tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Lesson for Miss Roberts

A Lesson for Miss Roberts


Sharon Roberts had been a teacher at Smithfield High School for ten years. She was an attractive 36-year old woman standing 5’6", with long brown hair. She kept her 34-24-34 body in shape with visits to the school gym after hours two or three times a week. Something she had done regularly since her divorce 4 years ago. She prided herself on keeping fit. Especially on keeping her C-cup breast and her butt as firm as a woman ten years younger. However she rarely dated. Her teaching job barely provided enough income to keep up the house and bills. She also worked during the summers and every other weekend as a cashier at one of the chain hardware stores in the mall. Between the two she had little time for herself.

One of Sharon’s fellow teachers had rented the house next door to her at the beginning of the year. Lisa was a pretty 21-year-old with long blond hair and a slender body. She was a graduate of Smithfield who went to the local community college to get her teaching degree and was hired on by her alma mater at the start of the year. Sharon liked Lisa, but the two had little in common. She thought the younger teacher had not distanced herself from being a student yet and had some maturing to do before she would become a good teacher.

One of the things that Sharon didn’t like about Lisa was her penchant for throwing some noise parties. Several times this year the younger teacher had thrown blasts that were noisy enough to keep Sharon up for hours. She avoided saying anything to Lisa in hopes that they would stop as the year went on. But last night had gotten to her. Lisa had thrown what appeared to be a small party. But there was a lot of noise at times coming from the small house. Some of it sounding sexual in nature. What concerned Sharon most was that she thought she saw a student leaving the house afterwards. While she wasn’t 100% sure if he was a current student she did recognize him as someone she had taught before. Sharon decided that she was going to have to speak to Lisa once and for all about this.

When Sharon got home from her part time job Saturday evening she saw that Lisa was at it again. There were two cars parked out front and the stereo was blasting. Sharon was tired and wanted nothing more than a nice peaceful evening. She was not willing to put up with another night of ruckus coming from next door. She thought about calling the police but didn’t want them to arrive if there was a chance of a student being in Lisa’s house. No good would come of that. So Sharon dropped her handbag off in the kitchen then went out the side door to cross into Lisa’s yard to confront the young teacher about this.

Inside the house, Lisa sat naked on the couch with Roger on his knees licking her pussy. Roger was an 18-year-old senior who had become a regular at Lisa’s parties. On the floor in the middle of the room Erin knelt between Leo’s legs going down on him. Erin was a slender blond with a cute face who had been befriended by Lisa recently. She had missed last night’s festivities but had heard about Lisa’s sex parties and came when Lisa invited her tonight. Although she was looking for sex, the girl was growing tired. This was the forth blowjob she had performed this evening and she had already been fucked twice as well. She could see Frank sitting on the chair watching her, his cock already growing hard again, and knew that he would want a repeat performance.

Everyone in the room jumped when they heard Sharon’s voice yelling, "What in the hell is going on here?"

Sharon had entered the kitchen door when she found it slightly ajar. She walked into the room not expecting the orgy she found. Here was a fellow teacher with four naked students in her house.

"Sharon?" Lisa jumped, being jerked to reality in the midst of an orgasm by the intrusion. "What are you doing here?"

Sharon stormed into the living room. "What am I doing here? The question is what do you think you’re doing, Lisa. Do you know that you can go to jail for this?"

Lisa stood, not bothering to cover herself in any way. "Sharon, they are all 18 so I’m not breaking any laws."

"Maybe not if they’re not minors. But they are students, so you would lose your job at the very least! And there may be some ordinance that you’re breaking by having an orgy with students in your house. Plus you’re allowing them to drink and they are under twenty-one."

Lisa was growing nervous. "Come on, Sharon. It’s not that bad. I’m single, and only three years older than these guys. So what harm is there in my having a little fun."

Sharon looked Lisa in the eyes. "You just don’t get it, do you? Well I’m going to put a stop to this. You can forget your teaching career."

"Sharon, don’t please!" Lisa begged as her neighbor turned to leave.

Sharon turned around. "I’m sorry, Lisa. But I have to report this."

Suddenly Sharon was grabbed by behind. She didn’t see Frank move behind her and the strong blond haired boy grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled him to his chest. "You’re not going to tell anyone, Miss Roberts."

