tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 02

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 02


Andy had viewed a video of the state university several times but even so was shocked at the sheer size of the college's campus. To his untraveled eyes, it seemed as big as a small town.

He was processed through admission and went to Monroe Hall to grab the best bedroom and was in luck. No one else had arrived.

All were double rooms and he picked bedroom 3 and unpacked and connected up his laptop to check that he had internet access. He emailed his mom, 'Arrived. Good flight. Room looks good. I am very excited.' He then used a map to locate one of the cafes.

Before leaving the room, locking the bedroom door and taking the two keys on the ring, Andy checked the quite extensive view over the campus and out to the hills. He was on the fourth floor. He picked up a thin booklet titled, 'Monroe Hall, Rules and Regulations'.

He flicked through and stopped quite shocked. Monroe was one of two mixed-sex residence halls. He'd not asked for that and in fact would have much preferred to be in an apartment with seven other guys and they could live comfortably without being told what to do by bossy females.

Nah surely they would have males on every other floor and females in between floors or the apartments had to be single sex communities. The thought of panties and stockings hanging to dry when he came in from his regular 6:00 am run rather put him off Monroe Hall because he was now expecting the worst.

Anyway the café food was good and the coffee great so that cheered him. His phone went.

Oh that would be his mom or Registration who'd taken his cell phone number.

"Andy Ash."

"Oh hi Andy, it's Mrs Roach. You are due to meet with Professor Allen and me in an hour's time. Could you come now, we've had two no-shows and we can resume other work when we've interviewed you."

"Okay I have a map and have located the room. I should be with you within ten."

"Five would be more acceptable."

The cheeky bitch then cut the call and for a moment he felt like being a no-show.

He was greeted by a guy when he entered the room.

"Hi Andy, I'm Fred Allen and this is Julie Roach. Because you only just scraped in to come here after a second assessment by Admission, we have examined your academic performance to date and have to tell you we here at the School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Journalism run intense courses and expect high standards."

"Yes I expected that because I want my degree to be worth something."


Julie said, "Your application said you grew up on a ranch and you gained lots of experience. Please define that experience."

"I've spent my entire life on a cattle ranch so know horses, dogs and Angus cattle intimately, always having to pitch in when I came home from school. Every summer I spent a month at my paternal grandparents' farm until they sold two autumns ago. They ran sheep and deer so I added deer handling and were there for their haymaking and fruit picking and I went home for more haymaking. In recent years I became proficient at plowing to prepare for supplementary winter green feed on crop rotation best practice and we also grew corn. I would arrive home from school and relieve dad and plow till mom came to get me around 9:00 for late dinner."

That sounds very impressive," said Fred. "What do you know about animal diseases?"

"Well vets do most of the treatment but rely on us for early detection. Things I've been taught to spot for cattle include calf scours, blackleg, foot rot, pink eye, ringworm and of course they can be tested for lepto and TB for example. Sheep problems I've dealt with include mastitis in ewes, pneumonia, coccidisosis in lambs and of course I missed experiencing bad things you hope to never meet include John's Disease and scrapie."

Fred grinned and said, "You have me almost thinking you are a post-graduate student. Now Julie will talk to you about what we think about your situation here."

Julie consulted her notes. "I note you have consistently scored well in English exams and that's good for journalism but I also noted you don't appear to have won prizes for writing or been on a school newspaper?"

"No and that's why I'm here ready to study hard Julie. I want to be groomed well in agricultural journalism. Every day in the newspaper you read people sounding off about agriculture, often without having a clue of what they are talking about and people write ridiculous things in newspapers putting the boot in about agricultural products and processing. Jesus I even read a letter to the editor about some woman who'd walked into a deer slaughter plant and learned, and I quote, some of poor darlings had their horns cut off and it had been twenty-four hours, she was told, since the deer had last been fed."

"Well I would like a job where I'm qualified to write to educate people who spout off without knowledge of approved slaughter methods. And people also rant on about restaurants dumping perfectly good food and farmers tipping milk out because the collection truck failed to show up and the holding tank refrigeration unit had malfunctioned. Someone has to defend farming and industry against that bad-mouthing and also write to educate farmers and industry about good and bad practices and provide interesting examples relating to ethical issues and protecting their industry image by doing the right things."

