tagErotic CouplingsA Little "R and R"

A Little "R and R"


"You're going to love your Valentine's present this year, I've worked very hard to make it come to pass!" Said Roy wrapping his arms around me. "It's something you've wanted for a very long time, a fantasy come true."

"Awe! Please tell me! I hate the suspense when you do this to me, making me wait is pure torture!" I said. Turning to look up into his hazel eyes.

Roy leans down to kiss me lightly on my neck, nuzzling and nibbling. A sharp pang of desire flashes thru my body making me moist and ready for his touch. Squeezing my right breast, he pulls me even closer to him. Forcing me to gasp with delight.

"You'll just have to wait till tonight Cupcake, then you will have everything you've fantasized about." Roy whispered, releasing my panting body. Turning away from me, he says over his shoulder, "Just be ready to leave at eight o'clock. Wear something sexy! You'll be happy you did!"

At six thirty, I quickly took my shower and washed my shoulder length red hair. I briskly towel dried my hair and applied curling gel and brushed it thru, then lightly blow dried it into little curls. After finishing my hair, I began applying eyeliner and shadow around my almond shaped green eyes. Having finished, I sprayed Musk perfume on my neck, wrists and hair. Knowing the musk drives Roy wild! Smiling, I walked to my bedroom to get dressed.

While standing in front of my closet, wondering what to wear, I remove my towel. As I reach into the closet to retrieve a black skirt and white shirt, Roy enters the room. He walks toward me smiling, one hand behind his back.

"Do you see anything you like baby?" I ask, giving him a flirting look.

"Oh yes! You look beautiful Cupcake." He replies. Leaning over to kiss me on my left cheek.

"What's behind your back?" I ask, brows furrowing. I try to see what he's hiding.

"Just a little something to start your Valentine's Day off with a smile." He says, handing me a small box. It's covered with heart encrusted wrapping paper. On top sits a large card with a red envelope, my name written in Roy's handwriting.

Excited I sit down on the bed, Roy joins me, a huge smile written on his handsome face. I see he has shaved and trimmed his goatee in honor of our date. I can smell his after-shave, my favorite, musk.

Happily, I open the envelope; the card inside is beautiful with large hearts and the figure of "Ziggy" smiling at me. Opening it, it reads,

To the lady of my Heart, You have made my life special, You have made it worth wild, You have given me Happiness, You have given it style. Then in Roy's hand writing underneath,

May tonight be as full of excitement, as you have made my life! With all my Love, Roy

Tears of joy slowly slide down my face. I look up into his eyes and smile. "Thank you Hun, it's beautiful." I say, leaning over and kiss him a long deep kiss laced with subtle passion.

"Open the present! I'm sure I'll get another kiss or two for that!" He said grinning wide.

Ripping the paper off the box, it reads Victoria's Secret. Looking over to him, seeing his smile. "Roy, that place is so expensive!' I say, but thrilled he would go to the expense!

Opening the box, then moving the white tissue paper, I gasp!

"Oh Roy! It's beautiful!" In my hands is a black and red garter and black silk stockings. Looking at the tag I see it's just the right size.

"I thought you could wear it tonight. But I don't want you to wear panties. Leave yourself open for me to touch you anytime I wish." He says smiling. A lustful look sweeps into his eyes as he thinks of the possibilities this offers.

Blushing, I nod yes and kiss him again, deeper, with more passion, my body already excited and ready for tonight.

Roy lightly pushes me away from him. "We can safe this for tonight." He states, standing up. "Hurry, get ready. I want to leave soon." With that, Roy leaves the bedroom. Leaving me to examine in wonder at the thoughtful gift.

Finished dressing, I walk into the living room where Roy is sitting. He has gotten dressed in the bathroom. He's wearing a gray dress shirt and black dress slacks. Roy looked very handsome. Even though he was wearing dress clothes, you couldn't mask the muscled form of his shoulders thru the shirt. His sandy blonde hair, combed to perfection, made him look like he just stepped out of the pages of "GQ".

