tagLoving WivesA Korean Wife's First Adventure Ch. 02

A Korean Wife's First Adventure Ch. 02


Well here I am for my second installment in my new found sexual adventures with my Latino husband. I find writing about this very refreshing and arousing. Sharing my ultimate fantasies and adventures with others. I will introduce myself to you to help give you a visual idea about me. I am Kimmy, a 38-year-old Korean woman who is about 5' 1" tall, 35C+-27-35. I pretty much grew up a prude and found myself to be a closet slut after my divorce. I could never go through with my sleeping around fantasies until I met and married my current husband, Mark who began encouraging my hidden sexuality. I finally experienced my first sexual "slut" adventure recently when Mark set up a "M-M-M-F Gangbang" for me. It was an incredible experience for me, especially since I wasn't expecting a third hard cock in my supposed "M-F-M"! That was my first story, this is my new one. I've changed everyone's names for privacy.

Mark told me that he and his friends were planning a bachelor party for his buddy Scott. Ron and he were planning to have an after dinner party at our house since it's pretty big and I'm told, comfortable. My husband asked if I would stick around to "help" out with the munchies and drinks before they came to the house. I told Mark that I felt kinda funny hanging around and figured I would go catch a movie with one of my girlfriends. Mark pleaded with me to please help them out because he was terrible with party details so, I relented and agreed to help out. I spent the next three days buying stuff for the guys with the money Mark and Ron gave me. Friday came and by about 8 PM I had everything ready for the guys. Since I figured on not seeing anyone I retired to my bedroom to relax and watch a DVD movie.

It was about 9:15 PM when the sound of laughter and drunk men woke me from a semi-doze. Mark came into the room with a big grin and kissed me, thanking me for the great layout I had left for them. I asked him how things went earlier and he told me everything had gone pretty well considering. I asked him what he meant by "considering". He told me that Ron had been pretty plastered by the time they stopped off at a strip club after dinner and had gotten them thrown out for being too touchy during a lap dance that was supposed to have been for Scott the groom to be. Mark was the only sober one of the group since he drove and since the other 5 guys were already pretty "happy", he figured they'd just come to the house and watch some "skin flicks". Mark said he was kinda bummed because he had really wanted Scott to enjoy his big send off but it just wasn't turning out that spectacular. He excused himself and went back out to the party leaving me thinking (a fairly predictable thought) that maybe I could entertain the guys. I was flushed with embarrassment just thinking about what could happen. I also figured that Mark must have had some idea thoughts like this would come to me (Why else would he set me up to be home?). I decided to go for it. I got up and went into the bathroom doing myself up best I could. I picked out a sexy see-through black bustier and a short black (fuck-me) skirt with black thigh high stockings and pumps. I looked at myself in the mirror having second thoughts. I felt ridiculous. I was on the verge of backing down when Mark came back to the room and walked in on me.

"Oh my God!" he said, his mouth hanging open and eyes huge. "You look fucking great!" he told me.

I was totally embarrassed but could tell by his face that he was sincere. I thanked him and turned for him to see all of me.

"So what have you got in mind Honey?" he asked with a grin.

I told him that I was thinking about giving Scott a "special present" since Ron had screwed up his other plans.

Mark just grinned at me and asked, "So what's keeping you?"

With that he took my hand and led me towards the den where the sounds of the party grew louder. He leaned into the doorway holding me just out of sight.

I was flushed and hot with anticipation and embarrassment as I heard him say, "Scotty, you are going to love what I have here for you!"

Cries of "Bring out the stripper!" and "Give us the whores!" came from the room making my anxiety unbearable as Mark began pulling me into view.

When the boys saw me you could have heard a pin drop on the rug. The smiles disappeared as their faces dropped open in shock. I placed my hands on my hips and stood there for what seemed to me like an eternity. Mark moved over to the stereo and turned the music up as I began to dance. I was trying to dance as sexy as I figured a stripper would, gyrating to the sounds.

As I got close to him I heard Scott say,"My God Kimmy, you're fucking gorgeous!"

Needless to say that as well as the smiles beginning to spread on all their faces helped as I began moving amongst them. I closed my eyes, running my hands over my body while moving to the sounds. I moved my hands over my breasts and stomach down to my thighs then back up hiking my skirt up exposing my bush as I moved my hands. I heard gasps and groans from the guys as I did this. I bent over in front of Scott moving my hands down my legs towards my ankles wiggling my exposed ass and pussy at him. I saw him rubbing the front of his pants from between my legs as I kept gyrating.

"You want some help with that Scotty?" I asked as I stood again and turned to him, my hands on my titties again.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Scott said to me as I got closer.

I slipped the cups on my bustier down letting my titties go free and squeezing my hard nipples in front of Scott. I was now feeling less anxious and more comfortable as I straddled Scott's lap rubbing my titties in his face.

