tagLoving WivesA Lost Bet

A Lost Bet


Recently my husband, John, and I had a disagreement about a teenage actress in a movie that we had just rented. I remarked that she'd changed a lot since she was a child and my husband asked where I had seen her before. I named the movie that I remembered her from, and John insisted that I was thinking of someone else, as usual.

We missed several minutes of the movie arguing about it and since I was sure that I was right, I decided to make a bet with John. I actually just wanted to get back to watching the movie.

"I'll bet you one night." I told him.

"One night? What do you mean?" He asked.

"One whole night, you have to do anything I say for one night."

"Unless I win, then you have to do what I say?" He asked.

"Yes...But I'm not gonn'a lose. You wann'a bet?"

John considered it for a moment and then said "Yes...I'll bet on it." After the movie ended, both of us waited for the credits to roll across the screen. We wrote down the name of the actress, and then checked the internet to find the name of the girl in the movie I was thinking of. I imagined John cleaning the house, doing laundry, and washing the dishes in the nude. Then I'd have him lick me until I cum and then I'd go to bed, leaving him unsatisfied. I'd probably have him give me a massage too. Well, it didn't work out for me this time. John was right for the first time. Our search revealed that the names of the two actresses really were different. I couldn't believe it, I'm almost never wrong about those things. I was still having trouble believing that I was wrong when I started to wonder what I'd be doing. "So...What are you going to have me do?" I asked. "I don't have to do it tonight do I?" asked John.

I thought a moment, then replied "No, I suppose not. When are you thinking?"

John paused, then said "Thursday...Next week Thursday."

"Thursday? Why Thursday?" I asked. "You'll find out soon enough." John answered with a coy smile.

The days passed as usual, except that John would sometimes lock him self in the office to search the internet. I suspected that he was up to something regarding the upcoming Thursday night, but he'd always delete the history so I could never find out what he was looking at. When he emerged from the office he'd often have beads of sweat on his forehead and a sheepish smile on his face. These were all troubling signs.

I had some errands to run on the Thursday in question, and I expected to arrive home shortly after John. When I pulled into our driveway I saw that John's mother's car was parked behind his. As I suspected, she was at our home to pick-up the kids. I thanked her for her help and kissed the kids goodbye. When they were all gone, there was an ominous silence in our home. John of course was smiling like the Cheshire cat.

"Ok...So what am I doing for you?" I asked.

"Hmm...Anything I want?"

"Yes of course, as long as it's not illegal or dangerous I'll do it. That's the bet." I assured him. I would not have guessed it possible for his smile to get any bigger, but it did. He looked so cute and happy, that I was honestly thinking I'd like to fulfill whatever fantasy he had in mind. He remained happy but very serious as he considered many possibilities, and then he apparently chose one of them.

"Take off all your clothes please." He said.

I did as instructed and removed all of my clothes. I stood naked in the kitchen with my arms crossed, looking to my husband for further instructions. "Lie back on the kitchen table with your legs open please. I'm going to fuck you a little." He instructed.

So again, I did as instructed and lied down on the table. I held my legs with my arms. John positioned himself between my legs and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his already erect cock and guided himself into me. He gently started sliding in and out until my wetness started to flow. I started to feel good and my deep breathing was accompanied by the occasional moan. Then he slammed into me with three hard and fast thrusts. Just when I started to scream he pulled out his cock. "That's it for now." He said as he tucked himself back in and zipped up his pants.

"I want you to take a shower, and put on enough make-up to look like a hooker. I'll have your clothes laid out for you in the bedroom." He said. I lingered on the table and massaged my clitoris in the hopes that my display would arouse him enough to continue fucking me. He watched me, just enjoying the show, and then told me again to take a shower. I thought to myself that he must have something elaborate planned if he doesn't want to have sex right now. What ever it was, it had to be more exciting than instant gratification.

