tagNonHumanA Lesson for Professor

A Lesson for Professor


There were only a few things that annoyed Eric Jones. The first thing was when his students didn't do their work, the second thing was when his friend, Sean, bothered him while he was teaching, and the third was working in the teacher's lounge during his vacation. He hated when it was his turn to catch up on paper work and the worst thing about it is it's his vacation.

Classes were canceled for two weeks in remembrance of the great warlock Alden Boswell and all the witches and wizards that lost their lives during the Great War. Classes were canceled and all the teachers had two weeks off. Only problem was the attacker witches and wizards didn't have two weeks off. Sean, his brother Aaron, the rest of the witches and wizards and the special force groups SORCERESS and SORCERER were away at a big conference with the other magical cities. Healers and defense witches and wizards were there to take care of small missions for the city, but some defense wizards were teachers like Eric.

So when his boss, Anemone, called him in her office asking Eric could he take some time off to do paperwork in the teacher's lounge the week while Sean and the others were away Eric had two options. He could A) Say no and be put in the hospital with the worse curse he's ever had or B) Say yes and still be alive to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

So here he was now stuck in the teacher's lounge doing paperwork on his paid vacation. He sighed things couldn't get worse could they?

"Now Carlina after your...um...incident last year with the witches from Paris and Rome you know that we have to have you do paperwork. It's the only way to keep you from starting another Great War." Irvine said walking in with a pouting Carlina.

"NOT FAIR IRVINE! THEY STARTED IT AND YOU KNOW IT!" Carlina yelled glaring at Irvine. Irvine sighed pinching the bridge of his nose, "Carlina, please, be good. I have to get going. You know I have to be there. I'm the leader of the interrogation squad and..."

"Blah...blah...blah...I know Irvine I know. Just go you don't want to keep your beloved Hunter waiting do you?" Carlina said smirking at the glare Irvine gave her.

Irvine growled softly, "Fine I'm gone and while I'm away BE GOOD! Oh hey Eric," Irvine said nodding at the man in the corner.

"Oh hi Irvine, hello Carlina," Eric said waving at them both. Irvine nodded glaring at Carlina again before walking out the room. Carlina smiled evilly /This is going to be fun. /

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