tagBDSMA Lesson About Denial

A Lesson About Denial


My wife and I were laying on the couch together. It was early in the evening and TV seemed to be only reruns of sitcoms. She leaned in closer to cuddle. My mind thought how nice this was for a change but my body took it another way. I kissed and caressed her neck as innocently as I could but she was wise to the true intent of my affections.

"Are you horny again?" she asked. Before I could answer, she continued. "I know how this ends. We work ourselves up to a heated frenzy and then one of us gets satisfied and the other one doesn't. Guess which one I am."

"But I try every time to..."

"I know. And it isn't ALL your fault. And its not one thing. Sometimes I do just want you to enjoy me. Other times, the real world to-do list pops into my head and...well, I can't get all the way to orgasm after that." She leaned in to give me an "Its OK" peck on the lips.

"So when you know you can't, your arousal just vanishes?"

"No, that's the worst part. Its not 'on' and 'off' for women. Foreplay, which I LOVE, is to work me up but the other side is just a gradual of a slope. Our bodies stay aroused longer. It's torture. You lay there spooning me in post coital bliss while I'm still very aroused all the while knowing it would be fruitless to work you up again."

"I don't know what you mean..."

"I know why you don't know what I mean. You can go from seeing a big rack in a v-neck sweater bend over in front of you to spew in the flick of a wrist and usually do."

"I...uh...", had no defense.

She got a thoughtful look on her face. "I have an idea" she eased out. "Why don't we let you see how it feels. It will be like little lesson for you. Learn by doing."

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't we let you be horny for a while. With no chance of release"

"Sure, but, the moment you turn your back, I'm probably going..."

She winks and says, "If you trust me, I can think of one way to prevent that. If you can't reach it, you can't spank it so to speak." My sweet, adorable wife walks over to the closet where we keep some camping equipment and pulls out a coil of 3/4" soft cotton rope and dangles it in front of me striking a devious pose.

I trusted her and apparently the throb in my pants did to.

"Now trust me, if I am going to be tied up in bed for any length of time, I will most likely fall asleep."

"So best case, you fall asleep, worst case, you learn what it feels like to be me for once...or visa-versa" she rebuts.

"I'm in...but what if this is too much a lesson for me?"

This busty brunette begins to back her words up with some womanly charm to sway me."Just admit defeat and I will cut you loose....literally. Now go strip and lay down in the bed, I am going to search the net for a few things. Oh and get out the box of toys under the bed. Clean them up and line them up on the nightstand. They might come in handy."

I did as she directed. It was odd to see our little collection of adult toys all out on the nightstand in the open. Thirty minutes later she came in with a grin and the coil of rope cut up into various more useful lengths.

"Ready to begin?" she asked. I nod and with the first rope in her hands ties my wrists together leaving a tail to attach to something else. She raises my bound writs over my head and secures the bundle to the headboard. She next put a little pillow under my head for comfort and grabbed another section of rope.

"What more?" I asked.

"I know you. You would wiggle around until your dick is up there by the headboard near your hands. This second rope is only to prevent that." With that, she tied my ankles together and took the rope down to the bed frame. She increased the tension until I scooted down some. This pulled on my arms a little more but my legs were now a good bit loose. Finally she tugged on the rope again and tied it off.

Now for the first time, I started to feel like this was real...it was happening. I was a little scared but a lot more excited. She had done a good job. The bindings were snug but not painful. I was comfortable but confined. I was in the protection of my home but fully exposed (and naked) on my bed. I was up to the whim of her lessons. "I can see you already have a serious hard-on," she states.

"Would you help me with it?" I tested.

"Oh, I will. Here is what I have been doing. I Googled a few web sites on "how to drive your man crazy in bed" and "what to do after you tie him up." I found lots of articles and pictures and a few erotic short stories. I did read that you shouldn't have an erection for more than 4 hours but I think 2 should be safe enough." I swallowed. She reached down and grabbed my sac and with a firm squeeze pulled them up away from the protection of my bound thighs. Working the boys with her hands she assured me, "Trust me, I am going to make sure we are not going to have a problem with falling asleep on this bed for the rest of the day."

