tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Lord and His Maid, Chapter the 01st

A Lord and His Maid, Chapter the 01st


Edward awoke, yawned and stretched, casually examining the canopy and curtains of his gold brocade bed. Nursing the massive bulge between his legs, his thoughts turned to the beautiful Lady Caroline; she had haunted his dreams ever since her departure for the Holy Land. He had dreamt of the day of her departure, recalling every rise and fall of the snowy orbs in her corset, every caress of her slim, steady hands and every touch of the tight, moist walls of her delicious cunt on his stiff member. It was then that he realised two things: firstly that he had begun stroking said stiff member, and secondly that Gwendolyn was staring at him from across the room.

Gwendolyn had been his chambermaid ever since he had taken over the castle from his father four years before, she had come to him a little slip of a girl at 14 years old but had grown into all the fullness and ripeness of womanhood. Her face was round and glowing with a sprinkling of freckles, her hair was long and bright, tied up into a tight bun. She wasn't tall, 5"3 in the healed shoes that all the peasant girls wore, but beneath the rich folds of her dress Edward could tell there was a pert, round little behind and under her tight bodice were a pair of breasts as bright and bouncy as any man could ever want.

"Gwendolyn," called Edward, his eyes drinking in every inch of her body and his hand still exploring every inch of his penis.

" Yes, my lord?" replied the maid, her eyes widening at the movement beneath the sheets

"When you took the job as my maid you agreed to take me as your lord and master?"

"Yes, my lord,"

"To administer to my every whim and pleasure"

"Yes, my lord. Do you require some service of me, my lord?"

"A service indeed, young Gwen, you see ever since the Lady Caroline left I have had great need of your help with this..." and at that Edward drew back the bedclothes exposing the full glory of his manhood.

"But, but, my lord!" cried Gwendolyn, clearly flustered, "what on earth is that?"

Edward could not help but laugh, "You have never felt the touch of a man?"

"I do not know what you mean, my lord."

"Do not be afraid, my lass, you remember how you pledged to cater to my every pleasure?"

"Yes, my lord,"

"Well this... " Edward said holding his penis, "...is the instrument by which a woman may give the greatest pleasure of all to a man,"

"Yes, my lord," said Gwen, looking worried

Edward smiled and climbed out of bed. He walked over to Gwen and slid his arms around her waist. His lips met hers and as his tongue slipped into her pleading mouth his fingers found the knots that held her skirts and bodice together. Their lips parted and he stepped back to admire her, Gwen looked at him with a mixture of shock and wonder as her outer garments fell to the floor.

"Are you ready now to kneel and pleasure your lord?" said Edward,

"Yes, my lord," replied Gwen, a wary smile creeping across her face as she knelt on the hard wooden floor before him.

She hesitated, Edward's solid cock barely an inch from her face. For a moment he thought he would have to provide further instruction, but with a soft sigh Gwen began to kiss the head of his throbbing member. Grasping the base her kisses followed the full length of his shaft and down to his swollen balls. She slowly moved back up to the head and then fixing his eyes with a stare full of longing Gwen plunged his cock into her mouth. Her tongue ranged over his head and shaft with maniac curiosity, exploring every inch of him, and as she became attuned to his moans and gasps her technique began to send shivers of pleasure up his spine. She began thrusting his turgid member deep into her throat, almost swallowing its entire length; faster and faster she moved, bringing Edward to the brink of explosion. Suddenly she stopped, as though instinct had told her to delay his ultimate ecstasy, she withdrew her mouth completely from his penis now dripping with her saliva and his precum.

"For you, my lord," she giggled, and then pushed the swollen head of his cock into her mouth. Her agile tongue swirled round the head whilst her nimble fingers pumped away at the base, his moans became louder and louder until finally a familiar tingling in his toes signalled the first spurt straight into her waiting mouth.

The sudden eruption shocked Gwen,

"My lord!" she cried, as cum dribbled down her chin. But Edward was not finished, as wave after wave of orgasm flowed through him, huge shots of juice splashed across her face and down her breasts. The initial shock passed quickly and Gwen began to lick her lips greedily, her hands ranging over her body scooping up the fluid into her mouth. Edward watched smiling as the last drips of cum fell down her cleavage and then lifted Gwen to her feet holding her trembling body in his arms and kissing her gently. She made a sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper, causing Edward to stop and stare deep into her eyes. She returned his gaze for a moment, reached up to her hair and released its long golden tendrils down her back and began tearing off the last of her fragile undergarments and finally freeing her enormous breasts and bearing every inch of her soft skin,

"Touch me, my lord, please, please touch me!" she begged.

