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A Love Story


My husband is a bit of a jack the lad, or so he likes to believe, ducking and diving, bobbing and weaving, he does come up with some good ideas that have made really good money, and some not so clever ones that have taken away the good, he has a regular job, but is always into or onto the next way to make us the proverbial millionaires.

It never happens, and I suppose it never will, he tries, but sometimes he does go too far and gets into trouble in some quarters.

He has had a couple of beatings by some he has tried to turn over or deceive into something, only to find that their idea of fair play is to give the 'wrongdoer' a good twatting!

We have been married 4 years, Im 24 my husband is 28, so we are still finding our way, I'm beginning to wonder why I married him, but he is good to me, never hurts me, and generally provides us with good income, he doesn't like me working so I'm a lady of leisure, I try not to overspend just to keep my end of the marriage solvent.

We have a decent sex life, I know he has been unfaithful, his character won't let him turn down a shag, I myself have been unfaithful too, just for retribution as it were, he would be horrified if he found out it was with his brother a few times, and once in a moment of weakness with his dad.

That happened one day when he had come round to do a little job for me, I was upset, Dan (my husband) had had it away the night before and I knew because of the perfume, and lipstick on his neck etc.

I went to his dad, and into his arms for comfort, he petted me, told me he was always there for me for whatever reason, we sat on the sofa, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed having fantastic sex, we spent the day at it, it was great and I knew I would do it again if he wanted to, but he was so embarrassed and horrified by what we had done he never comes around on his own now, or makes sure someone is there too with me.

Me? I'm Michelle, or Micky to all who know me, Im a natural blonde, it is long down to the middle of my back and it tapers gently from my shoulders, it's soft, glossy thick, I have it parted down the middle and it always looks good, even when I've just got out of bed.

I'm pretty rather than beautiful, but have always had plenty of attention from men, so I know I have what they would like to touch and feel, and like to look at.

Big blue eyes, his brother calls them his personal headlights, which makes me laugh, but he says it turns him on and then I get a good rogering from him, but he doesn't come round too often so the chances of us being caught are minimal.

He seduced me in my kitchen one day, by just suddenly exclaiming that he wanted me so bad he had to have me, he grabbed hold of me, I giggled not really believing he would go anywhere near that, but he pushed me backwards over my table and held me there kissing my neck then my lips.

He is very good looking in a rugged way, he fondled my tits, and squeezed my nipples, I couldn't break free, I never thought of screaming or shouting, I just wriggled to free myself, waste of time that was!

I could feel his hard on against my leg, and it so turned me on, he really really did want me passionately, the evidence was there pressing on me wasn't it?

I went from protesting to mewling to giving in.

Then he moved from me, pushed his arms under me and carried me off to bed, and now he is my irregular lover, but he is great at it too, always leaves me satisfied, maybe its because its not often he fucks me.

I am 5ft 4" tall, have a really good figure, perky tits, narrow waste, shapely hips and good legs so I do like mini skirts etc, and all the women girly things to keep me sexy.

I know I have a lovely face, my eyes are wide, arched natural eyebrows, button nose, and full lips, and I learned to pout at an early age to get my way with the boys.

Then came Armageddon, it came in the shape of a man I had never met, it was Monday mid morning, there was a knock at my door as well as the ring of the bell.

I opened the door and there stood a man, with a white van reversed into our drive, I asked who he was and could I help him, he asked if I was Michelle Walker, I answered, 'yes,' and then he said, 'this is Dan Walkers house then?'

'Yes, is there a problem or something?' I asked.

'Well you can say that Michelle, yes.' He replied.

And with that he pushed his way into the house, this scared me, he was a big powerful looking guy, good looking too, but you could see there was hardness about him, and he was business like in his manner.

He took me by the elbow, and told me not to protest; he then closed and locked the door.

He walked me into my kitchen, and locked the backdoor.

'Now,' he said, 'your husband has made the biggest mistake of his life and I am here to collect, one way or the other!'

I was stupefied, 'what do you mean, who are you?'

I was scared now, already I knew one of Dan's deals had gone wrong big time.

