tagBDSMA Lesson, A Reward

A Lesson, A Reward


We're both recovering from exhausting weeks. It's been a long week for me with school, and it's been an even longer week for you with work. We're cuddling on the couch, watching a movie and just enjoying each other's presence.

I've seen the movie before, but you haven't. You're snuggled in my lap with my arms pulled and held around your waist. I'm slumped down in my seat so that I'm reclined enough for you to not really have to sit up very much at all. Jokes were made earlier about the reclining, lazy boy.

About half way though the movie you say quietly, without looking sort of up and back to see if I'm still wake, "... Alex?"

I nuzzle the top of your head and murmur, "Yes?"

You shift a little, wriggling in my arms, and then turn and press your lips to my cheek and say very quietly, "Since you've seen this before, when there's about five minutes left, I want you to go to our bedroom, which you are not to enter with any clothes on you except this," tug of my collar, "and you will kneel at the foot of the bed and wait for me."

I started smiling at about the word bedroom, and give a soft, "Yessum."

And when it gets to about that point of the movie, I kiss the top of your head lightly and slip from beneath you to walk quietly to the door of our bedroom, grinning as much at getting to wonder what you want to do with, or to, me as I am at the feel of a small hand groping my ass as I stood up.

Stripping outside our bedroom is pretty easy, we've been lounging around all day, all but naked, you in big t-shirt and thong, me in t-shirt and boxers. I toss my clothes over to land near my laundry bag, minuscule as it is when compared to Ma'am's continually growing and changing piles of clothing.

I kneel at the foot of the bed, turned so I can see the door, and rest back on my heels a little, hands clasped in my lap. I wait, and try not to play with myself. Too much.

I hear the TV shut off, and perk up at that; ceasing the teasing of the underside of my cock's head, and I watch the door with my head mostly lowered. You come through, grinning at me, a few moments later. A hand is combed through my hair, after you walk over to me, and I half pur softly and nuzzle at your stomach, coming up off my knees a little. You hold my cheek to your abdomen for a moment, then put your hands on my cheeks, and tilt my head up so you can bend and press full, soft lips to my forehead for a long moment, and murmur a very pleased, "Good boy."

You let go of my head then and I settle back down my heels. You step back and examine me ... Or, I find this more likely, wait for me to fidget a little under your gaze. After a moment you tilt your head, and say, "Get up on the bed, teisuu. Hands and knees, in the middle." My ass gets a swat, and you get a playful, not-wholly-serious moan as I crawl to where I'm supposed to be and you walk in to our closet.

You're not in there long. I when you come back out, my breathing quickens, and I become a little more aware of the hard length dangling down between my legs. You walk very slowly, completely naked now, to the foot of the bed. There really isn't much light in the room, and shadows dance and play over the soft curve of breast and hip, over chin and cheek and neck, and lips curved in a somewhat catlike grin. You're very obviously holding something behind your back.

Gently, the caress in your voice when you say my name makes me go all melty and warm inside as much as the name itself does, "Close your eyes, teisuu. You may open them again when I say."

Eyes go shut. There's a moment's pause, and then I can feel you moving up on the bed, stopping in front of me.

Something rounded, and artificial brushes at my lips, and I let my mouth open to accept it, thinking you're going to gag me. My breath catches when it finally slips between my lips, and it's all I can do to keep my eyes squeezed shut. I whimper loudly, though it's muffled somewhat by the object in my mouth. My tongue kind of swirls around the thing, not really believing it's there. I whimper again, and start breathing again, short, sharp inhalations through my nose.

Whispered, "You may open your eyes now."

My eyes confirm what my lips and tongue were telling me. Oh ... my... You are holding one end of a rather realistic dildo slightly larger than my cock. I seem to be holding the other. You've pressed the head past my lips into my mouth. My tongue stilled when my eyes opened and now I merely look up at you, wide-eyed, whimpering around the toy partially filling my mouth and breathing hard.

