tagLoving WivesA Korean Wife's First Adventure Ch. 01

A Korean Wife's First Adventure Ch. 01


I have never tried to really write anything like this before but my husband encouraged me to. Well, here we go.

Let me start by introducing myself to you. I am a 38-year-old Korean woman married to a wonderfully loving Latino man. I am about 5' 1" tall, 35C+-27-35. I don't consider myself by any means as attractive although my husband says I am crazy. I was born in Korea and came to the U. S. at age 7. I learned English quickly and soon acclimated to my new home. I grew up in a strict and conservative home where anything to do with sex was taboo. I was shy and withdrawn growing up and remained a virgin till I was almost 30, giving it up to a Korean man I had married. Having never enjoyed some of the ridiculous traditions in my culture, I was soon on the rocks in my marriage.

After about 3 miserable years, we went our different ways. Sex during my marriage was a joke. He knew nothing of women's sexual needs and didn't care to try to learn. Since I was now divorced and considered virtually untouchable by any reputable Korean male I decided to try being a slut. Unfortunately my uptight upbringing got in the way. When I met my current husband (I'll call him "Mark" here) 4 years ago, he swept me off my feet. Again another taboo, a non-Korean, non-Asian. By this time I really didn't care. The first time we had sex I was blown off my feet. He did things to me I had never imagined and I finally got to feel my first orgasm. He continuously showed me new heights in sexuality letting me experience so many new things.

We got married about 2 years ago and soon after Mark brought up the subject of bringing another man into our bed. I was shocked at first until he told me about having done this with his first wife. After he told me all the details of what had been involved and how much he wanted me to be able to experience as much as I could, I became intrigued. We talked about it a lot and even incorporated it into our lovemaking. He would blindfold me and tell me a stranger was going to fuck me. Oh God, how it would drive me nuts. I finally relented and told him to set it up.

Mark finally came to me one evening and told me everything was set and that on Friday night I was going to be in heaven. I was nervous beyond belief the days leading up to Friday. Mark was reassuring telling me that everything would be fine. He said that the individual was completely clean so condoms would not be necessary. He knew how much I disliked condoms and that since I was on the "pill" the odds would be pretty safe. We even refrained from sex for the 4 days leading up to "The Big Night" so that it would hopefully be even more intense. Finally Friday evening came. After we got home from work, Mark ran a hot bath and bathed me. It was so sensual. He ran his hands all over my body telling me how beautiful my body is and how our partner was going to love every inch of me.

He toweled me off and led me still naked to our back spare bedroom laying me down. He asked me if I trusted him and I told him that of course I did. He then placed a blindfold on me. I was so nervous and it felt so strange not being able to see. I felt Mark tie my wrists then ankles with some soft cloth then pull me spread eagle on the bed. He told me that from this point on no one was to speak. He said that this way I would not be able to tell who was around me or fucking me. I felt my face flush hot and got anxious. I felt Mark move off the bed and heard him move off down the hallway. I was so close to "chickening out" a few minutes later when I heard someone coming down the hallway and into the room.

I strained to try to pick out sounds but it was so hard. When I felt a hand touch my left leg I flinched and cried out in surprise. Soon I felt a hand on both of my legs massaging and caressing. The touch was definitely Mark's, of that I was sure. I let myself relax. He is playing out another fantasy making me think he is someone else I thought. I let myself enjoy his hands as he moved up my thighs, lingering on the inside of both thighs close to my pussy teasing me. I was thoroughly enjoying my husband's touch when suddenly another pair of hands began kneading my left breast. My body involuntarily flinched and tensed as I realized, "This is really happening!"

I felt the hands roaming over my breasts squeezing and kneading them as what I believed to be my husband began exploring my now wet pussy. I let out a moan has I felt the fingers slip into my hot pussy. A pair of lips finding first my nipples then my pussy at the same time. I had never felt anything so sensuous and arousing in my life, at least that was what I thought until another set of hands and lips found my unattended titty. "There are three men on me!"

