tagGroup SexA Kinkier Workout Option 01

A Kinkier Workout Option 01


(So this is called Option A because msmaggie challenged me to continue the storyline from the first kinky workout. Option B will be coming shortly.)


Sonia was still recovering from the last workout she had from Rick. As she slowly showered herself in readiness for her daily workout, she decided to run a razor over her pussy just to ensure that it was nice and bare just in case Rick wanted to repeat his performance from the day before. She had never in a long time swallowed so much cum, especially from such a hot guy as Rick. She was already imagining his face with his eyes closed as she swallowed his load. The thought of those beautiful brown eyes looking at her like the dirty slut she was acting like made her weak in the knees and her hand immediately felt the bareness of her clit as she imagined. It was only three slow rubs over her vulva lips and her climax was almost paralyzing.

As she left the shower, she thought about the outfit she was going to wear that day. She decided against wearing underwear since the leopard print leotard almost had no coverage of it. As she slipped the leotard onto her naked frame, she felt it grab onto her breasts and squeeze them against her, making her nipples harden almost automatically. She could feel her pussy moisten the fabric rubbing against her pussy and the bareness of it only made things more sensitive. As she headed down towards the gym area, she heard her cell phone ring. She went over to where it was charging and looked at the display to see it was her baseball player husband.

"Hello, darling," she said as she breathed a bit out of relief.

"Hey, baby, are you getting ready for your workout?" It seemed like her husband always knew what she was up to.

"Yeah, baby. Rick should be here any minute and he's whipping my cute ass into shape just like you wanted." Her voice was upbeat and very chipper.

"Are you wearing that sexy leopard leotard for him? I bet he'd take it easy on you if you did." Sonia was shocked that her husband would even mention the leotard much less suggest she wear it.

"No Hun, just wearing the usual shorts and t shirt. I'm married to you, so why would I want to drive dick crazy?"

"Don't you mean Rick, darling?" Sonia felt crimson on her cheeks as she realized she had been caught.

"It's ok, love. Rick's a handsome guy and as long as you are ready for me to get home, I'm ok with it." Sonia smiled as she got her husband's approval. As she headed towards the door, she saw Rick's face looking around the glass. She started feeling wet just seeing him there. She opened the door and almost freaked out when there was this gorgeous woman standing behind Rick. Sonia suddenly felt naked before both of them.

"Sonia, I want you to meet my training partner, Ginger," Rick said, his eyes almost apologizing to her at the same time. Sonia figured out his clue and invited them both in. As she headed upstairs, Ginger stopped her.

"Where are you going? Rick told me your gym setup was downstairs." Sonia in a fit of embarrassment followed both of them down in her extremely tight leopard print leotard, upset in her heart that she couldn't repeat her previous workout with the hunky fitness instructor. Rick went ahead and set up the treadmill as Sonia started walking on it. It was a quiet fifteen minutes as Rick and Sonia were both carefully measuring out their words while Ginger checked out the benches.

"This is a nice set up, Sonia. So is your hubby still on the road?"

"Yes, his road trip will be over in a couple days. Then he is going to have one or two days before the next home stand." Sonia's breathing became a little more hurried as she started walking. Ginger walked over and pushed a button on the treadmill.

"If you are walking, you need to walk slowly enough so you can carry out a conversation." She turned to Rick before speaking again. "You should have told her that honey."

Sonia could see Rick cringe enough to understand who wore the pants in their relationship. Sonia deduced that the previous encounter was a rare occurrence. Sonia began to concentrate on her workout more and more. Soon, she was on the weight bench with Ginger spotting her while Rick watched. Just having Rick's body close to her began to weaken her a bit, but Ginger's spotting made it hard to actually think too much. Soon, her bench press reps were completed and she was getting ready to head towards the decline when Ginger stopped her.

"So does Rick always make you bench press and decline press?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Cause it gives your arms no chance to rest. You should try this instead." She then looked at one of the mirrors and began to stretch a bit. Sonia watched Ginger's chest as it seemed to heave a bit as she stretched her arms in front of her. It was then that Sonia got a good eyeful of Ginger's dimensions. Besides the reddish hair on her head, Ginger had a toned chest. The nipples were already erect and poking through her t shirt. Her tight shorts housed a very firm rear and left enough of her long legs to prove she was a looker both in and out of the gym. All the observation caused Sonia to lose her attention before Ginger yelled at her.

Sonia was frightened to say the least. Rick had never lost his temper like that in front of her even with all the shit she pulled. As Sonia began to apologize profusely, Ginger walked over to her workout bag and pulled out two leather cuffs. Sonia was curious as to what exercise this was for until she heard Ginger tell Rick to take her to the bench. Sonia sat on the bench quietly as Rick looked at Ginger. Then Ginger said something that shocked Sonia.

"Pull her straps down. I want to see her tits." Sonia was mortified. Not only was Ginger bossing Rick around like some military general, but her breasts were going to be shown to a total stranger. Still, Sonia kept quiet as Rick walked over and slowly pulled down one strap until the fabric was barely suspended over her left breast. Rick repeated the action on the other side. Then he stopped.

"Ginger, I don't want to do this. Sonia is one of my most important clients and abusing her like this isn't right at all."