"Go ahead Scottie, touch me. Have me, Mark said it's okay." I told him.

Immediately I felt his hot lips and tongue on first one nipple then the other back and forth as his hands gripped and kneaded my bare ass under my skirt.

It felt soo good having such control and power over these men. I felt hands on me as another man undid the bustier and let it drop to the floor. I hugged Scott's mouth to my breasts my arms around his head as someone's lips found the side of my neck. Shear pleasure was all I could feel.

I heard Mark's voice in my ear as his lips left my neck. "Have fun Kimmy, fuck him or anyone else you want. This is your night." He whispered into my ear.

I really didn't need to hear that to set myself free but somehow it helped and I decided to let it all go tonight. I felt my Mark move away as I continued to let Scott ravage my nipples and ass with his mouth and hands. I reached down undoing his belt and pants. I could feel Scott shift to let me free his hard cock and balls.

"Oh fuck yes!" he murmured into my tits as I stroked his hard-on rubbing its head against the now wet lips of my pussy.

Scott groaned with me as I slipped completely onto his cock. His hands now gripped my hips, his mouth still on my tits as I began riding his long rock hard dick.

"Oh Scottie yes!" I heard myself cry, "Fuck me good and hard. Let me feel you cum inside me!"

My urges must have pushed him over the edge since moments later I felt him shudder under me as he came. It felt so fucking good feeling him release inside me. Only a woman can appreciate the feeling of a hard cock releasing its hot juices deep inside your pussy. The feeling and realization of Scott's release gave me my first orgasm of the night as my cunny milked Scott's cock of his juices.

Scott held me against him his face buried in my breasts as I hugged his head to me.

"Oh fuck Kimmy you're fucking great!" he said as I raised myself off his lap.

His cock and cum both slipping from me as I stood naked except for the mini skirt, stockings, and heels. I looked at the faces around Scott anxiously staring at me as I stood there, Scott's cum dribbling out of my pussy down the insides of my thighs. It felt great feeling so desired by these men all of whom I knew fairly well. Mark moved beside me holding up a paper bag.

"Okay boys, reach in and grab a condom. Whoever gets the odds gets a prize!" he said.

Immediately the five of them and my hubby reached in and took a condom then held them up. Ron and my husband's other friend Fred had colored condoms while the other four (my Mark included) held regular ones.

"Well Kimmy we have our winners" Mark said," Fred got blue for blowjob and Ron, purple for pussy!"

I was really having fun now. I walked over to Fred who was big, about 6' 2" and 240 lbs. if an ounce and black. I rubbed the bulge in the front of his pants as he stood in front of me.

"Well Freddy what do you want me to do with this?" I asked him.

He just kept grinning as I undid his belt and pulled his pants and shorts down freeing the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. Freddy must have been about 9 to 10 inches long and thick. My hands looked tiny as I wrapped them around his monster cock. I squatted down in front of him stroking him as I put his thick purple head to my mouth flicking the beads of pre-cum from it. I began trying to wrap my mouth around him and finally succeeded in swallowing the first three to four inches. I could smell his heavy musk as I stroked as sucked his delicious cock. Freddy groaned as I worked him with my tongue and lips, cupping his swollen balls and gently squeezing as I worked him. Freddy placed his hands on the sides of my head guiding my rhythm. I felt hands on my waist and hips and felt legs moving between my legs. I shifted to accommodate Ron as he slid under me and lowered my wet cunny on to his dick. He wasn't wearing his condom but I didn't care. I knew Mark would never let Ron fuck me if he wasn't clean. I was enjoying sucking off Freddy while I began riding Ron's cock. I was in shear sensory heaven and closed my eyes enjoying the sensations. I could taste Freddy's cum and knew he was about to let go. My eyes still shut I doubled my efforts on him and Ron, thrusting up into me faster while holding my hips. I could hear the guys cheering the boys on.

Mark's voice especially calling,"Make them cum baby! Go Kimmy go!"

I began to feel the throws of an orgasm come over me only to find my screams of passion muffled by the onset of Freddy's cum. I automatically tried to swallow all his cum but due to the amount and my own gasps of orgasm I started to choke and spew sperm out of my mouth all over my tits and Ron's legs. Ron, feeling my cunny clamping onto him in orgasm pulled me back off my squatting position and down completely onto his cock as he let go inside me. I could feel his cock pumping into me as he filled me. It felt so good. I milked Freddy's cock with my hands as I felt Ron twitching inside me.

I stood up dripping Ron's cum all over him and towards Mark. My breasts and face were covered in Freddy's hot sticky fluids while Ron and Scott's cum dripped from my cunny. Mark motioned to Leo who was standing next to Scott's chair.

