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A Little Submissive


Looking in the mirror Sandy was surprised at the reflection looking back at her. Her long silky blonde hair was pulled back and up into a ponytail with a small hairtie. A few tendrils of her hair loose, brushing against her pretty face. Her dark blue eyes twinkling back at her as she smiled. With the money he had sent her she had been able to send away for things she had never dreamed of owning. The new makeup, new shoes, a new handbag, all ordered from a mail order catalogue. The little money she had earned from working in the bookshop was quickly spent on living expenses and small odds and ends. She could never have afforded these expensive things. Sandy had tried to keep up with the fashions from the magazines, buying material from the small corner store, copying the patterns from the magazines. But it was just not the same as the lovely outfits the pretty models wore.

Sandy was surprised at how well the new clothes fitted her, smiling as she had thought, at the time, how strange it was that he had wanted her measurements. Sandy smoothed her hands over the lovely soft material of the tight skirt he had sent her. It was a lot shorter than she normally wore but it was lovely. And the black silk top matched the skirt.

She felt a little odd at not wearing a bra, not that she was well endowed but her small pert breasts were used to the feel of a bra. Sandy moved a little in front of the mirror, her nipples were rubbing against the material of the silk shirt and beginning to stiffen. She turned admiring the way the tight skirt showed the outline of her small bottom. Her new shoes went well with the new clothes. Sandy felt a cool breeze blow up her skirt and up across her newly shaved pussy, she shivered a little as the cool breeze reached her pantyless bottom, feeling a small thrill as she blushed at the thought of wearing no panties out in public. A tiny tingle went through her.

Sandy looked at her watch. Another gift from him. She smiled as she thought of him. It had all started when the small library had finally got a computer. The old librarian had tutted as it arrived, muttering about new technology and it being the downfall of the old proven ways. Wanting nothing to do with it she had told Sandy to read up on what to do with it. Sandy had pored over the instruction books. Reading well into the night. Finally after days of reading and re reading the books she felt she was ready to turn the computer on. From then on she was hooked.

Ordering the latest computer magazines and putting the advice for beginners into practice Sandy learnt very quickly. Reading in a magazine about the Internet and all the information available online she managed to persuade the local council members that this too was a necessity to keep the children of their small town in touch with the outside world. The old librarian refused to have anything to do with it. Ignoring it. Leaving it idle unless Sandy used it. Preferring to serve people the old way, happily stamping their books.

For Sandy it opened up her eyes and brought her hours of enjoyment. She would work at the bookshop during the day and volunteered at the library till closing time and then she would lock up for the librarian, staying on to use the net. Finding out all about email, chat rooms, so many different and interesting things. One night a person she had been chatting to in a teen chat room told her about the different chat programs that were available. Sandy searched the net using her favorite search engine and had found the ICQ hompage. Sandy was interested and downloaded the program. The first time she chatted using ICQ she knew she was hooked. It was fantastic! She could talk to people from all over the world. Finding out about them and their culture. Sandy spent hours staying late at night.

Sometimes she came across porno sites. She had always been shy but was curious about the rude pictures she saw. Naked men and women having sex. Women with other women. The more she looked the more she wanted to see. Often her hand would stray beneath her skirt, her fingers stroking herself through the sheer material of her panties. Feeling erotic, tingling sensations as her fingers stroked her pussy through the skimpy material Sometimes if the pictures or story was really good she would slide her fingers under her panty elastic and stroke her pussy lips. Feeling the heat and the moist juices. And if she was really excited Sandy would go to the library bathroom, close her eyes and visualize the story she had read or the graphic photos she had see and finger herself till she climaxed. Leaning against the basin as she caught her breath. Frequently late at night a small light could be seen on in the library. People walked past smiling at the hard work Sandy put into working at the library.

Sandy would catalogue the new books, updating the libraries extensive collection of books. Compiling the information on the computer. When she was finished she would hook up to the net. Starting up ICQ and while surfing through the free porno sites and reading erotic stories she would chat. Finding her favorite sites and searching for new stories and pictures to excite herself. Over the months on ICQ she found a few contacts she liked and chatted regularly to them.