I slid myself off the table and went to the bathroom. After the shower I put on much more make-up than usual. I don't know exactly how hookers apply make-up, but I put my imagination to use and did my best. I brushed my waist length black hair, and then opened the door to our bedroom. Laid out on the bed were three articles of clothing. The one that attracted my attention first was a very short red silk dress. It had a neckline that would show an uncomfortable amount of cleavage and the back looked like it plunged nearly to my ass. It looked like it was designed to fall off easily. Beside the dress laid a pair of red thong panties that were composed of a very tiny triangle of transparent fabric and some string. And next to the panties were a pair of red, very high heeled shoes. I put the clothes on that John picked out for me, which didn't take long, and I checked myself over in the mirror. John had chosen well, I looked hot!

I was still admiring the way the clothes looked on me when John walked in. His jaw dropped, and he had a passion in his eyes that I haven't seen since we first started dating. I did my sexiest poses for him, and he took several deep breaths. "You gonn'a fuck me yet?" I asked in my sweetest voice. John thought it over a moment, then said "Unfortunately...no, not yet."

This was when I really started to wonder what I'd be doing. I can understand him getting me dressed up in a sexy little fall off dress with lots of make-up, but why was he refusing sex? Clearly he was affected by my appearance; the bulge in his pants told me everything. But he wasn't ripping off his clothes, or mine.

"So...What are we doing tonight if we're not going to have sex?" I asked.

"Glad you asked" he replied, "We are going to fuck, by the way, just not yet. No, we're going to a place called Louie's. It's a strip club, and Thursday is amateur night."

"It's a strip club?" I asked, and John nodded. "And I'm going to dance aren't I?" John nodded again.

"On stage?" I asked.

"Yes, are you ready to go?" asked John, as if we were going to the post office or the mall.

"I...maybe." I answered, unsure if I could ever be ready for my unexpected debut as a stripper. I hadn't realized that I'd even be leaving our home, and then I discovered that I'd be dancing nude in front of a room full of men. Clearly this was a fantasy that John had in his mind for some time, and I had unknowingly made it possible for him to act it out. "Well let's go then, it's almost time." Said John, as he held the door open for me. I took a final look at myself in the mirror. My face flushed, and my stomach did somersaults, and to my surprise I liked it. I felt a strange combination of embarrassment at the thought of exposing myself to possibly hundreds of men, and a sexual arousal that flowed through my body like warm butter. I wanted to run to the bedroom and lock myself inside, and I also wanted to follow John and do everything he told me to do.

I thought about it a moment, and then I decided to follow John's instructions without question. Too often I have allowed my inhibitions to prevent me from enjoying sex. Too often I have thought about, considered, and weighed all possible outcomes before acting. Tonight I decided that I would not stand in the way of my own pleasure, and I made a conscious decision to surrender myself to John's judgment. I walked confidently toward the door that John held open for me, and I smiled at him as I walked by. "You're in more trouble than you realize Mister." I said. John just watched me pass by, puzzled but happy. I paused at the side of the car and waited for John to open the door for me. He opened the door and then I stepped in, and when the car door closed I felt as though I were leaving my inhibitions behind.

Neither of us spoke during the car ride. John was probably imagining tonight's coming performance. And I had already begun practicing my routine in my mind. I also imagined a cute, non-threatening young man in the audience that was destined to receive the lap dance of a lifetime.

We found the club easily enough, almost as if John had been here before. But we had to drive around a bit to find a place to park. When John opened my door he extended his elbow for me to hold, and I took it as we walked down the sidewalk.

My dress was flapping in the soft summer breeze, and I'm sure that the growing darkness of sunset wasn't enough to disguise my breasts from the people we walked by as my dress flowed in the wind. The dress required constant attention or I'd soon find it around my ankles. But I held my husband's arm and walked confidently through the door of the club while using my free hand to hold the dress in place.

There was a desk at the main entrance for paying the admission fee. John explained to them that I was here for amateur night, and they waved us through without charging us. A young woman approached and explained that she was here to coordinate the dancers. She wanted to know my name, and she apparently checked it off a list she had attached to a clipboard. She handed me a sheet of paper, on which were the rules of being a stripper in this club. She talked us through the rules and asked if I had any questions. The rules were self explanatory, so I had none.

