tagMatureA Ladies Pleasant Debacle

A Ladies Pleasant Debacle


This is a continuing story of Julia's Lovers (that is in the Mature section). To get the full story, one should read the original.

A Ladies Pleasant Debacle

"Hello Al, how is it hanging lover?"

"Julia, you can be such an embarrassment. What's up sweetheart?"

"I know you are right now, however I am calling for some assistance with a small problem! Let me know when you can make it over here."

"Are you now labeling me Mr. Small because of my tool? Regardless, when you call you know I will come. How does 5 o'clock tonight sound, I am ready willing and able!"

"Knock it off wild man, I will introduce you to the small problem, that may take your brain instead of your putz lover! So we shall see you then."

"You now you have my curiosity, are you talking about Sara? If you are, I will have to bring an oxygen tank, just in case."

"Easy Al, Sara may be in and out, but she is not the focus of this get together. To be honest 4 o'clock sounds better because some constructive time will be spent before playtime begins. Yes, your going to get it, but it is going to be different – mark my words."

"Ok honey, your on for this afternoon. Love you sweetheart."

"Thanks Al, I will be saving myself for you… More than you know! Bye."

I was left wondering what Julia had up her sleeve, but went back to my computer to finish up some tasks, while basking in the pleasant interlude.

At 3:40 I jump into my Beatle and head for Julia's; irritated when the stoplights seemed to be extra long. I am a bit early when Julia comes to the door with a big grin on her face, and almost jumps into my arms. After a sweet passionate kiss, she takes my arm and says, "lets go into the living room instead of my bedroom."

UH OO, I feel I did something wrong, and started preparing myself for a tongue-lashing. Instead we entered the room and there on the couch was a charming lady slightly over 40 years of age. Obviously by her muscle tone, a hard working woman that was a bit on the pleasingly plump side, and that would be normality. After smiling at her - and receiving a pained smile in return, I plopped into the Lazy Boy instead of on the couch, while Julia sat down next to the woman, and took her hand.

"Al, I want you to meet my good friend Paulette. She and I, along with her husband, have been friends for years now, but not like you think lover."

With that said, Paulette's eyes sort of squinted to match a smirk on her face when she said, "Maybe I better leave so the two of you can be alone."

"Paulette, we are adults here, and you know the real reason we are together is to help you with your problem. So let's not get silly and immature," Julia reprimanded.

Julia continued, "Paulette has been having a mid life crisis with her husband, that she married 20 years ago. She loves him dearly, however he is now unable to fulfill her needs - so she wanted to know ways to improve their sex life. Is that too blunt for you Paulette?"

With that Paulette took a deep breath and relaxed, with her face looking quite sad. "Yes, that about says it all."

"Going a bit further, Paulette is a torrid woman that really hasn't been fulfilled all these years to the point that she thought she was a lesbian, only to come 'out of the closet' so as to say, with me to discover that she is not! She tried sex toys also, but was still left unsatisfied, so I told her that instead of talking with girls, maybe it is time to talk with some male input, and you were elected Al. I told her she would be safe with you because you never betray a trust, and what is said and done here, would remain with us."

"Julia, I am a bit confused here? Does she want to watch us make love as a real life experience, or is she bold enough to go for a three-way? Does she have questions that she would like to have answered? You know I am totally open to any or all these venues as long as she is safe from pregnancy or harm from an irate husband."

"Let's can it guys, I am horny as hell, and all this talk is driving me insane. Lets just go into Julia's bedroom, make it as dark as possible, and Al, put on a condom and give it to me, its that simple."

With that she trudges into Julia's bedroom pulling curtains to darken the room, and removes her clothing to slide her nude body under the sheets. I enter and she kinda ignores me as I remove my clothing, and slide into bed with her. Julia then closes the door so the two of us can be alone.

"Ok, 'lets get the show on the road'." Paulette says rather abruptly," I am wet and ready for you to stick it in me."

"Sorry honey that is not the way we do it. Yes, you have the prime ingredients of need and willingness, but it will be that much more enjoyable if you let yourself go, and help me to enjoy you. Here, come into my arms and let us enjoy the closeness of each other's nakedness. Permit me to investigate you, fondle you, tease you before I fuck your brains out".

This gets a snicker from Paulette as she now relaxes in my arms. I start kissing her neck gaining a few giggles before her lips meet mine only to feel her breathing quicken while the passionate tongue duel starts. Small moans of urgency escape her and I know I must quickly neuterize her so she will be able to enjoy a full sexual adventure. I tell her she is very exciting, and I reach for the condom and ask her if she would like to have the pleasure of installing it.

"Oh god, I have never been asked that, I am too excited, and probably would tear it to shreds. Some other time, please I need you!"

With that I pull the covering sheet off her and roll her on her back, and her knees come apart exposing her sex to me. I slip the condom on and slide up between her legs and place my insulated cock against her entrance that starts undulating, feeling my presence with her clitoris. I place my lips upon hers and feel a tongue prying mine apart and as they intertwine. I slowly press into her hot pudding. She then savagely attacks my cock with violent humping only to stiffen, shutter, relax and radiantly smile with my cock still imbedded.

"Oh thank you Al, I really needed that. I've never had it so good, and never thought someone thirty years my senior would be the one to get me like this."

"Paulette honey, now that we kicked off anxiety, we can get started!" I remove the condom and tell her to relax and let's fool around a bit, pulling her close so her juices now are coating my cock. She melts and enjoys my presence while seductively tantalizing her clitoris on my shaft. With my hands on her ass we both masturbate against each other, until I roll her on her side into a spoon position in front of me, and place my cock against her pussy lips, while my hand is massaging her tit.

She then starts moaning and pushing back against me slowly loosing control to passion. "Oh god, I never felt like this before. You feel so damn good. Put it back into me."

