tagLesbian SexA Lady's Night with a Callgirl

A Lady's Night with a Callgirl


That following story is based on a real experience of one of my dear readers and mail-friend called Michelle. So, Michelle, many thanks and kisses to you, for sharing that wonderful experience of yours with us.

Michelle is now well over 40 years old, but a beautiful and fun loving erotic woman and this is her true experience:

Michelle's Story:

After a long time without any woman to woman sex, the only kind of sex that I like, a good friend of mine, Mike, who has connections to the escort business, kindly set me up for an evening with a beautiful young 18 year old sexy blonde girl named Amy. I never, ever thought that I would be in this position with basically a "prostitute" but I was missing sex so much and Mike knowing this was kind enough to help me with my decision and talked me into it....and I'm so glad that he did!

Well, it happened and it was just amazing, no just incredible! Such a night to remember and I will remember it forever! I left work a couple of hours earlier, to get home, get myself, my house and especially my bedroom ready for Amy. I put nice clean sheets on my bed, placed my vibrator with new batteries and my double and strap-on dildos on my bedside cabinet, ready for action. Then I had a quick tidy up around the house. I took a long bath in my jetted tub with bubbles. Then spent an hour in front of my mirror, to hopefully make myself sexy for her. I put on my Victoria secret sexy low cut bra and panties, my garter belt with my stockings, all black of course and one of my favourite black dresses which is low cut to show off my cleavage. I felt so sexy and I felt that I had done as much as I could to make myself sexy for her.

I had prepared some chilli, the night before and also prepared wonderful veggie and fresh fruit platters. I had also lit my candles in my living room and in my bedroom, to make the setting as romantic as possible, with classic romantic music playing low.

I spoke to Mike on Friday morning to tell him that Amy was coming over that night at 6.30pm, he promised me that I wouldn't be disappointed with the girl that they send and he called at 6.00pm to ask if I was ready for her?

"I'm as ready as I guess I will ever be, but I'm so nervous."

"Don't worry," he said, "You'll have a great evening with her, so try and relax and enjoy! You know it's been a long time since you have made love."

"Yes, I know," I said, "I am really excited, but I am still so nervous and I have really been ever since I made the arrangement. I'm old enough to be her Mom!"

"OH! Forget her age Michelle," he said, "Who cares about her age? This is what she does for a living."

"OK," I said, "Yes you're right!"

"That's a good girl, just relax and be yourself and it will all just happen naturally."

Amy was supposed to be at my place at 6.30pm and it was 6.20pm. I had calmed myself down, but as the time was getting nearer, those butterflies started to fly again. I was just fiddling about, not knowing what to do with myself, so I checked once more around my house, everything seemed to be neat, clean and tidy enough.

At 6.30pm my doorbell rang and I really had to compose myself. Oh please let it be Amy? It's been soooo long since I've had some pussy. I hurried to my front door and quickly had a last second check in my hall mirror, my hair and make up looked ok and my dress was on straight. OK! I thought, It's her it's got to be! She's standing outside. Now calm down! So, I opened the door and there stood this vision of beauty.

"Hello, you must be Michelle?" she said.

"Yes! And you must be Amy?"

"That's me!" she said so full of confidence.

"Please, come in," I said. She walked in flicking her sexy blonde hair as she smiled at me and my first thought was WOW! DEEELICOUS!!!!! Then she said, "You have a beautiful house!" "Thank you, yes I love my home, let me take your coat."

Amy took off her beautiful long black leather coat and I hung it up in my closet. She was just so young and gorgeous, a sexy black baby doll dress and yes, she was wearing black nylons for me too, just as I had requested!

"WOW! You are so beautiful!" I said.

"Why, thank you," she said.

"Let me take a look at you," I said.

Then she spun around on the spot and I took in all of her beauty and my eyes stopped at her sexy stocking tops, with the sexy garter clips.

"You like?" said Amy......

"I LIKE!!!" I said.

I felt quite giddy and very turned on by her immediately, her beautiful long blonde hair, her blue eyes and her full and sexy lips. Thoughts were running crazily through my mind. I was imagining those sweet young lips on my pussy, sucking me so deeply and drawing me to a full orgasm. But, I still couldn't believe that she was so young, in my house and that this was happening? And in a short while we were going to be very intimate.

"Would you mind if I take a look around this room?"

"No, please go ahead."