After a devious smile, she strolled out and I began to rethink this predicament. My prick is trying to break out an run after her. I am dying to grab him and release it and the bittersweet agony I am in but the ropes are taught and tied well.

I suffer for a while until she returns. She rolls me towards one side and places a small pillow next to my back to keep me there. I realize I was helpless to roll myself and also helpless to do anything about that pillow which has me propped on my right side at a 45 degree angle.

My sultry spouse now lays next to me. I'm lower in the bed than normal so her head is right above mine and I'm sure she can feel my breath on her chest. A "how is it going" grin is on her face. "I see your dick is laying over on your leg. Your hard but not as much as you were when we started. Still, we can't let that happen." She has my complete attention. She continues, "Don't my lips look luscious?" She puckers. "And how about this cleavage?" One arm scoops around the pair and with a squeeze, the cleavages deepens. I'm still ogling them when she surprises me with a deep and sexual kiss on my lips.

"Let me check your wrists dear." Her long brown hair breezes over my face followed by her 38Ds. The stay pressed against my face while her longer than necessary examination of my bound wrists drags on. She finally pulls back, looks into my eyes and glances down to my responding cock. "That's more like it" she purrs.

I plead for her to let me go, masturbate me, anything. "We can quit anytime you can assure me I won't ever be left wanting.". I just swallow. She take my silence as an agreement to continue this lesson. Removing the back pillow, she rolls me back on my back and climbs on top for some intense kissing. She focuses on my mouth and nipples and alternates between them often. I moan with pleasure. She often teasing with me with her hair or bust. Brushing both over sensitive parts of my body. I can tell from her breathing and a pair of very erect nipples that she is getting aroused by this too.

She leaves and for a while but returns faithfully two or three more times for arousal checks. Each time she achieves her purpose and my aching dick continues to point the ceiling out to anyone who would enter.

The last check was focused on my nipples. She licked sucked and pinched each one all while her other hand held and tugged on my balls. I think she did it this way to let me know who was in control. She wanted to remind me who was teaching and who was supposed to be learning.

Some self-reflection time began when she entered the closet and ended when she returned wearing only her black demi-bra and panties she had on today.. After a short stop into the bathroom, I notice that her makeup had been touched up and somewhere she had found a tube of really red lipstick that she was either for a specific outfit or nighttime roll-playing games. Her slender neck was emitting a naughty perfume scent.

"What are you going to do now?" It was more of a beg than a question. Silently, she goes into the nightstand and picks out a harlequin and flips to a particular dog eared page. She repeats the 45 degree roll and pillow stop position and lays next to me again and begins to quietly read. Back on my side facing her, she makes sure I can see her face and feel the pace of her breaths and watch her chest rise and fall as she is scanning the alluring pages. Every now and then she shifts her position but seems to be getting closer. Pages are turning. She glances at me and my predicament every now and then and even a few times runs her hands over something sensitive. A pinch here and there keeps my breath with her. Once she wraps her hand over my still hard cock. It feels like a velvet flame has engulfed me. I inhale three breaths at once. She does not move it neither up nor down. There is no caress. She squeezes it a few times testing its firmness and then denies me again by removing it. How I savored that most wanted touch. Much more than any touch in many years.

But her hand is still busy. Reaching inside her bra, she first brushes and then outright plays with her own nipples now. Next her hand lingers south. She traces the her pussy through the fabric. The black panties start to show a dark stain where her fingers have traced. Her breath quickens. Mine follows. Sex and passion now pour out from her and swirls around me and drips over the edge of the bed.

The tide has obviously turned. It is about her now. She keeps reading while her other hand grabs the vibrator. She holds it up to my hands and I turn the dial to a medium level and she takes it down to the dark spot of those panties and it repeats what her fingers just did, but slower and more forcefully.