My brain is trying to decide whether to be aroused, nervous, or ... I don't know what. I can feel my blood pounding in my ears, throbbing in time with the now-very-hard, real cock hanging below.

You move a little closer without moving the hand that holds the balls of the toy very much, moving close enough that I could feel your presence even blindfolded. You coo softly, and make calming noises, combing your free hand through my hair starting at base of the back of my neck, then caressing the upper part of the ear nearest you, running the pad of your index finger along the outer edge.

"Shh, shh, Alex. You've told me you want to do something much like this with me, and tonight, I'm going to make sure you know how to do it properly. Can't have me, mmmm, fucking that mouth without you knowing what to do when I do." The caresses continue for a moment, in silence, and this calms me some, my chest stops heaving quite so much and the whimpers trail off till they're inaudible through the mushroom head my lips are wrapped around.

You smile, and pet my back once, then grin and teasingly brush at my cock, which sends me into a shuddering groan, my eyes sliding shut for a moment. Quietly, again, "I'm sure you're a natural. Do well, and," you tease at my cock again, then take your index finger and thumb in an o shape, and slip them over the head, and up to squeeze its base hard, causing another shudder and catching of breath, several stuttering whimpers muted by the toy cock. You pause, grinning, watching my chest heave, my eyes haze over more completely, "Do well, and you will be rewarded. Okay?"

It's not like I don't know what to do. I mean, I know how she does it to me, and I know what I like. However, we've talked before about my vague bisexual curiosity, and the thought of her gripping my hair and fucking my face is almost enough to make me cum then and there. The though of 'practice' does almost as much.

It takes a moment for me to register that you're waiting for a response, and I nod once, not shifting my head much. You smile more warmly at the nod, "Good boy. I see you already know how to keep your teeth from what's in your mouth..." you begin, achingly slowly, sliding more of the toy into my mouth, I groan, and my eyelids flutter shut. My nostrils flare as I suck in air, trying to keep air flowing to my lungs while my mouth is invaded. You push the cock further and further past my lips, "Run your tongue along the underside, teisuu. Swirl it around the head, try to wrap it around the head for me." I try, knowing successfully wrapping my tongue around the head isn't necessary. I slide the flat of my tongue along the underside of the phallus in my mouth, eyes still shut, trying to keep my breathing even. I start to gag after another few moments, my throat fluttering a little, trying to reject what's being pressed in. You notice quickly, and pull back just a hair and stop, holding the cock stuffed in my mouth as far as i can take it for now. After a few long moments, feeling floaty, not quite here, I open my eyes, and look up and over at you again.

You're not really smiling anymore, but you don't look displeased exactly. You look like you want to knock me over and rape me. You say, your arousal betrayed by glistening I can see on inner thigh and by the unevenness of your breathing, after a moment, "Don't worry about gagging, teisuu. We'll see if we can get you to stop that another time."

Then you very slowly pull the cock back out. Stopping when just the head is still trapped in my mouth. You have me suck on just the head for a while, which feels good. I like the feeling of sucking on something. After a moment you let my suction start to draw the cock back into my mouth, then withdraw. The feeling of the cock sliding out from between my lips against the applied suction is wonderful, drawing a moan that gets muffled by the toy.

I don't know how long we "train." I'm not even sure of what all we do. I'm off, gone, floating, needing and wanting nothing more than your voice telling me what to do, either by suggestion, or direct order. Coming to enjoy more and more, through the haze, the feel of something being slid in and out of my mouth, fighting suction that caves in my cheeks.

I get a few red marks on my sides when I accidentally relax and let my teeth touch the toy. You have me practice tightening and loosening my lips a little while fucking the phallus in and out of my mouth.

You have me practice in several more positions, guiding my head as I bob up and down on the toy from above, your hand in my hair. You have me practice using hands and mouth at the same time, pumping or twisting at the base of the toy, while lapping and sucking at the upper part.

