A Lock and Its Key


He loved the fact that she hadn't shaved or even trimmed the hair on her pussy; it showed she was self engrossed in her own pleasure and he knew that she understood his love for the feel of the rubber and pussy hair as he feasted on her. As his face was cover in her love juices he was in pure heaven. It was just as he wanted it to be and that superbly disgustingly lust engulfed him. Filling him with the desire to try even harder to suck, nibble, caress, and tantalize between her legs so as to make her come quickly.

He buried his face even further into her hairy pussy, sucking on the hair, his nostrils filled with the aroma of rubber and pussy juice as he was expertly caressing her inner thighs with his tongue, as he was pushing his tongue inside her; as deep as it would extend with the pussy imprisoned by its rubber shroud.

It wasn't long before her saturated pussy was leaking juices over her rubber panties and down her inner thighs. It was more a combination of her pussy juice and his saliva from the unbridled feasting he had partaken of. Jean loved the feeling of having her rubber panties completely saturated and sticky from Carl's worship of her deserving pussy.

Carl waited for it to happen. When, oh when, would she begin. The anticipation was excruciating. Finally, to his relief Jean dug her nails into the soft muscular flesh on his shoulders as she felt Carl plough his tongue along her pussy through her rubber panties. He was groaning in pain as he slowly pushed aside her panties with his athletically endowed tongue. With his right hand he began to massage her pussy through her soaked rubber panties, and used two of his fingers to fill her yearning hole.

The feeling of being eaten through her panties and having her pussy filled with his fingers was breathtaking. She gasped, and squeezed her nails deeper into his flesh as she felt him push his tongue in deeper. His fingers we sliding in and out of her fire filled pussy passage. He slightly curved his fingers as he searched for her G-spot. Jean quivered as he ran his hard tongue along the top of her pussy towards her clit.

Jean then felt him reach up with his other hands towards her pussy, and she then felt his fingers at the top of her pussy lips. She released her grip on his flesh and reached down and took hold of her rubber panties. Once she had a firm grip on them she pulled them hard and ripped them off herself.

Jean spoke to Carl in a commanding tone, "you have no reason to stop, get to it. Fuck me with those fingers, and don't you dare stop. Get to sucking my clit. Do it now!"

Then Jean felt him use both his hands to open her pussy lips as he attached his lips to her clit. She knew what he would do next and he didn't disappoint her. Oh, wow, Jean fierce desire was set alight as he pushed three fingers deep inside her tight invitingly drenched pussy; as he sucked tightly on her clit. He slowly and rhythmically used his three finger to roughly slide in and out of her untamed pussy; making sure to create enough brutish friction so that Jean was soon moaning uncontrollably.

Once again she slapped and hit out at Carl as he continued unabated to service her gorgeous pussy. As he sucked on her clit, he flicked his tongue out to tease it. It was an overwhelming sensation for Jean; it was too much and enough to want it even more. A pleasure and pain combination of blinding sensation that was addictive.

Jean felt the waves of excruciating sexual pleasure raise her body upward, she could feel what was clearly going to be a huge orgasm. She started her involuntary groaning and Jean hips bucked to meet Carl's fingers thrusting inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you absolute bastard!!!! Give it to me!!! Yessssss!!! Fuck don't stopppp", she yelled as the amazingly powerful orgasm rolled through her and her pussy squirted everywhere.

Carl felt her body tense as her sucked her clit as she came. His hand was drenched from the orgasmic juices of her powerful pussy's uncontrollable expression of delight.

She needed all of it now. After her orgasm she wanted to show Carl just what she needed now.

She wanted to dominate Carl in a way that would totally express her appreciation for his submissive attentions to her succulent pussy. With the lock now completely open between them, their inhibitions were gone now and they were back inside her true sexual selves. Together they were exactly what the other needed.

"Carl I need the strap on, you'd better have it with you or you're in so much trouble. Go and get it for me," Jean instructed.

While at the back of her mind she had really doubted that Carl would have it with him, she was absolutely delighted when he stood up and moved toward the other room. Within 2 minutes he was back at her side with the strap on in his hand. She grabbed the strap-on from him roughly.

Jean stared into his eyes, as she demanded of him, "right down with your pants while I strap this thing on. Sluts like you know exactly what they deserve."

