tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 13

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 13


Andy stopped and looked across at Addison waiting for him just inside the movie house. She was dressed in short brown and he noticed people galore glancing at her. The neckline was low, perfect for him to scoop out a breast and suck during the inevitable slump in his midway interest in the movie, 'Jane's Vacation Misadventures'.

Oh dear, a movie for bimbos.

He hadn't touched her and disappointingly she hadn't touched him when during the midway slump she leaned over and whispered, "This is crap. Shall we go?"

They rose and left, started a mini exodus.

"Oh I am so sorry Andy," she laughed. "I was suckered."

He held up his arm and she looped her arm through it.

"It sounded interesting but the theme failed to find a good scriptwriter."

Addison nodded in agreement and he looked down and saw the swell of breasts.

Andy licked his lips.

"I feel like sex," Addison said. "What about you?"


"Where do you want it?"

She looked horrified and said she wasn't into anal.

"Me neither," he said, misleading her. "Actually it was a joke, I was meaning did you want it here on the sidewalk?"

She clutched his arm hard against her side and laughed.

"You are so difficult to assess," she smiled. "At times you give the impression you are not mature while other times you speak impressively."

"Yeah you have me figured, I'll all over the place," he confessed but she laughed as if thinking he was jesting. "My place?"

"Great idea. My place is a bit difficult. I live with my uncle."

Addison spotted his worried look and laughed.

"And also living there are Aunt Julia and my eighteen-year old cousin Marsha."

He grinned and said his place was small but he lived alone and therefore found it roomy enough.

They entered his apartment with Andy thinking she couldn't intend having sex; she didn't fit the profile of a fuck on the first date female.

He turned and found she had already removed her dress.


"Um yes please make yourself comfortable."

"I would think very comfortable," she smiled. "We are here for sex."

Even Andy's dick appeared confused but as Addison began unfastening her bra it leaped to Andy's support to be shown ready and able.

He hurriedly undressed and she eyed his dick and said, "Wow, does it have a name?"

Andy said shyly, Marco."

She giggled.


"I think it's named after Marco Polo and its mission is to explore the depths of pussies."

Andy was shocked that she could be so knowing, so intelligent.

"Um something like that," he said, scratching an ear and she giggled and said if he was sure about being in good health she would require a condom.

"I'm confident I'm okay and you?"

"Yes," Addison said simply. "Very confident."

"I usually wear a condom and it sounds like you usually require it too."

She nodded.

"So what's so different this time?"

"When I saw your erection I shivered in anticipation and my nipples felt they were about to pop off."

Andy looked at the extended nipples on a great set of tits and thought oh yeah.

"I then had this great urge to feel you inside me, um without the thin shield, um flesh against flesh. May I suck it now?"

"Go to it," Andy grinned, sitting back on the sofa, arms spread out along the top of its back and displaying an expression of great expectations.

He wasn't disappointed and assumed Addison would have performed fellatio on hundreds of guys, er scores of guys, in around 15 years of sexual activity. By the time he was through thinking that, he'd leaned over her steeply and had her surprisingly hot swinging breasts in his hands.

She spat him out to murmur, "Sorry I sweat a bit when having sex."

"Who doesn't?" he exaggerated and was rewarded by Addison getting almost all his dick down her throat.


Ready to move on, Andy reached over and gently rubbed her anus.

Addison bucked and shuddered, shouting "Oh fuck" and that made him squirt over her face.

She sat back on her heels while he scurried off to grab a couple of towels.

"What the hell did you do to make me lose control?" she scolded.

"Nothing," he said, sounding innocent. No way would he suggest to her she had a sensitive rectum that was screaming out to be penetrated. If he did that she'd have a fit and say he was lying and probably walk out on him. Yes there were some women who didn't understand the sensitivities of their body.

She sounded in control again and said, "Ready for the big event. I don't want you to suck my cum until you know me better. I'm really leaking."

Andy slid joyfully into one of the best-looking and juiciest cunts he'd had the pleasure of penetrating. He slid right in till their groins collided so quickly that he appeared not to be the only one surprised.

"Goodness, you appear to be exactly the right fit. I thought it would be slow and possibly a bit painful."

"Well remember you've already cum. Your body now awaits my cum."

