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A Love Match


Kay moved a small overnight bag from one seat of her settee and plonked herself down in the space. How did she come to have so much stuff? It must have multiplied rapidly in the moving van.

Somewhere in the house was her comb, her make up, hopefully her toothbrush. Running her hand through her shoulder length blonde hair Kay felt the knots and shuddered. During the week she was never usually seen without a smart suit, full war paint and a neat French pleat in her hair. Even at weekends she would pull it back with bands or clips. Her colleagues at work wouldn't believe she could look quite so scruffy.

"Relaxed, stressed out but relaxed, if that's possible."

She had always promised herself a smart townhouse as soon as she could afford the deposit and six months earlier had met her target. Now all she had to do was keep up the mortgage repayments and it was hers forever.

The rain continued to pelt against the windows and she heard the unmistakable sound of a cat flap being used. A bedraggled and obviously deeply insulted black and white cat walked towards her and stopped. It was waiting for something, Kay just wasn't sure what the something was.

A sigh escaped her as she got to her feet. Even sitting for a couple of minutes showed her how out of condition she was. There was a gym just a few minutes from her new home though and that was another thing on her 'to do' list. Annual membership.

A box on the longer kitchen counter said, amongst other things, 'tea towels' on the label and she rummaged until she found a slightly fluffy one and returned to the living room. The cat had made itself comfortable in the vacated space on the settee and Kay leant over and began rubbing the damp fur. A deep purring sound emanated from the monochrome animal and she smiled. Maybe she had just been adopted.

The rain continued for the entire day and Kay, not having a chance to do anything else, found herself unpacking far more than she thought she would on her first day in her new home.

The main bedroom, bigger by far than in her old apartment, was almost exactly as she wanted it by three in the afternoon, and Kay surveyed the sky before deciding she would leave going to the supermarket and order in.

Moving into the spare room she looked out onto her new street and saw only three cars on other driveways. Usually she wouldn't be home either this early in the afternoon, her job at a nearby employment agency keeping her busy until gone six each evening.

The house which adjoined her own looked quiet but its garden was neat and tidy with cheerful daffodils fighting against the heavy rain. The same couldn't be said for her own. The previous owners had admitted they weren't interested in gardening at all and had been tempted to pave the entire thing. Kay was glad they hadn't done so but wished they had at least run the mower over the grass before they left. With the rain it would be a good few days before she would need to head off to the nearest garden centre and investigate whether or not she had green fingers.

Kay's first complete day in her new home dawned bright and clear. The rain clouds had totally disappeared and there was a warmth to her living room as she walked into it, cereal bowl in hand, that made her smile and want to hug herself.

The black and white cat was still quite happy on the settee and Kay made a mental note to add cat food to her shopping list as he had eaten her last can the previous evening. Kay hadn't known why she had even packed the one tin of food. Her own beloved cat had died just a week before she had been due to move, she hadn't planned on getting another one so soon; maybe she had been wrong.

Returning her empty dish to the kitchen, Kay picked up her cup of coffee and made her way back to the sofa, now clear of all but its cushions. As soon as she was comfortable the cat manoeuvred itself onto her lap and snuggled down, the deep purring filling the room once more.

"You are soppy. Friendly, but soppy." With the cup now on a coaster on the small table to her left Kay absentmindedly began stroking the animal, looking about her with a sense of satisfaction at a job well done.

The sound of an unfamiliar doorbell broke into the quiet and it took Kay a moment to realize it was hers. She moved out into the hallway and opened her front door to a guest for the first time, shocked to find an obviously distressed woman of about her age standing there.

"Umm, hi, I'm sorry to bother you, I live next door and I know you just moved in and everything, but I don't suppose you've seen a black and white cat have you?"

"Do you mean this one?" Kay, feeling the warmth behind her, stepped to one side.

"Oh, oh yes, oh, thank God. I thought he had run off or something. There was all that rain and Mark and Mary, they always left the cat flap open for her, but they said they would lock it before they left, and he likes a house with people in it and I was working and I didn't know where he would go and ... and ... I'm so sorry. He won't bother you again."

"It's not a problem. He's kept me company very nicely. The flap was open, he wandered in about lunchtime, made himself comfortable on my settee and he's been there ever since. Look, would you like to come in? My name's Kay by the way."