"Let go of me, you bastard!" Sharon cried out, attempting to break free of Frank’s strong grip.

"Frank, what are you doing?" Lisa asked, growing very nervous.

"We can’t let her tell anyone, Sharon." Frank said. "Not only will you get fired but we could all get into trouble. I’m already on probation and something like this could get me into more trouble."

"And I could lose my scholarship if I’m involved in a scandal." Roger announced. "We have to keep her quiet."

"Let me go this minute or you’ll have worse than a probation violation on your hands, young man!" Sharon ordered.

Frank held tight while Roger approached the two of them. Lisa, Leo and Erin all watched with growing concern. "We have us a little problem don’t we, Miss Roberts?" "The way I see it we need you to promise to be quiet. But how can we make sure that you keep your promise? I know, if you participate with us then you can’t risk telling anyone or you’ll be in trouble too."

"Fuck you!" Sharon yelled.

Roger looked her over. "I remember being in your class a couple years ago, Miss Roberts. Boy you gave me plenty of hard ons with that body of yours. How about if we get a good look at it."

Roger began unbuttoning her blouse. When Sharon screamed he ordered the others to turn the stereo up a little louder. He opened her shirt to reveal her lacey bra covered tits. "Man, these sure to look nice." He said as he cupped them in his hands. Sharon struggled harder under his unwanted groping.

"Someone grab the digital camera." He said as he pulled the cups over Sharon’s tits. Her C-cup boobs stood out firm and solid, freed from the constricting material. "Damn, look at these." Roger proclaimed. "I’ve got to fuck her."

"Roger, no!" Lisa said. Not wanting to risk a rape charge.

"Put her on the floor." Roger instructed.

Frank kicked Sharon’s legs out from beneath her and lowered her roughly to the floor. Leo rushed to join in and the three men wrestled Sharon down while pulling her clothing off. Despite her best efforts she soon found herself naked and pinned to the floor with hands groping her tits and rubbing her exposed pussy.

"We’re going to get some pictures of you fucking and sucking, Miss Roberts. Then if you say anything we’ll just claim that you were a part of the action all along."

Sharon cried out as Roger climbed atop her and thrust his cock into her pussy. It had been over two years since Sharon had fucked anyone. And she was surprised to find that his access was made easier by the moisture already developing in her twat. Roger began fucking her with long, hard strokes. Then she saw Leo with a digital camera taking a few photos of her. She kicked and struggled but could not escape the powerful boy above her and lay there forced to take his every thrust.

While Roger fucked Sharon Frank took Erin by the hand and led her to the floor beside them. He positioned Erin on her knees so that they could both watch in Miss Robert’s rape as he took Erin from behind. He fucked the schoolgirl never taking his eyes off Roger and Sharon.

While the two couples fucked before her Lisa began to feel her pussy burning with desire. Leo was busy getting pictures so she sat back on the couch and began fingering her clit, waiting her turn to be filled by one of the young cocks.

Sharon cried out as she felt Roger's thrusts becoming faster. She could feel by the way he tensed above her that his moment or orgasm was near. She began pleading with him to stop for she did not want to risk taking his seed inside her. But Roger ignored her pleas and began fucking her faster and faster. Then with a cry of triumph his hips slammed into hers as his cock exploded deep inside her pussy. Thrust after powerful thrust sent more cum into her belly. Sharon was awash with emotions at the thought of this high school senior violating her and possibly impregnating her. Finally he finished emptying himself into her and slowly rose from her.

Frank had been banging Erin’s willing pussy while watching the scene before him. As soon as Roger began to get up he pulled out of Erin and rushed over to Sharon to take Roger’s place. The older teacher started to get up in hopes of fleeing when she found herself talked by the stronger boy. His cock, already glistening with Erin’s juices, was instantly shoved into her pussy and he began pounding her without mercy as yet more pictures were being taken.

Erin was upset at the sudden loss of the cock inside her. She was so close to climax that she couldn’t help but roll over and begin flicking her fingers across her swollen clit. Roger sat down; satisfied with the way he had just fucked his old teacher. But the sight of two other women fingering themselves began to arouse him again.

