tagInterracial LoveA Long Stormy Night Ch. 01

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 01



The Heroine: Jenny McCarthy

The Hero: Lance Blackman

The Villains: Clem Gardener (father), Jake Gardener (oldest son) & Virgil Gardener (youngest son)

Rodger McCarthy: Husband to Jenny

Tommy McCarthy: son of Jenny and Rodger (last two characters are not seen in story, Rodger speaks on phone, Tommy only as reference.

Jeff: the insect exterminator


The ominous dark clouds blanketed the skyline bringing an early nightfall to the woodland valley. A local crew of men working on a nearby road, called it a day and headed for home, the ground shook subtly as the massive vehicles and machines journeyed back to the main road.

A strange calm but eerie aura seemed to lurk somewhere just beneath the surface of thought. Birds, insects and other animals seemed to disappear or take refuge in hidden silence, as if anticipating something coming, something they wanted no part of.

A loud authoritative knock on the door, startles the young blond woman, sitting on her sofa eating dinner. Gently she places the plate on the living room table, lowers the TV with the remote, and makes her way to the front door.

"Hey Ms, McCarthy, just wanted to let you know, I sprayed beneath the deck where you said you saw that ant hill."

"Thanks Jeff, you're finished already,' Jenny asked.

"Yeah, I'm glad I got here when I did, looks like a storms on the way."

"The weather channel said there's storms in the area but they're predicting it won't amount to much, just a short passing storm." Jenny stuttered, which she always seemed to do around the caramel skinned African American man, with a physique that rivaled Mister Olympia. His short dark curly hair, light brown eyes and extremely wide body, reminded her of the Incredible Hulk.

"Ms. McCarthy, uh...is there anything else I can do for you ma'am," he asked, conscientiously, forcing her thoughts back to the moment. "You sure could she thought," however what she said was...

"Oh, no...Jeff, may I ask you a bit of a personal question."

"Only if you're sure you want to hear the answer," the wide muscular man chides.

"Fair enough, tell me, were you ever a professional body builder?"

"Hah, funny you should ask that, as a matter a fact, I won the Mister Florida, the Mister America as well as the Junior and Senior NPC Tournaments."

"Wow that explains it, I knew a man with your bod...I mean physique like yours has to have some professional ambitions, I can tell you must have put a lot of time in it."

"Have I," repeated. "Ma'am since I was fifteen years old, I've been pumping iron. I guess it's all in the family. You see I'm the youngest of three brothers and they got me into it.

"Her long French manicured fingernails, gently strokes along the edge of the door as she listens carefully. Finally she catches herself staring, taking in the site of his big powerful body, his massive and light hairy chest, thick thighs and arms bulging from the uniform rolled up his sleeves, and of course the long thick imprint of a massive object unsuccessfully trying to hide behind the fabric of his pants.

"So when are coming back next month," she inquired feeling some shame for viewing him as a tasty piece of meat she longed to devour.

"Uh...should be between the 10 and the 15th, about exactly this time a month from now," he answered, knowing the woman had to know this already.

It pained her to end their brief conversation but after all she was a married woman with a child, if nothing else, she'd have to at least hold on to her lust for him in her fantasies.

"Oh well, I wanna get back to town before whatever's coming gets here, see you next month Ms. McCarthy."

Fearing she'd say something that would convey her thoughts, she simply nods her head and pretends to close the door, but only partially as she cleverly spied the hulking exterminator, particularly his thick hard and round muscular bubble butt.

Upon reaching his truck he suddenly turns back and catches the spying woman just as she closes the door completely.

Returning to her curled up position on the couch; she finds that everything seemed different now. Her meal now cold and bland, the TV show, had finished and everything seemed boring to her, with the one exception of her thoughts, which focused on the events from only moments ago.

Placing the plate on the table she stares off in to space, letting her mind and imagination run away with thoughts.

A knock at the door interrupts her meal. She opens the door and there he stands, all six foot even and 250 pounds of massive muscular manhood.

"Hey Ms. McCarthy, just wanted to let you know, I sprayed beneath the deck where you said you saw that ant hill."

"Very good, thank you so much Jeff."

"Is there anything else I can do for you ma'am?"

"As a matter of fact you can. You see I have this leaky pipe in my house, that just keeps on leaking, I need it stuffed and plugged up. You think you could handle that," she asks seductively staring down at his crouch.

