tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 01

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 01


A white Ford Explorer drove up the track to a ranch in Ohio in rapidly fading light. A guy, not yet eighteen in jeans and a blue and white checked shirt, came out of the house and walked over to the vehicle.

Andy Ash, a lean guy with unruly blond hair, had a bleeding lip and swollen eye. Looking concerned, the woman driver rolled down her window and said, "You don't look like a guy who's ready to take my daughter to the graduation dance Andy?"

"No ma'am and I apologize. Please tell Angelina my father forbids me to go."

"And he beat you to reinforce that message?"

"Ma'am I regret I cannot answer your question."

"I understand Andy. Please go inside and get your mom to go to the bathroom and bath your lip. Your brother and sister will be in the TV room I guess?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Then off you go."

Amy Williams sat in her car and waited till she saw a light go on in a bedroom. She then pulled her handgun from under the front seat and picking up a torch went to the door and knocked.

Carl Ash, wearing only jeans and an undershirt and reeking of whisky, opened the door.

Torchlight blinded him. A shot rang out and a bullet ripped into his right shoulder. He fell screaming, not seeing his assailant who'd doused the light and had walked to her vehicle and drove off.

"Omigod your father has shot himself," Andy's mother cried. "This will disgrace the family."

They heard Carl shout.

His wife gritted, "The brutal oaf, he failed to kill himself. Do you want to finish him off or shall I do it?"

Andy was shocked. His father often beat his wife, occasionally when in quite a rage, but he'd not known his mom felt as strongly as this. Jesus if one of them shot him it would be murder.

"We should go and see if he's okay or not," he said. "Finish my attending to my lip later. Common let's go."

They found Carl had dragged himself to the sofa but had been unable to pull himself up. He was pressing his blood-soaked undershirt against his shoulder to suppress the blood flow.

"Try to fix dad up mom, I'll call the County Sheriff Office."

Amy Williams returned home twelve miles away and calmly told her daughter what had happened.

"Please don't cry darling and don't tell anyone, especially your father, what I've just told you. If you do break down, your father will want to know what's upset you and in all probability that could land me in really big trouble and I could go to jail. You're eighteen and it's time to be strong. Take my vehicle and go alone to the ball and just say that damn Andy Ash didn't show up and no questions will be asked. Many people there are used to hearing Andy being called a loser and know he was voted as the student most likely not to succeed whereas you and I know about the terrible time he's had at home because of his violent father."

Amy went to the front room with coffee and the three guys playing poker with her husband Bernie ignored her as usual and so she said, "Who's cheating tonight."

The guys looked at each other suspiciously and then eyed Amy and Bernie said, "What do you mean?"

Amy smiled. "I've heard women say that men who cheat on their wives also cheat at poker."

The guys looked at each other suspiciously.

Amy, in that attempt to establish an alibi that she'd been home all evening, said she'd be back with coffee and cookies in an hour's time.

The problem for the Sheriff was the lack of any evidence. All that Carl Ash could tell them was there was a knock on the door; he was blinded by some sort of light and was then shot. Carl had not seen anyone or even heard and talking or heard any vehicle driving off. His son Andy had been kicked in the face by a heifer and was in the bathroom with his mom attending to his cut lip at the time the shot rang out. The kids Peter and Kate had the TV up loud and had heard nothing untoward.

Next day the sheriff learned that Andy Ash had missed going to the high school graduation ball that night with Angelina Williams and sent two deputies to enquire with the Williams about that.

The Williams family appeared astounded to learn that Carl Ash had been shot the previous night and was in hospital.

Bernie said he had been playing poker at the time and that Amy had been home all night. Amy said that was correct at gave the names of the three neighbors who were visiting for a friendly game of poker.

The deputies then questioned Angelina.

Amy nervously listed to Angelina being question and became proud of her daughter who at the time of crucial questioning, lied with the skill of a much older female.

Angelina had burst into tears when asked had she shot Carl Ash by mistake instead of shooing at his son for standing her up.

Earlier Amy had calmed her daughter faking her reaction at the news while the deputies questioned Bernie. When the deputies turned to question Angelina she'd said, standing with hands on hips, "I wasn't surprised that Andy didn't show up. He's always been a loser and as long as I've known him and his behavior is erratic."