Where Roger had fucked Sharon with great skill Frank was ramming her like a jackhammer. But the results were having an effect on her pussy anyway. She had been relieved when Roger got off of her because his skillful thrusts had begun to awake a desire in her that she could not believe would be aroused while being raped. Had he remained atop her much longer she feared that she would have orgasmed for him. And the last thing she wanted right now was to give these guys the satisfaction of getting her off. But the constant pounding of Frank’s somewhat larger cock was beginning to bring her close to the edge as well. She fought the desire to cum as hard as possible. But she could feel it growing closer and closer. Then Frank let out a long moan and his cock spewed its contents into her pussy. She forgot about any fears of pregnancy. All she could do was fight to resist the urge to climax. But she feared that when Leo mounted her that she might not be able to hold out much longer.

Leo handed Roger the camera and got down on the floor. He grabbed Sharon and rolled her over. She realized that he was going to do her doggie-style. She was too shaken to even try to escape from under him as he positioned himself behind her. His cock rubbed her pussy lips, then slowly sank into her sopping pussy for only a moment before withdrawing. "I don’t want your pussy, Miss Roberts."

Sharon screamed as she felt the head of his cock slip between her butt cheeks. She knew instantly what he had in mind. Something that Sharon had never allowed any man to try before. She tried to escape but Frank moved forward and grabbed her, holding her tightly while Leo held her hips and pressed his cockhead against her anal entrance. Sharon squeezed as tightly as possible but was unable to stop the young man’s invasion of her anal canal. With great effort Leo’s cockhead burst through her virgin anal ring. Sharon cried out in pain as his cock sank deeper into her ass. She felt like she was being split apart as Leo pumped in farther and farther, inch by painful inch, until at last he had sank his entire shaft into her ass. Sharon couldn’t believe how much pain she was enduring. And could not understand how something so painful would be enjoyable to another. She screamed again when Leo began pumping in and out of her asshole. Her body shook uncontrollably as his assault on her torn ass continued.

Roger took a couple pictures of Miss Robert being fucked in the ass, then decided that his cock needed attention again. He looked to Erin and Lisa as they diddled their pussies. "How about it, Lisa?"

"You want to fuck my ass?" Lisa asked.

"Why not." Roger agreed.

Lisa dropped to her hands and knees beside Sharon and Leo. Frank lowered himself behind and slowly inserted his dick into her ass. Erin sat there watching as one teacher willingly accepted a cock in her ass while another was kicking and screaming the entire time.

Roger felt as if his dick was being sucked by a tiny pair of lips as he slowly fucked Lisa’s upturned ass. He reached around and played with her pussy as he fucked. Meanwhile, only inches away Sharon was whimpering like a baby as Leo continued to fuck her asshole. Erin watched the scene before her with three fingers buried in her pussy wondering if one of them would take her ass next.

Sharon didn’t think she could take this abuse any longer. Her mind reeled as the student’s cock banged harder and harder into her ass. His hairy balls slapped her pussy with every thrust. Leo’s thrust became more forceful and faster. Then he came in her bowels. Once his load was emptied he began pulling out of her torn ass. Sharon felt like she would expel her insides with his cock as it pulled out. Finally he was gone from her ass. She lay there shaking, her fingers clenched tightly in the fibers of the carpet. Sharon then realized that her pussy was aching for release. The constant slapping of Leo’s balls against her pussy had continued the work begun by the two cocks that had fucked her previously. As much as Sharon tried to refuse the possibility of it, she knew that her body was moments away from a much-needed orgasm.

She felt someone get behind her. She glanced back over her shoulder to see Frank getting behind her. She could see Lisa on the floor being ass fucked by Roger at the same time.

"My turn to take that asshole." Frank said with a smug.

Sharon couldn’t take another cock in her ass. Worse, she needed one in her pussy. "Please don’t." She whispered. Then, to the surprise of her own ears, she said, "Fuck my pussy, please."

"What?" Frank asked.

Sharon lost all control and pride. "Fuck me pussy. I need it. Please."

"Shit, she wants it!" Frank exclaimed.

Frank wasted no time in driving his cock deep into Miss Robert’s pussy. As soon as he began fucking her Sharon moaned and cried out with gleeful anticipation as she felt her pussy grip the cock inside her. Moments later the teacher’s orgasm rocked her entire body. She fucked back as hard as she could against the cock inside her. Frank was so overwhelmed that he came in her while she was in the throws of her powerful orgasm. With tears in her eyes from humiliation, Sharon continued to thrust her hips back trying to continue her orgasm. She actually regretted it when the young man pulled his cock from her.