"Thank you, yes. I'm Jane, Jane Madigan."

Kay stepped back and let her voluble neighbour enter her home. She watched as Jane walked in front of her towards the living room, her cat now rubbing up her legs as she moved.

"His name is Whacky, a sort of combination of black and white." Jane stopped and turned in the doorway causing Kay to almost walk into the back of her.

"Oh, right, that helps. Please, sit down. Would you like a coffee or tea? It's about all I have right now, but you're very welcome."

"Thank you. Yes, coffee would be nice, black, two sugars, do you have sugar? I can run home and get some. Moving is fraught isn't it? I'm sorry, I sort of talk a lot when I'm nervous or upset and right now I'm both."

Jane sat down, shaking her head and then laughing self-consciously.

"I have sugar, and like I said it's not a problem. I don't bite, and I'm a definite cat person, so he fitted right in."

Kay went through to the kitchen, talking softly as she did so not wanting her guest to feel ignored. She hoped it might also make her feel less anxious so they could have a proper conversation.

The coffee was soon made and sitting down opposite her guest Kay smiled.

"How long have you lived next door?"

"Oh, just over a year. Mark and Mary were already here and as they had cats and Mary was home all day they let Whacky come into their house when he couldn't get into mine."

"Don't you have a flap of your own?" Kay wondered why it was the poor moggy wasn't allowed in its own home.

"I lived in London before, he was a house cat, and has no road sense at all. I even caught him sleeping in the sun in the middle of the street once. He was shredding the furniture and climbing the curtains though so Mary said she'd keep an eye on him. I am so glad they forgot to lock the cat flap before they left."

"Me too. I would have hated to find him injured somewhere, he's such a soppy thing."

"He is isn't he?" Jane beamed and Kay watched her face light up. "I really must go, not keep you. I'll take my wanderer with me. Thank you for the coffee."

Kay stood as her guest got ready to leave. She had a feeling, however brief their first visit, they would become good friends.

Kay's original assessment of Jane had been right. As the spring turned into early summer the two women became firm friends. Jane shared her gardening know how and soon both houses had neat, colourful front gardens, always with short grass and at least two or three different types of flowers in full bloom.

Whacky had decided he now lived, once again, in both houses, and wandered from Jane to Kay's and back again as his fancy took him. Kay had talked her friend into putting in her own cat flap and both of them could now relax when working, knowing that the soppy feline would be safe without them.

Kay had been enjoying her friend's company for just over three months when she realized her feelings were beginning to change. She watched as Jane trained with her at the gym, enjoying the other woman wearing a skimpy top and figure hugging shorts. She found her eyes straying to the way her breasts bounced as she ran on the treadmill beside her, wondering what they would look like out of the confines of clothes, what they would taste like against her tongue. Each time she brushed the thoughts away. Although she had always considered herself as a bi-sexual woman, maybe more lesbian than straight, she had no idea of Jane's sexual preferences. She did know she hadn't had a boyfriend in the time they had known each other but she wasn't about to ruin what they had by coming on to her.

The problem with that was she found herself increasingly frustrated and alone. Her fantasies, which had usually been about nameless, sometimes even faceless women and what they would do together, changed, and now Jane was her partner in all of them.

As the weather got warmer and Jane wore less and less in the garden Kay tried to distance herself from her friend, not totally, but enough that she didn't have a chance to stare, lust or daydream.

In the end though she knew she would either have to say something or consider moving. Jane was everything she wanted in a partner, beautiful, funny, sexy, God, was she sexy and, aware she might be burning her boats, Kay decided she would invite her friend to dinner and see how things went.

The Saturday she planned the meal for, although she hadn't realized it, was also ladies finals day at Wimbledon and Jane was a mad keen tennis fan. Jane had thought for a moment when Kay gave her the invitation before making a suggestion of her own. It was easily agreed that they would get together for the actual match with strawberries, cream and champagne, before cooking a meal together later in the evening.

Kay, delighted she would have a chance to tread lightly, at least at first, set about making the afternoon as perfect as possible for her friend.

