tagErotic PoetryA Lover's Ache

A Lover's Ache


How do I tell Him of the love that I am feeling?
That He sets my soul, my senses reeling?
All I live for day and night,
Is to please Him always, and do things right.

I gave my heart to Him to have and hold,
My mind, my body, my spirit, His to mold.
The beating of my heart, when He is close,
Sets me apart, He helped chase away the ghosts.

The ghosts of the past had been haunting me,
Making me blind to the things I couldn't see.
I was His almost from the beginning,
I didn't know it, but He was winning.

The tears I cry alone at night,
Are because I want it all to be made right.
To become His, in the evening shadows…daylight.

To wear His name, and honor Him always,
To be His, yesterday, today, for the rest of O/our days.
To shine so beautiful and bright,
To have Him know that without me, all is not right.

I am His filthy slut, His nasty whore,
But a loving gentle soul to my core,
I want Him to know He can depend on me,
Oh please oh, please what can I do, to have Him see?
That with me is where He is meant to be?

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