Fred looked at Julie who nodded. Fred stood and held out his hand and Andy shook it.

"Congratulations Andy, please proceed on your chosen academic course. We both see potential in you and your replies to us were more than satisfactory. May you graduate well."

The stern lady said, "I completely agree with Fred. On paper I was worried about you but having heard you in the flesh I now believe I worried unnecessary. Off you go and enjoy life on this wonderful campus."

Gee what a bossy bitch, Andy thought as he walked off. She wasted his time and Prof Allen's time. She ought to stay home watching TV soaps and mop floors.

He then thought well what if she'd been right in her acute screening of applicant entry acceptances? Prof Allen would have squeezed her tit and said good girl Julie. Ah well perhaps it paid not to jump to conclusions and the Prof wouldn't do that to her if he suspected she was gay. How do you tell if a woman is gay? By the way she flicks out her tongue? He had no idea. He was just a dummy from a ranch.

Andy returned to the room and noticed doors to bedrooms 1 and 2 were shut. He knocked but there was no reply. He tried his key in both locks but it wasn't the right fit. Good they had privacy to their rooms. He assumed the newcomers would also be freshmen as that would be sensible room allocation matching. He recalled on the accommodation acceptance noticed he'd received way back, if he didn't like his apartment occupants he could apply for placement elsewhere but the next sentence had stated it would be advisable not to hold one's breath.

Andy heard the apartment door open and left checking on admin memos to students to go and greet the newcomer.

The guy was thickset, and weather beaten.

"Hi I'm Andy Ash. You're a day early too. Here to get a choice room?"

"I'm Rick Burgess. Didn't you get a list of fellow occupants?"


"Well I almost didn't come to this college when I read the list but it was too expensive to pull out. I'm to share with you."

"And that put you off coming here?"

"No you idiot. The other six who share this apartment are female."

"Oh fuck we'll never get the bathroom free."

Rick grinned. "We'll have to get the girls to agree to us being allowed to walk in on them in the bathroom but not the crap house."

They laughed and Rick said, "Oh here's your key and unhooked it from the ring.

"Thanks. I believe we are doing the same degree and that is why we are paired I guess."

"What Ag communication and journalism?"

"Yeah. My two brothers are already on the ranch so I wasn't required and thought I'd get this degree and then get a masters in something really specific."

"Good thinking," Andy said. "Um I was first here and...

"...and grabbed the best room for the least disturbance and the best side of the room."

"Yeah good guess. But we can toss which side of the room if you wish?

"No it's fine. I've spent summer sleeping in the bunkhouse because mom caught me fingering my bare-ass sister."

"Oh you wretched man, your own sister."

"Aw fair go Andy, I wasn't attempting to tail her. I was just having fun. God she has great breasts."

Andy laughed and said it appearance his mom had judged the situation accurately.

Rick, who came from only 200 miles away, looked sheepish. He was short of money too and they went into the city to have hamburgers and fries for dinner and on the way registered for a couple of old bicycles. They rode into the city and knew the cycles would be useful getting to lectures and other venues as well.

By mid-morning next day four other guys had arrived and Rick, looking angry, said, "I have an aunt who works here in admin. This thing about you and me sharing with six women is a load of crap. She advised that to tease me."

He finally laughed by mainly at the antics of Andy who was rolling around in fits of laughter. Andy had to admit he'd been sucked in as well.

Rick had curly black hair with curls that appeared to attract females and had a date tied up for the weekend by the end of classes on the first day. Andy appeared to be too untidy and too gruff to appeal to females looking for a date. Guys in their school outnumbered females.

On Thursday he received a call from that bitch counselor Mrs Roach.

"Hi Andy it's Julie Roach. We met the other day."

He thought what now. She probably had found his school counselor had comment briefly that he had difficulty socializing, particularly with females. She probably wanted him to have a psychology test.

But no, it turned out nothing like that.

"I live not far from here. I would like you to have a drink on Friday and stay for dinner."

"Is that allowed?"