As Jean strapped the rubber cock onto herself and slid the bulbous head of the strap-on inside herself, she watched Carol undo his pants. He pulled his jeans and underwear down to reveal his invitingly submissive bottom.

Jean felt the power of her lust circle and then trap her mind. She reached out and grabbed hold of Carl's hard cock.

Jean demanded to know, "is this all you have for me? What kind of little boy are you? I want to fuck the arse of a real man, not a man with a tiny soft dick like yours."

And once again, in a commanding voice she said to him, "right lay over that table while I show you what a real woman can do to you. You know what to expect, you've been fucked before, haven't you?"

Carl lay his chest and arms flat on the table, they would steady him as Jean took pleasure in fucking his arse. Knowing his fate and desiring it to begin immediately, he stuck his inviting bottom out towards Jean. She smeared lubricant all over the phallic protrusion and moved up close to him.

Jean looked at how Carl had positioned himself; he was a good boy as he was exactly as she wanted him to be. His torso was on the table but he was positioned so that Jean could grab his cock whenever she wanted to while she was fucking him.

Jean was so close to Carl now she could smell the lust exuding from his body. As she placed her hard rubber cock against his arse she could feel his whole body tense up. She pulled back and watched Carl taunt bottom muscles. He was a bad boy!

"Carl you must relax, it's not going to work if you tense up. I'll hurt you if I push my cock up your arse while you're so tense. Relax or I'm going to have to slap your bottom if you don't relax," she instructed him.

Jean knew what he wanted, and that he was purposefully tensing himself. He made no movement to relax. Jean would give him exactly what she knew he desired.

"Right, you know what to expect! You've disobeyed me, and now you're going to pay for that," she scolded him.

Carl waited for Jean to smack his arse. Jean drew her hand back and whipped it down towards his soft inviting bottom. Wack! She loved that sound of her power over him.

Carl felt his bottom sting as Jeans hand lashed into his soft flesh. He want her to keep going. Again and again Jean smacked his bottom, alternating her hands to maximize the stinging effects on Carl's bottom.

Finally Carl had enough. His bottom was burning from the stinging slaps of Jeans hands.

"Okay, okay Jean, I'll do as you say but please no more," pleaded Carl.

"You're done when I say you're done," said Jean.

Her hands were starting to get sore from the smacking. Jean decided she needed to punish him for making her hands sore from slapping him.

"Okay, I have something special for you today," teased Jean.

With both her hands Jean reached out and grabbed hold of the pink puffy soft and sore flesh of Carl bottom, then when she had hold of it, she dug her nail into that aching flesh. Carl screamed out in agony.

"No, no, not that. Oh fuck that hurts. Stop. Please stop. No more," begged Carl.

After pushing her nails even deeper into his flesh Jean withdrew her hands to look at the effects on Carl's bottom. She could see the tiny blood stains where her nails had pierced his flesh. Ten indentations with blood engorged tracks lay displayed on Carl's pink flesh.

"Now relax and stay still while I push my cock inside you, you naught boy'" teased Jean as she placed her hard rubber cock against Carl's arse.

Slowly Jean eased her strap-on into Carl's arse. Carl could feel his arse being filled by the stiff flexible rubber strap-on he had given to Jean to use on him. Oh, wow, it felt so good to have Jean filling him up.

Jean leant over and spoke carefully and succinctly into Carl's ear. Knowing that Carl was expecting her to take control of him, Jean wanted to bolster Carl's anticipation.

"I'm going to fuck you good and hard. I know you love it that way. And while you are begging me for more, I'm going to grab that cock of yours and tease it until you beg me to stop," whispered Jean.

Carl readied himself for the teasing of his cock, knowing full well that Jean was a very cruel mistress. When Jean reached around him and squeezed his cock in a vice like grip, Carl let out a sound that was half way between a moan of lust and gasp of unexpected pain.

"What are you doing? You said you were going to tease my cock, and yet you're squeezing me too hard for it to be teasing," panted Carl.

"But you love it don't you? And, if I dig my nails cruelly into the soft flesh of your hard cock you'd love that too, wouldn't you? Just like this, can you feel that? tauntingly asked Jean.

