tagBDSMA Little Harder Please

A Little Harder Please


Sheri and I had tried many things to spice up our sex lives over the 10 years of our marriage. We enjoyed MMF threesomes as well as FFM groups. We tried watching each other pick up strangers in bars; we tried swinging in foursomes and even at a "swingers" home group gathering with 8 couples. All of these had added a measure to our enjoyment of each other. Especially I had enjoyed watching Sheri seduce and totally give herself to other men. She had been reluctant at the start, worrying if I would lose interest in her if I saw her carry out her fantasies. Once past the first couple episodes, she was totally into all our adventures. Each one seemed to heighten our enjoyment of our own love making. But, until we tried bondage and light whipping, we hadn't experienced anything that brought the height of orgasm this provided.

We started with her binding me to the bedposts at all 4 corners laying on my back, and her taking the belt out of my pants whipping me a few times then crawling on me fucking me while still bound to the posts. Once I exploded in her pussy, she would climb up and squat over my face forcing me to eat the cum out of her. Each time we did it, she would whip me a little harder and longer, often leaving me bruised for many days. One evening, she decided she wanted to reverse the roles. I objected, telling her I did not want to do anything to hurt her. She retorted that she wanted the experience at least once. We decided to use a "safe" word so if it was too severe, she could utter the word and I would stop immediately. We chose a non-related word so it would not be uttered by accident...Our Word was "managerial".

We decided to go to the local adult store to find things to whip her with less damaging than my belt. We found quite an assortment available, and the clerk helped us choose a couple different whips. They would sting without doing a great deal of skin damage if used moderately.

Sheri was excited that Friday evening when we decided to try out the new whips. She jumped on the bed begging me to bind her tightly so she couldn't wiggle out. Immediately, I obliged, reminding her of the safe word if it was too much for her. As I started with the short single tail whip lightly whisking it over her mid section, she chided me to "be a man" about it and put something into it. As I began to whip her a little harder, she cried out with each lash. After about 10 minutes, she was begging me to stop, but not using the "safe" word. I gave in to her pleading and laid down the whip, untying her so she could recover. Amazingly, she was actually mad at me for stopping saying "I didn't use the safe word". I told her she was begging me to stop and she said that was part of the enjoyment, begging me to stop and receiving even more and harder lashes.

We tried these sessions trading places about every other time. They happened about once a month. One Friday night, when we had decided earlier to have one of our "sessions", I arrived home from work to find the table set for six people. Sheri told me she thought it was time to share our adventures and she had invited Mary and Don to come over and they were bringing a new couple they had a couple swinging sessions with. Sheri had already had her bath and was delightfully dressed in her sleek red silk dress, obviously with no bra. Her luscious nipples were almost visible through the dress showing she was not wearing a bra.

Mary and Don arrived shortly with Suzy and Marie. The other couple turned out to be two women. I whispered in Sheri's ear asking if she knew it was two women. She responded saying she didn't know, but it could really be fun. We all sat in the living room chatting and getting to know the two new women. Both of Suzy and Marie were good-looking, slender women in their mid 30's. Both had medium length blond hair. Suzy had on a sweater which she had removed revealing a thin blue silky blouse which let her erect nipples show their shape. Marie was dressed rather conservatively with a skirt and long sleeve pullover sweater. We all had a couple drinks, and then we invited them all into our bedroom to look things over. As it happened, Suzy was experienced at BDSM and more or less took charge. Since we had a King-size bed, Suzy suggested we have two people tied up at once, one on each side of the bed since there were four people left to administer "the punishment". We discussed the "Safe Word" we used, and Suzy said she heard what we were saying and that she thought Sheri and I should be the first to receive the whippings.

