A Lucky Cat


I've been living beside a beautiful lake, but until I got my kayak this summer, I had no idea what adventures were waiting for me out there. The lake is very large, lined with bright green trees, bounded by jagged rocks and dotted with homes that range from modest to mansions. In the early morning, a mist blankets the water but it typically lifts as the sun gets higher in the sky.

As I glide across the calm water in my bright yellow sit-on-top kayak, I sometimes wonder what's happening inside the many houses that I pass. Often, I'll get a smile and a wave or a "hello" from someone out on their dock reading a book or catching some sun.

Although I bring a life jacket with me, I often don't wear it if the weather is warm. Instead, I'll just wear some running shorts and soak up some rays.

One recent morning, I heard a cell phone ring and a woman's voice answering it. I wasn't paddling heavily, so I could hear her voice clearly, although I couldn't see where she was. She must have been close, though. I could smell coconut sunscreen.

"No... it's modest... a two piece... the blue one... its not a thong!... Dad!... Who's gonna see me anyway? I'm stuck here on this stupid island!.... No, my friends all have summer jobs.... I don't want to work this summer. This is my last chance to enjoy life before grad school.... Okay, I love you too Daddy.... Bye."

Now, I was curious to see the young lady who was speaking but I didn't want to startle her. I paddled away from her house a bit, and out toward the middle of the lake. I then turned slowly and headed into her line of sight. I paddled strongly, flexing my tanned arms, and could soon see her laying face-up on a towel atop a boulder in her yard, a few feet from where the rocks met the water. Her light brown hair was tied back neatly, her face partly hid behind big sunglasses. At first, she seemed naked. As I got closer, I saw she wore a racy red string bikini.

She sat up slightly at the sound of my paddle and the water slapping rhythmically against my kayak. She turned her face in my direction, her eyes still concealed behind her shades. I kept paddling toward her. She grabbed some oil and began to rub it on her arms and across the top of her chest. She did the fronts of her legs and then stood up and turned sideways confirming her father's suspicion and my hopes that she was wearing a thong. She continued rubbing the oil on the backs of her legs as I drew closer. With the bottle in her left hand, her right hand reached behind to slowly oil her naked ass until it glistened and time came to a stop...


my paddle slipped out of my hand bounced loudly on the kayak and fell into the lake! I lurched forward to try and catch it, but this only caused me to fall off the kayak as well. So much for being suave.

I came up for air, and shook my head back and forth like a dog to shed the water. I heard her laughing and looked up at her.

"Can you swim?" she asked. I smiled sheepishly, treading water.

"Yes, but I hadn't planned on it." My life vest was drifting nearby but the kayak had shot forward when I fell from it and had come to rest near her. She squatted with locked knees at the shore's edge and grabbed the front of the kayak while I scooped up my life vest and waded clumsily toward her.

"Go slowly, there's a lot of sharp rocks there," she kindly warned as I stood in the waist-high water. She was as hot as any swimsuit model I'd ever seen. As I slowly closed the distance between us, the water level dropped to my thighs, causing my white shorts to cling to my awakening cock. I tossed the vest ashore and held the paddle in front of me for balance as if walking a tightrope.

"Oh, you're quite talented, I see," she laughed and sat down on a nearby rock, her feet holding the kayak from floating away.

"I was raised by circus performers," I quipped, "but they wanted me to be a lawyer so I never really mastered the high wire." I walked up onto the rock where she sat. I tossed my paddle on the grass nearby. She remained seated while I stood dripping wet beside her, my hips at her eye level, the sun on my back.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lawyerman, I'm Catherine -- Cat for short."

"John," I replied. Cat extended one hand to shake and placed her other hand half way between my hips and her eyes to shield them from the sun, "I hope you do defense work."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Because that bathing suit is criminal!" Cat laughed.

I looked down and could see what she meant. When wet, my shorts were quite sheer. I felt my face getting hot with embarrassment.