Tim in particular was funny and interesting. He had randomly found her and they chatted about each other's lives. He didn't seem to mind that she was not quite 18 and lived in a very small town thousand and thousands of miles away from her. Sandy was becoming turned on by what she saw and read. Sandy found that she could talk to Tim about anything. He was kind. After a month of chatting back and forth he sent her a photo of himself on ICQ. He had kind eyes and a lovely smile. Sandy liked what she saw. It didn't matter to her that he was a lot older than her. He was a good person.

Sandy begged the council for a cheap digital camera and scanner, gaining the local school teachers help to convince them that this equipment was a necessity. The council begrudgingly gave the money. Sandy sent away for the new equipment. When it arrived Sandy rushed through the small amount of work she needed to do and installed the new software after hooking them both up. That night she sent Tim a photo of her. Tim ICQ'ed her back. Telling her she was a very pretty young woman. Sandy was pleased by Tim's compliments on her looks. That night he told her he had sent her a birthday present. It would arrive soon. The next day Sandy went to the post office to find to her delight that a parcel had arrived from him. There was also another parcel there for her. She didn't recognize the sender's address. She ran all the way to the boarding house where she had lived since her parents had passed away.

Sandy slammed the door to her room and quickly unwrapped the parcel from Tim first. . Inside was a small jewelry box with a brightly wrapped gift inside. Sand excitedly ripped off the paper. She opened the lid to find a beautiful rose gold colored watch that looked like a bangle. Tucked underneath a small card. "To Sandy, so you will always know the time and think of me, your friend Tim." Sandy was thrilled, the watch was the most beautiful gift she had ever been given. Propping the card from Tim on her dressing table. Sandy opened the next parcel to find a box with a cellphone inside. A plain card enclosed with it, instructions and a receipt. "Please find enclosed a cellphone ordered by Mr. Tim Stockman. A gift for you. We have included a copy of the receipt also in case you need to return the item." Sandy was amazed. She had seen these things in the magazines at the bookshop. Now she had one. Sandy laughed. She was probably the only one in the whole town who had one! Sandy carefully read the instructions on how to use the cellphone. Sandy put the phone on charge as she had her shower and quickly ate her tea. That night she slept soundly and dreamed of Tim.

The next morning Sandy placed the bangle watch on her wrist. Admiring the thin band on her slender wrist. Sandy slipped the cellphone into her jeans pocket. Almost dancing to work. The day passes quickly and Sandy eagerly turned on the computer. Checking her email she finds that Tim has sent her an e card. Clicking on the ecard the link takes her straight to the card he has picked for her. Sandy smiles as the card loads showing a couple kissing. To Sandy with love and kisses on your birthday. Just then her cellphone rings." Hello?" "Sandy? It's Tim." His deep voice came through to her. Sandy was thrilled to hear his voice. She had wondered what his voice sounded like ."Did you like the presents?" "Yes Tim thank you so much!" They talked for a little while both reluctant to go but Tim persuading her they would talk again but not for too long as it was expensive and he was paying the bill. Sandy said goodbye. Holding the cellphone close as they hung up. Almost straight away Sandy's ICQ flashed. It was Tim already. "I miss you." She typed back." I'm glad we talked."

That night they chatted till the wee small hours. Tim telling her more about himself. He had been married but it had not worked out. He had no children but was hoping to find the right women to settle down with and have kids. She telling him that she wanted to leave the small town she lived in. He asked her what she was doing apart from chatting with him. A little guiltily she told him she was reading erotic stories. for awhile there was no response from Tim. "Do you like to read erotic stories?" She paused. What would he think of her? "Yes." She typed back. "Do they turn you on?" "Sometimes." She answered him. "Me too." Sandy was relieved. "Do you touch yourself?" Sandy blushed but told him. "I do." Tim changed the subject. Talking about his garden and the things he had been doing that day. When Sandy checked her email the next day she found a message from Tim. "I'm going out of town for a few days so will catch up with you again then. Meanwhile maybe you would like to check out this site." Sandy clicked on the link he had sent her. Sandy waited patiently for the page to load. When the page loaded Sandy saw that the link was to a Dominant/submissive site called A Master's Realm.