"What about him?" he asked.

I looked at Leo who smiled meekly then turned to Mark again.

"What about you Honey?" I asked Mark.

To answer me Mark moved towards me and guided me to Scott whom I could see was hard again.

"Why don't you blow the groom to be while Little Leo fucks you from behind like you like?" he said, leaning close to my ear to whisper, "I'll fuck the shit out of you afterward you little Slut!"

I turned to see him smiling at me and knew that he was enjoying watching me perform for his friends. I kissed him deeply on the mouth letting him taste Freddy's cum then leaned forward over and wrapped my lips around Scott's cock. As I began getting into it with Scott I felt hands on my hips and moved to let Leo slide his surprisingly thick cock into my pussy. Leo began thrusting roughly into me pulling me back onto his cock as I tried to maintain my lips around Scott. Leo was a little rough but felt good, my pussy enjoying his thrusts. Leo must have been really turned on by the whole situation because I heard him grunt as I felt the now familiar feeling of him cumming inside me. As he slipped out of me I turned and holding my ankles presented my oozing pussy to Scott.

"Fill me again Scotty, I want that big dick of yours in me one more time!" I told him.

Scott stood up and moved behind me easily slipping his cock into my hot wet cum filled cunny. I couldn't help but groan with pleasure to feel his cock slip into me again. He grabbed my hips and began fucking me good. I accommodated him easily enjoying the wonderful sensation.

This went on for quite a while; Scott must have been enjoying himself as much as I was. After awhile he began thrusting faster and harder to the cheers of the other guys.

Aroused by the feeling and the attention of all these other men caused me to cry out, "Oh YES! FUCK ME SCOTT FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!"

With that I came hard, my pussy clamping onto Scott's cock as he let go again. I felt his cock pulsing inside of me pumping me full of his juices. I collapsed onto my back on the floor pleasantly exhausted. My body filled and feeling soo good. I looked up at the guys all smiling at me and caught Mark's happy gaze.

"Come here Markie" I called, "I want you to fuck me and fill me. PLEASE!"

The guys began chanting, "MARK! MARK! MARK!" as he slipped out of his clothes and climbed onto me.

We kissed long and deeply, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues as he slipped his cock into me. He felt wonderful as always. This was my man and my cock. He began fucking me with his deep long thrusts as I wrapped my legs around his ass pulling him deep inside me. I enjoy fucking but I LOVE fucking my husband. His pace was slow and easy reaching deep into me with his thrusts. My breaths came hard and fast as I felt myself slipping into an intense orgasm with my husband. With the onset of my pussy pulsating Mark picked up his pace and as I came fully into orgasm, Mark came too. His lips still locked in passion with mine as we climaxed together (something we are very good at). The sensation made that much more interesting by the applause of the guys. Mark got up as I lay there, my cunny running with sperm. Mark told the guys that the party was pretty much over. The guys collectively groaned their displeasure openly.

"Oh come on guys!" I said, "You wore me out!"

I heard Freddy say that he wished he coulda tried my pussy. I looked up at him then Mark and with a nod from my husband told Freddy he could fuck me before he left.

"I'm so stretched out from all these cocks that you shouldn't hurt me too much." I told him, "Just be gentle and easy."

Freddy stripped off the rest of his clothes and moved between my legs. He lowered himself over me guiding his monster dick slowly into my soaking wet pussy. He felt bigger than anything I have ever put inside me ever did. It was uncomfortable at first till my body began adapting and accepting him. I raised my legs grabbing my ankles and felt Freddy's cock bottom out in me. It felt good but still kinda hurt as he began thrusting into me. I wrapped my legs around his ass and guided him as he fucked me, the guys again cheering as I accepted Freddy's entire dick into my pussy. The shear size and sensation caused my pussy to start involuntarily pulsate and that started Freddy pulsating as he came with a groan. Again I felt the wonderful feeling of a man filling my pussy with cum.

Freddy slipped his softening cock out of me and kissed me softly saying "Thanks babe. You are one fuckin' hot Lady!"

As he moved off each of the guys leaned over me kissing me softly thanking me, especially Scott.

My husband made the guys promise to keep this night between all of us. A point made more important by the fact that their wives and in Scott's case, fiancée' wouldn't have appreciated or approved of our actions. As Mark packed the boys up I went to my bathroom and lowered myself into a nice hot tub to ease my body. I truly enjoyed the sexual freedom and variety I experienced that night and realized that my new sense of sexuality is wonderful and free. All thanks to my wonderful husband Mark. I must admit it was kind of awkward at the wedding shower on Sunday when I sat with the wives of the men I had fucked Friday and of course Scott's fiancée. If they only knew what their husbands and boyfriend had done to me. Hell I was still sore....

Until the next one, life is now my adventure...

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