Sheri leaned over to whisper in my ear that she was up for being first if I was, so we agreed. Suzy then took over directing us to strip off all our clothes and lay on the bed face-up. We quickly complied. Suzy then had Marie go to the car to get her "bag". When Marie came back in, Suzy already had my left side firmly tied down, but since there were two of us to tie down; it was going to take more rope. Suzy said not to worry that she had plenty. She pulled a long coiled rope out of her bag and completed the bondage, making sure we could hardly move. Sheri was already excited as her pink nipples were definitely at attention. Suzy then pulled a few pieces of cloth out of her bag and began with me by stuffing a soft cotton cloth in my mouth then tying another around my head effectively gagging me so I could not speak nor hardly make a sound. Sheri quickly objected saying we wouldn't be able to use the "safe" word. With that comment, Suzy quickly stuffed Sheri's mouth and tied the gag on her. Sheri was very disturbed, but we could hardy move making even a struggle difficult.

Now Suzy said she was going over the rules (I thought we should have done this first). First, she said, we had all agreed to this session and there was no room for a "safe" word for this session. She told us we would receive 100 lashes each, and if we were good, that would end it, but if we were bad, we might get another 100 each. Immediately, I was terrified. The most Sheri and I had done was about 12 lashes with the belt and that left bruises for a couple weeks. "100 lashes with what?" I thought.

Soon I was to find that Suzy had numerous whips and devices in her bag. She pulled out several and handed them to the other three. Marie and Mary were on my side of the bed, Suzy, and Don on the other. I knew Mary and Don would not go overboard, but I was worried about Marie and especially Suzy.

Next, the first few lashes reached our bodies. Not too hard, and with a single tail whip for both of us. Suzy then asked if we liked that and we both nodded yes. "Good", she exclaimed, "we will all enjoy this better if we are naked!". With that, the four of them removed all their clothing. Marie immediately reached out and gently caressed Sheri's breasts with her hands and leaned down and sucked on her nipples, biting gently on each one. Mary then followed suit and did likewise. I watched Sheri and could see she was really enjoying that attention. Suzy then hovered over me and said she was going to enjoy inflicting excruciating pain on me. She grabbed my balls and tugged on them hard enough to give me a sharp, short pain.

Now it came time to get out the real "weapons". Suzy pulled two "cat-o-nine-tails" whips out of her bag and handed one to Marie. These whips looked vicious with several knots near the end of each strand. Soon I found out haw much it would hurt as Suzy laid into me with about three lashes of the whip. It was far beyond any pain Sheri or I had experienced with each other. Marie said now it is Sheri's turn as she laid into Sheri's firm tits with six hard lashes. Sheri screamed with each one, but it was muffled because of the gag. I could see the deep red marks on Sheri's beautiful tits. I felt bad for Sheri and felt it was my fault because I was the one who suggested getting others involved. Don and Mary each had single tail whips and they used them to be participating, but if what they did was all there was to the whippings, we would have enjoyed the evening.

Suzy and Marie were both very stern and harsh with us, as they lashed us repeatedly with the nine-tailed whips. After a few more strokes, the lashes began to draw blood on my stomach. Marie then whipped Sheri extremely hard about 8 or 9 more times across her tits until blood began to ooze out of three or four wounds. Once the blood began to show, Marie climbed on the bed on top of Sheri and began licking and kissing her whole body. She then buried her head in Sheri's hairy muff, getting a real squirm out of Sheri. Marie stood up quickly saying: "You liked that too much" and immediately lashed out with the whip with 12 crushing blows to her tits and stomach. Then Marie began whipping Sheri's muff. 12 more hard lashes to her pussy. I could tell Sheri was in great pain, but the look on her face also began to show a bit of enjoyment at being so severely punished.