"Shut up, Rick! She fucked you yesterday. I saw your clothes when you put them in the laundry and smelled her rich pussy juice all over them. This bitch is gonna learn to keep her rich manicured nails off of my man. Now, show me her tits now!!!" Rick did as he was told, slowly pulling the material until both areolas were visible. Sonia's nipples were still solid from earlier. As Ginger looked on, Sonia could feel the experience making her wetter than ever.

"Here are our cuffs. Cuff her to the bench." Rick did as instructed as Sonia lay down. Her hands were secured to the rails near the bottom so she was on her back, her tits sitting high in the air and her leotard bunched down around her waist helplessly. Ginger then began to walk towards Sonia taking off her t shirt to reveal her grey sweaty sports bra. Rick stood there quietly watching as Ginger then pulled down her shorts taking her thong with it. Sonia could see Ginger had just a little red hair covering her vulva and that she had the slight hint of a tan line where her thong would have been hugging her waist.

She watched helplessly as Ginger bent down to her knees in front of Rick and began to pull down his shorts amid his protests of Not Here and Please don't. Soon, Rick's dick was exposed and Ginger began to lick it up and down taunting Sonia as she did. She then told Rick to walk to the bench and hold his dick over Sonia's head while she sucked it. Sonia was powerless as Ginger began to rub her body over Sonia's as their tits touched with just sports bra material between them. Ginger began to deep throat Rick right above Sonia's face as both ladies moaned. Sonia felt a hand reaching down and slowly moving the material of her leotard over her pussy to the side as a finger started slowly rubbing up and down. This continued for a few agonizing minutes until Ginger stopped and told Rick to hold tight. Ginger removed herself off of Sonia and slowly removed her sports bra. Her nipples were then visible as she sashayed back to the bench and began to straddle Sonia's face leaving about a few inches of space between Sonia's lips and hers. Ginger then told Rick to fuck her. Sonia watched as Rick's dick parted Ginger's pussy and slid in.

Meanwhile, Ginger had a finger sliding up and down Sonia's pussy while she started to make tight circles at the tip of her clit. Sonia's moans were very audible over Ginger's until Ginger commanded Rick to fuck her harder. Sonia's mouth opened as Rick started to pummel Ginger. Ginger's tongue barely touched Sonia's pussy when Sonia began to stiffen and moan loudly. Ginger began to lick Sonia's pussy in earnest to taste her climax as Rick started to slide in deeper. Sonia's tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth and for the first time licked another woman's pussy. Ginger moaned as it made contact. She loved feeling the tentative licks of new lesbians on her pussy. She then began to slide two fingers inside Sonia's pussy and began to curve it towards her spot as she felt her clenching again.

Soon, Ginger told Rick to bring his dick over. Rick slid out briefly allowing it to slide into Sonia's mouth where she sucked on it for a few before Rick walked forward. Sonia opened her mouth wide and buried her tongue deep inside Ginger as Ginger slowly sucked on Rick before guiding it into Sonia's pussy. Then Ginger rose up so she was riding Sonia's tongue while Rick fucked her. Rick was having a hard time keeping his cool watching Sonia's first bisexual experience played out in front of him. He pulled out for a break before Ginger leaned down and sucked Sonia's juices off of her boyfriend's dick. She then slid him back in as she told him to slow down and enjoy it. Ginger pulled at one of her nipples as she squirted all over Sonia, taking her by surprise.

Sonia started sputtering as Ginger rose off of her and slid her tongue in her mouth before licking off her juices from Sonia's face. She slowly began to release the cuffs off of Sonia before telling Rick to take her from behind again. This time, Sonia was sitting by watching the couple fucking as she fingered her pussy before she heard Ginger tell Rick to shoot it on her ass. Rick obeyed as he pulled out and shot loads of sticky sperm all over Ginger's rear. Ginger collapsed a bit before Sonia went down and began to lick Rick's seed off Ginger's ass. Her tongue made contact with different places as Rick watched. Soon, Sonia had her tongue buried inside Ginger's rosebud as Ginger moaned in surprise. Rick was hard again in no time and Ginger responded by telling Rick to fuck that rich bitch in her ass.

The moment of truth had arrived for Sonia. Ginger took Rick's member back into her mouth to ensure it's hardness before Rick moved to Sonia's cherry rosebud. Rick started by sliding his dick back inside Sonia's pussy for lubrication before beginning to ease it through her poop shoot. Sonia screamed loudly as his dick first started sliding in as Ginger tried to distract her by pinching her nipples and kissing her. Soon after, Rick was pistoning inside Sonia as she was cursing at him and begging him to fuck her faster. Ginger was enjoying the way her sub was taming this rich bitch and was soon expecting his second climax.

She wasn't disappointed as Rick began to make mention that he was going to cum again. Ginger stopped him and told him to cum on her face. Rick pulled out of Sonia and quickly started stroking as Ginger bent in front of him. Right before his climax, Sonia bent next to her and started to kiss her before his first shot landed on their faces. Ginger and Sonia both turned towards his dick and opened their mouths wide as his seed spilled inside and around their mouths. They began to kiss afterwards as Rick sat back and watched.

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