"You have made it so romantic here, just for you and me?" she said.

"Yes, honey just for the two of us, nice and romantic just for you and me."

She looked at all of my paintings, photographs and knick-knacks that I have collected over the years. She seemed so interested in everything. I stood back and let her wander around the room as I checked her out, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her! Her tight ass, hourglass figure and firm tits! My knees were trembling! I felt that familiar yearning, deep in my pussy. "You have such beautiful stuff here, Michelle!" she said.

"Thank you, honey."

"Everything is so very tasteful," she added.

Amy sat down beside me and put her glass back onto the coffee table, and then turned to look at me, her gaze was amazing and I felt as if I was in a trance.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Michelle," she said, as she held my hand in her soft young hands.

"Thanks," I said, as I couldn't take my eyes off of hers.

"Please don't be afraid to kiss me and touch me, that's why I'm here. I am all yours for the evening."

My heart pounded again as she said that.

"What time do you have to leave?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm good until at least midnight."

I just wanted time to stand still and be with this gorgeous young thing forever. With a shaky hand I touched her beautiful blond hair and ran it through my fingers. I love blondes! "

Pretty blond hair," I said.

"Well, it is all natural," she answered as she flicked her hair back so sexily.

"Your pussy too, is that blonde?" I asked.

"Yes, of course my pussy is blonde too, you'll see it soon enough and if you are a good girl, I'll even let you kiss it later."

"Oh.... I can't wait!", I whispered to her, kind of out of breath.

We both leaned forward and we kissed, briefly again, Amy pulled back and then again stared into my eyes and said softly: "Don't be nervous ok?"

"Ok baby, thanks," I said.

We kissed again. This time Amy opened her mouth and my tongue went searching for hers. My heart pounded hard as we french kissed and we took each other into our arms. Her full lips were so soft and her tongue was wonderfully now forcing its way into my mouth. She smelled so wonderful and her young body against me on my couch was unbelievable. My nervousness just completely disappeared. I was now in familiar territory another woman in my arms.....at last!

My confidence and libido kicking in full speed. I put my hand on one of her legs and felt her sexy nylons, as we kissed, then I put my fingers under her stocking tops and then felt her garter belt. Her stockings were so silky and so sexy, I lifted my hand and felt my way up from her legs to her breasts, and then I fondled one of her young full breasts through her dress. She let out a little gasp of pleasure during our continuing kiss. We both leaned back on the couch and now our kiss was getting deeper and more passionate, our heads turning against each other as we sucked each other's tongues so deeply and I kissed her so hungrily. I could feel my panties were beginning to get quite wet as Amy pulled away from our deep kiss, to take a breath and I gasped too in pleasure and slightly out of breath.

"Oh baby!" I said loudly! "You are so BEAUTIFUL! I want you so bad!"

"Shall we go to bed?" Amy asked softly

"Oh yes, can we?"

"Show me the way then..." said Amy.

I stood up and my legs almost gave way beneath me, I felt so weak. I put out my hand and Amy took it as I pulled her up off of the couch. I then took her into my arms and held her tight in a wonderful hug. I stroked her hair as our breasts crushed into one through our dresses. "Amy! This is so wonderful, thank you honey!"

"You're welcome."

I smiled at her and sighed, then said: "Come baby, let's go to bed!"

So, I took Amy by her hand and we walked to the staircase and I let her go ahead of me. I let her walk up the stairs as I paused to see my sexy young lover, heading towards my bedroom and of course I wanted to look to see if I could catch a glimpse of her panties from behind too!

She caught me looking as she turned around to see where I was,

"Are you checking me out Darlin'?" she said. "You are so naughty!"

I thought to myself, "You don't know just how naughty, I intend to be young lady!"

But, I just said ".... I know!"

I wanted so much just to grab her and devour her so quickly. But, again I held my composure and suddenly we were in my bedroom. Six long months, since another woman was there and I was going to enjoy every second of pleasure with her.

Amy asked, "What would you like me to do for you?"

"Oh, just about everything baby!", I said in excitement.

"Would you like me to strip for you or do you want to undress me or would you like me to undress you? The choice is all yours Darlin'"

"What a choice!" I said. "I would like to have some more kisses, some nice deep and wet kisses, to really fire me up."

I was already pretty fired up, but I love to kiss so much.

"That's fine, as I said I am all yours tonight."

