tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Lesson to Learn

A Lesson to Learn


"Dude, Corey is such a cock-tease!" Kyle fumed as he slammed his books into his book bag. It was only the third week in college and he felt as if nothing had changed since high school. Corey had been a cock-tease then, and she still was now. Kyle gritted his teeth as he watched her walk past him in her short skirt. "Damn," he said as he turned to his friend, "what does she think she's proving by wearing skirts that short?"

"Man," Greg replied, "girls like that think they have the world coming to them. And that one looks like no one has ever proven her wrong either."

"Shit," Kyle said, "just give me one night with her and I'll show her what a real man could do."

"Whatever," Greg replied. He shook his head and walked away.

But Kyle had an idea. Maybe that's what it would take. Maybe if Corey had someone show her that she was vulnerable, that she couldn't just flaunt her tanned thighs and that sexy body...maybe things would change. Kyle felt his dick getting hard as he just thought about what he would do to Corey Blaylaw.


"No," Corey began as she spoke into the phone, "Mr. Simmons didn't give me a C. He was going to, but I told him that I just couldn't let my average fall." She laughed as she talked to her best friend on the phone. "Hey, I've got to let you go," she said, "there's someone at my door."


Corey opened the door and before she could let out a scream, she was pushed up against the wall. "No, no," she begged as a hand came down hard across her cheek. She was terrified. She had just taken a shower and the only thing separating her from this person was the thin towel she had wrapped around herself.

The man stood over her, a mask covering his face, and smiled a dark smile. He licked his lips and that sent Corey into a frenzy. She tried to scream, but the hand came down hard across her cheek again.

"Please," she began, "take what you want, just don't hurt me."

Tears were streaking down her soft white cheeks and her eyes widened even further as the man pulled a back-pack out from behind him.

"Wa-what are you going to do with me," she begged as she watched him unzip it. "Please, just let me go. Please, just take anything you want."

"Oh, I plan to," came the dark reply. He pulled a gag out of the bag and Corey tried to run. He was on her before she made it five feet.

"NO!" She screamed. Someone had to hear her, if she just screamed enough, someone would have to hear. But she knew that wasn't true. She had money and her family had rented her a house rather than force her to live in the dorm with all the other freshmen. She was all alone and there was no one to hear her scream.

He forced the gag into her mouth and her towel came lose as she began to struggle.

"Nice tits," the man said as he reached down and caressed one of her soft milky white breasts then squeezed her nipple tightly between his thumb and index finger.

She reached up and tried to scratch at him, fight him, do anything to get away.

"No, no," the man replied in a sing-song voice as he sat across her chest. Her breasts were squashed beneath him, and she couldn't breathe. He pulled her hands above her head and took some rope out of his bag. He secured her wrists and then dragged her to her bed. The towel fell behind her and she was now completely naked to his onslaught.

"Psfmst," she begged as tears continued to streak down her cheeks.

The man took a pair of hand-cuffs out of his back-pack and secured her hands to her headboard. Her wrists were already turning white from lack of circulation, but he didn't care. This bitch had to learn a lesson, and sometimes lessons hurt.

Corey watched as the man pulled more items from his bag. She began to struggle again when he pulled out a razor. "Nfm, NFM," she screamed through the gag.

The man pulled out more rope, completely ignoring her pleas. As Corey continued to struggle, the man secured her legs to her footboard. He didn't want to have to deal with her flailing about while he worked. He stood and walked out of the room.

Corey listened to the silence, hoping he had left, but then she heard water running in the bathroom. He came back into the room carrying a bowl, a washcloth, and some shaving gel. She watched as he dipped the towel into the bowl of water and then laid it over her naked pubes.

The towel was hot, the water must have been very hot and she struggled against his touch. The man smiled down at her and placed his hand on her pussy.

"The more you struggle, the more I'll do to you," he said in his sinister voice. She felt his finger push the hot towel between her labia and continued to struggle for a moment or two longer until she understood the intent of his words. As she struggled, his finger caressed her clit through the hot, rough fabric.

"No," she though, "this can't be happening, I can't be getting turned on by this man!" She stopped struggling immediately.

The man removed the cloth and filled his hand with shaving gel. He placed his hand intimately over her crotch and the cool gel felt even colder as it took the place of the hot towel. He began rubbing it in with circular motions. She felt her hips move in rhythm to his hand, but she couldn't stop herself. She moaned as well as she tried to turn her face into her arm. She felt her cheeks growing warmer. "God, what kind of slut am I?" she questioned as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. He spread the gel over every inch of hair. He pushed her labia apart with two fingers and spread it between her lips as well, then down to her ass crack. She watched as he picked up that razor. She began to shake her head vehemently. No, no no, she tried pleading with her eyes, but he wasn't looking at her, he was looking at her soon to be shaved crotch.

She felt the cool steel razor glide effortlessly through her sparse hair. He was skilled at what he was doing, and somehow even being shaved against her will was turning Corey on. She moaned lightly, and tried her hardest to keep her hips still, but they seemed to have a mind of their own.

She heard the man chuckle again as he parted her lips and began to shave the inside of her labia. He worked his way down to the tiny bit of hair around her ass crack, not missing a single inch. He would take a swipe with the razor, then dip it into the bowl of hot water and rinse it off. Over and over again until every bit of hair was gone.

She watched as he left the room to dump the water and then came back again with the wash cloth. He laid it over her again, but this time it was freezing cold. She began to shiver and felt her clit becoming painfully tight as he ran the rough cold cloth down her slit.

She looked down to where her hair used to be and felt as if she was looking at a complete stranger. She didn't recognize herself anymore. Before she had beautiful curly blonde pubes, and now she was completely naked. Completely exposed to this horrible man. She felt a tear slipping down her cheek as she wondered what he was going to do to her next.

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