Edward did not need asking twice, with a quick glance over her naked body he clasped her in his arms, his hands ranging over her softly curving back and grasping roughly at her soft buttocks. Lifting Gwen as her legs wrapped around him, he kissed her neck and shoulders. Finally she leant back in his arms thrusting her breasts towards him, Edward buried his face into them kissing and biting the throbbing orbs and then concentrating on each nipple in turn sucking and nibbling until both stuck out half an inch and Gwen was moaning and grinding against him.

Coming up for air Edward knew what had to happen next, he carried Gwen over to the bed and laid her writhing body onto it so that her legs dangled off the edge.

"It is my turn to kneel before you, my dear," he said and knelt before her open legs.

He began by kissing her thighs, tasting the length of them before coming to the pink, engorged lips of her now moist pussy. He ran his tongue along her slit, parting the folds and probing her hole with the tip of his tongue. He began to trace the length of her slit from her hole to her clit, gently and slowly at first but as her groans increased so his speed increased. Suddenly he stopped, remembering her teasing before, causing her to give out a sad little whimper, her hands reached into his hair and pushing his face into her clit. His tongue shot out again and attacked her clit with great enthusiasm. Her cries grew louder and her body began to buck and tense as he licked and sucked the little bud and with a final piercing scream Gwen first orgasm blew through her body, waves of pleasure coursing through every part of her.

Edward stood up and admired his handiwork: Gwendolyn lay across the bed, her inner thighs and cunt soaked with saliva and her own juices and odd flecks of his cum still on her chest and in her hair. He lifted her barely conscious body and placed her under the bedclothes, he then climbed in beside her and held her in his arms. They both drifted into a peaceful and dreamless sleep.


Edward moved into a half-conscious state between asleep and awake. He was aware of certain sensations playing across his mind, a vague warmth first on his chest, then his thighs and then his penis. The feeling in his penis intensified until finally he was forced into full consciousness, he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Gwen's full, red lips drawn into a knowing smile, her deep brown eyes staring into his; her hands were wrapped around his penis.

"Good afternoon, my lord,"

"Good afternoon, Gwendolyn, keen to serve as ever,"

"Yes, my lord. Your every wish is my command,"

"Then I think the time has come for you to experience the most important of your duties," at this Edward reached down to her pussy and began probing her hole with first one and then two fingers,

"Now this delicious, moist hole of yours is designed to fit this..." he said pointing to his engorged member, "...like a glove fits a finger," giving his fingers a good wiggle inside her.

"But, my lord, my hole is so small and your fiddlestick so big I cannot hope to accommodate it," said Gwen, her lip beginning to tremble,

"Don't be afraid, little one, like every good glove there is a lot of give in this little hole of yours. It will hurt a little at first but I promise I will be gentle," he said, gently fingering her with one hand and pinching her pink little nipples with the other. Soon Gwen had little choice in the matter, she cried out as her body began to respond to him and soon she was lost in every move of his fingers. He stopped, smiling at her as she writhed beneath him,


"Yes, my lord?"

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, my lord," she said opening her arms and legs to receive him.

He positioned himself between her soft, warm thighs, guiding the head of his cock towards her swollen cunt. As he pushed slowly into the pulsing folds of her sex she let out a little cry, he glanced up at her concerned but she nodded at him to continue. He slid further into her and as his sword reached in up to the hilt a smile finally spread across her face. He drew back again leaving just the tip of his member throbbing at the entrance of her pussy,

"Please don't stop, my lord!" she cried, thrusting her hips towards him and grasping at his chest. Edward grinned, held on for a few seconds and then plunged deep into her. Gwen let out a cry of surprise and relief, her back arched and her fists clenched. She flung herself forward and wrapping her arms round Edward she pressed her breasts against his chest and her clit against his groin. He grunted and began thrusting into her, she clung to him for dear life as he quickened his stroke, slamming into her again and again. Their bodies became one, writhing and shaking as Gwen's hands desperately scratched and grabbed at his back and ass, and he continued to pump into her, biting and sucking her neck and ear.

"My body is ready to explode for you, my lord," cried Gwen, raising her voice over the sound of Edward pounding into her,

"Explode away you saucy wench! Get ready to receive the fruit of my pleasure!" grunted Edward, letting loose an enormous eruption deep into her. As soon as Gwen felt the warm semen inside her, she could hold back no longer, waves of pleasure shot through her body causing her to howl and buck against Edward as his thick juice poured into her pussy and down her thighs and ass. For a long while they held onto each other, savouring the pleasure, and finally both collapsed onto the bed.

"Well done, Gwen, you have served your lord and master well," gasped Edward,

"Yes, my lord..."

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