tagLetters & TranscriptsA Love Letter for You

A Love Letter for You


My Love,

It's a weekend afternoon. We've spent the morning catching up on some chores together. I'm getting ready to go out and mow the lawn and I see you in the kitchen. You're bent over the counter working on something, and you're wearing jeans. I can't help myself, I have to go to you and run my hands over that gorgeous ass of yours.

Now I can see you are on the phone. You shoot me a mildly annoyed look and try to shoo me away, but both my hands are free. You are unsuccessful. It's not like we haven't been here before, so I resume my fun. I start running my hands up and down your inner thighs now. You try to stop me by clamping your legs shut. This just traps one of my hands right at the top. I wiggle the fingers of my left hand and you shift your weight. I can hear your breathing slightly quicken.

I can feel moisture as you begin to cream. With my free hand I go back to rubbing your ass. I love gently squeezing your cheeks where they meet the top of your thighs. You love it too -- you start to push back against me. I take my right foot and push your feet further apart. In a rapid motion I squeeze with my left hand and push it hard against you through your jeans. You start to move your hips slowly in a figure eight. My manhood strains against my clothing. I need you now.

You soon get off the phone and I discover why you are annoyed. You were talking to my mother! You pretend that you are upset with me and turn away. You pick up a laundry basket and start to walk down the hall.

I am angry that you think you can dismiss me so easily. Especially when I can smell how badly you want me even through your jeans. As you walk down the hallway I grab your arm. You start to turn and I use my hips to push you against the wall face first. You are really pissed now and start to fight me. I use my weight to hold you against the wall. It crosses my mind that as adventurous as we are in bed, we've never had some really angry sex. I find this thought tantalizing.

I lean forward and start kissing the back of your neck. You continue to struggle, albeit with less resolve. I reach down between your thighs and rub with slow powerful strokes. Your resistance fades. You cry out with desire. I lift up your shirt and let you off the wall briefly to lift the shirt over your head. You try to turn again and I hold you back against the wall. I pin your arms over your head. You continue to struggle. I reach down in the laundry basket next to us and grab a kitchen towel. I use this to bind your wrists together over your head.

Now that I can hold your upper body in place with just one hand, I am free to touch you all over with the other. I start biting your neck and sucking your ear. You give in to the heat, pushing your hips back against my hand as I rub you. I reach around your waist and slip my left hand into your panties. You gasp as I tease around your pussy.

I turn you around and lower your arms in front of you. I lead you to the bedroom. Your eyes are crazed with lust. I sit you gently on the bed and remove your jeans. I am bombarded with the smell of your desire. My own thirst increases. I remove my own clothes and kneel in front of you. As I pull your panties down. I can see your river of desire freely flowing. I lay you on the bed, your arms up over your head I slide between your legs and slowly, lightly, brush my tongue against your slit. You cry out in frenzied pleasure. Your juice against my tongue feels like rain on the desert sand. Your taste is intoxicating. I push my tongue flat against your slit and curl the end inside of you, taking a luxurious lick. I am rewarded with your flood. I use my arms to hold your legs down, struggling to keep my tongue in contact with your sex as you writhe in ecstasy.

I use my tongue to create slow deliberate strokes the entire length of your lips ending on your clit. Every few strokes I flick your clit as I finish. I am literally drinking the excess from your fountain. Your liquor fuels my yearning. I begin to use my entire mouth on you. I suck greedily at your clit. I push my tongue deep into you. I begin to spell filthy things on your clit with my tongue. You respond as though you can hear the messages. It is all I can do to keep your hips immobilized as I assault your most sensitive parts with my mouth.

You beg me to untie you. You plead with me to free your hands so that you can take me in your mouth. I deny your request, but I help you off the bed and to your knees. I stand in front of you. You try to suck me, but soon discover that it is no easy task without your hands. My cock bounces around your face, teasing us both. You desperately try to get it in your mouth but it is too hard to tame. You settle for licking it earnestly. You push your tongue flat against my balls and slowly lick the entire length of my shaft. You greedily suck the sensitive spot right under the head. It is so powerful a sensation that I can't let you do it for more than a few seconds for fear of coming.

I help you up and guide you back on the bed. You try to lay on your back, but I turn you over. You rest your upper body weight on your forearms and slowly move your hips back and forth in eager anticipation. Your ass looks amazing. I give it a couple of smacks. I place myself at your opening. So tight, and completely saturated. You try to buck back against me but I move to stop you. I grab your hips and slowly easy myself inside. I am so hard it feels like I can barely fit at this angle. I can feel every inch of your tunnel as I slide into you. I feel the head of my cock clear your pubic bone with a pop. You cry out. The feeling for me is exhilarating as the most sensitive part of my penis pushes against your g spot.

I have to stop almost immediately for fear of coming. I take a few seconds to calm myself and then resume. I stroke you so slowly the motion is barely perceptible. I keep myself buried in you, rocking slowly with short strokes, popping the ridge on my cock over your pubic bone. Back and forth. The sensation is so profound that in a matter of seconds I feel myself on the edge again. I change the motion to long strokes at the same incredibly slow speed. I feel my orgasm slowly recede. I go back to the short deep strokes. Your body writhes and bucks as I resume popping the head of my cock back and forth over your g spot.

I am getting worried I can't control your motion enough to keep from coming too soon. I withdraw from you and lay down looking up at your slit. I pull your hips down and impale you with my tongue. You grind yourself against my mouth. Still it is not enough. You badly need to come. I can hear you whining how desperate you are for release. I sit up and roll you on your back. I slide up your body from between your legs. You lift your still bound arms up and place them over my head I reach my arms around your back, resting on my elbows. I enter you hungrily. As I push into you deep I roll my hips and lift. My pubic bone rubs against your clit as I drive into you. I look deep into your eyes as I build rhythm. Your breath is shortened even more, and you pant quickly as you climb towards certain gratification. Your orgasm overtakes you abruptly. You call out my name as the waves of bliss roll over your body. I take one more deep thrust into you and hold you tight as the elation consumes you.

After your float back down to earth, I withdraw and untie your arms. I lay next to you and you ask me if I came. I smile at you and admit that I haven't. You rub my chest and ask me how I want to finish. I take the kitchen towel, blindfold myself, and tell you to surprise me.

I know this amuses you because you giggle. As for what happens next, I have no idea. All I can tell you is that it is so amazing I can't even tell you my name right now.

Forever Yours,


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