She went on to explain that I'd have two songs to dance. She recommended that I not remove my panties until the second song, if I intended to go that far. She also said that there were two other girls here for amateur night, and that I would be competing for a hundred dollar first prize. If I was hoping to win full nudity would be necessary, and very much appreciated by the audience.

I asked when I'd be on stage, and she replied "After this girl if you want."

"That's a little sooner than I expected." I laughed.

She started to speak, but my husband cut her off. "That'll be fine, hon you're up next." He said.

"Holy shit!" is all I could think of to say.

The girl looked to me for confirmation, and I nodded. She left to tell the DJ my name so he'd be able to introduce me, and I waited for the girl on stage to finish. Before I knew it, her routine had ended and my name was being called out by the DJ. I totally ignored John. Instead I tried to practice my routine in my mind one last time. But time was something that I didn't have, and I found myself strutting up the steps and onto the stage as the audience applauded.

I took a look around and estimated that there were over a hundred men in the club. There were also some women, most of whom were obviously professional dancers. But some of the women were with men, and maybe two of those women looked like they were the amateurs I was competing against, not that I was here to win a contest.

When the music started I closed my eyes and swayed to the rhythm of the first of my two songs. I decided to take the advice that the woman with the clipboard had given me, and save removing my panties for the second song. I did a lot of swaying, arching my back, and grabbing my ankles. About half way through the first song I slipped my thumbs underneath the dress straps and slid them off my shoulders. I intended to slowly and seductively allow the dress to slide down my body, but the dress performed as designed and the little thing just dropped to the floor. I kept dancing, and acted as if I intended for that to happen.

After that first moment of public exposure, I realized that nothing bad was going to happen. I started to relax enough to listen to the crowd, and I was getting a lot of positive comments from the men that lined the stage. Before long I realized that I was expected to go around to each man and take a dollar. So I danced one time around the stage and picked out the most comfortable looking group of guys to start with. I'm a sucker for the inexperienced young guys, so when I found a group of three men that looked to be just barely out of high school, I kneeled in front of the middle one.

I smiled at them and then cupped and massaged my breasts. I ran my hands up my body and through my hair, and then let my long black hair fall wildly. I asked the three men "Do your moms know where you are?"

The cocky looking guy in the middle answered "Hell yeah, I think mom's up next!"

"Oh my God, you're a naughty one aren't you?" I laughed.

"Yes Miss." He answered with a smile.

"What are you doing later tonight?" He asked.

"Oh...You guys are trouble!" I answered.

I had each of the three put the dollar bill in their mouths and slide closer to the stage. One at a time I took the dollar from their mouths by pressing my breasts on opposite sides of their face until the bill was squeezed between my boobs. This was a technique I had seen other dancers use on previous trips to strip clubs with John. I thanked them for their contribution, and continued collecting around the stage. Some preferred to slide the dollar under the string of my panties. And one man expected me to work entirely too hard for the dollar. I wasn't there for the money, that's for sure, so I didn't mind skipping that guy.

My second song started and the time for removing my panties had come, not that the transparent thong really hid anything. I lay down on my back in the middle of the stage and caressed my body for a while, and then I slipped my thumbs under the string of my panties.

"Hurry up bitch." said the arrogant guy that I had skipped over. I was about to stand-up and kick him in the face when my cocky friend rose to his feet, visibly angry, and shouted in a very commanding voice, "Shut the fuck up dip shit or I'm gonn'a kick your ass all the way to Texas!"

I noticed my husband too had risen to his feet. I motioned to both of them to sit back down, though it was a real turn-on to have so many protectors around me. To diffuse the tension I asked the arrogant guy if he was sorry, and he apologized. He picked up his drink and returned to the bar. Wordlessly I mouthed a 'thank you' to each of my defenders, and resumed removing my panties. I was running out of time, so I ripped them off and flung them at my cocky friend as a gift. I turned to face him, and squatted with my legs open. I sucked on my finger and then massaged my clitoris. That was against the rules, but I did it subtly. I started to feel very good, and I wanted to keep going, but I had continued for as long as I thought I could get away with it. Eventually I stopped masturbating in front of him and his friends.