'My name is Jonathon, but you can call me Jon,' he said.

'He conned me into lending him £30.000 and he has told me he cant pay it back for several months, if ever, so I've come here to see what there is to take for a start.'

'But we don't have a lot, as you can see?' I timidly responded, not knowing where this was going.

I feared being beaten up or something, or worse, raped, I was frightened now.

'Please let me try and get hold of him, let me try and sort this, please?' I begged.

'Okay,' he said.

I rang his work, but he was out, I left an urgent message for him to call home, and that a man called Jonathan was here to see him.

We waited for 2 hours and still no response, he chatted with me so I felt a little better, he didn't seem too threatening to me, he asked me to make him tea, I did, as well as sandwiches, at least he wasn't mad at me, so I was feeling safer, he asked me who I was, where from etc etc.

He told me I was a beautiful lady, and that Dan was a lucky man, but that I was unlucky to have married him.

I couldn't disagree with that statement just then, and nodded my head to him.

It was then that things took another turn; he asked me if I was and felt as sexy, as I was beautiful.

I had to smile at his nice words, and admitted that yes, I thought I was.

'So how many times have you had to be unfaithful Michelle, I know what your husband is like so I know you must have had play away?' He said.

The look on my face had given me away, it was a totally unexpected question.

'Yes, I can see you have, and to be honest, I don't blame you, that fucking loser,' he growled.

'Well, plan B will have to come into play Michelle, Im sorry, but you are going to have to come with me for a while, but please don't worry, you will be as safe as can be, as long as you behave yourself,' he warned, he was next to me now, so I knew whatever it was he had in mind, I wasn't going to thwart it.

'What do you mean, go with you for a while?' I uttered.

'Your husband has to learn that he can't do whatever he sees fit, that actions can have bad reactions, and this is one he is going to learn about.'

'Now I know all about your life, no kids, parents live in another town, so you won't be missed straightaway, I will make sure your husband behaves himself, while I take some retribution,' he told me.

'Please, you are not going to hurt me are you?' I was shivering with fear now; his hard man demeanour was shining right through.

'No, I would never hurt a woman; it's not the done thing in my world,' he said.

'Now I want you to write a note to hubby telling him you have gone away with me for a few days, he knows who I am so don't worry, it will be okay, you are going to have to trust me whether you like it or not Michelle.' He told me.

'Just tell him not to worry, that you are with me, and that I will be in touch for a chat okay?'

'I need to focus his mind on his problem,' he said.

I got up, he got up with me, and I took out a pad and wrote him a note explaining what had happened and that I would be back in few days, not to worry Jonathan has promised I will be fine, and that I would be okay, Jon added, to keep this to himself, or things would escalate.

I started to sob in fear, I was sure this would come to a sticky end, if my husband had been here now it would have been his sticky end, that's for sure, I just couldn't see a way out of this, I had no idea what this Jonathan had in mind at all.

He ordered me upstairs where he made me put into a small case, my personal care items, including some sexy underwear, his orders, and changes of clothes, this done we went back down, I had half expected to be molested in some way, but he behaved honourably, as he had throughout I must admit.

Then I thought to myself if he is going to kidnap me, I may be able to escape once I was outside, he would have to get me to his van, so I could scream and cause a fuss.

That was my plan now, but he pulled a bottle out of his pocket, soaked a cloth with the contents, the smell pervaded the air, I didn't know what it was until he clamped it over my face, and I passed out in the struggle that ensued.

When I came to I was laid on my side on a bed, as my senses returned I started to remember what had happened, I came to fully in about 10 minutes, it was a bedroom, a well decorated and clean one too, but the oddest thing was there wasn't a window, well there was but it took me a while to notice it had been boarded over with very thick plywood screwed to the wall, and painted over to make it fit with the room.

It was then I noticed something else that frightened me, around my waist was a very thin steel wire that was bolted to the bed work, it also had a small but obviously strong padlock at my waist, I got off the bed, and tried to remove it, but it was useless, I could get to the en suite bathroom, whose window was also strongly boarded too.

But not to the boarded up window in the bedroom, I tried to move the bed but that was fixed to the floor.

