tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love


I was a newbie at Chabot College in Hayward, CA. Having graduated from Hayward High, I was ready to become a woman and take on the responsibilities for making my life all that it could be. I had made it through my high school years with my virginity intact and was damned proud of it.

I had been offered a spot on the cheer team because of my sister Renée's position. She was the second in command and it was her idea that her little sister does not have to try out, since I'm that good. So the captain came to our last high school game to see me in action. She liked what she saw and offered the position to me right there on the spot. I was thrilled. I even wanted to pledge a sorority. It was my goal to experience the college life.

For the most part, life was good and I only saw it getting better. Renée called me one Saturday night to tell there was a back to school party happening with the Phi Lambdas Theta Sorority House and that she wanted me to meet Gladys. This was the night that changed my life; it was the night that I met Bradley.


"Girl, get your ass in gear!" Renée yelled.

"I'm coming; I just got to get my shoes on," I said, hopping as I put on my Michael Antonio Wedge pumps.

"Shit, I told you 7! Why the hell do you wait until now to get ready? We're going to miss out on all the sexy men." She said using her compact mirror to check her makeup. "Damn I look good."

"Let's go heifer. I'm ready now," I said grabbing my keys and opening the door.

She rolled her eyes and walked out the door. I loved Renée but she was very self-absorbed. People said we looked a lot alike. She was tall like dad. Her 5'9 frame was lean and muscular. She seemed to be able to eat anything she wanted and wouldn't gain a pound. She had auburn hair that she highlighted with honey blond so it had definition and complimented her honey brown skin. She liked to wear very low cut shirts and very short skirts. She had long legs and her five inch stilettos kept them looking toned. The most gratitude I got from being her sister was that, while she was the tall slender one, I was the curvaceous one. She always complained about me not knowing how to use what the good Lord gave me.

"Regina, the way you look is a crying shame. You waste what the good Lord gave you. I mean if I had your dimples, breast and ass...Let's just say, I would never sleep alone." She mused.

"Nae, it's not about sex. It's about finding the one. Building something and laying it down so hard on him that he wants nothing more than you and what you share with him."

"Well, hell, when you find him you're going to be so dried up, he ain't going to want that shit." She said rolling her eyes. "I'm just saying girl, put yourself out there and let the Cock God know you want it."

"You just don't understand. I'm sure when the right one comes along he will thank me for not giving the cookies to every Tom, Dick and Harry." I said getting in the car.

I hated when we had conversations like this because all I could think of is that my sister was a slut and one day, she would have to pay the bill for her promiscuity and she would be bankrupted by it.

"Regi, please don't be acting too good tonight. If you see a guy that is interested in you, break him off a little sum'n sum'n. Don't act like your ass is brand new. I have a reputation to up hold. You got it."

"I am nothing like you." I said, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck raise.

"Don't I know it, but don't embarrass me, these are my friends."

"What the fuck you want me to do? Jump in bed with the first guy that says 'hi' to me, because your ass is a slut."

"Ah hell no, bitch, who the fuck do you think you are talking to? You got me twisted. I will. Kick. Your. Ass." She said turning to face me in the car.

"Look Nae," I said trying to calm down, "I did not mean to disrespect you. However, you know that I am waiting until marriage to 'break off a little sum'n sum'n' to anyone. Please understand my wishes. I don't want you telling guys to come talk to me because your little sis needs some loving or anything else. It will happen when it happens." I said looking her in the eyes pleading with her to understand me.

"Okay lil sis, but know this and I am just going to say it and then it's dropped like a bad habit. You need some dick and you might lighten the fuck up and live a bit." She said turning to start the car.

She turned to look at me then we both laughed. The tension in the car vanished.

Renée and I got into fights like this a lot. She thought I was wasting the best years of my life being celibate and waiting for a man like dad to come along and marry me. She was convinced that mom and dad were a rarity and not everyone found that one true love. Although Renée looked like dad and had a lot of his attributes, I was the daddy's girl and as quiet as it was kept, I wanted what my mother had...I wanted a man to love me like my dad loved my mom. My mom was a virgin at 27 when she met my dad and on their wedding night it was the first time that she had given herself completely to a man. My mother would always say,

"Baby, there was nothing like it. Your dad cried because he was so honored to be the first to unwrap the gift between these legs. I have never had to wonder about him from that moment on. This...," she said pointing to her sex, "baby is shaped to his penis. Truth be known, he can't get enough."