"God I told everyone at the ball last night the jug-head head stood me up. I'm now embarrassed to learn he didn't show up after being injured by a cow. And if you think Andy shot his father then forget it. Andy is a crack shot and if he shot at anything it would be between the eyes."

After the deputies left Amy said quietly to her daughter, "Is Andy a crack shot?"

"I have no idea. I don't even know if he can shoot. But as you know I've always stood by him ever since four years ago when he saved me from probable drowning down at the lake."

Her mum hugged Angelina and whispered thank you for supporting her mom. "Come on darling, let's go over and visit Irene and family."

As the two females drove off, Amy said to her daughter, "This is an unsettling time for them. Now remember, not a word about what you know about last night."

Irene was pleased to see them and was worried that someone might be back to shoot them all.

Amy was quick to calm her.

"Look Irene, we all know Carl is not the most popular guy around. My thinking is it would have been someone from a while back who came off second-best in a fight with Carl and bided his time to come to settle the score with a bullet to the shoulder. Anything else would have risked being caught up in a murder investigation that would have produced evidence of that fight."

"You could be right."

"Well Irene keeps a gun under your pillow."

"No way. I won't allow a gun in the house because Carl loses control at times."

"How do you kill injured cattle?"

"There's a rifle in each of the ranch pick-ups and that's where they stay. I told the sheriff that but he said Carl was shot by a handgun and I said we have no handguns around here."

The women talked on and Angelina went out to meet Andy who was walking back from the barn.

Amy said, "When does Andy go off to work with his uncle thru summer to earn cash to help him at college?"

"Andy leaves tomorrow early, before his father arrives home. Look keep what I'm about to say to yourself. Carl had been drinking for a at least three hours before he was shot and earlier in the evening beat Andy cruelly for no reason at all other than he didn't want Andy to go to the school ball. I lied to the sheriff and confirmed Carl's lie that Andy was kicked by a heifer. I didn't want the sheriff thinking Andy might have shot his father although I knew Andy was beside me at the time and he doesn't have a handgun."

"Yes it's a good idea that you get Andy away from here. Carl will be in a lousy mood now that here's disabled. Um would you mind if I gave Andy a check to help out with college?"

"Oh no please, we can afford to support him provide he works to earn money."

"I suggest this in case Carl becomes mean with the support you guys are giving Andy."

"Oh very well then; you are so kind."

Amy wrote out the check to Andy and handed it to Irene.

"Omigod for one thousand dollars, Amy you can't."

"Oh yes I can and remember Andy refused to accept a reward from us four years ago for saving Angelina from drowning. He didn't need the money then but he does now as he ventures out into the world alone."

* * *

Andy spent all summer working for his unmarried uncle, crew boss of a small open-cut coal mine in Wyoming. Uncle Henry was even tougher than his younger brother, Andy's father, but the difference was Uncle Henry was fair and could control his anger.

The bituminous coal was hauled from the mine in trucks along a windy rough road along the side of a ravine to a rail loading facility two miles away.

Sullen Andy was taught to drive a truck and four hours after the beginning of that lesson he'd hauled his first load to the railhead. When he returned his smiling instructor punched Andy's shoulder and said, "Glad to see you made it back here in one piece boy because if you hadn't, the boss would have used his baseball bat on me."

Andy hauled six more loads that day, the other drivers grinning at him and giving friendly waves as they passed on the road.

The instructor next day sent Andy up on a Caterpillar 777F off-highway dump truck and yelled, "Take it for a short distance and then practice three-point turns."

"How?" Andy yelled, leaning out the window and looking down at the instructor from the cab of the huge vehicle.

"This is a test to see if you have aptitude. You figure everything out. Damage the truck and your uncle will grin and practice his baseball bat stokes on you."

Andy muttered, "Calm yourself, calm yourself. This is no big deal."

But he was shaking and scared he'd wet his pants.

He started the massive V12 engine that could haul a 90-ton payload out of the loading area and up the incline with ease, or so Andy had been told.

Holding his breath Andy worked the long shift lever and the truck crawled forward. He looked into the side mirror and saw the instructor holding up his hand clapping.

Andy expelled breath and thought the danger of being exposed as a hopeless idiot had vanished.