"Yeah, let me have a look at it. I've always been excellent at plugging things up," he answers, licking his lips responds in the same fashion.

"Good, come on in," she offered.

She can feel his eyes burning on her backside as she sashays her way into the living room. Her tight jean shorts with frayed ends, fully displayed her long shapely legs, wearing no shoes she practically prances in her bare feet, allowing the bright yellow, T-shirt to rise above her belly button.

Stopping in front of the sofa she states; "Now I feel I must warn you. This pipe hasn't been tended to in some time, that's why it's so leaky, I hope you've got the equipment to handle the job." She states, gently massaging her thighs.

"Hmm, that's a fair question, here's my answer.'

Zip, snap, drop, and down goes his pants, "Do you think this equipment will do,' he asked.

Jenny turns to see the man's pants dropped below his knees. Clearly he hadn't worn any underwear, but that thought quickly diminishes upon the sight of the mammoth size cock, dangling between his legs.

Gasping as she covers her mouth in disbelief she remarked; "My god, is that all you there?"

He takes her hand and firmly slides it up and down the full length of his growing man-club and answers; "What do you think?"

"My goodness, now I'm wondering if you might be over qualified."

Stepping closer, he wraps his large hands around her tight heart shaped ass and pulls her into him, "Well then, I say, I'm gonna have to bring you up to my level."

He palms the back of her head and kisses her deeply. Her small hands attempt to push away, but his sheer strength size and manly power weakens her resistance. She moans softly giving in, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as she melts into his embrace.

He pushes her away and practically order, "How about lubing up this equipment so I can start clogging up this pipe of yours."

His strong hands slide on to her shoulders, gently but firmly pressing her down to her knees. Once again she gasps, coming within inches of his oversized cock.

"Come on girl, get it nice and slick for me.'

She reaches out slowly taking hold of the fuck tool. Licking her lips she lifts the heavy uncircumcised cock to her mouth, amazed at how it continued to grow and grow. Feeling the warmth and thickness in her hand, she quickly took note of the many veins bulging on the surface. Pulling back the thin layer of foreskin in her hands, she shivers, as she slides him into her warm moist mouth.

Once again his hand palms the back of her head, guiding her down mid-length of the mighty love organ which threatened to choke off her air. The expansive size of his cock head forces her throat open on it's way down.

"That's right shorty, suck it right, mmm yeah, swallow that thang."

Staring down at the long thick circumference of the vascular cock sliding in and out her mouth gave her chills. Large drops of precum, salvia dribbles down her chin, and she struggles just to steal a breath through her nose.

"Now let's see how good you really are babe," he forces nearly three quarters of his cock into her mouth. His thick powerful legs shaking from the sheer sexual bliss he felt from her tight throat flexing and trying to accommodate his massive invasion. Harshly teasing her, he pinches her nose, cutting off any air she might have received.

Suddenly she starts waving her hands, beating his thick powerful thighs as she fights for air. Finally he releases her head, which pops off the bobbing sex tool. Coughing she tries to catch her breath while staring at the ramrod cock, hovering before her face, continuously dripping precum on the floor.

Using his cock like a giant pencil he wipes the slippery wet liquids all over her face, before grabbing her hair and shoving it back down her throat.

Staring up at him, his rippling abs, huge chest, and broad smile gleaming tells her, he's pleased with her performance.

"Ah fuck ya," he shouts, throwing his head back. She can feel his throbbing veins growing thicker. She could feel the hot cum surging up through his pulsating dick. She tries to pull off, but the owner of the big black cock places both his hands on the back of her head, forcing nearly his entire cock down her throat as it began to spit white cum down her throat and into her stomach.

"Yeah baby, hmm yeah, drink it down, mmm milk that fucking cock."

The hot horny blond felt as if she'd put a water hose in her mouth, the enormously hard cock continued to fire long hot streams of cum into her mouth to the point she feared she would drown on it.

"Ahhh yeah girl, that was soo good, I'm ready now, come here," he growled, snatching her by the hair bending her over the couch and lining his fuck stick against her tight pussy. "It's time for me to stuff up this pipe."

"No, no wait, it's been a long time, I've got some lube in the bathroom, wait...wait please!"

The powerhouse black man ignored her cries and continued driving his rock hard cock pass the entrance of her pussy, until it stretched and finally pops open.