"Um not inside me please."


"Unless you really wish to drench me. Actually why not?"

"You decide at the time," he said like a gentleman. "Stop me withdrawing when the time comes if that's what you want."

"Okay and please start hammering me."

Hammer her?

Andy grinned hugely and said, "I'll really enjoy fucking you."

"Omigod," she wailed. "Have I found a real stud at last?"

Andy picked up speed and she pushed back at him and her hands worked over him frantically.

Holy turkey! This was great, so unexpected and it was Addison who'd pushed for sex.

"This is what we were placed on earth for," he enthused, saying something he often used when expecting to fuck himself half blind.

"Yes another of man's playthings," she replied philosophically and panting.

"Ma'am may I impregnate you," he cried boldly, almost hallucinating and she sighed and said perhaps she ought to think about that before it was too late.

"Rubbish, you're only thirty-five," he said grabbing and squeezing her tits and giving her an extra hard bang and she yelled into a big release.

He eased off a bit but kept up the rhythm.

"Oh god, you'll have me worn out at this rate. I must be home by 11:00 otherwise my aunt worries and we haven't eaten yet."

Andy sighed and pulled out and jerked over her while she gazed at him er fondly.

Yes fondly.

He wiped her stomach and chest and she smiled and said she must shower.

Addison went off to shower saying, "We must do this again. Oooh you are a good lover."

"Well I like you and love your cunt."

"God you are hopeless," she giggled.

Andy phoned for delivery of a chicken and a beef roast dinner and was told it would arrive in forty-five minutes. He patted his swinging dick as he went over to open a bottle of red wine. Wrapping in a soiled towel, he decided to shower when she came out. It had become a great night.

* * *

The first firm of consultants confirmed they were making good progress on the four-city expansion concept and should have a report ready for Andy in two weeks.

He approached the second firm of consultants and said he wished to discuss strategy planning and was told Rosina would be best for that.

She called him and Andy through three hours should cover the discussion he required.

"Can we do this without interruption and meet say tomorrow?"

She said their meeting rooms were booked for tomorrow but they often used meeting rooms at a nearby hotel. They agreed to meet at the hotel at 2:00.

Andy was feeling a little horny but knew he could wait. Addison had gone to Michigan with her family to a cousin's wedding for ten days.

He was shown the room and Rosina arrived flustered and ten minutes late.

"I'm sorry. A client took me to lunch and it was difficult to get away. Talk, talk, talk... mostly rubbish.

Andy stood and kissed Rosina. She looked surprised but didn't object.

"I'll pour coffee."

She smiled and said thanks and asked him to brief her.

Andy told her Silver Foods was looking at expanding into Aurora, Rockford, Joliet and Naperville, in no particular order or preference where to start. It was time to become more specific.

He placed the coffee in front of Rosina who was making notes. She'd turned slightly sideways to give him access with the coffee. Andy placed the coffee down and drawing his hand back brushed across her breast.

She appeared not to notice and he didn't apologize for touching.

They worked away on strategy and that confirmed some of the things Andy had already worked out and she opened a big issue. Andy had thought that Silver Foods should hit Aurora (population 193,000) and Naperville only 10 miles away first, and simultaneously build or buy a warehouse as close to the city limits of Aurora as possible and service the two cities from that after buying an existing fresh and frozen distribution company in either city. But Rosina suggested different thinking. Why not go in slowly on Rockford, 80 miles to the north-west of Naperville and use that experience to build a model for company expansion, giving everyone establishing that satellite business time to get everything right.

Rosina argued with Rockford's relative isolation, the pressure would be on everyone to get the new business up and running effectively as soon as possible under Silver Foods systems including linking to the supply chain. It would prove a real test.

"Once that ability to expand successfully, you then could decide whether to run Aurora, Naperville and Joliet (population 152,000 and only 20 miles from Naperville) as separate entities or run them under a regional base centered on say Naperville.

She said, "Even under regional management you could still run your mobile supply trucks at those cities, loading at the end of day or first thing in the morning at the regional warehouse that would in turn be supplied from the main warehouse in Chicago less than an hour's drive away except at rush hours."

"Now you are getting me thinking," he grinned, allowing his knee to press against hers and this time she didn't pull away."

