tagInterracial LoveA Long Hot Shower

A Long Hot Shower


It had been a long, hot, hard day for Nubia She ached all over from head to toe. Her back was in knots and her feet were screaming from being on those hard floors all day. She could not wait to get inside her apartment and into a hot, relaxing shower. Nubia trudged up the two flights of stairs to the apartment and headed straight for her bathroom. It would be a while before anyone else was home to demand her services as the housewife and mother. She slipped out of her work clothes with every step between her bedroom and the shower. She had totally disrobed by the time she reached for the shower handles and turned on the hot streams of relaxation that she craved at the end of her work day. Steam rolled out of the shower as she soaked away all the stress and aches from tending to the charglings for nine hours every weekday.

After what seemed an eternity in the steaming water, Nubia emerged a renewed woman. She dryed herself with a fluffy burgandy towel, while a pair of blue eyes starred at her ebony form from just beyond the door left ajar to the bedroom. She was as beautiful as ever he thought to himself. He knew how lucky he was to be with such a gorgeous creature. She had won his heart and soul so completely with her love and affection. He was drawn to her as she brushed her shoulder length black, silky hair. She was surprized he was home already,but flashed him a warm inviting smile as he approached her. He reached out his arms enfolded her and the damp towel wrapped around her now revived body. He said nothing, but gently kissed the nape of her neck and caressed her bare shoulders. Her skin was so soft and pleasing to the touch of his hand. He felt a warm rush of emotion wash over him as he held her tight. Slowly, she faced him and kissed him with her full sensious lips. She desired his touch andthe affection he gave her so lavishly. It soothed her soul, and reminded her what the daily struggle at work was for--- to make a life together.

Nubia nodded her head and pointed to their room, she new that her daughter would not be home from her friend's for another two hours. She made a speedy dash for their room and he chased after her, playfully tackling her onto the bed. He was much larger than she and pinned her gently to the bed. He began to teasingly kiss her waiting lips. She giggled at his childlike playfulness. He knew how to make her laugh irregardless of what was going in their lives. He leaned over her and removed the towel from around her with his teeth. Her body was so beautiful! Her supple breasts beckoned him onward. His strong, large hands reached for her waist and held her firmly as his tougue darted in and out of her navel, then slowly swirled around each of hererect nipples. Nubia arched her back bringing herself closer to him. His hands wondered down to her stong inner thighs, gently massaging her sore muscles and stirring her passions at the same time. Nubia wanted to feel his touch! He slipped first one then a second finger inside her. She was already very wet and welcome the simulation with a soft moan. Soon, his tougue followed his hand, as he deliberately teased her clit and penetrated deeply between her lips. How warm she felt! Her anticipation grew as he tasted the sweet, saltyness of her. By now she was in ectasy and felt herself rising to her first climax as his tongue probed her viginia. He knew just how to thrust his tongue and get her moaning with sheer pleasure.

She reached for his pants. She wanted to feel him inside her! They struggled together trying to remove his pants then his black boxers. As, always it was awkward trying to get rid of the incumberment in the throws of their passion. They both giggled at the ensuing wrestling moves it took to rid him of this encumberment to the pleasure they sought together.They regained focus, and spent their energies on continuing where they had paused. His ivory penis was erect and desiring to feel the heat of her body in unison with his. He encouraged her to get to her knees, as he moved in behind her. Nubia could hardly contain herself as his thickness slipped past her wanting lips from behind. Her hips rotated backwards to take in all of him. He gently stroked and massaged her back as they created a rythum of passion together. Suddenly, Nubia arched her back and let out a load sigh as he brought her to a second climax, then repeated it several more times. She wanted to bring him to the bliss she felt at his moment. She thrust herself backward into his forward stokes. He felt a rush shoot throughhis whole body and wonderfully stiffen into a climax and let out a large wimper as she felt his pulsing cock fill her with the fruits of their passions.

He reached over and wrapped her in his arms once again and broke the silence with a whisper of "I love you"..

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