Temporarily holding the phallus with her thighs, her free hand turns the page and then pulls her hefty boob out of the bra and lays the nipple in my mouth. I do as expected and begin to suckle and flick my tung across the engorged treat. After a few delicious moments of that she drops the book, removes her bra and panties. With the book hand, she pulls herself closer to my head. The other hand turns the vibrator to high and works the dildo so it alternates between her clit and the vagina. I can tell this from the sound and motion around me but my vision is blocked. One breast is pushing its nipple to the back of my throat and the other orb lays across my face. Her sweat is the lubrication between us. Her moans outdo mine of the previous hour now.

The final phase of this episode had my head pressed tightly between both breast and the vibration releasing her orgasm. Her whimpers and moans are close to my ears. She pulls out the now silent toy and squeezes me ever so tightly as fading aftershocks still wash over her. I lust to be in her. With bedroom eyes, she slides down and guides my prick up in her. I gasp and struggle for a following breath. It feels divine and the slurping sounds reiterates how wet she really is.

But the lesson is still on. She does not rock or tease or set up like I expect at this point. She goes side to side grinding her dew all over my tortured core. And to another gasp, removes herself completely. This gasp is followed by whimpers as I realize this was just more torture. The lesson is to continue.

The demi-bra could go on but the panties are, for the moment, ruined. They were damp from the days routines but now are soaked from their part in this play.

She looks at me and grins. "This might actually serve some purpose. If I remember you correctly, you have been aroused more than once by a personal musky scent of mine." I am at a loss for words. I dare not agree nor disagree for I don't want her to know how much her scent arouses me. "I'm going to bathe and leave you for the longest interval yet but I want you to keep that woody of yours while I get cleaned up". She puts the panties over my head. My eyes peer through the leg holes and my wet nose tells me exactly where the crotch has ended up. I slowly inhale. Her strong scent will fill my every breath now. I know now she actually intends for me to be with erection and without release for some time. She goes around behind me and using a shoe string cinches up the buttocks portion of the panties. Now they are stretched tight across my face. The wetness now covers my nose and mouth and any ideas I had of slipping them off is now gone. Satisfied that I will be thinking about her the whole time, she leaves.

The bath water runs but my attention is now on the problem right in front of my face. Its working. Every breath is a reminder of her sex and my lust. Time passes but yet I remain erect. Suffering. Learning my lesson.

I am writhing uncontrollably when I realize I can roll a little towards the prop pillow which slid out during her orgasm and get some friction against my cock. I start to work up a rhythm to end my torment.

Before I can finish, I hear "tsk, tsk, tsk...no, that isn't happening." The pillow is jerked away.

Now she is not aroused. Now her mind is back on her goals. "No release. Time isn't up yet. We are going the full distance." she starts. She gives me some slack in the legs. Rolls me completely over on a short stack of pillows at my chest. A rope around one lower thigh is added. Its other end is snaked under the bed and back up to the other leg. Tension is increased and other ropes adjusted until I am comfortable but taught again. I am now face down. My chest is resting on some pillows and my arms are stretched to the head of the bed. My feet are still together and anchored to the foot of the bed but now my ass is up in there air and my knees are apart. I am way more immobile than I was the previous hour and a half and significantly more exposed.

"I wasn't going to do this but...you were cheating," she ends in a sing-song voice. She lubed up small but plug and went back around to my rear. After lubrication my anus, she worked the plug in and out in smaller but increasing depths. My erection now hung down but remained as firm as ever. I didn't know it could ache so much nor did I know there were this many levels of horny. It was going to stay that way because I couldn't do anything about it and she wasn't going to release me. Her interests were not about her anymore. They were about torturing me but in, as she put it, "a loving way". She would start and stop. Work to deeper and then back up to shallow. Remove and plunge. Finally, she sank it all the way in and then begin to work it like a joy stick. I moaned through the used panties. Yes, the panties that my face was now pushing deep into a pillow.

She left for a while and let me contemplate my predicament once again. The anal intrusion could not be ejected and the pressure seemed to intensify my cock.