"Oh, oh, fuck yes, that's so good, oh yes, give me more, I love it. Fuck my arse and dig your nails into my cock. It feels so fucking wonderful, I just want more," said Carl.

Jean moved up to the crown of Carl's cock and pulled back his foreskin. Then she stabbed her nail into the top of Carl's cock. Carl expecting her do something like this wasn't surprised by her cruelty but the pain it cause him meant his was moaning in lustful agony. He thrashed his arms about and banged on the table as the intensity of the pain gripped him.

The intense feeling of pleasure his cock was experiencing, while Jean fucked his arse with her strap-on, meant that Carl was going to come fairly quickly. Suddenly Jean could feel him tensing up and his cock swelling. She knew he was about to shoot his load of cum everywhere. She loved the fact that she had made him come so quickly. It was so fabulous that he got so turned on by her fucking him.

"Fuck yes, oh, fuck yes, that's so fucking good, don't stop, I'm coming now," begged Carl, as Jean racked her nails up and down the delicate flesh of his cock.

Jean's hand was covered in Carl's cum. She rubbed his cum all over her pussy. Slowly she withdrew the strap-on from Carl's arse. As she pulled her cock out she stroked his still pick arse seductively and lovingly.

"Okay, you know what I want now lover boy, get down and get to it," instructed Jean.

As she watched Carl lower himself towards her pussy again Jean felt the tingling start again in her quivering breasts. It was so unusual that her engorged nipples were so hard and almost feral with lust. She rubbed her breasts through her top. Jean could feel herself so close to coming, it was so inviting, to have Carl face buried in her pussy again.

She could feel herself completely drenched and juicy as the protrusion from the strap-on had stimulated and teased her beyond belief. She needed to be completely fulfilled, so she told him to run his tongue over her clit like it was a big ice-cream.

"Take big long licks, it's so taunt and ready for your tongue. And while your licking my clit, put your fingers in me and strum my G-spot," said Jean.

Carl wanted Jean to have so much uncontrollable pleasure that she would recognise him as a fervent worshiper of her gorgeously sexy body. She was the woman for him. The one, the only, no-one else could match her suitability for his fetishes. He didn't ever want to be with anyone else again. And when you feel that way, you'll do anything for that person you want to please.

Carl loved to eat her and Jean was sure he would be eager to administer some more attention to her trembling body which she was sure would turn rigid from the on-coming brutally powerful orgasm she could feel that was about to take hold of her body. Jean knew from her previous experience with Carl that it was likely to be a riotous orgasm that would cause her to convulse and squirt uncontrollably when she came. Strangely, she could only manage to squirt when she was orgasming with Carl.

Finally, like a storm so long in coming, there was utter silence and then she fiercely came. It crashed upon her. Carl felt her tense up and lift her pussy tighter into his grip. His face mashed succulently into it feasting place. Jean felt him totally consuming her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, yumm, mmmmm, l love it, keep those fingers strumming me," Jean screamed as she came again and again.

Jean found herself rigid with the power of her orgasm. It released her inhibitions, and she could feel herself squirting as she enjoyed her orgasm take hold of her and race the bliss of its pleasure through her.

Carl felt himself drowning as Jean's pussy squirted out its fluid to drench his face. He was carefully breathing through his nose as he kept up his sucking and licking of her pussy, no matter that his face was covered in her love juices.

And then when he didn't stop; it was too much. Oh hell, way too much. Would he stop? Surely he'd stop.

"Enough Carl, I've had enough. Please stop, fuck, it's just too much," she begged.

Watching her intently, Carl stopped his licking and strumming. He stood up and leant over to where Jean lay on the table. He moved his face towards her face. When he could look straight into her eyes he smiled.

"Wow, that was so good, I've missed you so much, life just hasn't been the same without you," Carl sighed.

"Well I'm back in your life again now, and I have no intention of ever losing touch with you again. You've got no idea how powerful those orgasms were for me. That was fabulous, you're a pussy lover babe,' laughed Jean.

"I'll be your pussy licker babe for a long as you ever want, if you keep fucking my arse and playing with my cock like that," smiled Carl.

The both dressed and sat down on the seats at the table and had a drink. After that workout in the heat of the day in Malta they needed a few drinks to settle their thirsts.

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