A wide smile and low whistle announce Roy's approval of my choice in outfits. Over the garter and stockings, I wore a short (not too short) skirt, showing off my slender calves and thighs and a crisp white, silk shirt, hugging my full breasts. I left my hair down, framing my face, the only jewelry, my wedding rings and a thin gold chain about my neck.

"I'm ready to leave." I said walking towards Roy. Giving him my brightest of smiles. Reaching down, He picks up my black jacket and helps me put it on.

"I know you'll enjoy tonight." Roy whispers in my right ear. "I can't wait to see your face!" Taking my hand, he leads me out to the car.

We drive to the near by town and have a light supper of salad and fish. Roy's right hands sliding up my silken thigh from time to time.

We flirt with each other during the meal, my running my tongue over my upper lip, he whispering naughty innuendos in my ear, was making my body shake with pent up desire.

When we had finished eating and drinking our coffee, he asked, with a big smile across his face. "Are you ready for your Valentine's Day treat Cupcake?"

"Yes! How much longer do I have to wait?" I asked, excited as a child on Christmas morning.

Roy stands and pulls my chair out. "It's time to fulfill your wildest fantasy!" He says, pulling my hand as we leave the restaurant.

We drive down the road to the biggest hotel in town and parked near the door. I look over to Roy. "What's here" Are we going dancing?" I asked, knowing there was a dance club near the lobby.

"Nope, your surprise is, we're staying here tonight. Just you and I, no kids, no babies, just us!" Roger's eyes were lit with a fire I hadn't seen for quite a while. I couldn't help but smile back at him.

"I didn't bring an over night bag, I've nothing to sleep in, my gown is back at the house." I said, wishing now he had told me to bring it.

Raising his eyebrows up and down like Groucho Marcs, Roy says, "You're not going to need it little lady!" Laughing at his silliness, I watched him get out and come around to my side of the car. With great flourish Roy opened my door and helped me out of the car. "I hope my Lady approves of my choice in hotels." he said, placing my right hand inside his elbow.

Taking his queue of acting snobby, I said, "Yes, it will do Sir, shall we go inside?" We both break out in laughter as we enter the swank hotel.

I waited why Roy checked us in and received the card key to our suite. Then we both stepped into the elevator. Looking at the card key, it read, "Honeymoon Suite". "You booked the Honeymoon suite? Wow! I can't wait!" I exclaimed, snuggling up against Roy's arm.

We disembarked the elevator and walked down three doors to find the door marked "Honeymoon suite". Smiling Roy used the key and opened the door. Before I could walk in, Roy stops me. Looking at him with a question written on my face, he says, "I want you to take my hand and close your eyes, ok?" Smiling and excited, I take his hand and close my eyes. We slowly enter the room and Roy closes the door behind us.

"Stay right there, don't move." Roy says and leaves my side. I can hear him moving around the room. I can also hear rustling paper, and his footsteps approaching me. "OK, now open your eyes."

Opening my eyes I look around the huge room. I'm standing in the middle of a sitting room, decorated in burgundy and white, the furniture replicas of fine French antiques. The entire room was breath taking. On the coffee table before me, a huge bouquet of red and pink carnations, my favorite flowers.

"Oh Roy, this room is breath taking! Thank you for bringing me." I put my arms around his neck and kiss his mouth deeply.

After the kiss, Roy looks into my eyes, again smiling, "I've another surprise." Turning me gently around I see we aren't alone in the room.

Standing a few feet away is my friend of fourteen years, Ronnie. Holding in his hands, another bouquet of carnations, also red and pink. With a slow smile he walks towards me and hands me the flowers. Kissing me on my left cheek, He says, "Happy Valentine's Day Kitten."

Wondering what's going on, I turn to my Mate and ask. "Honey, what's going on, why is Ronnie here?"

Taking the flowers from my hand, Roy places them down on the coffee table and takes my right hand. Ronnie in turn places my left hand in his. They both slowly pull me towards an open door. It turns out to be the bedroom. In front of us is a beautiful King size bed, covered in the same burgundy and white. Pillows of every size lay at the head, in front of a headboard covered in white satin.