Suzy then whipped my dick and balls harshly, and after a few blows, it strangely began to be mixed pain and pleasure. Suzy saw my penis begin to grow and sunk her mouth down to take in my member fully in her mouth. At the same time, Don climbed up on the bed, already fully erect, and mounted Sheri, Finding her opening quickly her humped her rapidly for about two minutes when he groaned and filled her pussy with his semen. Marie immediately jumped on the bed and began licking up all his juice as it streamed out of Sheri's pussy. She lingered down there until she could see Sheri begin to squirm with pleasure. She stopped and jumped up and lit into her with the whip again delivering another dozen blows to her tits mainly. Then she started fondling Sheri's tits roughly with her hands. Strangely, Sheri seemed to be almost enjoying the rough play. Soon, Don and Marie were feeling, rubbing, licking all over Sheri's body. Marie went down on her again while Don roughly fondled her tits. This time Marie stayed in place licking and sucking on Sheri's hot pussy until she began to quiver and shake then buck and moan. It was obvious she was cumming violently. As the climax subsided, she relaxed. Then Marie began by untying the gag and taking it out of Sheri's mouth. She and Don then untied her as Suzy and Mary began violently whipping me with repeated strokes.

The next thing that happened was a total surprise. Sheri came over to my side of the bed, took the nine-tailed whip from Suzy, and began whipping me even harder than Suzy. She was relentless first lashing my torso, then my dick and balls. I was getting bloody everywhere. I could feel myself losing consciousness gradually. When I awoke, I was in pain, my whole body hurt, and the gag was gone from my mouth but I was now blindfolded. I could feel gentle caresses all over my body. They were rubbing me down with some kind of ointment.

Sheri was the first to speak. She whispered softly that she loved me, and that she wanted me to be fulfilled with the whole experience. With that, she kissed me on the mouth with a warm and wet kiss. She then invited Suzy to do the same and she responded with a passionate embrace that was unexpected from her. Mary now came over and kissed me. I knew it was Mary because she said she really enjoyed my struggles. As she kissed me, she slid her hand down to my pain-filled member and caressed it gently. Sheri now crawled up on my face and buried her muff in my face. Obviously she had been filled again by Don, but there was an amazing amount of cum flowing out of Sheri. To my surprise, they took off my blindfold now and I saw there were three more men in the room. As it happened, Sheri had been fucked completely in the pussy by two of them and in the ass by the other. I was tasting the cum of the 2 who came in her pussy. She shifted then to put her asshole over my mouth as she dripped that cum I had to lap it up. Now it was Marie's turn. She climbed up on me, put my sore member in her mouth, began slowly, and gently sucking until I felt my dick growing with excitement. She then switched ends and took my penis in her pussy while she laid on me kissing me passionately. She was a terrific fuck and I wanted to caress her tits, but being bound it was impossible. I was still very sore, but now completely erect. Marie then said she wanted to take my cum in her ass. She switched positions and lowered herself slowly taking my fullness in her smooth asshole. She was facing away from me now, so Suzy came back to face me and stick her tongue down my throat. As she did this, she pinched on my sore nipples with short sharp pinches. She was really getting me going as Marie was ass fucking my cock.

When I finally erupted with about a gallon of sperm up Marie's anal cavity, she quickly jumped off my prick and shoved her ass in my face to eat out all the cum. As they began to remove the ropes from my ankles and wrists, I saw that Sheri was fucking Don and one of the other men, one in each cavity and softly moaning with another orgasm.

Suzy then told us she would be back in town next month and it would be our turn to tie Marie and her up and inflict the whippings on them. She said she hoped we could be harsher on them than they had been on us. I told her it would be my pleasure to accommodate that request.

Sheri came over to me and snuggled up to me. This had been far over the edge of our imaginations. We agreed that we'd keep it simple for a while – at least until we recovered and the wounds healed. We were a sorry sight to see, with stripes and cuts that had stopped bleeding all over our bodies from the crotch up to the neck. We got out our first aid cream and gently spent the day applying it to each other's wounds. Sheri then commented that she would NEVER have consented had she known what we would go through, but that she was glad it happened the way it did because she had never had so many orgasms in about an 8-hour period in her life. She said the pain actually heightened the orgasms and that she hopes in a few months we'd do something even more daring. I asked her what could be more daring than our experience last night. She said she had an idea and she would let me know when she had checked it out.

Now I have to wait in anticipation, but there is no hurry, we have a while to heal and just enjoy each other.

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