Sandy read very carefully. Reading the webmaster's personal story about how he first found out that he was a Master. Reading his description of Dominant/ submissive. Submit: To yield to the opinion or authority of another; to give in. To yield or surrender (oneself) to the will or authority of another. Dominate: To control, govern or rule by superior authority or power. Sandy found herself absorbed by this site. Drawn to the pictures of the men with their woman. She saw the photos of woman dominanting men and woman dominating other woman but was drawn to the woman and thier Masters. Woman being dominated by men. The women smiled happily at the men as they were stroked and touched. Some women with collars and leashes around their neck. Others with leather whips lashing at the women's provocative bottom's. Sandy looked at the index page of this site searching for stories. She was pleased with what she found. Men dominating their women while the women did their man's bidding She found herself excited by the thought of giving herself willingly to a man she trusted. Wanting to please him. Having him tell her what to do. Kneeling before him, naked, waiting to do his bidding. Sandy was so aroused by theses images that she had her first orgasm without touching herself.

Sandy was excited by what she read. Imagining herself in the women's place. Submitting to her man. Wanting to please. Her Master being pleased by her willing actions. Rewarding her with his hard prick. Tying her to the bed and blindfolding her. Leaving her there. Aroused by the images of woman willingly offering their bodies to the men. Woman on their knees, kneeling in front of their Masters. Heads bowed, humble. Some with collars and leads on all fours. Or Masters standing over their subs with leather straps in their hands. The more she looked the more she wanted to see. Reading stories of submission and domination. More pictures of submissive tied to beds. Sandy felt so aroused by what she saw. Each day while Tim was out of town Sandy would rush from work to the library. Using the site Tim had sent her she explored the links from that site onto others. Finding as much information as she could on the submissive/dominant life style. She was excited and curious. Reading how to lead the submissive/dominant lifestyle, the "rules." How to be a good submissive. How to find a Master. Sandy was beginning to realize that she might like this lifestyle.

Sandy had not had much sexual experience except for the occasional fumblings and gruntings of one or two boys that had taken her on dates. She had not enjoyed herself at all with the boys she had been with. She had read that the first sexual experience for a girl wasn't always pleasant but the quickness and roughness of the act had left her wondering what all the fuss had been about. She had not had any long term relationships as their was no one she had felt attracted to. Sandy had spent many lonely nights stroking and pleasuring herself. There had been times that she thought maybe she was a little strange as the few girls she knew all had boyfriends and were always gossiping about how wonderful their sex lives were.

Sandy was very pleased when Tim emailed her to tell her that he was back. She emailed him straight away. Telling him she was online. She was so excited when he ICQ'ed her. "Did you miss me?" Sandy smiled. "Yes I did." She and Tim chatted back and forth. Tim told her all about his trip. How well his business was going. Sandy typed to Tim. "I enjoyed the link you sent me." Tim was silent for a short time. "What did you think as you were reading about the lifestyle?" Sandy sat back on her chair. Thinking. What should she say? She really like Tim but did not want him thinking she was weird. She slowly typed back to him. "I was excited by the woman being dominated by the men." Tim ICQ'ed her back. "I thought you might be. I have something to tell you, little one." Sandy was curious. "I am a Master." It was Sandy's turn to pause before she answered him. "Are you?" Not knowing what else to write. "Yes Sandy. I am. I like to call myself a Master. I have been a Master for many years now. I dominate my willing lovers for mutual gratification. " Sandy had so many questions. But was unsure where to start

Tim ICQ'ed her after a minute or so since she hadn't replied back. "Have I shocked you?" "No" She typed back. "I'm just not sure what to say." Tim typed back. "Shall I call you and we can talk?" Sandy hesitated. She really liked Tim. She had never felt awkward with him before. He was so open and honest that she was sure that he was a good person. "Yes, please." "OK." Sandy sat quietly, waiting for Tim to call. Her mind racing. Visualizing Tim as a Master. Sandy went to her favorites and found the Master's Realm site that Tim had emailed her. Sandy's cellphone rang. "Hi, Sandy." Sandy felt a small stirring as she heard Tim's voice. "Hi Tim." "So are you OK with me being a Master?" "I guess." Sandy quietly told him. "I'm not worried by it. Just curious." "If you have questions ask me little one and I will gladly answer you." Sandy looked at the pictures of the woman being dominated by their Masters. Excited by the poses of the women kneeling at their Master's feet. Some bound and blindfolded. Waiting for their Master's attention.