"Cupcake, I've known for quite a while that your wildest fantasy, was to have a threesome with Ronnie. Tonight, your fantasy comes true." Roy said.

With this they sit me on the side of the huge bed and walk over to stand in front of me. Roy reaches over to a small stereo and pushes a button, music starts playing and to my amazement, both Roy and Ronnie start stripping to the music!

My hands cover my mouth as I attempt to hide the wide smile on my face. Laughter and excitement fill my body. With each article of clothing, my excitement climbs. Ronnie seams a little stiff and nervous, running his hand thru his dark brown hair every once in a while. But his brown eyes tell me he's getting very turned on.

Roy on the other hand is so into his stripping that he dances right up to me, turns and wiggles his butt at me. "Oh ...my...god!!" I say, giggling a little. "You're both fantastic." Slapping Roy smartly on his butt.

Now both are standing before me wearing little bikini briefs and I'm in heaven. I watch as both start walking towards me, their excitement evident in their faces and their briefs.

"Now, we get to strip you!" Ronnie says, sitting down to my right. Roy sits down on the bed to my left. Laying me down on the bed. Roy reaches down and begins unbuttoning my blouse and Ronnie removes my shoes. I here them hit the floor one at a time with a thud. Roy kisses the tops of each breast then opens the clasp to my bra and lets my ample breasts free. His mouth quickly covers my left nipple first, making it harden and tender. Ronnie takes the right nipple and uses his teeth and tongue in little circles; my body arches in pleasure, trying to get them to suck harder.

Sitting me up, my shirt and bra are removed and laid on the floor with my shoes and their clothes. I feel Roy's hand pulling the zipper of my skirt down. I stand and Ronnie slides my skirt to my feet and helps my step out of it, placing it with the rest of the garments. I'm only wearing my red and black garter belt and stockings.

Standing before them both, I see they both like the way I look. "Man Kitten, You surpassed my fantasies." Ronnie says. He stands and removes his briefs, his cock hard and pointing towards me, Roy stands and removes his briefs. I turn and sit on the edge of the bed once more-pulling both of these handsome men towards me by their cocks.

"I've always wanted to do this." I say, licking my lips. With both cocks in my hands, I take Roy's deep into my mouth, while stroking Ronnie's cock, then switch sucking hard on Ronnie and stroking Roy. Their moans are music to my ears. Sucking both of these wonderful cocks is making me very hot, my pussy clenching and unclenching, making me very wet.

Taking my tongue I wrap around the shaft and slide it up and down, rubbing my piercing stud under the edge of the head, sucking deep at the same time. I can taste Ronnie's cock's pre cum as it drizzles onto my tongue.

I can tell he's very close, so I change back to Roy and it's not long before Roy is there also. Roy's cock jumps as his cum shoots deep into my mouth. After sucking him dry, I switch back to Ronnie, keeping Roy's cum in the back of my mouth. Sucking deep, Ronnie cums hard, grabbing my head and pushing my mouth further down his cock. Stream upon stream fills my mouth.

Taking my tongue, I mix their cum together in my mouth and lean over to Roy and kiss him, giving him some of the cum. At first he's surprised, but he takes it, kissing me back. Then I turn to Ronnie and do the same to him. Between the three of us, my mouth is soon empty.

I climb up on the bed and lie in the middle; Roy lays down on my left, Ronnie on my right. They both cuddle close to me, their hands everywhere on my body, breasts, tummy, thighs, and hips. While Roy kisses me deeply, I feel fingers sliding up and down my slick pussy, teasing and playing around the outside of my excited hole. Those fingers slide into me a little at a time, making me moan and raise my hips to the hand, begging for those fingers to go deeper.

As the fingers reach the deepest of my clenching hole, swirling sensations rack my entire pelvic area. Those fingers slide in and out, driving me wild, my hands clench at both Roy's and Ronnie's backs. Faster and faster they move; it doesn't take long for my first climax to sweep over my body. My thighs close around the hand that's giving me so much sweet agony. My cries are muffled in Roy's mouth.

