands intently when the red-head pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. Byth wore nothing but her pale skin under the garment.

A chill took Hanna at the sight of this well-formed woman who stood before her ready to submit to her sexual whims. When Hanna felt her nipples suddenly turn hard as pebbles she wanted this fair red-head to maul her nipples in a torture only a female could understand or deliver.

"Ki..." The word caught in Hanna's throat. She swallowed hard and tried again. "Kiss my nips, dear Byth, before they burst from my flesh."

Firm ample breasts swayed only slightly from side to side when Byth crawled across the bedding towards the other woman and her aching nipples. A sucking noise filled the room as Byth suckled at the woman's teat like a newborn babe and Hanna sighed deeply, lying her head on the bed to stroke Byth's long red hair while she enjoyed the delicious attention her bosom was receiving. Two fingers split the slippery lips of Hanna's sex and Byth dipped a third inside the older woman's honey pot. Beneath Byth's ample curves Hanna's body tensed as she neared a completion that beckoned to her like a siren.

Hanna whined aloud under Byth's nimble fingers, the younger girl only doing what she knew would feel good on her own body. The false queen's arms wrapped around Byth's head hugging the red-head to her breast as a familiar yet strange tickle grew in Byth's bum.

Hanna's eyes were screwed shut as hit her climax. Mouth hanging open, the older woman squeaked and hissed as she rode over the top. Still another apex built up quickly within Hanna's breast and she clutched Byth's free hand to guide it her to her arse. Within Hanna's grasp Byth felt like the woman would crush the hand that held her cheeks so firmly. Byth took this to mean: time to touch the very depth's of this woman.

Middle finger extended, Byth searched Hanna's folds until she touched a puckered opening to her bowls. The juices Hanna released ran down the crease between the lips of her sex and Byth found these juices let her finger enter Hanna's body easily.

Hanna shrieked now and her entire body began to twist in Byth's grasp. Nothing more than skin kept Byth's busy fingers separated and she played them against one another while the false queen shouted and cried in sexual joy all at the same moment. This was the moment Byth chose to bite down on Hanna's nipple, hard. Hanna's hand tangled in Byth's red hair, first pulling her away and then hugging her close again. The false queen was caught between the pleasure only a truly great climax can bring and the delightful pain Byth's mouth was causing in her teat. At last, Hanna wrested away from the red-head's attack while real tears of joy streamed down the false queen's cheeks

"You are the greatest of all loves in my kingdom," the woman wailed between gasps. "Pray give me a moment's rest and I shall give you the same," Hanna panted.

In the courtyard Marielle opened the door to the garrison and strolled through the portal as though she were on a walk along a placid stream. In the dim candle light of the soldier's quarters the lithesome blonde, clad only in a thin silk covering, was secure in the knowledge of her own desirable nature. The men within were immobilized with shock and a desire for the sweet cavern between Marielle's lean legs: a desire that called out to them. Later, the men swore they could smell her lust from afar but it was, instead, the seed the giant planted inside her supple body only moments before she entered the garrison.

"I am a member of the Greenleaf family and will trust you men can offer up your lust to a helpless soul such as mine." The walk along the long corridor between the racks of beds seemed longer than the building itself in Marielle's mind but she continued to take her time and even pawed at her small round breast as she neared the window on the far side of the quarters.

Delicate fingers dipping into the dampness between her legs before Marielle pumped her hips into the dank air of the garrison to show the men what they might have for their own if they moved quickly enough. A gasp from the collective group greeted Marielle's action just as she sat on the open window sill. A quick tear at her garment left her naked form open to their hungry stares as she leaned back to fall, just out of their grasp.

The rush to the window had exactly the desired effect. Caught in the strong arms of her loving moor, stationed below on the bed of a wagon, Marielle waved to the guards right before the moor lit the wagon load of straw ablaze. Shouts could be heard through the open window.

"Move back, it's a trap! Move!" By then Aubert had slipped a large timber into the door handle of the garrison and no one could escape without leaping into the flames below the window, now guarded by the grinning black-skinned giant. The press of bodies took much too long to move away from the window. Marielle, naked, clung to the arm of her beloved moor as he stood waiting for any brave soul to tempt fate and the flames that licked upward.

With the trap sprung, Aubert sprinted towards the false queen's private chamber. Rounding a corner quickly, Aubert bowled over two brave scribes who stood to block his path as they debated whether to disturb their ladyship when her cries of lust could be heard so far and wide. The two brave scribes dashed around the corner to face off with the rightful king.

"Stay your hand and I will make you both knights. I am Aubert of Greenleaf rightful heir to this throne," Aubert's words sounded strong and both scribes stopped in their tracks. Then he pounded on the door to rouse the two women within.