I would always blush when she said it, but I wanted it. I was dead set on having it too.


When we arrived to the party there was just so much going on. People were outside dancing on the lawn. The music was loud and thumping. You could smell the weed in the air and there were about 30 kegs of beer in the driveway. The party was in full effect and that was just the outside. When we entered the sorority house, it was standing room only. We squeezed our way over to a group of girls that were talking loud and very animated. Nae said, "I want you to meet Gladys," over her shoulder and grabbed my hand so not to lose me in the crowd. I had been to parties before but this was like no party I had ever been to. There were people everywhere. In one corner, a guy and girl were going at it as though they were the only ones in the place. Others were making out on the couches. I shuddered to think what was going on upstairs. Others were taking lines of cocaine and there was a light haze from cigarette smoke.

"What's good?" Nae was saying as we arrived to the group of girls. "This is my lil sis, Regi, well her name is Regina but we call her Regi for short."

The girls looked over my sister's shoulder at me and all said hi. Except one, she looked me up and down and said, "Nae, so this is your sister?"

"Yep." Renee said dismissively. She had already started scouting the room for her potential conquest for the night. "Damn, I thought there were going to be men here tonight. These boys would not know how to hit it if I gave them a bat."

"I'm Gladys. I wanted to meet you. I hear you want to pledge a sorority," she said while giving me her full attention.

"Yes, that is one of my goals."

"You should stop by the house tomorrow. I can show you what we do and you can meet some of the other girls. We might be exactly what you are looking for." She said smugly. "Tonight we party."


Shortly after my little conversation with Gladys, I saw him. He was a smooth caramel chocolate with flawless skin. His dark brown eyes were deep with thought. He full lips were just inviting a soft kiss. I felt a tingle in the pit of my stomach. His 6'4 frame was thin but you could see that he worked out. His arms had the definition of an athlete. I exhaled and stared as though I was being hypnotized by his presence. When our eyes met, I could feel my body betray me. My nipples hardened, my knees got weak and my panties became moist. I knew that I was in trouble.

He smiled at me and turned away. He must have told his friends something because he looked back my way and started heading over to me. I caught my breath and grabbed Renee's arm.

"Shit Regi, what the fuck! That shit hu..." She was interrupted when I pointed to the Adonis walking my way.

"Hello," his deep baritone voice was music to my ears.

"Hi," I said as I blushed and look away.

"Would you like to dance?"

"Who me?" I said pointing to myself like an idiot.

"Who else would I be talking to?" He mused.

"Umm sure?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"I...I mean sure." It was a statement not a question.

He smiled and extended his hand to me. He led me to the dance floor and as soon as we were there the music changed and the DJ was saying here's one for the lovers in house as we slow things down just a bit. Then the music to "Fire and Desire" came on. Yep I was in trouble.


Three Months Later

It's been three months since I first saw Bradley. We have been inseparable ever since. He is such a great guy. He helps me study for quizzes and reminds me to do my reading for my Psych class. More importantly than that, he makes sure that I am not cooped up in my dorm room. I am inspired by his dreams and mesmerized by how he does exactly what he says he will do. I guess you can say that I am falling for this guy hard. I can tell that I am getting under his skin too. We just started kissing. We kiss when we greet each other and right before we leave each other. It's so endearing how he is not rushing me to have sex with him, although my body is screaming to have him balls deep inside of me and pounding me over and over again. I just know when we finally do make love, the heavens will sing. Our love is a special kind.


I was sitting in my dorm room trying to study for a Psych quiz, but I could not concentrate. Even though it was early November it was about 75 degrees outside. It was a beautiful fall day and I wanted to be at the park or at least with my man. He was at football practice and would not be available for another two hours.

I forced myself to push all thoughts aside expect for the notes in front of me. I looked down at my notes and began to read aloud. I was interrupted by the phone ringing; I got excited because I thought it might be Bradley saying they got out of practice early since they had won their first two games in the preseason. I was disappointed when I saw the caller id.

"Hello?" I said a little too calm.

"Well hello sunshine."

"Oh, hey Gladys."