When my body finally begins to relax, I open my thighs and let the hand that I had trapped there slide it's fingers from my dripping hole. I watched as Ronnie placed his fingers into his mouth. "Mmmm, you taste so sweet." He said licking my juices from his fingers. I'd seen Roy do that and it always turned me on, as it did now.

I'm so hot and needing to feel a cock inside me, I turn to Roy and begging him I say, "Roy I need you now, please!" I get up on all fours and Roy kneels behind me. Taking his 7 and 1/2 inch cock in his hand, he begins rubbing the head up and down my wet pussy, lubricating it. Roy's cock plunges to the hilt in one deep stroke. It feels so good I can hardly catch my breath; he starts moving inside me, pulling almost completely out then slamming back into my body. Roy's hands are grasping my hips, aiding him to get deeper inside me.

Moaning and purring, I'm insane with lust, each thrust bringing me closer to my orgasm. I can feel my body tightening around his cock. Three more deep thrusts bring my body over the edge. Screaming, convulsions claim my body, squeezing Roy's cock hard. He has to fight from cumming, wanting to wait till later.

When my body starts relaxing, Roy whispers in my ear, "It's Ronnie's turn to make you scream."

Looking over to Ronnie I ask, "Would you like me to ride you, Darlin'?" I give him my best come hither look and smiling. Ronnie, happy to comply, scoots to the middle of the bed and I straddle his hips. Being already very wet, his thick 7-inch cock easily slides insides me. I sit there for a few seconds reveling in the feeling of his cock stretching my walls, filling me.

Ronnie's place's his hands on my waist holding me impaled on his shaft. I clench my pussy around his cock and he moans. "God girl, you feel so tight!" He moans, closing his eyes. Slowly I start rotating my hips, feeling every inch of his cock as I move against him. I lean over his body, putting my hands on Ronnie's chest. I'm purring as the sensations flow over my body. Moving faster, rubbing my clit against his pubic bone, making it swell and harden. Our breathing quickens with our pace, my juices running down his balls as we move together. The frenzy of the pleasure driving each undulation of my hips, Ronnie's cries mix with mine as we climb higher together.

An idea flashes in my mind, I look over to Roy and say, "Roy baby, come here, I want to feel two cocks inside me, take my ass baby." Roy ready to please and to jump in on the action kneels behind me again. He slides his hand between Ronnie and me and rolls his fingers in my juices, getting them well covered. Then Roy starts sliding a finger into my ass, gentlely stretching it, after a few seconds he adds another than another, making it relaxed and ready for his cock. When Roy's satisfied I'm ready, he lubricates the head and pushes it against my puckered hole. Gently he enters my ass, the head popping thru the tight ring, He waits. When I relax again, Roy slides in a little at a time, till he's in me completely. Again he waits, wanting me to tell him I'm ready.

The feeling is something I've only dreamt about. I felt so full, and stretched. Nodding for Roy to continue, I feel his hands on my hip, and his cock pulling backward. Ronnie pushes in. It's the most exciting thing I've ever felt, I start purring again as both men find their timing. Two wonderful cocks sliding in and out of me was driving me wild. In, out, in, out, I'm growling now and moaning. My climax comes out of nowhere. It's the most intense orgasm I've ever felt. It seems my body won't stop cumming as I cum over and over, losing count on how many.

In my haze of pleasure I can hear both men grunting and moaning in my ears, their orgasms soon follow mine. We lie there entwined, a mass of tangled body parts, panting with exhaustion, A fine sweat covering us all. Moans of receding sweet release in the air around us.

Slowly, we untangled our bodies, and lay together on the bed, relaxing for the moment. I looked over at Roy then at Ronnie and smiled. "Thank you both, that was the best Valentine's Day present I've ever had." I said kissing each man on the cheek.

Both men looked at each other and smiled. "It's not over yet", they said, each taking a nipple in their mouths.

All I could say was, "Oh My!"

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