tagInterracial LoveA Long Time Coming Ch. 03

A Long Time Coming Ch. 03


The loud sounds of the state fair drowned out the noise coming from the haystack maze. Claimed to be the largest haystack maze in America served to be the perfect covers for the two lovers. John proudly strutted out of the exit of the maze, looking around as he left it's complex tunnels to look around for Marcus and Jamie.

In a dead end in the maze the two lovers could only smile and laugh at each other. The white wife on her knees, her mouth filled to the brim with her lover's manhood trying for her life to get him off quickly. The fear of being caught by adult, child, or security would've been the greatest shame but gave them the greatest level of excitement.

"oooohhoOOHhhh! Ms. Jamie." Marcus growled lowly as his head flew back and looked back down at his white lover.

Jamie did her best to keep her moans down as she went to work on him. They're kissing quickly had deteriorated to her present state. She didn't want John to be suspicious; she used her hand to stroke his shaft as she sucked on his head, flicking her tongue occasionally against his large head. Her other hand would grab his ass and force him into her mouth when the need arose.

Their eyes and heads looking around and darting with every sound of hay being crushed beneath the feet walkers by. Hoping their hideout held up they continued to enjoy the feel of each other during this excursion. He grabbed the back of her head and began to buck and thrust into her mouth. She held her breath and onto his strong legs as he pumped his cock in her mouth. Closing her eyes, tears welling up she didn't want to gag, she wanted nothing more than his seed down her throat and to get out while they could get away with it.

Soon he bent over her and held her firmly around his cock, her skills so good she nearly took his entire load and cock in her mouth. He let her go with a loud breath from both of them. They caught their breath as Jamie wiped off her chin. "Such a naughty boy." She smiled at him as they got themselves composed and tried to make their way out. Jamie for her part tried to get her breathing and heartbeat down.

They walked around the maze for another 10 minutes, which led John to think that they had made it out before him. He started to wander from the maze looking for them.

"Why wouldn't they wait for me?" he thought. "Maybe they thought like I did and expected me out of there."

While he tried to rationalize their disappearance, the two lovers neared the exit of the maze. Jamie looked at Marcus, "How do I look?"

"Fucking great," Marcus said with a quick squeeze of her breasts. "I owe you one Ms. Jamie."

"Your fucking right you owe me one." She retorted just as they stepped outside the haystack and found John. Jamie took his hand and the group had fun the rest of the night.

The fill-in...

Since that faithful weekend Jamie and Marcus had become an intensely involved pair. Fucking whenever they could but always careful for no one else to find out, especially John. They knew their relationship had no future and perhaps that was what calmed them both about the whole thing. They both had fears that feelings would be hurt, especially John's, so they rationalized that until the end of the semester their love affair could continue. Next year Marcus would move back to the dorms and go back to fucking sorority sisters and other bubbly co-eds. Jamie would go back to John and both would cherish and enjoy their time with each other.

For Marcus this was a dream come true. The woman who tortured him during his puberty was now his personal sex slave and amazingly, she was the best lover he had ever had. For Jamie, he was like the students that she found attractive, she would never fuck a student but his youth made him so off-limits and exciting. However, the fact that he had grown up next door to her gave her security in the fact that she knew him and that wasn't readily available with any other man she might want to screw around with. She wasn't ready to throw away her love and marriage for John for some stranger. And to her pleasant surprise, Marcus was equipped with an enormous tool that she could've never imagined having in her life.

That Monday...

Jamie dismissed her class to go to lunch. This week she didn't have to proctor the lunchroom as another faculty member got the lucky duties. She had enjoyed sitting in the faculty room and catching up on her reading, daydreaming and going out for some real food for lunch.

Just as the students were filing out of the door to wait for their other teacher to take them to lunch one of the kids said "Hi, Mister" to someone just outside the door. Jamie lifted her head to see Marcus grinning in the doorway. Her eyes widened and her mouth wanted to say something but nothing came out.

"Sssssh, I wanted to surprised you for lunch." He said trying to calm her.

Tilting her head to see that the children left she looked at him, "Well I guess most people know you live with John and I. I guess it was ok. You didn't sneak in did you? You have to check in with the main office."

"Don't worry I checked in like a good boy. Have you been a good girl?" he asked while he stepped closer to her desk.

"Marcus, not here."

"Isn't the entire wing at lunch?"


