tagInterracial LoveA Life for Laura Ch. 01

A Life for Laura Ch. 01


Laura's tale

I suppose I was lucky to have made two such good friends. Veronica, Vee, and Geraldine, Gerry, who sort of took me under their wing as it were when I started nursing. I was, at eighteen, a pretty, blue eyed blond virgin.

Vee and Gerry were both fairly free with the sex. They said that if they liked a guy, they saw nothing wrong in enjoying a good fuck with him. That was not such an uncommon attitude in the mid-sixties.

I always said no to sex. It was just the way I thought young ladies should behave. Obviously I wasn't in tune with the times. It wasn't as if I was a complete virgin. Boys I had petted with had fingered me to the point where my maidenhead was long gone. But I had never had a boy's penis right inside me, despite a deal of curiosity on my part. The one or two youths who had gotten my consent to try never managed to hold on long enough to get their cocks into my vagina before they came -- usually making an awful mess of my clothes!

My name is Laura. I came from a good middle class home with loving parents who I respected.

Not being academically bright, my mother had recommended nursing.

My friends, Vee and Gerry, took me out to parties and tried to hook me up with likely looking lads. But I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for them. They only seemed interested in one thing, so I turned them all down.

When I was eighteen and a half, or as Gerry put it, on my eighteen and a half birthday, they made a date for me.

"Actually it's for all three of us," Vee explained.

I took a nice long scented bath, put on my best white satin panties, garter belt and bra and opened a new pair of sheer nylons. I couldn't find a clean blouse so Vee lent me one of hers. It was a white nylon see-through that left nothing secret about my bra.

When I protested to her Vee replied, "At least you've got a very pretty bra Laura. I think it's a shame to hide that sort of thing away all the time!"

I also wore a tight black velvet skirt and black high heels.

They took me in a taxi to what seemed a rather seedy part of town. Then we entered a gloomy sort of night-club.

We sat at a table and were served drinks by a sardonic waiter. Three gin and tonics.

I asked my companions to show me where the men were.

Then a lady in her mid-thirties approached us,

"I'm Sarah," she introduced herself, "Come with me."

She led us up some stairs to a large, bright, well furnished room.

"This is Matt. This is Joe and this is Mike," she went on, "and here are Vee, Gerry and Laura."

My mouth was open. I had just been introduced to three black men.

Vee and Gerry started dancing with Matt and Mike. Of the three, Joe had the darkest skin, almost jet black. We started talking and he told me he was over here from a small West African country, Gambia, working as a diplomat. He said he wanted to stay here and study law. He seemed very pleasant, but there was no way I was going to have sex with a black man. Even one who was good looking, well-dressed, polite and intelligent

Maybe he would be content with a bit of petting. But definitely no further.

We danced. I had to keep pulling his wandering hands up off my ass, back onto my waist. The first time he dropped them down there, I moved away in the only direction possible -- towards him I found my mound of Venus grinding against the swelling in his groin that I surmised was his cock.

After that I just pulled them up, which he seemed to take as a bit of a joke.

Then he raised his hand to my face, stroked my cheek and kissed me.

It was an exquisite kiss, starting softly, increasing pressure and moving slightly. Then his mouth opened and I could feel his tongue on my lips. I responded automatically by opening my own mouth and engaging his tongue with mine. It was a delicious taste.

Then realising what was happening I stopped. He lowered his hand, expertly opening the buttons of my blouse from the neck to halfway down. Then his hand slid in over my bra. I felt two of his fingers search and find the slight pimple where my nipple was. His fingers were either side, rubbing gently, supplemented by his thumb passing over the protrusion. My breast swelled and my nipple became erect almost at once. I wondered if I had let Joe go too far.

"Please..." I started to protest.

But he lowered his head and pushed his lips against my other nipple. This time he stoked it with his tongue. I could feel the warm wetness of his saliva through the satin. It was immensely exciting for me. I also felt a wetness between my legs.

I could hear Gerry over on the couch crying, "Fuck me, fuck me."

Vee seemed to be perched on her guy's lap with his hand up her skirt, fondling her. She was giggling and clearly enjoying the sensation. I felt encouraged seeing and hearing my friends. I began to think that if it was alright for them, what was I holding back for.