The one thing Kay had no say in was the weather, and as they made themselves comfortable, strawberries and champagne at the ready, both women looked at the all to familiar scene of rain pouring down on centre court with dismay.

"Well, that looks pretty much set in." Jane's voice was tinged with sadness and she looked across at Kay. "What shall we do instead?"

"The rain we had here this morning has obviously moved down. Look it's lovely outside, has been for a couple of hours. I reckon they'll be playing in what, ninety minutes or so."

Jane nodded and then leant forward to pick up a strawberry.

"I can't wait that long to eat these, do you mind?"

"Of course not." Kay watched as Jane picked up another fruit and then turned to feed her.

"Mmm, thank you. There is something very English about this isn't there?"

Jane laughed and nodded her head.

"Oh yes, and ... well, it's quite sexy too, isn't it?"

"What did you say?" Kay looked on in surprise, not sure she had heard correctly.

"Nothing, I ... I'm sorry."

Kay reached out and carefully turned her friend's head with just a finger against her cheek.

"Did you like feeding me that strawberry?" she watched as Jane nodded and, feeling a little emboldened, picked up a fruit herself and returned the favour. "It's only sexy when the person you are feeding is sexy themselves."

A moan escaped Jane before she took the fruit, biting just half of it off.

"You think I'm sexy?"

"Are you kidding? Look at you, Jane, you're beautiful, smart and ... and I've fancied you for ages." Kay felt a blush colour her face and tried to turn but Jane moved closer, the heat of her breath across Kay's face enticing and she looked into the deep blue eyes of her friend as her lips were captured.

The softness of Jane's lips against her own, the feeling of her hair as she ran her fingers through it, the closeness of the breasts she longed to touch enflamed Kay. The kiss grew more passionate, their tongues, gently, slowly, touched, danced, touched again before, as they drew back, they both smiled.

"I've wanted to do that since the first day I saw you." Jane looked up through her lashes, her confession surprising Kay almost as much as the kiss had done.

"You have?"

"Oh yeah. I wasn't babbling just because I'd lost Whacky, I found myself looking at a goddess who had just moved in next door. I had no idea what to say to you."

"So we can kiss again?" Kay's answer was the return of the soft lips against her own. This time there was no initial hesitation, the kiss was heated immediately. Jane's hands began to travel across her body, a finger lightly brushing a breast before it latched into her hair, pulling it down from its clips, as Jane moved from Kay's lips to bury her face in it.

"I love your hair, I wish you wore it down more often."

"Like you do? Yours is curly though, it has some life to it." Kay found herself carding her fingers through Jane's hair; wanting to do everything her lover did to her. "Will you make love to me?" Her words, soft, throaty, were answered by another kiss.

"Take me to your bedroom, let me see you."

Without another word the two of them climbed the stairs and entered Kim's room. The pale lilac covers were ignored as they lay on top of them, kissing, touching, even laughing a little as they began their sexual relationship.

Both of them were in summer dresses. Jane, dressing nicely because her friend had invited her to spend the afternoon and evening with her, Kay because she had hoped, in her wildest dreams, to end up where they were, on her bed.

A hand pulled the zip down at the side of her blue sundress, the colour matching her eyes almost exactly. With baited breath Kay waited for Jane to see her for the first time. She wore no bra, just a silky thong and heard her friend gasp as her body was exposed to her.

"I knew you would be beautiful. So beautiful." She leant forward, capturing one of Kay's big, brown nipples in her mouth. The shape of lipstick around it as she moved back turning Kay on even more and she guided the sweet lips back to suckle her again.

"Ohhh, yes, feels so good." Kay's fingers were laced into Jane's hair now as she tried to hold her at her breast but with determination the nipple was discarded as Jane turned her attention to the other.

Kay writhed, lost in the sensations she had waited so long for. Jane alternated between the two breasts, suckling one while she fingered the other, pulling at the now tight nubs, licking at them before nipping or sucking once more. Finally she looked up, her lips blushed and slightly swollen.

"Want to see you, see your pussy, Kay."

She just nodded her head before raising her hips off the bed and sliding the panties down. Her neatly trimmed bush was as blond as the hair on her head and she watched as Jane knelt up on the bed before pulling her own dress off over her head.