I felt her sit on the side of the bed. I turned my head and could see she was in a tight pink t-shirt and gray cotton panties. Her grin was perplexing. "Had enough?" she asked. I could only groan. Her bra-less melons were pulling the t-shirt this way and that. They moved and flowed with every shift of her posture. She looked down at her chest and back at me. A little shocked, she realized I was in a new hyper lustful state of mind. Once she had ever seen before. She was now curious. She wondered how horny could I get? How horny can a women make a man? Could she get an answer on this question? She could sure try.

"I was going to let you out now to do whatever but we still have some unused toys. I mean, I can't end this with out going the whole ten yards." My heart rate quickened as I knew she could only be referring to that first butt plug I had bought. It was a mistake. It was too big for either one of us.

"but..." I tried to mummer.

"Exactly...where it goes," she punned with an evil grin.

"The way I see it, the little one has been in for fifteen or more minutes so you are probably stretched out enough to actually take the large one for once." She grabs it and begins to shine it up with the remainder of lube. "Come on baby, don't disappoint me. Take it like a man."

This one had ridges. Bulbous ridges stack one atop another each increasing in size. Four or five before you get to the large one that will seal itself in. I didn't remember but thought if I counted, it might take my mind away from this..."

PLOP! She pulled the small one out.

She began rubbing more lubrication around my anus and then crack and whole ass. She even squirted some directly into my hole for good measure. She did all this quickly before my sphincter started to remember to close. The first bulb followed by the second.

"one...two" I said a bit louder than I thought.

"Oh, your counting your way up to the big one huh?...OK"

"three.... ... four..... ... FIVE... ." The anus pulled it in. I now felt stuffed and my penis began really dripping pre-cum. She tried to move this one around like the last.

"Wow, " she began "this monster is really in there tight. I mean, I can't budge it. I'm trying but I can't work this like I could the other one. I'm impressed your not crying by now." After a couple of light lubed hand spanks, she did what I feared she was going to do.

"We'll, you got it in without too much of a fuss so I'm going to assume you like it. Like it enough to leave it in you for a while." Then she got down close to my head and whispered, "you should see yourself, bound on the bed with a pair of girly panties tied to your face. I mean it seems like the whole purpose of this position is for showing off this large dildo sticking in your ass and spreading your shiny lubed-up cheeks. You can also clearly see this very purple dick of yours twitch with every heartbeat. I mean, honey, how much more blood can your perverted mind put in there. Its larger than I have ever seen it. It's so sad...one breath from me and I'm sure your misery would end..."

She pulled the panties down to cover my eyes and walked out and let me visualize and ponder her monologue...which obviously was written and spoken to further the lesson.

I really lost track of time now. The next thing I remember was the tension in my sore arms was released and the pillows were moved around a bit. The panties were pulled off my head but the scent was still there. My eyes adjusted.

"Lick" she commanded. "When you lick me to orgasm, I will release you. It is up to you what you do next. My guess is that.....Mmmmmmmmm" I was licking with every ounce of my energy.

"My guess is..." she began again, "you have three options when your hands are free. Get the plug out...not likely as in you need to cum right away. Ahhhhhhhoption 2 is you masturbate with the intruder up your ass until you decorate the ceiling or put your eye out with the jism that is going to spew forth.....oooooooor......three, bury that cock of yours inside my pussy and pump like a dog in heat until you collapse." With that third and obvious option out on the table she pulled her mound away and put two condoms on me before releasing my ankles, thighs and arms.

She had driven me crazy. I grabbed the little minx and threw her on the bed. I could not take the time to remove the desensitizing condoms. I could not take the time to remove my hulking anal probe (everything was to slippery down there to do so anyway). I had to fuck her right then and there. The condoms were thick and I buried it all up inside her. She let out a surprised yell at my forceful aggression. I began to pump and saw her like no other time before. She grabbed her swaying chest to hold them steady as the bed rocked. She rolled and pinched both of her nipples. Her face was telling me an orgasm wasn't far off. The wicked double layer of latex was more troublesome than I thought it would be. I kept pumping and pumping, trying to get the friction in just the right place. Finally, I cried out as the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced hit me like tidal wave. My still engorged member deep inside began to pulse with every wave and spurt. I have no memory of what was said during this exchange but I'm sure it wasn't understandable...and very primitive.

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