A Late Night


She sighed as she woke for the fourth time that night, she had unexpected guests that night, and she could hear it every time one of them moved in the living room. Her brother and a friend had been undertaking a road trip when a surprise snow storm had hit. Her brother had considered them fortunate when he realized that she was only a short distance away, and they could wait at her place until the roads became passable again.

She considered herself less fortunate; she couldn't turn away her brother and his friend. But having two people show up unexpectedly to stay for an unknown length of time was very uncomfortable. And his friend, he made her feel slightly uncomfortable at times. Nothing she could really put her finger on, but it was an undeniable feeling.

She remembered their introduction earlier that evening. A loud knocking had interrupted her during a private moment in her bedroom. She had been reading an extremely arousing story online, it was about a young man returning an overdue library book and quickly being seduced and put to work servicing the librarian. She was completely undressed with one hand on her pussy gently rubbing her clit and the other squeezing her right breast. She was just getting close to cumming when the knocking interrupted her, she quickly grabbed a thin white t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. She intended to get rid of whoever it was a quickly as possible so she didn't bother with any underwear. She spent the whole time she was getting dressed cursing under her breath.

She headed downstairs and flung open the door with a snarled "What!?" She was taken aback when she saw her brother and someone she had never met before shivering on her doorstep. He responded, "Jeez sis, is that the way you always answer your door?" Her brother walked in past her and waved his guest in after him, as the other man squeezed past her, she couldn't help but notice his gaze of frank appraisal. He scanned her from head to toe, she noticed his gaze linger on her unrestrained breasts, and she was embarrassed to realize they were hard, either from her solo labors or the freezing breeze that had blown in when she opened the door, she did not know.

She quickly regained her wits and sent him a glare that would freeze him where he stood, if he hadn't turned away from her just in time to miss it. "What's going on?" she asked. He explained, "Me and Nick here were heading on a road trip when this snow came up out of nowhere. I figured we could crash here until the car could make it through the roads again." She couldn't resist this opportunity to needle him about his piece-of-junk car "You know, if you got a car that was slightly more advanced than a wagon, you might have been able to make it." He laughed a bit "Well, I figure this way I get to spend a little time with my sister, living in separate cities makes that a little tricky sometimes. So I figured I'd surprise you."

"You're lucky the sofa's a pull-out otherwise you'd both be sleeping on the floor," she told them. Nick spoke for the first time since her arrived then, "I think I'd rather the floor than that car seat, I'm not looking forward to sitting on it for hours at a time, much less sleeping in it."

"Well it's late already, you two crash down here, I'm going to go to bed," she informed them. She quickly showed them how to pull out the sofa bed, and went upstairs to change into her nightclothes, a long t-shirt and a pair of boyshorts-style panties. She lay in bed hearing the two chatting and moving about, eventually she managed to fall asleep during a lull in the noise.

After she had woken, yet again, she thought perhaps her interrupted masturbation from earlier was still affecting her, and perhaps if she finished she would be relaxed enough to sleep. She pulled up the story she had been reading earlier. It only took her a few moments to regain her previous level of arousal; apparently she had been primed and ready to go. As she read she began to squeeze her nipples more harshly than usual, and rub her clit more roughly than she usually liked, as she began to approach her orgasm she reached down and thrust two fingers into herself with much greater force than usual. She came immediately.

She tried to control her gasps, she didn't want to make too much noise and wake her guests, she didn't want them to hear what she was doing. As her breathing settled and the shudders though her body began to subside, she began to notice her thirst. She readjusted her clothes and left the room as quietly as she could. She tiptoed into the kitchen and quickly drank a glass of water, when she set down the glass and turned to go back to her room she was startled to see Nick standing a few feet behind her. She hadn't heard anybody behind her and couldn't restrain a small gasp of surprise. She felt like he could see the evidence of what she'd just done all over her. Hair mussed, eyes glassy, nipples proudly erect through her shirt.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I was just trying to get a class of water." She tried to play it off as nothing, "its okay, you just startled me is all." She could see he didn't really believe her, but he didn't bother to comment. He moved past her, brushing against her body in a way that could easily be accidental but she didn't think it was. He grabbed her glass and filled it, he turned one eye to her as he drank it slowly. She realized she had been staring at him for longer than was strictly necessary. He was wearing a pair of boxers and sleeveless shirt, she could see the dark hair on his chest and as he turned she could make out a bright tattoo on his right bicep, a detailed image of hornet's head.