There was an empty wardrobe; a dresser with a mirror and on it was my suitcase, and on the wall were a television, and a remote on the dresser.

Suddenly the door opened and there was Jonathan, I started to cry and plead with him to let me go, that I would get everything sorted, ho told me 'sorry babe, you are here till that twat of a husband of yours sees things my way, I am not a violent man so don't worry, not a hair of your head will be harmed, but he won't know that will he?'

'I have talked to him and laid it out dead straight he knows the situation you are in, and I've warned him no cops or he won't see you again, and I will still go after him, he understands me that's for sure.'

'Oh my God,' I said, 'what is he going to do?' I asked.

'He said he will get my money,' Jonathan told me.

He went out and locked the door that's when I noticed it had a keypad instead of a normal door handle; I was well and truly trapped and at this man's mercy, although he seemed to be trusting somehow.

He came back with a tray of food and drink, which while I felt terrible I was starving and so thirsty, so I ate and drank everything he gave me.

I spent the next hour thinking what I could do to get out of this, and the only thing I could think of was my looks, sexuality, and womanly guile, which I knew I had a lot of, I could just about seduce any man I knew if I wanted, and I'm sure he would be no different, but would it work?

He came in later and removed the tray and came back with items of food for snacks and drinks, so I would be able to nibble or whatever afterwards.

The clock on the side table showed it was 10:15 at night.

He told me my husband was a bit upset and that he had threatened to do Jonathan in if any harm came to me, he laughed when he said this.

I would have sniggered too if the situation wasn't desperate for me, my husband was no hard man in any shape or form and I'm sure that had he taken on Jonathan he would have regretted it very much.

Then came the biggest surprise of all, Jonathan told me to ready myself for bed, I couldn't believe he was telling me to go to bed!

I shouted at him, and asked him if he was stupid, how dare he tell me to go to bed, especially at this hour.

I flounced to the chair near the bed and sat down, saying I would go to bed when I was ready to and not when told to like a little school girl.

Big mistake!

He grabbed me and yanked me out of the chair, threw me over his lap and started spanking me, hard, very hard, I was begging him to stop in no time, pleading with him.

'Are you going to do as you are told,' he asked me?

'No.' I foolishly replied.

Again I was thrashed on my now painful bottom; I couldn't reach to stop him.

'Are you?' he demanded.

'Yes yes, please stop, I will,' I cried.

'Good girl, now take your things and get ready for bed okay?'

I gathered my case and hurried into the bathroom, I was going to lock the door and defy him, but there was no lock, and no catch.

I washed my face, pondered my fate, and slowly got ready for bed, all I had brought were negligees, and such, why had I been so stupid and not brought some more practical items?

The woman in me prevented me from returning at least as best as I could make myself look; I brushed my hair, made my face up a little to hide my red eyes from the weeping.

I put on a thong and went back, he face was a picture, and he looked at me and shook his head, 'wow you look amazing Michelle you really do.'

My pride returned and I beamed inwardly at his words, men were so easy when confronted by a beautiful sexy woman.

I must confess it did make me feel a little turned on too to be admired by my captor like this.

I waltzed to the bed, pulled back the covers and got in.

It was then I had my biggest shock, he started to get undressed.

'What are you doing?' I asked incredulously.

'Getting ready for bed too Michelle, what does it look like?' He enquired.

'You're not sleeping in here with me,' I told him, 'don't even think about it.'

'Got no where else babe, so we are gonna have to share, so close the mouth right now okay, or you'll get another slapping.'

I hunkered down in the duvet at his words, I wasn't going to lay myself open to that again, that's for sure.

He undressed to his boxers, revealing a tight powerful compact body and he was hairy too, I do like that on a man, he turned out the light and got in with me; I was right on the edge of the bed as far away as I could get from him, my back turned to him.

'You are really beautiful Michelle, and I won't hurt you I promise.'

That made me feel better and I relaxed a little, and somehow later fell asleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself in the middle of the bed, with my back still to him, he with his arm around me and he was cupping my left breast in his right hand.

His head in my neck, his body up against mine, and he was asleep.