"Ahhh...ahhh......oooh Jefffrerrry,' she screams, biting down into the sofa armrest cushion."

"Damn baby you got the tightest sweetest little pussy I've ever been in."

As she fought to maintain her composure, she imagines the powerfully wide, heavily built man's cock which looked more like a xxx-large cucumber, with a long upward curve and an helmet like head, stretching out the walls of her pussy, as he rams her steady and deep. He takes her by her hips, yanking her back as he trusts forward, lifting her off her feet, gyrating his large buttocks, literally screwing her with his big black cock and she loved every second of it.

"Oh Jeffery...Jeffery take me, take me like you own me!"

"Is that what you want bitch...huh...is that what you want slut...huh."

"Yes, oh yes, make me take it, make me take your big black cock."

Hearing her love cheer, he responds by increasing his pace, ramming harder, faster and deeper inside her womb. "Tell me bitch, does your husband know how much you love big black cocks, huh, does he," he snarls as he slams harder inside her vaginal walls.


"Yeah, I bet he doesn't, I bet he don't fuck you like this does he, does he?"

"Oh god noooo!"

"That's right hoe, this pussy's mind now and you right along with it. Does he have a big cock or a fuckin weenie."

"Not like yours, it's a weenie," she cries.

"Hmmum, how do you think he'd act if he knew that right now his darling little wife's getting fucked the shit out of by a big black man with a big black cock, what do you think he'd say?"

"I don't know," she shouts, "I don't know."

"Well let's find out shall we," he lifts her by her hips, pulling her away from the sofa, walks across the room, and over to the landline phone. "Pick it up bitch, come on, pick up that goddamn phone and call your husband."

"Wh...what, no please baby, I can't do that I can't do tha...," the force of his trusts rock her entire body, buckling her knees.

"I...said...pick it up Goddamnit, pick up that phone bitch, call your hubby and tell him how much you love my big black prick right in your pussy."

"I can't please don't make me do it."

"Oh I see you still got some rebel in you, okay, let's turn up the heat on this shit. "He abruptly pulls out her sopping wet love canal and rubs the enormous head of his fuck handle right against her extra tight sphincter.

"Oh god no, oh god please, what are you doing, not even my husband's ever fucked me in my ass, please don't..."

"Shut up and stop bitching hoe," he growls, snatching her hair and yanking her head back, you never gave your husband your ass because he didn't deserve it. You're getting fucked by a real man now, I gonna bust this ass wide open."

"No Jeffery no, I'll do anything just...AAAAH...OOOH SHIT, IT'S IN MY ASSSSS!"

The overwhelmed housewife's head felt light as stars of light danced before her eyes. "Stop it...stop it...stop, you're raping me!"

'You don't want me to stop, this is what you've been longing for all your boring ass life, but if you really want to stop, then get on the phone and call that little dick husband of yours, tell him, his half ass loving is no longer required and from now on, you only crave big black cocks, pick up bitch, pick it up and tell him, tell him, or I'll kill you with this dick."

Twice she drops the phone as her traumatized body shook violently from the cock invasion. Finally she manages to push the button and Rodger picks up on the first ring. "Hello"

'Hello Rodger"

"Hey honey, how's it going?"

"Deep...so deep baby"

"Huh, what's that you're saying?"

"Tell him bitch, tell him exactly what you're doing, tell him or I'll rip this ass in two.

"Rodger...ooo...sss...Rodger, I have to tell you...something."

"What is it dear, you know you can tell me anything."

"Oh Rodger, I'm so sorry."

"'Stop bullshitting around, tell that shrimp dick faggot, what you're doing."

"Rodger, he's fucking me so hard, his dick is too big, it's killing me."

'Uh...eh...Jenny, did I hear you correctly, who's killing you?"

"He's sticking his cock so deep inside my ass, a black man is fucking me Rodger, he's raping my ass Rodger and I love it."

"Say what, Jenny have you lost your goddamn mind?"

"Yes Rodger for big...black...cock, yesss, he's tearing my ass and pussy up."

"How dare you call me like this."

"It's his fault Rodger, he's making me call you."

"Give me that phone bitch," Jeffery barks, snatching it from her hand, "Hey Rodger is that you."

"Who the hell is this," Rodger shouts.

"I'm the owner of this big black cock jammed balls deep inside your wife's tight little ass. Too bad I could use you as a foot stool while I fuck your wife."