"Let's just lay on the bed and kiss, then I would love you to stand up and slowly take off your dress and your bra for me, But, leave your panties on, as I would like to take them off of you with my teeth. But I'll tell you when to take off your dress, ok?"

"Ok, my Darlin' whatever you want!"

Amy lay on the bed, she looked sooo sexy as she looked up at me and I couldn't wait to join her, as I slid onto the bed beside her.

As you can imagine my panties were completely soaked by now! I took Amy in my arms again as I laid half on top of her. I got lost in her eyes and then we kissed, such deep, deep wet sloppy kisses, lots of tongues going back and forth into each other's mouths. I rubbed my crotch against her leg as we kissed. I wanted to just eat her all up in one. The evening was still young and I had Amy just where I wanted her. We could leave the talking till later, when we take a break for something to eat and drink. Our lovemaking was just beginning and my sexually frustrated body was going to make the most of her loving. I couldn't keep my hands to myself! As I laid bedside her, my left arm was beneath her head and as we kissed my right hand went to work, feeling her sexy stockings, pinching her tight young bum, sneaking a little feel of her pussy through her panties and fondling her tits through her dress. I wanted to enjoy her in her sexy clothes before she stripped off for me. I just loved the feel of her stockings and I wanted her to leave them on for me all through the evening. We kissed and kissed and kissed, her soft full lips felt so good on mine and she really did know how to french kiss too. I spent a lot of time kissing her pretty neck and playfully nipping away at her skin.

As we continued to kiss, I said: "Put your fingers into my panties honey!"

So Amy, put her hand up my dress and found the elastic of my panties, then she delayed putting her fingers inside them, which was so exciting! She made me wait and she asked: "What do you want, Michelle?"

"Oh, PLEASE finger me baby! Don't make me beg! NOW Amy! Please put your fingers in me!"

Amy's hand was now right in my panties. She teased my pussy lips and her thumb touched my clit, which sent a shiver of pleasure through me.

"Now, put your fingers in please... BABY!!! OH FINGER ME NOW!!!!"

"You don't want to wait? Michelle!"

"Stop teasing me please!"

„.... AAAHHH!"

She slid two fingers into me at once and my soaking wet pussy slurped around them. I shivered again in ecstasy as she fingered me so beautifully. I moaned and gasped as I pulled away from a deep kiss as again, a huge surge of pleasure, went through me. I didn't yet want to come, as I really wanted my first orgasm to be when she goes down on me. But, I guess with all of my pent up frustration, my first orgasm hit me hard! OH AMY! I'm coming!!!! I gasped. I thought that I could control it, but it just came out of nowhere and that was ok with me. I have plenty more where that came from, so it was all-good!

"Will you undress now for me baby?" I asked.

Amy got off of the bed and I reached over for my vibrator. She sexily let the top of her dress fall off of her right shoulder.

"Nice and slow, honey," I said as I switched on my vibe pulled my panties to one side and inserted it into my soaked cunt. Now, I'm not usually a woman who swears, but when I'm making love, I love to swear and I'm very verbal and noisy, especially during my orgasms. I find that it so heightens my pleasure.

"That's it baby undress nice and slowly," I said as I pushed the vibrator, in and out and in and out, while rubbing my clit with my left hand. My vibrator was singing away as I took it all completely.

Amy's dress dropped to the floor and she sexily stepped out of it.

"WOW!" I said as she stood there in her bra, panties and nylons. "You are soooo GORGEOUS! Baby! I'm just going to eat you all up! Now, take off your bra...that's it nice and slow now!"

Amy looked at me so sexily as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips, which made me have a mini orgasm.

"Let me see your tits now honey!" I gasped and she pulled off her bra and her tits just held there!

"OH FUCK YEAH! mmmm! BEAUTIFUL!" I said. They were so perky. They had big areolas and nice big nipples, just as you said you like, although they weren't dark.

Then she teased me by rubbing her tits and putting her head back and moaning, while still licking her lips!

"You sure know how to turn a woman on baby!" I said.

This young beauty just standing in front of me, with such a model perfect face and body.

I felt so unattractive in comparison to her.

I put my vibe back onto the bedside cabinet and stood up and said:

"Now come here and undress me!" I ordered!

Amy standing in front of me in only her panties and nylons put her arms around me to unzip my dress. I couldn't resist fondling her beautiful naked tits and rubbing each nipple between my thumbs and forefingers. My dress fell to the floor and I stepped out of it.