I smiled and rose to my feet. I strutted around on stage one last time, and occasionally I grabbed my ankles to give the guys a good view. When the song ended I picked up my dress and collected the money that had been thrown on stage. I thanked everybody for the applause and stepped off the stage into my husband's arms, completely nude except for the high heels.

John was unable to speak, and I couldn't help laughing at him a little. So we went to his table and made out for a while. It was kind of sexy to think that the only thing covering me was my husband's hands. Eventually he let me put my dress back on, minus the missing panties of course. After he had time to regain his composure, he said that it was the sexiest things he had ever seen, and then we kissed a lot more.

"So who's your new boy friend?" John asked with a smile, "And does he still have your panties?"

I blushed, and then answered "Yes he does!"

There wasn't much to tell. I went over the conversation that we'd shared, and John thought it was pretty funny. I admitted that I liked the guy, but said I really didn't have much interest in him beyond what had already happened. That was a bit of a lie. I finished the drink that John had ordered for me, and I excused myself to use the restroom. I had some trouble sliding off the bar stool without the benefit of fabric between myself and the vinyl. It also didn't help that the drink John had ordered for me was very strong. When I'd finally managed to get off the stool with some dignity, John caught my arm and pulled me closer to whisper in my ear.

"I think your new friend deserves some kind of reward, don't you?"

"Like...What did you have in mind?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "There are private rooms in back for lap dances." He said.

I didn't have to answer John. The smile on my face was all John needed. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom, saying "Just in case."

Wordlessly I accepted the condom and tucked it into my hand, hiding it as best I could without a place to put it. I blushed, and then asked him how it was possible with all these people around. I reminded him that I'd do nothing illegal.

"Oh, this isn't my instruction." He corrected me. "Just use it if you want to."

For the second time that night I felt as though warm butter were flowing through my body. I didn't look at John, but concentrated on finding my cocky friend. He wasn't at the stage anymore, but instead I found him at the bar with his two friends. Without casting a glance at John I made my way through the crowd and pushed myself between my cocky friend and some other guy, both of whom were surprised by my sudden appearance.

"Hi there, I think I missed your mom's performance." I said.

He laughed, and then said "Me too, but I've seen it before."

I laughed, and then asked "runn'in out'a money?"

"You got that right." He answered.

"Well then, I'll just have to give you a lap dance for free, won't I?"

Gently I grabbed his hand. I was still hiding the condom behind my back with the other and I took a step back. I give him a moment to think about what I'd asked him to do. He looked at the wedding ring on my hand and asked "What about your husband? Doesn't he mind?"

"Oh...You saw us kissing?" I asked.

My cocky friend searched the club for the table he'd apparently seen me at while I kissed my husband. He found it and locked his eyes on John, who silently nodded his permission to get a lap dance from his wife.

"He thinks you've earned it, anyway I wouldn't be here if he were the jealous type." And I introduced myself.

"Mark" he answered.

We were already holding hands, so there were no introductory handshakes to get out of the way. Mark rose to his feet and allowed me to lead him to the back of the club. I chose the booth that was furthest back and tucked into the corner. I pushed him into the chair, and closed the curtain behind us.

I was still hiding the condom in my hand and was trying to think of a place to hide it. My only option was an ashtray that rested on the table next to Mark's chair. I slipped off my shoes, and opened Mark's legs just enough for me to kneel on the chair between his knees. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his face into my breasts. As discreetly as I could, I slipped the condom under the ashtray. I started swaying and grinding my boobs in his face to the rhythm of the music, and I slipped the straps off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. For the second time tonight I pressed his face between my naked breasts, and this time I rubbed my nipple on his lips. I put one of his hands on my breast. He tried to withdraw it, probably thinking that direct contact was against the rules. But I assured him that if he didn't pay me for the lap dance touching was alright. Maybe I was wrong, but I didn't much care.

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