"Why you arrogant self-righteous bastard, you have the nerve to call me while you're fucking my wife, are you insane?"

"No, I'm fucking the shit out your wife and guess what bitch boy, I'm gonna give you a little treat. On your behalf, I'm gonna cum inside her hot pussy and give her a big black baby."

"Here's your wife, listen to her beg, plead and cheer me on as I empty my load inside her twat. Take this goddamn phone bitch."

The cock stuffed woman yelped and cried out as the pain and pleasure as he withdraws his cock from her ass and stuffs it back inside her throbbing pussy with deep penetration.

"Rodger please make him stop, make him stop, oh god make him stop."

"Bullshit, you don't want me to stop, you want him to hear you cum, like this," Jeffery reaches around her waist, and begins massaging, pinching and rubbing her erect clitoris.

"NO, OH NO...Rodger...he's...he's making me cum...OOOOOOO!"

Her body moved as if devoid of a spine, a serpent, seductively her very insides burning and on fire. Her cock strong lover, growls as he barks; "Let's show him how it's done, let's give him a real show."

With both his hands gripping her little hips, he goes on a rampage, sticking and slamming into her pussy with all his might, while stroking her red hot clit.


"Yes ooh yeah, I feel your cunt walls, vibrating all around my big black dick, baby oooh, I'm cumin too, here it cums aaaaah!"

Lifting Jenny completely off her feet, he holds her suspended in the air as he jams and jams until finally slamming her down on his erupting cock as it vomits a massive load of cum inside her.

The sound of the roaring thunder finally interrupts her fantasy. Her hands and body continue to shake from the intense surreal vision.

Hearing the phone ring, she climbs off the sofa and feels a gush of hot liquid cascading down her legs. She'd never come so hard before

"Hi Rodger"

"Hey honey, how's it going?"

"Everything's okay, how about yourself?"

"Great, just great, just called to let you know, we're in the Pocono's now and we'll probably lose the signal. Hey I thought you were going over to Kate's place for the weekend."

"Oh I changed my mind, I'm gonna at least try finishing that book I've been trying to finish for the last couple of months. How's Tommy?"

"You know our son, bright eyed and asking five thousand questions. He's sitting with the scout master right now. You want to speak with him?"

"That's okay, as long as he's enjoying himself, but as soon as you get a signal again, have him call me."

"Will do honey, you miss us?"

"Of course I do"

"So you're going to just spend the whole weekend by yourself huh?"

"That's what I'm planning, but you know me, I'll probably run over there tomorrow if I get too bored."

"You're okay right?"

"Yes Rodger, I'm fine, there's a storm coming soon, but the weather station said it'll be quick and not too bad."

"Good that's good, okay honey, I'll contact you as soon as we get to our camp site, or when we're at a location where the signal gets through. Talk to you then okay.'

"Okay Rodger"

"Love ya honey."

"Love you to, and don't forget to give Tommy a kiss and tell him his mother sends her love, bye."

"Bye honey"

"Uh...honey are you sure you're gonna be okay, I mean staying home by yourself, I really think you should go to your sister's."

"Rodger I'm a big girl, and I don't need to have my hand held, aside from the storm which like I said won't amount to much, so you guys go on and have a good time, bye."

"O...kay bye honey."


The local weather station only referred to a minor passing storm, however the scene unfolding just outside of Jenny's window, told a whole other story. Small trees, twigs, branches, along with trash cans and it's contents all joined in a parade driven by the intense tropical winds of the storm.

Rain pelted against the window, and a growing sense of fear began gripping her stomach.

Suddenly a brilliant light illuminates the dark night. She sees a long jagged lightening bolt striking in the distance, followed by the rumble of thunder, which seemed to shake the very foundation of her house, as well as her insides.

When her husband and son left for a camping trip, she told them she'd stay at her sister's house across town, but decided to just curl up on the sofa read a book and rest, a decision she now started to regret.

Stepping away from the window, she picks up her phone and calls her sister, but when the answering machine picked up, she began to worry about her sister. She calls her sister's cell phone, and still no answer. She wanted to call her husband, but by now he would be way up in the mountains, well out of range for reception.

Retreating to her sofa, she grabs her book and attempts to ignore the raging storm and follow through with her plans for the evening. Before she could finish reading the first paragraph, another flash of light illuminates the room, and every thing goes black.

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