Underneath she was naked; the lightly freckled skin a golden colour and the breasts topped off by pink, puffy nipples.

"My tits aren't as big as yours, but I love having them played with. Suck me, Kay; let me feel you on me. Ahhh." Still on her knees Jane threw her head back, her eyes closed as Kay began to work her magic on the smaller breasts.

Her hands moved round to knead the soft, smooth arse cheeks, and on down to feel the soft folds of skin between her legs, just catching her pussy lips and then backing off again.

"Let me taste you, Kay, while you do the same to me." Jane lay down on the bed and Kay moved so she was in a 69 with her. Almost immediately she felt the warm moisture of her friend's tongue and she began to lave at Jane's pussy, revelling in the taste, the slickness, the warmth of it.

A hand tried to cup a breast and Kay moved a little so the fingers could entice her nipple back to hardness. Her breathing rate increased as she felt herself getting close to her first orgasm and she ground her cunt harder against Jane's face.

The tightening of her body, the tingling, which started in her tits, heralded a flood of juices flowing right into Jane's mouth. Her lover sucked greedily on her, keeping her arousal high as she tried to return the favour.

Jane moved her leg up and over Kay's head as she got closer to her climax. Kay pushed her fingers into the warm wet hole beneath her tongue, fucking her gently to start with but quickly increasing her speed as Jane began to moan her arousal.

"Yes, fuck, Kay, yes. Ohhhh, cumming, gonna cum in your mouth, swallow for me, lover, ohhhh!" Jane's back arched and Kay felt herself pinned in position. She plunged her fingers in and out, catching her clit each time. Suddenly Jane went rigid, her hands grasping handfuls of Kay's hair and then she was shooting, squirting, pushing Kay back as her juices coated her face, before she opened her mouth again and drank avariciously swallowing down all Jane could give her.

For a while the two of them lay in each other's arms. They kissed languidly, tongues wandering into mouths, soft lips brushing each other as fingers ran gently across breasts and nipples until, gradually, Kay felt herself getting aroused once more.

"Want you, Jane, want to fuck you. Do you like a cock up that sweet cunt of yours?" She looked on anxiously. She still had no real idea of what turned Jane on but saw a fire in her lover's eyes as she finished speaking.

"Oh, yes, especially if it was on you. Do you have a strap on, Kay?"

Nodding her head she leant over the side of the bed and opened the cupboard of her nightstand. Once she was safely back on the bed she held up a realistic looking, flesh coloured dildo attached to straps which she would put around her hips once Jane had looked it over.

"What size?"

"Eight inches I think. If we can choose why not choose perfection?"

Jane laughed. I'd much rather have the inches and not the dick on the end of them! Fuck me with it, Kay. Then let me do it to you."

Kay nodded. Her last female lover hadn't wanted to use the strap on and so it had been redundant. The oral had been mind blowing but she had to admit she had missed the penetration.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"Yes, so ready. Don't you think it's a bit dry though?" Jane caught the phallus in her small hand and guided it towards her lips. Kay watched entranced as she began to kiss it, licking up its length and sucking it into her mouth, gagging slightly as she took it all.

"That's better, now you just have me to prepare."

Jane laid back, her hands going straight to her nipples, which she pulled on as her legs parted to reveal her clean-shaven pussy.

Kay made herself comfortable between the shapely thighs and began to suck and lick as she had done before. She moved back to slap lightly across the whole area, watching as Jane arched her back, pushing against her palm as it hit soft flesh.

"Yes, more; love that."

When Jane was squirming from the attention lavished on her Kay ran the head of the cock through her juices, coating it liberally from the cum Jane had already produced.

"Are you ready?" She was still moving the head gently across the entrance to Jane's pussy as she spoke and Jane nodded.

"Yes. Please, Kay, now."

Kay pushed forward, the cock slid in easily and soon she was pushing in and out with a firm rhythm as she watched Jane pulling at her tits and moaning.

"Yes, fuck, Kay, feels so good. Gonna cum soon, fuck me, please, take me hard. Wanna cum so much for you."

Kay carried on moving, pushing in harder, as she was told to, and then pulling back for a moment before beginning again.

She could tell each time Jane had a mini climax; she would pull hard on her nipples, lifting them from her body and crying out her name.

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