"Do you enjoy dominating your lover? "Sandy's voice is so quiet. "Yes little one. I get great pleasure dominating my lover, as long as she is willing, and giving my sub pleasure while she gives me the same. I do not abuse my sub and it takes a lot of trust for her to give control to me." Tim sounded so confident. Sandy continued to look at the photos in front of her. Seeing the images of women giving themselves willingly to their partners. She saw the way the women knelt, thighs spread wide, some gagged and tied up. The Master standing their leather whip in hand. Spanking his sub. "Sandy? Are you OK? You are so quiet." Sandy took a deep breath. "Tim, can I ask you something?" "Of course little one." She had to tell him. "I find myself so aroused by the women being dominated. I dream at night that I am them. Kneeling naked in front of my Master. Waiting for his strong touch upon my willing body. And when I dream of the man who is my Master I see you. While you were away I read everything I could find on dominant and submissive. The more I looked the more excite I became. It turns me on to see the woman with their Masters. I think that I maybe submissive." Tim talks to her. his voice strong and reassuring. "That is good little one. You have made the first steps into my lifestyle. Would you like to explore more?" Sandy was feeling relieved that Tim was so easy to talk to. "Yes please."

Sandy was so eager to learn all she could from Tim. They talked for hours that night as Tim answered Sandy's questions or sent her urls to show her what he meant. The more Tim told Sandy the more convinced she was that she was a submissive and that she wanted a Master to train her in the ways of a Master/submissive relationship. Tim explained carefully that a true Master was not abusive or did anything that his sub was not willing to do. The Master/sub relationship was based on mutual trust and understanding of the subs boundaries. The Master was not able to do anything unless the sub was agreeable. Something that was all talked about and agreed with between the Master and submissive before the sub came willingly to the Master. Tim was patient and understanding. He listened to Sandy as she told him what turned her on about the women with the men being dominant. "The hour is late little one. I will call you again tomorrow night. " "OK. Tim . Goodnight." "Sweet dreams Sandy." Sandy turned her cellphone off and disconnected from the net and shut the computer down. She locked up the library and wandered home.

That night Sandy dreamed again of being a submissive. She knelt at her Master's feet. Naked and open to her Master's view. She was very excited by the thought of her Master's hands upon her naked body. Touching her. She unable to move. Him with all the control. Sandy's hands were tied behind her back and a blindfold on her eyes. Her Master ordered her to stand. Sandy struggled to her feet. Waiting for her Master to make the next move. Sandy quivered as she felt her Master's hands on her back. Stroking her bum, his strong hands on her willing body. Using his hand he gently forces her to bend over. "Hold your ankles." He commands. She obeys him at once. Her long blonde hair falling over her face. Sandy feels the sting of the leather strap on her tight buttocks. She flinched a little as the strap slapped down on to her bare skin. Sandy felt her buttocks tingling and then her Master ran his hand over the place he had struck. Mixing pain with erotic pleasure. Sandy moaned a little at her Master's touch. A small sound that escaped her without her being able to repress it. "Silence." He requested as he slapped her with his bare hand. This time Sandy was silent. Bearing the excitement of him spanking her and then caressing her.

Her Master caressed her buttocks and then he stroked her upper thigh, back to her pert bottom. His fingers slipped into her crack and exploring till he found her moist pussy. "You are wet already, little one." Sandy knew she was not expected to answer. She felt her Master slips his fingers inside her. She almost came immediately. She was so excited by him. Being close and his voice so authoritative. Then she felt his prick rubbing against her pussy lips. His fingers inside her. Sandy wriggled, moving her hips, wanting him then and there inside her. Thrusting his prick deep into her. Her Master slapped her bottom harder this time, reminding her who was in control. Sandy bit her lip, exciting herself further as she waited in anticipation of what was to come. She could feel his balls against her buttocks as his prick teased her clit. Sandy thought she might pass out from the exctasy of her Master's throbbing prick rubbing against her.

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