"Guess I was not the person you thought I was, huh?"

"Oh no. Well, yeah, I thought it was Bradley."

"So, how are you and star athlete getting along?"

"Oh good. What's up?"

"Well, I was just calling about the fundraiser. Is everything in place?"

"Mm, yep. I got the cupcakes ordered - all 2500 of them, and I'll stop by the bank in the morning to get 100 one dollar bills for change. Marcia has the tables and Bradley and few of his teammates will help us set up and take them down." I rehearsed.

"What about the tablecloths, napkins and signs?"

"Oh, Renee is getting the table cloths and napkins as we speak and Jody got the drama club to do all the signs."

"Well, sounds like you have been a busy bee. You know this fundraiser has to be a success. It's your final test to see if we will welcome you into the sorority with open arms. Even though you made it through pledge week, to finalize it, all pledges have to do a major fundraising event, so good luck to you."

"Thanks Gladys, will we see you there?"

"But of course," she said laughing.

"Ok then see you there."

"Bye." She said hanging up the phone.

When we got off the phone, I went back to reading my notes. I could not help but think about Bradley and when we would get together again. I knew he was going to be at the fundraiser and I thought I would invite him to a movie later that evening. I just wanted to be with him.


When I got to the fundraiser, everything was set up. The banner hanging over our table was exactly what I had described to Renee. I would have to thank her. All the table cloths were in place, the cups, napkins and paper dessert plates were at the end of the table neatly stacked. The cupcakes would be delivered in about 10 minutes. I went over to see if there was anything left to do with the set up.

"Hey you guys, everything looks great. Is there anything else we need to get done?"

"Hey Regi, we just need to hang the signs in the hallways and at each entrance."

"Okay, let's do that and Marcia can stay to wait for the cupcakes to be delivered."

Marcia reading her chemistry textbook looked up and nodded her head in agreement. We broke up into two teams and went in separate directions. As I turned the corner, I saw Bradley heading my way. My heart began to pound and my knees got weak. This man was going to be my undoing. I could feel my juices beginning to flow. He smiled when he saw me and gave me a nod. I waved back and blew him a kiss. He approached our group and slides his arm around my waist.

"Hey you."


"What's good?"

"We're about to hang the signs for the fundraiser. You wanna help us out?"

"Sure sweetness," he said and kissed my cheek. He lingered just a bit longer than normal. I could feel the heat rising starting with my feet. He nudged my check with his nose and then whispered, "Let's hang out tonight."

I turned my face toward him and simply said, "Okay," then he kissed my lips ever so softly, if I would have closed my eyes I would not have believed he kissed me. I handed him some signs and we parted. I fanned myself with the signs left in my hands and said to myself "Oh my god."

During the fundraiser, Bradley and I kept looking and flirting with one another. He made sure all the boys from the football team and basketball team brought at least three cupcakes and even some of the wrestling, baseball and soccer teams came by because of him. I was so proud of my man helping me out. We all laughed when the cheer squad came over and paid for two cupcakes but ask us to donate them to someone who could not afford them. Bradley was our prize marketer, using his fame to get people to stop by and not only check us out but buy.

By the end of the fundraiser, we had not only sold out but had made a hefty profit. Gladys was pleased with our endeavor and made sure that all the sisters knew how successful our fundraiser had been. We started cleaning up and Bradley came to steal me away.

"Hey Baby, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the city with me tonight. There a house party that I was invited to."

"Sure, what's the dress code?"

"Just wear something sexy like you always do." He said slapping my ass as he kissed my cheek and walked away to help his team mates with the tables.


Bradley picked me up at my -dorm room around 6:30. I was not quite ready since my hair was not cooperating with me. In the end I just pulled it backed into a ponytail and used the curled ends to make a sloppy curly bun. When I came out of the bathroom, Bradley smiled and said "Damn, you look so fucking sexy."

"Thank you." I said blushing.

"You are very welcome. Are you ready?"

"Yes, do you think I need a coat?"

"It's a bit chilly out there I would grab one and, in San Francisco, I am sure it will be a little colder than here."

"Okay give me a sec."

When we got to the party, there were only two people that I knew other than Bradley. Gladys was there with her new guy, James. I waved at them as Bradley took my hand and we walked to the back of the house.

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