He wiped his forehead on a sleeve and shifted into another gear and watched the revs on the tach. He swung left to begin a three-point turn and searched for reverse. He completed the turn and looked up for his instructor who was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn what now?" he thought and concluded it would be a waste of time just sitting there. He drove in under a conveyer and a load of coal dropped in.

That left him wondering what now?

He said another 777 coming up behind him and so muttered, "Get out of here. Every five minutes Jimmy has been driving it home that in this operation time is money.

Andy was almost halfway to the railhead when Jimmy yelled by radio, "Andy where the hell are you?"

"About halfway through the ravine I'd say."

"Shit, damn, piss boy, you aren't supposed to do that until you have been signed off after the two-day instruction program."

"Now you tell me."

"Why you cheeky little shit."

"Andy keep going," interjected his uncle. "Jimmy I expect better control from you than this. You better start instructing Andy how to dump before he arrives. Time is money."

Another driver cut into the radio conversation. "I'm having my break at the depot Jimmy. If the kid knows how to stop 90-tonnes of payload I'll climb up and tell him what to do."

"Thanks Clint. God what a mess."

At the railhead Andy slowed and stopped calmly.

Clint jumped on to the sloping access ladder in front of the vehicle leading to the driver's deck and Andy drove off while Clint was still climbing, knowing time was money.

"You've got guts kid," drawled Clint.

Andy beamed.

"I wonder how many company and state regulations you've broken as a rookie? This could cost the company thousands if news of it gets out."

Andy began to shake.

Clint ginned.

"Okay kid, do it just as you did with the standard dump truck," said Clint and began explaining how to dump the load.

That was completed with no problems. When Andy stopped to let Clint climb down, Clint said, "You're in the A-team now kid. You've got guts."

Andy whistled driving back to the mine, feeling he was almost a man and so proud of his performance.

Andy went back down the long slope into the mine and was heading to take another load when 70-year old Jimmy yelled by radio, "Where the fuck are you going kid? You come back over here and begin safety instruction. And how many trucks did you push off the road on your fool of a trip?"

"None. The guys appeared to pull well over and were grinning."

"Jesus is there no discipline around here?"

Uncle Henry cut in, "I could say the same thing about you Jimmy. Back to Jimmy and allow him to do his job Andy. By the way, congratulations."

Andy had been staying in his uncle's RV and after Andy completed training he moved into one of the six-man cabins and drove initially at daytime as a member of the E-gang. The guys thought it was a hell of a joke that Andy had delivered a load two hours after commencing intensive training on a 777. As far as anyone could remember, no rookie had ever got from out under of Jimmy's iron-fisted grip.

On the second night in the cabin with E-gang, Andy was introduced to real sex.

A girl called Mandy arrived at 9:00 that night and Mick whispered to Andy that the lights would go out and Mandy would visit each guy's bed and ask what about it.

"How much?"

"Seventy bucks?"

"What just for sex?"

Mick sniggered and said that was dirt cheap but then again so was Mandy.

"Tell you are a kid and want it for half-price."

Andy thought that was a good idea.

Andy was Mandy's second call.

Mandy said, "What about it."

"I'm just a kid. Can I have it for half-price?"

He'd whispered but apparently everyone in the cabin had heard the request.

And they all bellowed in laughter when they heard the stinging slap and Mandy yell, "You cheap-shot asshole."

When he heard one of the other guys with Mandy groaning endlessly Andy came out of his humiliation sufficiently to jack-off and came hugely.

"Thanks Mandy," he called.

"What's that asshole?"

The guys sniggered.

Andy turned eighteen on a Wednesday and on Saturday Uncle Henry took him to a nearby small city for dinner and then to an inconspicuous house at the edge of the business district.

Uncle Henry had told Andy he'd take him to a whorehouse (initially Andy though Uncle Henry had said horse house) to celebrate his coming of age.

Andy was disappointed. He'd expected the brothel to be like a palace with women in gowns and those big glass lights hanging from the ceiling and thick red carpet.

Instead it was an ordinary house, one level, with five or six bedrooms. Uncle Henry paid the fat lady and she pushed a button and four women in skimpy underwear appeared and chorused, "Hi boys."

Uncle Henry said mysteriously, "I'll take Bella, she'll have too much horse-power for you. Or did he say whore-power? Andy didn't remember to ask later.

