tagNon-Erotic Poetrya letter, or rather a note.

a letter, or rather a note.


to my friend-
i wonder where we started and i get lost where we got lost in eachother, or at least where i think i got lost in you. i try to figure out when we started to smother eachother, and with our breath (or rather finger tips) and words we sucked out the air and with the air went our flame...and i wonder if we could possibly, if ever, get a fire burning in the safety of a provided pit, burning, sharing in the warmth on a camping trip we haven't taken yet, on some cool crisp night that has yet to happen, in a future that is for sure not certain. and with all of those thoughts and twists and turns that this story of us has taken, i feel hopeful that we still have times, and things, and ideas, and memories that we want to experience together...somewhere in our minds, if we can find it, there it is. this little piece of eachother that has stamped itself into one anothers lives. i agree with you, let's not waste time invested, i miss you, i'll wait...for you...for a call...for a hot cup of coffee.

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