Roger finished cumming in Lisa’s ass as he watched Frank withdraw from the older teacher. Lisa was begging for someone to fill her pussy, but Roger had other ideas. "Bring her over here." He commanded.

Frank and Leo grabbed Sharon and dragged her to where Lisa lay. "Lick her pussy." Roger ordered.

Sharon and Lisa both looked up in surprise. "Oh, don’t tell me you’ve never wanted a woman to go down on you, Lisa." He said.

Lisa couldn’t deny the thought. But she had never acted on it. Still, she needed to climax soon. And she was willing to let it be at the hands, or perhaps at the tongue, of her neighbor. Sharon felt raw disgust at the thought. Never had she so much as thought about being involved in such an act. But she found her head being shoved between Lisa’s thighs. Then she began lapping at Lisa’s swollen labia. The younger teacher began rocking her hips as Sharon’s tongue found her clit. She welcomed the licking.

Looking at Erin busily fingering herself Roger said, "Come over here and join in." Erin jumped at the opportunity. She had experimented with lesbianism once and was willing to do it again. She came over and the boys positioned the girls into a triangle. Sharon licking Lisa, Lisa licking Erin, and Erin licking Sharon. Erin loved it and Lisa was finding the experience gratifying as well. Sharon was humiliated beyond imagination at being forced to lick her co-worker’s pussy while a female student was licking hers. The thought that Lisa was enjoying her licking was disgusting to Sharon. But she soon felt Lisa’s pussy splashing its juices against her face as Lisa had an orgasm from Sharon’s tonguing. Erin came quickly as well. And despite her disgust, Sharon felt her own pussy coming alive as Erin licked it. Soon she too was having another orgasm.

When the three women had finished coming on each others faces Sharon lay there not knowing what to expect. She felt hands massaging her breast. She opened her eyes to see who it was and found Roger above her. "Ready for some more?" He asked.

Sharon was still in shock, but found herself nodding her head yes. She couldn’t believe that she was willing to let this boy fuck her again.

"Get on me, Miss Roberts." Roger said. He lay on his back and Sharon climbed on his hard cock. She began riding him when she felt hands on her shoulders. "Not yet, Miss Roberts. Wait until I’m ready too."

"Wh-what?" She asked. Then she felt Frank getting behind her, placing his cock against her ravaged asshole. "Oh gad, no!" She let out. But there was nothing she could do. The two boys held her tightly as Frank inserted his cock into her torn ass. It went in much easier after being ripped open by Leo. Now she felt the two pistons inside her, rubbing together against the thin wall of skin that separated her pussy and asshole. She began riding involuntarily much to the two boy’s satisfaction. Then she found Leo at her side. He grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth. The three of them began fucking her three holes. Never before had she felt used and violated in such a way. She lost all control of her body as the cocks filled her. Then she felt the tongues of Lisa and Erin as they took up positions on either side of her and began sucking and licking her swollen nipples. The sensation overwhelmed her. All of her senses came alive as her body tingled all over. The tongues on her nipples drove her wild. Her clit rubbed against the cock in her pussy, just as it’s head rubbed against her G-spot. The cock in her ass completed the filling inside her. She greedily sucked the dick in her mouth. Sharon’s passion overtook her. She fucked and sucked like a woman possessed. Her mind knew that she was still being raped but her body didn’t care. And it was feeling so damn good that she lost the ability to do anything but enjoy it. Her muffled screams of joy escaped around the cock in her mouth. Sharon felt her body explode with another orgasm. Minutes later the cocks still rammed each orifice as her body unleashed another orgasm. Soon she felt Leo cumming in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his cum and continued to suck as he went limp. The Frank erupted in her ass. She had another orgasm just as Roger erupted in her pussy. Sharon couldn’t take it any more and blacked out.

When she awoke she still lay naked on the floor. Lisa was the only one there. She didn’t know how long ago the others might have left. Lisa knelt beside her as she opened her eyes. "Are you OK, Sharon?"

Sharon looked up at her. She didn’t know what to think. She hated Lisa for allowing her to be raped. But she had never felt so satisfied in her life. She didn’t know what to do. She arose and looked around the room, finding her clothing scattered about she grabbed it up and began dressing.

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