He skipped the skinny woman with a hard mouth and wondered about the other two and finally settled for Alice because she had the biggest tits.

Alice took him to a tidy room and handed him a condom.

"Have you been with a woman before Andy?"

He said, "Yeah my best female friend Angeline Williams."

"She sounds pretty."


"And what did you do, I mean how far did you go?"

"We kissed and messed around with our tongues and she pulled my hand down to her pussy and I made her wet with my fingers. That was real cool. You should have seen the look on her face, really angelic."

"I wish I had seen it. So this is your first time going all the way?"

"Yeah but don't be gentle with me. I want to fill you with cum."

"You'll be wearing this little thing young man," said the 30-plus woman firmly.

There was no foreplay but Andy got what he really wanted and that was to suck and play with her tits.

Alice gave him five minutes doing that and asked, "Do you masturbate?"

"Yeah at least twice a day."

That appeared to interest her.

"Right here we go Andy. I'll steer you in and you push up and down in me as fast and as hard as you wish. When your feel you are about to explode, pull out and I'll pull off the condom and let you spray my chest."

"Okay Bella."

"I'm Alice. So you wanted Bella who loves taking it in the butt?"


"Are you coming Andy?"

"Nope," he said, picking up the pace and the hard action was beginning to make Alice pant.

"Are you coming Andy?"

"Nope. This is really good but are you too big for me?"

Alice gritted and applied pressure around Andy's plunging erection. That slowed him and he grunted and grunted again and pulled out.

Red-faced and panting heavily, Alice pulled off the condom and aiming the red and purple throbbing erection at her breasts, yelled as she was drenched over her tits, face and into her hair.

"Jesus kid."

"Sorry but I did say I wanted to fill your cunt."

"Next time you can fill Bella's butt. She'll probably ask for return visits."

Uncle Henry looked exhausted and that disappointed Andy who'd thought his uncle would be one of those guys who could go half the night.

"How did it go?"

Andy replied, "Okay but Alice moaned when I shot cum into her hair."

"Yeah she would because she'll have other clients wanting her tonight. Well you're a man now."

"Thanks. How did you go for you?"

He grinned. "I'd phoned through and booked Bella. The bitch had her older sister with her whose husband has been out of town for two months. Oh boy, did I have tits, pussy and butts coming out of my ears."

Andy was highly impressed.

"I'll drive Uncle Henry. You take a nap."

Henry slept all the way.

When Henry got out of the car outside his RV he said, "Gee it feels like my balls are about to drop off."

Andy thought that's what he'd heard about guys saying they'd been fucked out. He hoped one day that situation would be his pleasure to complain about.

The camp had a well-equipped gym and Andy went there every night, never missing a night until he began night-shift. Then he'd go to the gym as soon as he awoke next morning.

At the end of summer Danny went home for three days and was disappointed to learn that Angelina had already gone to her college. He'd intended to fuck her to demonstrate his newly-learned skills although he wouldn't say a hooker had taught him. Ordinary women appeared jealous of women who fucked professionally.

"Omigod, just look at you, you've become a man."

That really pleased Andy and he hugged his mom and when she hugged him back by reflex he grabbed a breast and squeezed.

"God Andy what are you doing?" she said, stepping back red-faced and eyeing him with a surprised look.

"Um sorry mom. You um look so cute."

Irene's smile returned and she whispered, "Well if you intend doing that again make sure no one is about."

Andy grinned and she smiled and holding both his arms down kissed him full on the mouth again and then said she was so glad to have such a fine-looking son who loved his mom.

Danny's father came in looking fit and said his shoulder was fine. Fortunately it had been a .32 slug and had been stopped by bone rather than shatter bone that a .38 slug would have done.

"You look good."

"Yeah all work, time to sleep and time to eat and go to the gym and not much time to play or loaf, but great pay. What I've seen of the ranch looks good."

"Well yeah, I've kept on the guy I hired to cover me while I was recovering. He's big into effective pasture improvement and convinced me to give more attention to maintenance because it makes things last longer."

"That guy or woman who shot you... anything?"

"Nah you know how ineffective law enforcement is in these parts and you can forget about it being a woman. No woman would have the guts to shoot me like that. It also requires brains to figure how to blind me with a torch so I have no idea who was about to pull the trigger."

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