"Well we are being paid to be of some use to you. Once you decided what way to recommended you can put your cost-accountants at Silver Foods on to this."

Andy decided no he wouldn't try to hit on her. He was getting in deep enough with Addison to consider being sexually loyal to her. He closed his laptop.

"Well that's us finished," Rosina stretched, "unless you want me to stay? We still have forty-five minutes of time to run and there's wine in the cooler."

This time the 40-year old had her hands behind her neck when she stretched and yawned.

He looked, she grinned.

Andy said resolutely, "I really think I should go Rosina. We'll have a drink to celebrate when we have tied all this investigation together."

She sighed and said, "As you wish. I must agree that must have been a productive session for you."

"Worth every cent, I should think. I admire the way you think Rosina."

She smiled and said a friendly goodbye as he left the room.

Andy walked out with the image of his dripping dick nearing Rosina's hairy pussy. He'd just turned down a possible great fuck. He must be insane or alternatively morality was being to infiltrate him.

He sighed.

* * *

For some time Andy had been thinking he should gain a higher qualification and decided to take a doctorate in business management online. Such study part-time could take up to eight years but he set his target to complete in three years and then began searching for the appropriate online facility. He registered and began studying for a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership, an area where he'd been specializing and where he was presently focused. He'd satisfied the highly ranked online university with his business experience to date and was enrolled and appointed an online mentor.

* * *

Addison called from her office.

"Hi I arrived an hour ago and have just finished being briefed. Uncle Ben said it was about time the family met you and invites you to dinner this evening."

"Sure that would be fine."

"Can you be at your apartment at 4:30? I'd really like it before pre-dinner drinks Andy. I really have missed you... and Marco of course. I think seven days max is long enough for me to be away from you. I'll get a cab over to your place."

"Fine and Marco is telling me to say do my best not to be late."

She giggled.

Addison buzzed Andy's apartment.

He said sternly into the security microphone, "Who's there?"

"Little Red Riding Hood," she said in sexy falsetto.

He grinned and pushed the release button to allow her to access the lobby.

Andy opened his apartment door and stood just inside.

When Addison entered he scooped her into his arms and said "Bed?"

She dropped her handbag and kissed him while Andy kicked the door shut and she said, ""Oooh yes, you sexy man. God I missed having you close to get my hands on you."

Presumably that was meant to be sexy and flattering. Andy worried that Addison might be merging as the clingy type.

He tossed her on the bed.

Addison pulled off her panties, reached under her top to unfasten her bra and then positioned on to her hands and knees while Andy ripped off his clothes. He lunged onto the bed and slobbered over her pussy with a wide-opened mouth and Allison squealed and rapidly jerked her cunt against his mouth.

They were both ready, hanging out for it and any idea of foreplay was abandoned.

Andy thrust in his dick and Addison gasped and quavered, "Hi Marco."

They banged away, she yelling to him to "Squeeze my tits" and Andy demanding, "Squeeze your cunt around my dick" and then they became really foul with their comments and both finally exploded.

They lay back panting.

"God Andy I have this huge feeling I want to be your whore?"

"That's fine," Andy said and wondered what to say next, and then it came to him.

"I'd like us to advance sexually Addison but advise you to do nothing that will cause you to lose self-respect."

"I hear you," she said softly. "I have been thinking about rolling one of your balls in my mouth and, um, licking over your rectum. I've read about that in books.""

"Well there's not need to rush until it," he said gently. "Wait until you are ready and know I have just showered. If you lick my anus one day you might wish to insert your tongue."

She said carefully. "Some guys have urged me to do that to them and have tried to shaft me up my butt. I've always said no. But if I'm keen to become your whore I must be thinking of becoming more sexually liberated. I must get you to talk to me about what you know about anal sex."

"Sometime Addison, there is no need to rush it. We're having fun doing what we have been doing, right?"

"Right," she smiled, and clasping his half-erect cock. "Have we time to go once more?"

He had no idea but why bother about time when wet pussy is available on tap?

Uncle Bob met them at the door and said, "You're late."

"I'm unaware of what the offence is but I'll plead guilty," Andy smiled.