I thought as I felt a tongue begin to slip in and out of my pussy. I felt pressure on the bed to my right and something blunt and soft against my lips. I turned my head and took this strange cock into my mouth. I could already taste the pre-cum on it. I was thinner than Mark's but just as long. I rolled my tongue all over it as I pumped my head up and down the shaft. I heard the cock's owner groan at my attentions as I felt myself working towards a climax by what I am sure were my husband's attentions to my pussy. I moaned onto the cock in my mouth, sucking him harder as I felt that wonderfully familiar feeling inside my pussy as I came. The cock in my mouth began thrusting to match my bobbing motions. I felt the bed shift under the weight of movement. At the moment my mouth flooded with cum from my mystery lover, I felt a bare cock much thicker and longer than my Mark's fill my cunnie.

He began thrusting into my pussy, his hands gripping my hips pumping me hard and soo good. I swallowed and licked allot of the sperm from the cock in my mouth. I felt a hand turn my head to the left and opened my mouth to accept another cock. "Mark", I thought as I ran my tongue along it's familiar shaft. I felt my hands freed from the restraints followed by my ankles. I raised my legs wrapping them around the lean form fucking me and pulled him deeper into me with his thrusts. I don't know how to possibly describe what I was feeling with this thick hard long strange cock inside of me and another (possibly Mark) pumping into my mouth while some else sucked and squeezed my titties. I was in heaven, pure sensual heaven. I never imagined being fucked like this could feel so good.

I tightened my legs around the guy fucking me and pulled him deep into my pussy when I felt him tensing. I wanted to feel him shoot his load of hot cum deep inside of me. With a groan he accommodated my desires. I guess the sight of his petite Asian wife making a stranger cum inside her was too much for Mark because the cock in my mouth began pumping hot salty cum down my throat. I took more of his cock down my throat trying to swallow it all. I felt the cock in my pussy slip out as I released my legs from its owner and immediately felt another body try to take his place. "Wait!", I said slipping the cock from my mouth. "I want you to lie down, I wanna be on top of you." I shifted on the bed letting my would-be fucker lie down as I straddled him feeling that familiar thin cock I sucked off first sliding into my cum filled cunnie. It felt wonderful as I slipped slowly onto him until he was completely in.

He grabbed onto my hips as I began riding his shaft. Slowly first, then faster like I enjoy. I felt hands reach around behind me grabbing my bouncing tits and a mouth on my shoulder and neck. God it felt so good. The more aroused I felt the faster I pumped and the more someone bit and sucked my neck. I came hard and gasping, my pussy grasping at the cock inside me milking it into my already cum filled cunnie. I collapsed onto my lover beneath me, finding his mouth and giving him a long tongue filled kiss of thanks. His arms wrapped around me pulling me tight against him as he continued our passionate kiss. I felt him stiffening again inside me as I felt another body move in behind us. I felt another hard dick pushing its way into my already cock filled cunnie. It hurt causing me to cry out. After the initial pain, the sensation became delicious.

They both moved together inside me, the copious amounts of cum in me making it easier. I continued kissing my lover under me, thrusting back to match their pumping cocks. Again, it was an incredible feeling. As the pace quickened I soon found myself in the throes of yet another deliciously intense orgasm. I could feel my pussy clamping on the double dicks (Mark calls it "snapping" when I come hard). I continued to match their thrusting until first one then the other began exploding into my filled pussy. There is nothing like feeling your man (or men in this case) shooting their hot sperm into you. It felt wonderful. Exhausted and sore I collapsed onto the man under me, his softening cock still inside me after the other one slipped out. I rolled off of him onto the bed on my back breathless and quite satisfied.

"Sorry boys but I've really had it." I said. I felt first one then the next move close and kiss me deeply, passionately as they moved off. I just lay there dozing contently till Mark finally took the blindfold off. I looked into his smiling face realizing again how much I loved this man who gives me so much. He asked me if I enjoyed myself and I told him I had, "Immensely!" He told me he too had been surprised how much fun the night had turned out.

"So, since when has a threesome meant four?" I asked. Mark explained to me that he had planned on a threesome but he couldn't decide on which of his "special" acquaintances to include so he decided to surprise me with two. He was glad it turned out so well, so was I. He asked if I wanted to know who they were but I told him I thought it would be better if I didn't. I knew that if it was friends of his I know I might feel kinda funny around them. When he asked me if I would be willing to do it again, I smiled at him, pushed him onto his back on the bed and as I slid my hot cum filled pussy onto his cock told him, "What do you think?!"

Funny how I couldn't be a "slut" when I was single until my husband Mark showed me how. Thank you for reading my story. Bye until the next one!

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