But Joe was going too quickly for me.

His free hand went up my skirt, over the welt of my stocking and across the flesh of my thigh to reach the gusset of my panties. Suddenly I knew I had let him go too far.

I wasn't about to have sex with a black man. I didn't want the first penis to enter my body to be a black one. No way.

Then a small voice of conscience pipped up.

"Is it just that you don't want any man, or just that you don't want a black man?"

I had to admit to myself that I was getting very worked up. I certainly fancied a man. But not a black man.

Conscience again, "That's pure racism, Laura. You mustn't turn a man down just because of his skin complexion! There's nothing wrong with Joe, apart from the fact he's black."

The small voice was right of course. I wanted a man, I needed a man. Joe was available and more than willing to perform for me. I shouldn't turn him down for being black. I could hear the regular moans and gasps from Vee and Gerry having one climax after another. I wanted to join in; to experience the same intense feelings they were so obviously relishing.

He was well aware from the wetness between my legs that I was ready and primed. But he had sensed my hesitation.

"Are you okay about this Laura?" he asked.

I nodded. Suddenly I wanted to feel him inside me. I was filled with curiosity about sex generally. The fact of his being black didn't seem important any longer.

To reassure him, I unzipped his pants and reached in to fondle his cock through his Y-fronts.

"Shall we retire to the bedroom now?" he asked. I nodded again.

As I kicked off my shoes, unzipped and dropped my skirt, I thought, "Here goes. I'm about to be fucked." I smiled as I realised I had come to relish the thought of Joe's cock inside me. Joe's big black cock!

Quickly undressed himself, Joe helped me out of my bra and panties. Then I was on the bed, on my back with my legs open for him.

He mounted me and held his very stiff cock against the lips of my pussy, moving it gently up and down and making me very wet down there.

I was holding my breathe, expecting the sharp pain I had been told was usual for girls in my state but his cock was right between into the entrance before I felt any strain. Then, plop. It was in me! I caught my breath but only for a second or so. There was a feeling of strain, a fullness, but nothing as bad as I had been expecting.

Joe started to thrust slowly into me. Then he withdrew and thrust in a bit further. I seemed to be getting more and more full of his cock. What surprised me was just how great it felt as he drove ever deeper into me, making me a woman. I began to wonder why I had never let anything like this happen to me before. Cleanly I had wasted the last six months.

Suddenly he quickened the pace.

"Oh! Fuck it, fuck it!" he cried.

I realised he was coming. Sooner than he wanted perhaps, but it was still a wonderful thrill to me as he came and pumped his cum deep into my womb. The first man ever to fuck me. My beautiful black lover!

Luckily for me, Joe wasn't a one shot man. He soon had his cock back up to size and I loved the rhythmic thrusting as he slid it in and out of me. I felt myself begin to tingle all over. It all seemed to flood my whole body as I reached the most tremendous orgasm. I moaned and convulsed as Joe told me what a good girl I was.

"It's great to screw a girl who really enjoys a good fuck," he declared.

I looked down and saw his great black cock covered with rings of white foamy froth. I grinned at him and pulled his face down to kiss again..

He went on fucking me for another hour or so, giving me several more orgasms and flooding me with his cum. When he stopped, I took his cock in my mouth and encouraged it up to size again. I mounted him and lowered myself eagerly onto that slimy black fuck-pole for one last glorious fuck before we collapsed and slept for several hours.

After that night, I was disappointed when Joe didn't appear again.

So Vee, Gerry took me out with them and we worked our way through all our black acquaintances, the black members of the local football team and just about any black men we could find. We became three dedicated black cock sluts. And I loved every minute of it!

Then just as I qualified as a nurse, I met Ken.

It happened at a party at my parents place, not entirely by accident I guess. He was tall, blond and handsome. He had just graduated and was starting work as a corporate lawyer. We seemed to click and I agreed to go out with him.

Of course I was scared my parents would find out I had been a black cock slut during training. And I was becoming afraid that an endless supply of black cocks was simply a sort of addiction. Like smoking. Or drinking. The sort of things I should try to get away from.

So Ken and I very soon managed to spend the night together. His cock was wonderfully big and stiff. My sort of guy! We married three months later.

(to be continued)

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