"My husband will arrive later to join us so what do you think? In fact what were you thinking?"


She laughed and said what he had been thinking wasn't a very moral thought.

He coughed to hide his embarrassment.

"But on the other hand my impression had been you didn't like me so perhaps I should be flattered you were thinking of me like that."

God why couldn't she leave it alone, Andy thought. Anyway how could she really know what he was thinking? He decided to say nothing.

"Are you still there Andy?"

He said yes and she gave him the address and said 5:30 would be fine.

On Friday Andy hurried back to the Monroe Hall on his bike that had been stolen the previous evening but he's located it amid hundreds of bikes at lunchtime. Well he'd thought it was his. He attached his name on a sticker under the crossbar for easier recognition and one of the left handlebar for thieves to spot if they bothered about such things as rightful ownership. Actually it wasn't his bike; it was in slightly better condition. Well because the owner would find Andy's former bike?

Too late. Mike was already in the shower. He'd replied to Andy's shout to hurry up.

Poor Mike. It was the first time he'd really been away from home and he was homesick already. Pete had asked him in front of everyone while they were all watching an adult DVD what was wrong. Poor Mike had sniffed and said he was missing mom.

Well, two or three of the guys appreciated what Mike was on about but a couple of them, particularly John, had jeered Mike, making his eyes water. Andy, who for some reason appeared to be coming recognized as room boss, told John to can it. He kept on but when Andy stood he clammed up and Mike went off to bed.

Mike came out with a towel around his waist.

"Thanks Andy for sticking up for me on me the other night."

"That was fine. Do you feel better now?"

"Yeah quite a bit. Peggy Waters has asked me to take her to a movie on Friday night."

Andy gaped. Peggy wasn't much to look at but he'd never heard of a female asking a guy for a date. Jesus what did Mike have to induce that? Ah a sensitive but intelligent face perhaps?

Andy misjudged his timing and arrived fifteen minutes late.

A pretty girl opened the door and said, "Hi I'm Cathy. Mom and I were beginning to think you might have chickened out."

"No I stopped to watch a fight."

"I asked mom about the freshmen guys she'd dealt with and I liked the sound of you. I know what a Caterpillar 777F dump truck is. I sell tractors and other machinery at McKinney's pre-owned farm machinery although we don't handle specialized equipment like the 777."

"God I've never heard of a babe selling farm machinery."

"Thank you."

"What for?"

"For calling me a babe. I'm only used to guys teasing me about my job."

Andy recovered instantly and said he'd not tease her about his job.

"I'm Sarah."

"Hi Sarah. You have pretty eyes."

"Well are you going to kiss me?"

Huh? It took Andy almost thirty seconds to realize it was happening for him.

He kissed her and whispered could he touch her breast.

Sarah checked behind her and said yes.

He squeezed.

She stared at him momentarily and then slammed into him.

Holy fuck, thought the innocent young guy from a backwater in south-east Oklahoma.

"Quickly," she said, breathing heavily after that long kiss. "Mom will be wondering what's going on here."

On Saturday night Rick and Sharon, John and Rosie, Mike and Peggy and Andy were waiting in the lobby of a movie house when John said, "Oh-la-la. Look at this older sensation approaching."

Andy beamed and the older sensation took Andy's arm and said, "Hi everyone, I'm Sarah."

Andy really enjoyed seeing the expressions of everyone, especially John's stunned look. Grinning, Andy introduced Sarah to everyone.

After a light supper the couples dispersed and Andy regretted not having a car because he could have gone parking to see how far he could get with Sarah on their first date.

She rode home on the crossbar of his bike, not complaining he didn't have a car although she did say they could always use her car when they dated.

"I walked this evening for exercise."

"Do you like exercise Sarah?"

She giggled and said yes and turned her face toward him to be kissed and asked what exercise did he have in mind?


She giggled and said that's why she'd asked her mom to pick out a likely guy for her.

"Does your mom not mind you having sex?"

"I'm twenty-six Andy. At my age mom would be concerned if I wasn't having sex."

They arrived at the family home and Sarah took Andy by the hand and said, "There's a campervan in the garage. We can use that. I dusted and aired it today."