Addison said, "Uncle Bob this is Andy Ash who has commissioned me to do a couple of presentations for Silver Foods Corporation that I've told you about."

"Yes to take us outside of our core business area."

"Careful Bob, that adventure could result in blowing your business plan to shreds."

They men shook hands and grinned, Bob saying, "At least you are not tentative like some of Addison's male friends.

"Oh you must give me your impressions of these guys Bob. At present I don't have much idea of Addison's judgment and sense of proportion and I guess I could add her good taste."

"Andy I could tell you heaps but then again I have to remember I have to work with my niece in partnership as she so often reminds me."

Bob led the way in, followed by Addison. Andy pinched Addison's butt and she shot forward and only just stopped slamming into her uncle.

A woman came into the living room, face red from being at the oven or whatever, and pushing her hair straight.

"This is the head of our home April."

"Oh hi April. I'm Andy Ash."

"I know your name and what you do and have been told you are respectable and handsome, with great hair and stand tall and straight. I must say at least this time you are a guy that meets our expectations for Addison."

"You mean suitable to father her children."

"Oh god," Addison wailed.

"Well actually I meant to escort her to the movies and the like," April smiled. "You enjoy teasing women don't you?"

"Ah yes, good spotting April. May I help in the kitchen?"

"Oh my, that's a first for any of Addison's boyfriends. Mostly they are only interested in eating and getting alone with her."

"You are Bob make it sound as if Addison's boyfriends had failed to please even her?"

"Yes well my niece is rather too classy for most men," April said, and Addison slunk off to the kitchen. "That is bound to produce failures and disappointments from mismatching."

"So the jury is out on me?"

"Well," April said and stopped.

"Go on April," Andy goaded. "You don't have to pussyfoot around me."

"It's promising, very promising. Addison says she's never met anyone like you."

"Does she know anything about sex?"

"Oh god Andy, you can't ask me something like that," Alice said, hurrying off to the kitchen.

Bob said dryly, "Was that a tease?"


"Thought so. What a ripper."

They laughed and went through into the dining room where Bob poured drinks.

They sat for dinner, Alice apologizing to Andy that their other daughter had started at college as a day student and was a field hockey practice and when that ended the coach would announce the team for Saturday.

"She's worried that she won't make the team," Bob said.

Addison entered carrying the sliced rib-eye beef and said, "Rachel always under-estimates her natural-born abilities and her determination. She'd romp into the team."

"You are almost too pretty to be performing that servitude role Addison," Andy said, and she half-stumbled.

Andy caught Alice staring at him and he winked and she blushed and looked away.

The door burst open and a tall, thin brunette burst in yelling "Holy fuck, I'm to play center forward, the main striker. I can't..."

She saw the grinning guest the table and stopped her momentum and her mouth clamped shut.

"Congratulations," Bob beamed.

Alice scolded, "Alice that language is unacceptable in this house."

"Well done Rach," Addison said and Andy stood and smiled at Addison's cousin and said, "What a great time for you. Come and sit and tell us all about it."

Rachel looked at him closely and squawked, "Omigod Addison's found the real man she's long wanted."

The remainder of dinner was a great occasion.

Bob went out and fetched in two more bottles of wine and eventually the room became rowdy. During the wait after dessert for coffee, Andy said to Rachel, "Are your wearing panties?"

Alice spluttered some wine on to the tablecloth but made no comment while Rachel said of course.

"Stand and hold up your skirt so I can see your thighs."

Rachel who was sitting across from Addison and Andy stepped back from the table and raised her skirt, displaying slender thighs.

"Okay and thanks."

As Rachel sat looking at him curiously, Andy said, "Do you have access to the gym at college?"

"We all have almost unrestricted entry and use of any gym equipment, but I never go."

"Well in my opinion you need to build up your thigh muscles to speed your turns and sprints and, of course, to increase ability to play at full power for longer periods. I played field hockey and we had a new coach who'd played international hockey in his younger days. He turned us bunch of also-rans into one of the teams to beat in the interschool hockey and we finished that year runners-up in the zone competition. I worked in the gym at college to gain credits for college service involvement and learned quite a bit about the preparation of athletes to get them into shape. I can write you a program if you want. It will develop muscle but not unduly so and if anything you'll look great in a bikini in summer."

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