Then I did what comes natural to a girl, well it does and did to me, I wiggled my bum into him and made myself comfy without even thinking about it, and that's when I felt his prick tucking itself into the crack of my arse.

I turned myself on immediately, I gently lifted my right leg and moved backwards to him and trapped his prick completely, when I lowered it.

What was I doing, Im in a bed with what was really a strange man, who had kidnapped me, and forced me to sleep in the same bed, and I was becoming uncontrollably aroused!

That's when it became irretrievable, he prick started to harden in my crack.

It just grew and began pressurise my arse and pussy, he smoothed his right hand around my tit and his fingers found the nipple, I nearly went through the roof.

I knew he had woken up when began to gently kiss my neck and shoulder and then whispered to me softly 'Oh Michelle.'

All I could do then was let him know I was okay with what was happening by reaching my arm backwards taking hold of his hip and holding myself to him.

That's when I really snuggled into him, the hairs on his chest and lower body were tickling my back and bum so wonderfully, it became more and more arousing as every second went by.

I let go of his hip and searched for the now very hard prick in my crack, got hold of it and squeezed it, he moaned in my neck, I squeezed some more, and he yanked me around to more or less face him, looked at me in the gloom and said, 'Michelle, I can't hold out honey, I want you so much.'

'I do too.' I murmured.

My thong was shredded right off me, and he was on me and in me in a nana second, I didn't realise I was so slick, slippy and juicy; he went in up to the hilt right off, his lips found mine, my knees went outwards upwards and over his back like there was no tomorrow, he filled me completely.

Neither of us lasted very long we both came at the same time, like a couple of steam trains colliding, him hammering down on me, me hammering upwards at him, it seemed like a thundering collision when we both drowned each other in the love juice that exploded from us both.

We just lay there after settling down from what was a massive orgasm for me, he was kissing me, I was kissing him, arms around each other, both saying we couldn't believe that it had just happened like that and as fast as that, it was all so knew and natural.

I knew we were going to continue this, I felt happy, cheeky, nervy, loving, and so sexy towards this man, and not in the least bit guilty or caring about what my hapless husband had done to himself.

He still had his prick in me although it had softened somewhat, I didn't care, I just felt so relaxed and calm, I pushed my face into his neck and told him that that was fantastic for me; he replied he felt the same.

I felt that a crossroads was entering my life, and I wasn't sure which way it was going to go either.

We started petting and loving each other as lovers do, but it became apparent to me that he was a dominant personality, because as we went along he got more lovingly aggressive, was it because I turned him on so?

I hoped it was, he flipped me onto my back, climbed over me and started sucking, kissing and licking my pussy and he was so good at it I was writhing about on the bed searching for another orgasm, but as I was just about to hit the top he stopped reached between us and jammed his dangling cock into my open mouth.

I silently obeyed his demand and sucked it and bit (gently) at his knob head, reached and cupped squeezed at his balls, ran my hands over his arse and scratched at him pressed my finger into his bum hole, this made him slide off me, tipped my feet over my head and completed the mission on/in my pussy with his mouth, I came, I couldn't help it, couldn't stop it,

As I came down from my high, I asked him to let me lie still for a moment while I recovered, he smiled went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up, when he returned he took me in his arms, kissed me in such a beautiful loving way it took my breath away.

'Michelle,' he whispered into my mouth, 'this changes the dynamics of this entire entire thing do you understand what I'm saying?'

'No,' I replied, 'what do you mean?'

'Well I brought you here just get my money back, but now this has happened, you are still going to be here at least the next 4 days, that's what I gave him, 4 more days, or you would disappear.

'Wha, Wha what do you mean disappear, were you going to kill me?' My fear returned 10 fold.

He laughed at that and said, 'Michelle I promised you that you would be 100% safe and you will.'

'But I am not going to be able to stop making love to you, with you and fucking you okay?'

'Well Mr,' I said as I grabbed his prick again, 'you had better start making good on that statement then, because I want you just as much.'

We made love on and off during what was left of that night, and he was so much better at it than my seemingly more and more worthless fucking husband.

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