"Should I put on another condom?"

"No, I want to go all the way this time!"

She thrusts back and I slide into her very slippery pussy that feels a lot better naked. Paulette rolls onto her back placing her left leg over mine to improve contact. I tell her to investigate our junction, to feel with her fingertips what is happening to her. To place her hand on my testicles, at this point in time they are dangling from her vagina. All for intensifying her comprehension that she is being fucked! The pace of her undulations is now picking up and she is moaning. Realizing what is happening, I get ready for her. She stiffens and her pussy gets really sloppy and spasming, I am now tightly coupled to her orgasm, and press my body as close as possible while ejaculating deeply into her. She feels me splash inside, and it sets off a small scream of delight. Shakily we both separate consumed with the reality of what just happened.

"Al, I think you just devirginated me! I just can't believe that I can still keep going on and on. I see my whole life as being way too narrow. The condom thing was to make me feel secure that I was not being unfaithful to my husband, but I now know, as a satisfied woman, that I have to be true to myself first and foremost, to keep both of us in our marriage happy. May I stay in bed for a while longer, and may we do it again?"

"Only if we turn the lights on Paulette, so I can see your face when you cum. It is very sexy to me to enjoy a woman's extreme pleasure. Remember, Julia our host is out there, and after hearing us, is pretty horny herself by now. I believe it would be good manners to invite her in here to be with us."

"I can handle that now that I am no longer so frustrated."

I turn on the bedroom lights and journey into the hallway calling Julia, who gets off the couch totally nude, with a big grin on her face. "I thought you would never ask lover, let me add a bit of African American flavoring to this tryst of British and American Indian relations - to truly round out integration." Julia cheerfully exclaims, running into the bedroom.

"Oh Julia, thank you so much for helping me to learn so much," as Julia flops onto the bed gathering Paulette into her arms, and starts in kissing her while opening her legs for me to start licking her pussy lips. Julia then starts playfully wiggling her hips while I start sucking on her clitoris.

"Did I make my lover hot by fucking her girlfriend?" I ask.

"Actually no, I just got hot because you are here Al." Julia then changed position so I could better lick her pussy.

"So being away from you for a few days was to let me recharge so I can be a Superfuck, huh! Did you plan this? Paulette lay back and let me get your pussy also"

"Oh Al, I'm dripping with cum and sperm, don't you want me to cleanup first?"

"Don't bother Paulette, leave it to me. Watch while I push our juices into Julia's pussy with my cock." I then plunge into Julia, take a few strokes, and then move over so my face is between Paulette's thighs. When she feels my lips against her cunt she shudders and sighs, and when my tongue slides up to her clitoris, she starts moaning and thrashing about, pushing my face away from her.

"Too sensitive," she cries!

I then go back to licking Julia's cunt, while reaching up to fondle tits. I can only reach 3 out of 4 of them. Julia is now ready to copulate, and I see the urgency in her eyes. I crawl up to her face, start kissing her passionately while noting redness appearing on her black cheeks, and to Paulette's surprise, she watches as I place Julia's legs on my shoulders while bending her double, I then thrust my cock into her dripping cunt.

"God Al, I uh almost forgot how good you feel, oh give it to me baby!"

Julia and I are then into serious fucking completely oblivious to Paulette. Since our priority was the novelty of fucking Paulette, we both grind together quickly orgasming, separating, panting, while Paulette sees that my cock is still rigid, so the now 'brazen hussy' crawls on top of me holding the base of my cock, while aiming it at her sloppy pussy, she then impaled herself to both our happiness.

"Oh Al, this is so nice, your cock slowly moving in my cunt is like a myriad of kisses, making me realize what living is all about. I will enjoy being liberated for the rest of my life, and I owe it all to you and Julia."

"The rules are secrecy i.e. keep your mouth shut, and until you decide who your permanent correspondent is to be, share your goodies with me!"

With that Paulette chuckled. "That is one contract I definitely intend to keep Al."

In comes Sara, "say guys what's going on in here?"

Paulette then breaks away from our coupling in a state of total surprise. "uh, we were just fooling around Sara."

"Hey girl, I know fucking when I see fucking, and that is what you were doing Paulette! All I can say is congratulations, and thank you Al, I do believe her bitchy days are now over!"

Julia, with a grin, "Paulette my dear, you can think of us as a fraternity, conspiracy, or just a group of swingers, it matters not, we just live life to the fullest – and you are now a new member - if you wish?"

"John and I had a problem of looking down at you these last 3 years Julia, thinking affectionately of you as a loveable slut, that may have been inspired by a bit of racism. Now I have learned that you were right all along, and we were wrong for 20 years. I do believe John has the hots for you, and if he ever gets brave enough to ask, please teach him," Paulette pleaded.

With that Paulette boldly climbed back upon my body, and replaced my cock into her pussy. " So I guess I will enjoy my membership with you Al, and Sara, this is definitely fucking."

"Good grief, it's about time for you and Julia to go to work. Right now it's a case of man at work, so do not disturb! Sorry Sara, but I think I am parked for the night, until Paulette is ready to leave. I will lock the place up, after she unlocks my cock from her pussy."

After they leave, Paulette grinds her tits into my chest and breathes into my ear saying "this bad little girl will have a lot of downright lying to do when she gets home late tonight, so mister you just better make it worthwhile!" With that said she starts picking up pace to set off another orgasm!

"Take it easy baby, you have spent 20 years of your life lying to yourself, now you can have another 20 years of comfort, lying to your husband."

With that Paulette relaxes, her urgency diminished, and an impish smirk is settling onto her rosy face, while she is enjoying a slow, loving, comforting, fucking - on the first day of the rest of her life.

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