Marcus turned and closed the door, pulling down the blind to cover the door window.

"I owe you one don't I?" He grinned looking at her sitting down behind the desk.

She turned in her chair and looked up at him. Her crossed legs made her skirt ride high, exposing her thick thighs and she unbuttoned the top two buttons of an already open blouse. Her breasts pushed up in her bra were exposed to the air.

"Yes you do."

Why was it that every time she told him no, he would only mildly insist and she changed her mind?

He walked up to her, squatting down his hand touched her knee. It ran up and down her leg feeling her soft skin. His other fingers traced the tops of her breasts.

"We don't have a lot of time." She moaned feeling his touch.

"45 minutes?" he asked.

"Hour and a half, they go to gym after..." she gasped as her legs uncrossed, yielding to his strong fingers.

He kissed the inside of her thighs, pushing her red skirt up her legs.

"Ooooh Marcus baby, eat my pussy..." She hissed. His head kissing her pussy through her panties.

She quickly lifted her hips off the chair and pulled down her panties.

"Eat ittttttttttt..." she moaned bucking her hips against his mouth.

He slowly licked her and let his tongue penetrate her as her hands clutched at his head.

Her hips trying to get more of his tongue to rub along her clit. She reached into her blouse and lowered her bra to expose a breast which she brought to her mouth and licked it's nipples.

"Oooooohnnnn Noooooo C'monn Marcus honey..." she bucked harder and harder until her body seized up. She slowly came down from his tonguing, and looked down at his wet mouth.

"You dirty boy." She smiled. "I hope you don't think we're even."

"We're not?" he smiled standing up just as she did.

"Oh no mister. Pull that cock out for me." She licked her lips after saying this.

"You mean this cock?" he said stroking his cock through his jeans.

"Yeah, whip it out for me baby." She moaned, unbuttoning the blouse totally.

"Show me your titties first." He sneered in a playful manner.

"These?" she said, cupping her breasts and pulling them out of her bra.

"Mmmhmm," he moaned watching her pull her breast to her mouth and flicking her nipples with her tongue.

"You love my big titties don't you little Marcus?"

" Yes ma'am." He smiled as she stood up, her skirt still bunched up around her generous hips and the back ruffled above her large ass.

"You owe me some black dick now young man." She said circling behind him. He turned around to face her. Her hand stroked the cock through his jeans with her flat palm.

"I owe it to you?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Oh yes sir. Don't you remember my pretty lips wrapped around it, in the middle of that scary hayfield. Not knowing where I was, but I did my best to get that big, black dick in my little mouth. I think you liked it too, you liked cuming in my old mouth."

Her dirty talk stirring him more, making him strain more against his pants.

"I think I do owe you a little bit..." Unbuckling his jeans.

Jamie looked around to make sure no one was around the outside windows, she listened intently for footsteps. They had plenty of time left. She turned her head in time to see Marcus take out his large cock. Plump and semi-hard it was covered in pre-cum.

"I think that big black monster wants some of momma. Sit down in my chair you bad boy."

Marcus sat down.

"Arms behind the chair." She ordered.

He put his arms behind the chair and let his foot long cock stand up in the air as she stepped forward. Her big thighs on the outside of his. She let the blouse and bra fall from her. Skirt bunched around her waist she had her warm pussy inches from his cock head. She reached between them and started stroking him.

"Such a bad boy, coming in hear wanting to fuck the teacher." She cooed in his ear.

She arched her back and brushed her breasts against his chest. Her nipples digging into him.

"Is that what you wanted? You want to fuck the teacher?" she asked.

Not wanting to let her win, he cockily answered, "Maybe."

Her eyebrows raised and head tilted smiling, "Oh, so you thought that the teacher was going to fuck you no matter what?"

Her pussy lowered until she was rubbing his head with her pussylips. She moaned slightly as he bit her ear and whispered, "I think the teacher wants my cock in her."

She looked him in the eyes and smiled defiantly. "Oh no son, the teacher is in charge. If she wanted it she'd take it?" and with this she sank down, letting just his head firmly lodge in her. She bit her lip and turned her head as she adjusted to the size.

"What's my punishment teacher?" he asked flexing his cock.

Her knees weakening she slowly sank only to rise again. She slowly started to move up and down, coating more and more of his cock with her wet pussy.

"Who said you were being punished?" she asked.