She was beginning to feel uncomfortable in the silence, and when she saw a single drop of water escape his lips and make its way down his neck she turned and quickly walked back to her room. When she got back to her room, she fell on her bed and quickly slipped into a long sleep.

But her sleep was broken much sooner than she would have liked. A loud knocking on her door woke her early in the morning. "Hey sis, the car was acting a little funny right before we turned in for the night. The roads look decent, so I'm going to see about trying to get it looked at before we leave tomorrow. I should be back in a few hours. Nick said he'd make breakfast for you to thank you for letting us crash here, so just head out when you're ready."

She was still tired, but the idea of breakfast quickly got her out of bed. She was awake enough to remember to add pants and a bra to her ensemble this time though. As she walked into the kitchen she could begin to smell the hints of eggs wafting through the apartment, as she walked into the kitchen she could see a stack of pancakes on the table with some butter next to the plate and a bottle of hot syrup on the other side. As she sat at the table, she saw him glance up at her, but he made no comment. His attention seemed focused on his cooking. When he finished with the eggs he grabbed two plates and loaded them up, and set on in front of her and sat across the table form her. As she began grabbing some pancakes and buttering them she said, "Thank you for cooking, it was very nice of you."

"It's no big deal," he said, "I like cooking. There's just something about taking something raw and refining it into whatever you desire. With the proper ingredients you can overcome anything's natural resistance to change and create something truly remarkable. All it takes is time, patience, and... heat." As he spoke, she began to get the impression he wasn't talking about pancakes and eggs. The rest of the meal passed in silence, but she noticed him looking at her now and again, not trying to hide it, just gazing at her from time to time, he seemed... devious is the only word she had for it.

He finished at the same time as her and began helping her clean up. "You cooked, so it's only fair I clean," she said. "Seems fair to me," he responded. He walked into the living room and then she heard him walk towards the bathroom. When she heard the shower begin, she focused back on cleaning the dishes. When she finished she walked back towards her room just in time to see him leave the bathroom, already changed into fresh clothes, and his hair slick from the water, she could steam flowing out the door behind him.

He said nothing and walked back towards the living room.

She went to her bedroom and grabbed her towel and took a shower of her own. She wasn't sure why, but she made a point of shaving her legs and bikini area. After she was finished she wrapped the towel around herself and quickly walked back to her room. As she turned to close the door behind she was surprised to see Nick standing right behind her once again. This time she didn't gasp, but she felt a sharp stab of annoyance, and a prickle of fear. She went to shut the door in his face, but his hand caught the door and she found herself unable to close it. He walked into the room, invading her space, forcing her backwards, and closed the door behind him.

She shouted, "What the hell are you doing?" She tried to slap him but he grabbed her wrist and shoved her back to the bed. Her towel slipped off from the abrupt motion halfway across, she landed on the bed naked. He quickly crossed the room and grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. "If I had known you were so hot, I would've asked your brother to introduce us much sooner," he whispered into her ear before dipping his head to lick a bead of water off her neck.

She couldn't seem to bring herself to fight back, to even scream. Her mind was spinning in a million directions, her wrists were immobile, he was laying on top of her between her spread legs, she couldn't angle them to kick or knee him. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest, and her heart was hammering so loudly she could barely breathe. "Don't worry," he whispered, "I won't force you. In fact, I won't even fuck you until you beg me to."