You stop, finally, with me on my back, and pull the cock completely from my mouth, resting it on my lips. I sigh a little as the head of it pops from between full lips, then moan softly and open my mouth again, both stretching my somewhat-aching jaw and hoping, perhaps, for more.

Your voice is a little hoarse, and has been for sometime, "Good, good boy. You really are a natural. And now ... your reward." You put the toy out of the way and straddle my stomach, leaning forward to give me access to a full firm breast, and the hard nipple that juts from it. I nip greedily at the offered nub, sucking hard.

You shudder and moan, grinding down against my stomach as I roll my tongue around your nipple, leaving a trail of wetness just above my belly button. With a soft sigh, you straighten, pulling the firm flesh from my mouth. I let my head fall back after your breast is out of reach, breathing hard, eyes still shut. You're still grinding down on me, and I can feel almost nothing other than that, the softness of your thighs where they grip my sides, and the wetness trickled from earlier that's pressed into my sides, and the throbbing of my cock. My whole body seems to hum with it.

You run a finger down my nose, then around slightly parted, parched lips as you whisper, "Your reward is to cum without permission, and to do as you wish with your hands, teisuu. You are getting a ... demonstration."

At that you lean forward, and slide yourself slowly downwards, dragging your breasts over my face, chest, stomach. My legs splay further, making room between them as you lift my cock from where it lays against my body and wrap your lips around the base, running your tongue in strokes along the softer underside of my cock for a moment before you drag your lips up and over the turgid head, popping your lips around it before dropping your head, enveloping the entire length of my sex in the warmth of your mouth and throat, letting your tongue drag along the underside as you take me into your mouth.

I moan loudly at the strokes of tongue, my hips moving slightly with your tongue. The moan gets higher in pitch before turning into a sighing sound of pleasure as full lips slide up my throbbing shaft. I gasp and my back arches, my hips lifting towards your face. I make an almost shockingly loud, gasping inhalation, followed by a high-pitched, mournful moan as I am slid into your mouth. My toes try to curl up, my hands claw at the bed beneath us before one moves to your head, not holding, or directing or guiding, simply gripping your hair.

It's all I can do not to cum then and there, to not spray the back of your throat with thick, creamy cum.

You move your head up, till just my head is in your mouth, then let it drop back down while one of your hands begins to pull and squeeze at my balls as they try to pull up against my body.

You pull my cock from your mouth, and lap at the underside, stopping to flick your tongue at the most sensitive part, just under the head, which sets me shivering, croaking, trying to moan. After a few moments of that, you take me back in your mouth and begin rabid bobs of your head, fucking me with your mouth.

I don't last much longer, writhing on the bed, my hips moving up to meet the downward movement of your mouth. My body tenses, and I lift up into your mouth, before gasping loudly, crying out, as much as I ever do, mournfully as my cock begins to twitch and jump in your mouth, hot cum shooting to the back of your throat in several thick blasts, causing you to moan around the flesh in your mouth. You move so that just my head is in your mouth, and milk my cock slowly with your fingers, swallowing quickly, gulping down the creamy warmth, licking up the rest.

My body relaxes as the last few dribbles are collected by your tongue, and my grip loosens in your hair, combing it lightly. You hold my cock in my mouth till it's almost completely soft, then let it fall from your lips, and sigh happily, crawling up to kiss my cheek before laying down next to me, resting with your head on my chest, snuggled in the crook of an arm.

I haven't moved. I'm still gasping for air and recovering from orgasm. You murmur, "I hope you learned something tonight." and ... when i attempt to reply with, "Yes. Thank you.", all that comes out is an incoherent, happy mewling sound. You chuckle and pinch at a nipple, then go back to resting quietly, snuggled against me.

After a few moments, you roll back over and pull me onto my side and snuggle your back up against me, pulling my free arm around you. You fall asleep quickly like that, and I follow suit not long after.

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