He leaned back even more, giving her even more cock to work with. Soon she was gliding up and down his cock. Her hips thrusting forward on every trip upwards, he sat still. She worked on his cock, feeling his girth, she clasped her hands together behind his neck as she leaned back. Her arms around his neck supporting her as she ground her big ass against his legs.

"Such a big dick baby...." She moaned.

"MMmm that's it baby, good pussy girl......" he grunted keeping his hands behind him. She worked him, her orgasm building quickly, his body slowly dying from the pain she was inducing. His dick was aching inside of her.

Soon her big ass was tensing with every forward thrust as she rode his body. She started to buck and soon her feet lifted off of the ground. She was using her big thighs to ride back and forth along his torso. His large cock sliding out and letting her slide back down on it. She bit her lip and soon her grinding began frantic, short, quick, and she bit down hard on her lip to keep from screaming. She came hard and shook on top of him. All their weight leaning the chair back, they opened their eyes to look at each other.

"The teacher can give rewards too." She cooed, "Fuck me on my desk."

"Oh so the teacher's asking now?" Marcus said with a quick pump into her pussy.

She moaned, "Ah, yeah baby. Take what you want..."

Marcus soon lifted her and planted her white ass on the desk and started thrusting into her. She wrapped her legs around his body and her arms now curled around his neck. Bent over the desk his black ass was pumping in between her sexily thick white legs. Soon he was releasing his seed into her as they both looked up at the clock.

"Half an hour baby." She said as she kissed him on the lips. Their tongues playing with each other. He flexed his cock as it was covered in their juices.

"You said take what you want right Teach?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes baby." She moaned.

He pulled his shiny wet cock out of her pussy and inserted his fingers. He quickly coated his fingers in her melting pot and slid it down towards her asshole.

"Bend over the desk teach. Bout time you learned some new tricks." Marcus said.

"Oooh baby, you want to fuck teacher's white ass?" she said standing up running her hands along his broad chest.

She bent over the desk, "You like my big white ass...You love putting that big black cock in this ass?"

"You know that girl..." as he pressed his cock into her ass.

"Mmmm fuck me..." she screamed as she grabbed a pencil and bit down on it. Her arms grabbing the side of the desk and Marcus pressed forward.

"MMM baby fuck my white ass. This is your ass!" she screamed through gritted teeth, almost breaking the pencil. Soon Marcus was slapping her big ass red and her thick thighs wobbled with each thrust.

"Fuck baby, this is mine?" He asked cockily.

"You're the only one that's ever had my ass, only one that ever will Marcus." She moaned concentrating hard to get the words out. She reached between her legs to play with her pussy. His big balls slapping against her lips and fingers.

They both started to grunt like animals, his black frame engulfing hers as he pumped into this white married teacher. Both screaming, no longer caring who might catch them or what might happen; these sexual beings were giving it their best effort and soon Marcus was rearing back and depositing his seed in her ass. He fell back onto the chair and Jamie looked behind her to admire her black lover and the cock that she helped put down.

"mmmm baby, I think my white ass wore you out." She grinned seeing 15 minutes left on the clock.

She kneeled down between his legs and cleaned his cock with her tongue. He moaned as her tongue worked his tender organ.

"Good girl you cock like a pro." He gasped, hand on his sweaty forehead.

"Great teacher, fast learner. She smiled and gave him one last lick." She stood up straightening her skirt and putting her bra back on.

"Take my panties with you." She told him.

"I was going to take em anyways." Marcus grinned.

Smiling she said, "Thanks for the lunch break baby." Kissing him full on the lips their tongues playing with each other.

"I look like a mess I need to clean up. You better get out before people get suspicious."

"I know, John's gonna be around for the next couple weeks too."

"We'll find time. Just always remember, you're the only one I ever swallowed and you're the only one that's been in my ass. I'll never forget you.....you'll always be the only one I've done that for. I'll make sure we get as much time together before this end. You know I love that black cock as much as you love this white pussy."

"You know that girl," he said starting to rub her wet pussy under her skirt. "I'm going to make sure you never want another cock again, but you might be ruining me for any other pussy. Such a dirty old woman taking advantage of a young man like me."

They both laughed, as she pushed his hand away. "I have to go clean up, you gotta go."

They shared a deep kiss as Marcus pawed her ass and she ground her body against his.

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