tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Long Look Back

A Long Look Back


My dreams lay scattered on the ground,
Amid the wreckage of my mind.
I walk alone this dusty road,
In search of peace to find.

I can not wait to see ahead,
What turn my life may take.
Uncertain yet I must go on,
For decisions I must now make.

When life knocks us to our knees,
We have two choices for sure.
Lay there bleeding from the fight,
Or stand up and pain endure.

For when life leaves us facing down,
Bleeding, battered and broken.
We get right back into the fight,
For life is not a token.

In life we constantly face a test,
That strengthens our metal by fire.
We climb each rung in life's ladder,
Each rung goes a little higher.

With each new day our spirit soars,
With each new victory won.
Without the losses along the way,
We never will become strong.

A long look back at what we've lost,
A long and painful day.
We each must follow the path we choose,
Be ready come what may.

The tears we shed along our path,
Shall grease the runners of life.
Make each day go smoother still,
And learn from pain and strife.

From wind swept peaks and rocky cliff,
Where the mighty Dragon soars,
To the still beside a mountain lake,
And the Lioness on the forest floor.

Within ourself we find this strength,
We look back once more.
Grit our teeth against the pain,
And step through life's open door.

Without the pain there is no growth,
No thorns no Blooming Rose.
Forward now but we'll never forget,
And where life leads who knows?

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