From within the chamber Byth leapt to the door letting Aubert enter easily. The king closed the door behind him.

"Now, fair Byth, my love, what is your wish with this pretender queen," Aubert's sword was bared as he approached Hanna still panting in passion on her bed.

"She," Byth spoke up quickly. "Should deliver pleasure to me before I make my final decision, my king." Aubert grinned at his queen's wise choice. His head dipped slightly.

"You are the ruler of the Greenleaf bed, m'lady. And your desires shall be mine in that regard."

Now, Byth became breathless.

"Aubert, my love, I wish to feel this woman's tongue dance between the lips that guard my sex while your staff enter's my body and plants the royal seed into my womb, once again." Byth gushed. Aubert pointed the tip of his sword at Hanna's terrified gaze. The king's bare steel was met with a quick nod, before the darker woman fell back on the bedding offering up her body to the true queen in sexual submission.

"My queen, your throne awaits," Aubert smiled at Byth as she hurried to place her naked hips above Hanna's ready mouth. Byth sighed aloud as she settled her sex directly onto Hanna's probing tongue.

Gasping, Byth begged the king to enter her body which he was only too happy to do. The two silver balls from the box were readied for the slick puss of Hanna by the hand of the true queen. A gentle tug on Hanna's legs brought her knees toward Byth's hips. Byth slapped the exposed flesh of her arse briskly to gain her attention before Byth shoved one ball inside the older woman and then Byth roughly slapped the other ball home inside Hanna's sticky depths. A gasp came from Hanna's lips as Byth did so.

"Now rock," Byth commanded. Hanna moved slowly at first until the rhythm of the balls brought her pleasure. Then Hanna moved happily, beside herself with joy slapping her tongue briskly at Byth's clit bringing the red-head closer to complete joy.

"Grab the king's balls, pretender to the crown," Byth ordered in a stern tone. Hanna squeaked in pleasure and clutched at Aubert's swinging testicles as he pounded his cock within Byth's sweet slippery opening.

"Ah," Aubert moaned aloud. "M'lady you command your subjects to please me with great skill."

"Enter me hard, Aubert." Byth barked in a tone he had never from her throat as she pushed her hips to meet the king's urgent thrusts.

"Yes, m'lady, yessss," the king hissed.

Bucking her hips rapidly to keep up with Hanna's wild tongue, Byth cried out to her slave, "Lick the king's staff, quickly, slut." Her words were spoken into Hanna's soaking wet pubic hair as Byth fell mouth first into the woman's dark puss. A cry of pleasure came from Hanna's throat while she lapped at the sensitive underside of Aubert's royal cock.

"M'lady, has my complete love, now," Aubert whined as he slammed his hips into Byth soft round arse letting his seed enter her womb.

Byth cried real tears of passion and shifted her weight so her clit was all Hanna could touch with the delicate tongue. Byth whined audibly as she climaxed, her entire body shaking as if it were a tree in a great storm. Numerous squeaks came from between Byth's legs as Hanna caught up to her queen's completion and her rocking motion was interrupted by her hips bucking wildly off the royal bed.

Three people sighed at once... three sexually satisfied souls.

Byth whispered into Hanna's pubic hair, "My king, I think we should keep this subject nearby to serve our whims."

Three voices laughed as one.

When the pretender to the throne returned he was dispatched quickly and those who pledged alliance to the true king were accepted readily into the Greenleaf army.

Month's later after the pressures of the harvest had passed the crown was placed on Aubert's unruly locks while he smiled longingly at his beloved Byth, now plump with his child. His sister Marielle was also large carrying the spawn of the Greenleaf army's newest commander, the imposing and loyal moor.

Byth's mother and father were awarded the inn they ran for as long as they were able to care for it. The hound of Greenleaf became the untiring guardian and companion to Edweena until its death at a ripe old age. Edweena sat upon on the throne until her younger brother was ready, at which time she married the handsome prince of a nearby kingdom and ruled the bedroom of that kingdom with the same iron fist her mother, Byth, ruled the Greenleaf boudoir.

The two brave scribes became strong and able knights to the kingdom and even Hanna was given important duties within the new reign. These duties included: lady-in-waiting to the queen as well as a corporeal reward to those unmarried soldiers who had shown exceptional bravery or loyalty to the Greenleaf family, a duty she enthusiastically executed two days every week. Some soldiers even claimed it was she who benefited from this service and that some soldiers needed several days to recover from the privilege of her company, though no soldier was ever heard to decline her favors.

Many children were born in the Greenleaf kingdom and happiness was their gift to the countryside until long after all in this story were dead and gone, but that's a tale for another day.

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