They sat on one of the sofas and after a long kiss Sarah lifted her arms and Andy removed her top to find a pair of really cute and braless tits.

"Gee I love them," he said.

Sarah giggled and pulled his head down. Later she pulled his hand down and Andy wormed it in under her skirt and panties to find she was already more than moist.

"God I love being fingered," she said.

Andy required no further encouragement.

When he'd made her cum, Sarah asked Andy to pass him her handbag from the other sofa. She pulled out a condom for him and then a tube of lube.

"Shove it into my butt. I've longed to try a thick one like yours up there."

She turned away from him, pushed her butt toward him and lifted up her top leg, oblivious to Andy's hugely gaping mouth. He'd only even had anal sex once before; it had been the only way his mom would allow him to enter her. Andy also thought of something he'd heard guys say, that a girl might let you fuck her on a first date but never, never anally. Well he'd come to college for an education.

And he did receive something of an education from Sarah. She taught him what worked and what did work for her with sex, the two big things being how to help make things more comfortable with anal sex for the female and that she liked being stroked and not just over her pussy and tits. He couldn't believe she liked being stoked on her arms. Her arms! And if he had her warmed up and blew softly into her ear she would give the impression she was about to ejaculate.

Andy dated Sarah three times and that was three sessions of marathon sex. He loved it. But when she asked about his prospects of taking over the family ranch and he said that was unlikely, Sarah said that was too bad. She wanted a guy who had plenty of money to spend on her, now and in the future.

Andy took the hint and didn't call her again.

He was in the gym early one afternoon and a blonde watching him lift light weights asked could he help to that. She couldn't even lift the weights an inch and he laughed kindly and said there was technique involved and she couldn't expect to lift that amount of weight just bent over like that.

"God you have a nice ass."

"I was asking for advice, not to be spoken to like that."

She began walking away.

"Leigh I apologize and accept I was out of order. Come back, this is a golden opportunity for you and it will strengthen your upper body to allow you to walk with your shoulders back."

She came back. Andy reduced weight on the bar and told her to lie on the bench.

"I can't help looking at your tits when instructing."

"I accept that and please call them breasts."


She looked at him and smiled. "Could we please get on with this?"

They got along with it without mishap and she said, "May I take you to coffee in appreciation?"

Andy's smile showed all his teeth and she giggled and said she guessed that meant coffee.

They met again in the gym next afternoon and Leigh dropped her current boyfriend that night and the guys in the apartment boggled when learning Andy would be dating Leigh Sampson, a senior and the college's women's ski champion for the past three years.

The guys in the apartment held a meeting when they received a very adverse report from the room inspection team.

"Financial penalties are likely if general untidiness persists," John snorted, reading the warning. "They think they are the fucking Room Mafia."

Everyone agreed with that.

"Well the terms and conditions we signed regarding occupancy explained we must commit to maintaining minimum standards," Andy said. "We need to run rosters like guys do in the other apartments we've been in and I've been in a couple of female apartments and they were as clean and tidy as if they were living at home."

Everyone agreed with that.

John said he nominated Andy as room leader. There were no other nominations and Andy's vote was the only vote against his election.

Before the week was out Andy had displayed amazing leadership qualities and after the next room inspection they found eight chits for a complimentary hamburger from one of the college café's with comments from the inspection team leader, "This is an amazing improvement. Well done boys."

Once Leigh was really into lifting weights she no longer had a purpose for Andy and dropped him.

He didn't bleat, coming to know this was how females were. The lesson had started with Angelina not even calling to say goodbye when she left for her college and then calling him on the eve of his departure to rant about her new life. She'd not called or emailed since.

Left without a date again, Andy emailed his mom with his weekly report and then emailed a copy to Angelina's mom, aware she'd appreciated learning from him how he was processing because she'd given him a thousand bucks towards his college survival. He then found the business card of the whorehouse and to his surprise received a reply from Alice who appeared excited that it was the first email she'd ever received from anyone. She wished him well and said she would be leaving the brothel at the end of the month to begin living with an older guy, a widower, who'd promised to cherish and support her.

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