She couldn't believe him, surely he didn't think there was any way she would want this. She thought it more likely she would beg for death than for him to have his way with her. "But I will fuck you," he continued, "not make love to, not have sex, we're going to FUCK. I'm gonna get you so hot that when I get my cock in your pussy, I bet you'll cum before I even have a chance to get all the way inside. You're gonna say 'please' like a good little girl, and I'm going to fuck you like a whore." She could hear his voice rough with desire, could feel his cock through his pants, hard on her pussy, now and again he would rub against her.

She regained control of her body enough to speak, "My brother is going to kill you when he finds out about this!" He just chuckled softly, "By the time your brother finds out about us, you'll be telling him how much you love me." With that, he pushed his lips against hers, hard. She could feel his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth, but kept her teeth clenched. He pushed his thigh against her pussy, hard. She gasped not because it hurt, but because it didn't. By the time she realized what he'd done; his tongue had slipped into her mouth. He kissed her roughly, but skillfully. All the while his leg pushed against her pussy, in time with his tongue thrusting into her mouth.

When he broke the kiss for air, she was gasping for breath. He leaned down to her ear once more, "When I'm done with you, you're gonna be my good little girl. And don't worry about protection, I won't be using any. I saw your birth-control pills in the medicine cabinet, so I hope you've been taking them. You're gonna feel me come deep in your pussy, you're mouth too. You ever deep throated? Don't worry if you haven't... you're going to today."

She was shocked to find herself slowly becoming aroused, by his words or his leg pressing tightly against her pussy, or her nipples rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. She could feel herself slickening up, her breasts filling out, and a blush spreading across her body. She wasn't sure what shocked her more, this attack or her body's betrayal. But it didn't take him long to notice.

"That's it baby," he whispered, "you're getting there. Won't be long before I'm filling you up." He shifted her wrists to one of his hands and roughly grabbed her breasts with his now free hand, palming her nipple, roughly kneading the whole breast. She couldn't contain the gasp of shock and surprising arousal. "That's right, you can make all the noise you like, I love the noises I can make you make. I wanna hear every squeal, every groan, every gasp. It's like an orchestra, and I'm the conductor. You're going to make such beautiful music for me."

His words frightened her, and inflamed her at the same time. She could feel her clit hardening in response to his taking command of her body, in her darkest fantasies she had wished for something like this, but not like this, she could never have imagined the real thing. Her fear only inflamed her passion and she was afraid of that passion, afraid he was going to be right.

His hand released her breast and slowly slid down her stomach to her soaking pussy. He slid over her and cupped her strongly, almost, but not quite enough to hurt. She could no longer hide her shame, her had found her wetness, how engorged her clit was, how swollen her lips. He pulled back to grin at her, and she could see it in his eyes, the desire, the hunger. She knew what he was going to do an instant before he quickly but smoothly slid two fingers into her wetness. Her back arched, seemingly without asking for input from her brain, a groan tore itself from her throat. A million signals crossed in her nervous system, fear became desire, desire became fear, it was maddening, it was beautiful.

He leaned down to take one of her swollen nipples into his mouth, she moaned louder this time. She could feel his fingers in her, curling upwards to rub over her g-spot, his thumb roughly caressing her clit. He sucked hard before nipping her nipple with his teeth. The pain transformed into something sublime in the time it took to travel to her brain. He released her wrists to use his other hand to caress her neglected breast; he knew he no longer had to fear her running away. And he was right, with her hands free, she could have made an effort to escape or fight back, all she could bring herself to do was clench the sheets of her bed tightly trying to find any method of regaining control.

He pulled he mouth from her breast and looked into her eyes; he could see them dark with arousal. "You're not as quiet as you think you are. I heard you last night, in here, touching yourself. Could hear every little gasp, every perfect little moan. I knew then that I'd have to take you, but don't worry, you won't need to fuck yourself tonight, I'll be fucking you." He wasn't bothering to whisper anymore. He growled in her ear and gave a quick nip to her earlobe, it sent a shudder running down her spine.