"Now my bra baby...take it off!"

I continued to feel her tits and kiss around her neck while she fiddled with my bra strap. Then I cheekily dropped my head down to take one of her nipples into my hungry mouth. She pulled my bra away and my tits drooped down, as of course a woman my age they would! So, Amy and I were both standing facing each other, only in our panties and nylons. I pulled her to me and our tits crushed together and I made circling motions with my body as my hard nipples rubbed against hers. We stood there and we kissed again, so deeply. Amy fitted so perfectly in my arms as we both got lost in our wet, long and deep kisses. I dropped my hands down onto her bum and I pulled her cunt into my cunt and I rotated my hips. I pulled back and looked at her so intensely into her eyes, with her still in my arms.

"Can I take your panties off baby?"

"Yes you can, you so far have been a good girl," she said, "but you have to remove them with your teeth ok?"

"O.K. honey!", I gasped.... as I fell to my knees, kissing her navel as I went down. I grabbed the top of her panties elastic between my teeth and pulled my head down moving my head from side to side, bringing her panties down too. I could smell her cunt as it was being exposed to me. Amy stepped out of her panties as I was still on my knees. Her pretty pink cunt lips and clit were so sexy and looked so delicious! Just nestled in her beautifully trimmed cunt hair. I planted a kiss straight onto her cunt and just took in the musky scent of it.

"Lay down on the bed baby," I said, "So I can suck you properly."

Amy crawled onto the bed and lay down.

"Now open your legs nice and wide for me. That's it", I said, as Amy opened herself for me, with her legs bent at the knees. My heart was pounding even more than it was, when she first showed me her tits. I lay between her legs. She lifted her bum and as I held her sweet cheeks, I lowered my face into her pretty cunt. Her cunt lips and hair were glistening as I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. I lapped away at her sweet pussy and then pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could. I licked around the walls of her vagina and then sucked her deeply as she humped her cunt into my mouth; again I had a mini orgasm as she began to moan.

"Put your legs around me baby," I said in some muffled tones as I continued to suck her.... so deeply! Amy continued to fuck my face and I wanted her not to come too quickly as I was in the place that I love to be in and that's with another woman's bum in my hands and my tongue inside her cunt!

Amy's orgasm I could tell was getting closer, as her breathing quickened and she was moaning such sexy moans. I kept sucking her deeply, refusing to stop. Amy's back arched as she reached her orgasm. I kept drinking her come as it filled my mouth. I wanted so much more of her pussy and I lifted my head to say: "I want more babe, is it ok?"

"You can have as much as you want, you lick me out so good! Please keep eating," she said.

I went down on her again. I continued to eat her out and stuck a finger up her ass, in which she squealed with delight. Amy came again in my mouth three more times. I just could not get enough of her sweet and tight young pussy. But, my pussy was feeling that it was nearly time to have her sweet mouth on it. I lifted myself up and told Amy to turn over and get on her knees. She did as I requested and I said that I wanted to lick her ass.

So, I parted the cheeks of her sweet ass to reveal her hole, I shoved two fingers into her cunt and I tongued out her ass, as she wiggled in ecstasy....

"I love licking your ass!", I gasped.

I wanted to spend some time licking her ass, but my pussy was just dripping at the thought of her tongue in it. Again thoughts were racing through my mind! Shall we 69 next? Or shall I just lay back and get her to lick me out first before I join her in a 69? "What wonderful choices I have," I thought.

We 69d with me on top and we both came together, my orgasm just ripping through my body...so heavenly! I then strapped on my dildo and mounted her in the missionary position "Put your legs around me, baby", I gasped and I fucked her nice and slowly to begin with, then very deep, while building up my thrusts, within minutes I was fucking her so hard as we kissed passionately. The bed springs were making such a beautiful sound as we fucked and Amy came in my arms as she pulled away from my kiss, moaning loudly through her climax.

I then strapped the dildo around her waist and laid back on the bed, with my legs wide open and said

"Now it's my turn baby, give me a good fucking"

Amy mounted me and she was very good at this for such a young girl.

"Fuck me harder baby!"

She humped her cock into me. OH.... it was so delicious! She fucked me through two consecutive orgasms, which had me screaming at the top of my lungs. I'm sure that my neighbours were wondering what I was up to?

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