tagLoving WivesA little Late Night Office Fantasy

A little Late Night Office Fantasy


It is a late Friday evening, you are working late on some project for you employer and sighing because you want to be home with your sexy wife. You know the kids are off with their grandparents for a long weekend and you sigh, leaning back in your chair.

You feel arms slipping around you and you look up startled and smile as you see me looking down at you with a sexy smile. My hair is all tousled and pulled back from my face. You spin about in your chair and pull me down for a nice long kiss, noticing with your hands that I am in a long silken low cut red dress. You wonder just how it staying up on my, as it rides on the edges of my bare shoulders.

I purr at you and after a quick look about I slide my hands down your belly and work your slacks open. You protest softly that we will get caught and I purr louder and sink to my knees and pull your cock free, immediately licking all around your tip, till it is nice and shiny. You keep looking around, worried that someone will come down the hall and look into your cube, stifling your moan as my lips slid down your cock.

After a few moments of this you place your hands on my head and guide your cock deeper in my mouth, moaning and softly shaking as my talented tongue licks and circles your tip.

You are getting hotter and hotter when you hear a throat clearing and you look up startled to see two of your office buddies standing there. You scramble to pull yourself together and I sit back with a grin and tell you not to worry. The two guys come into the cube and lift me to my feet. I tell you I had called them and set up something special for you. Your eyes grow wide as I slide the dress off my shoulders and you see that underneath it all I have on is thigh high black stockings and high heeled sandals.

You swallow and look at me as I put my hands on your cheeks and lean over to kiss you, standing with my legs parted. I whisper to you that they are here to give you your fantasy. As I kiss you your two friends are running their hands over my hot naked flesh. You can feel my moans as they run their fingers over my breasts and the gasp as one slides his fingers into my wet pussy.

I pull back from the kiss and look you in the eye and ask you who you want to do me first. You pant and whimper a moment and point to the taller of your friends. He smiles and undoes his jeans and shows a massive cock, all hard and ready from watching me suck on your cock. I get back on my knees and start to lap you once more as he gets behind me and slowly slides into my wet and wiggly pussy. You moan as you feel him start to thrust, the thrusts forcing my mouth down your cock so that as he fucks me I fuck your cock down into my throat. My moans as he fills me with hard cock meat vibrate on your thick sweet cock.

Meanwhile your other friend is standing to the side and stroking his cock as he watches this. He moans softly as he moves over and stands stroking his cock over my naked back. Soon a rhythm develops, each cock being stroked, sucked and fucked at the same tempo.

I do my best to keep you on the edge, not letting you cum but causing you incredible pleasure that you are not sure you want to end. As the friend fucking me starts to thrust harder I pull my mouth off your cock and moan, telling you all nasty just how good it feels and how I want to feel your cock fill my pussy. He shoots deep into me with a long moan and stumbles back to be replaced with your other friend. He pumps hard and fast and cums not more than a few minutes later, filling my hot pussy with the cum you want to be there. When he stumbles back I am moaning, having not yet cum...holding myself from the edge, just barely.

I get up and swiftly impale my sloppy cunt on your rock hard cock and start to bounce up and down, shuddering as the feel of your special cock finally sends me over the edge into the orgasm I need so bad. You moan as the cum from your friends slide down your cock and over your balls. After the guys recover they come over and start caressing me and lifting me up and down your cock, slamming me down so we both gasp and moan.

When you finally stiffen, they ram me down hard so that your swollen cock pops into my womb and your cum explodes deep inside. Together we shudder for what seems like an infinity as you cum over and over, my pussy clenching hard, milking your cum out of you and sending the sperm from the others flooding down over your balls.

I wrap around you, head on your shoulder and whisper that I love you and did you enjoy your anniversary gift. Then I whisper that the night has just begun as the men lift me off your cock and slide me back into my dress, the cum sliding down my stocking covered thighs.

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