He sharply drew his hand from her pussy and breast, leaving her keening "Noooo." He whipped his shirt over his hand and quickly unbuttoned his shorts. She realized her eyes were closing and opened them in time to see him release his cock. It was average length, but thick, and so very hard. She could feel her body writhing in need, she tried to hide it, but couldn't stop herself. Her back arched up, trying to bring her pussy closer to him.

He stroked himself once, "Is this what you want?" She couldn't say yes, but she couldn't bring herself to say no. She squeezed her eyes shut and still her body squirmed uncontrollably. She felt him leaning over her once more, "Oh no, that's not good enough. I told you I wouldn't fuck you until you begged me for it. Now, open your eyes!" She couldn't resist his command, not any more. She saw him bring his hand back to her pussy and slide right in, she was so moist he met no resistance. "I'm going to fuck you like this, face to face. Do you know why?" She shook her head no, "It's so I can see the exact moment in your eyes when your want nothing more than for me to fuck you. To cum in you, to make you mine, and you're going to cum so hard when you realize it. Is that what you want?"

She nodded, unable to voice the words, but unable to deny them. "No, say it," he commanded. "Yes," she whispered. He wasn't going to let her off that easy though, "Yes, what?" She didn't want to say the words, but the demands of her body were more than she could deny, "Please. Fuck me."

He smiled triumphantly at her words, "Thatta girl, but you know, this is feeling a little one sided. So far I've done all the work, so it seems only fair to me, that you should help out a little." With that he straddled her stomach and slowly began to knee walk until his cock was at her mouth. His hand slowly reached behind her head, trailing through her still wet hair, and raised it, bring her lips even with his cock. She knew what he expected, and she no longer had it in her to deny him.

Her lips opened obediently, and she engulfed the head. Her eyes closed as she savored the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. It had been so long since she had this feeling, the velvet soft skin over an iron hard core. Her tongue caressed the head, dipped into the slit, luxuriated along the ridge. She opened her eyes to look at him and could see an answering desire in his eyes.

She felt a firm but gentle pressure forcing her to take more, "mmm, you suck my cock like a lady. But you're no lady, not anymore, it's time you sucked it like a whore!" The pressure on her head suddenly becomes greater forcing more of the cock into her mouth. She was caught by surprise and so barely had time to take a breath before even more of the cock was in her mouth. She could feel every vein with her tongue, could feel the heat sinking into her body, and the throbbing of his pulse. She had never been more turned on by the act of giving head.

She felt herself being pulled off his cock, but resisted, sucking long and loudly, every inch before it left her mouth. "That's good baby, now we're gonna try something a little different. I want you to kneel up on the bed, and then get ready to deepthroat this. And we're not stopping until I've pumped a nice load into your sexy belly." She did as he demanded and quickly knelt in front of him. She had never deepthroated before but she felt herself wanting to do this. To prove that she could do this, for him.

She felt him grab her by the back of the head once more and willingly opened to receive him. The first several inches were easy but the fourth she began to have trouble, she felt her gag reflex about to kick in when suddenly she was forced down onto his cock, the last few inches shooting into her mouth. The head went shooting into her throat and she found her nose buried in his pubic hair, his balls grazing her chin. She could feel him in her throat, and to her surprise she liked it. She could feel his pulse throughout her whole body it seemed. He let out a groan at the feeling of her throat constricting his cock.

He pulled back a few inches and then shoved back in. He repeated this for several moments when she realized he was fucking her face, and to her shock she loved. The feel of it entering her throat, the thickness resting atop her tongue, the taste of his precum. She felt her body reacting to this in a way it had never done before when she gave head, she was growing even more turned on, and she nearly came when without even being touched when he said. "that's my girl, I'm gonna cum for you. I'm gonna give your very first load of the day right now, and you're gonna swallow. Every...single...drop." With a groan he thrust forward as deep as he could, he was deep in her throat when she felt it swelling and could feel the first pump as it shot his cum deep into her. She felt warm at the very pit of her stomach as she thought of accepting his cum into her.

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