"Sorry!" I reached down to pull the fabric away from my crotch, but before I could do so, Cat grabbed my wrist to stop me. Naturally, this made matters much worse. I could feel myself swelling and twitching against the wet fabric while she held me by the wrist and gazed brazenly at me. Cat was so close I could feel her breath on my hand.

"In my defense," I stammered, "it's not a bathing suit, they're running shorts. I hadn't planned on getting wet, but then I saw you."

"Hey, you stole my line!" Cat smiled, released my hand and then pulled the front of her bikini bottoms away from her pussy briefly, as if to emphasize her point. Although it happened, quickly, I was able to see that she was shaved clean from where I stood. I had stopped breathing completely.

"Well, you are welcomed to dry them off here before you finish your ride," she offered. Cat grabbed her towel but didn't offer it to me. Instead, she spread it on a patch of ground in front of me and sat on it, her feet flat, knees bent up. She leaned back on her hands, her bikini pulled snug against her breasts and tightly between her legs.

"You may need a swimsuit lawyer too," I ventured as I recovered my senses. I stepped slowly over her, pausing just a moment and then reached down and pulled the kayak up out of the water.

"How can I dry off my shorts with you sitting on the towel?" I asked her.

"Well," Cat paused "when my suit is wet, I usually put it out on that rock and let it dry in the sun. The rocks get hot and they dry real fast."

I sat on the rock that she was looking at, and it was surprisingly hot! I jumped up quickly, provoking more laughter.

"No, silly lawyerman. You're supposed to take it off first. I don't want you to get burned!"

She was probably just teasing me, but the thought of stripping in front of this beautiful young lady was making me hard. And in the wet suit, I was essentially nude already.

"Well, if you don't want me to get burned, you'd better lend me your sunscreen," I said, and with a deep breath, I peeled off the shorts and spread them out on the rock. She yelled a Woo Hoo and whistled at my naked behind, but stopped whistling when I turned to face her and then quickly laid face-down down beside her on the edge of her towel.

"Cat got your tongue?" I asked, turning my head to look up at her. She sat a moment, clearly staring at my behind.

"No... just thinking..." she said in a far off voice.

"About what?"

"About how you're gonna need some serious SPF on your white lawyer butt!" she said and then she tossed me her bottle. I propped myself on my elbows and began to rub the oil on my arms, the back of my neck, and my behind.

"I can't really reach my back or the backs of my legs -- would you mind?" I asked. The truth was I could probably have done my legs, but not without revealing what was now a serious hard on.

"Sure, sit up and I'll do your back." Cat got up on her knees. I rolled onto my left side and then sat Indian-style with my back to her, my hands folded in my lap. She squirted some oil onto her hands and began rubbing it into my shoulders and then across my broad back. With each stroke of her hands and nails against my skin, I got shivers of excitement.

"Mmmm, did you learn this at college?" I asked.

"What makes you so sure I'm a college girl, naked lawyerman?"

Her hands began to slide over the tops of my shoulders and across my chest. I inhaled deeply, my chest swelling, and she pulled me backward, toward her, her firm breasts pressing against my back. Out of reflex, I placed my hands on the ground behind me to keep from falling completely backward. This left me completely exposed to the sun and sky, but not yet to her eyes.

"Well, you've got a quick wit about you..." I started, but it was hard to concentrate on the conversation as her hands slowly rubbed warm oil onto my chest from behind. My breathing became more shallow as her hands slowly circled lower across my abs and coming tantalizingly close to my twitching hardon. I could feel her leaning in close behind me to look over my shoulder at the effect she was having. I felt her hot and slightly jagged breath on my ear. She brought the bottle around front and drizzled the oil across my chest. I could feel it making hot trails down my abs and between my legs.

"Seems the cat has got your tongue now," she whispered as her oil slick hand slipped between my cock and my stomach. I turned my head to face her and she put one finger to my lips, silencing me before I could speak. She then placed her hand flat on my chest and pushed me down firmly on my back while moving to kneel beside me.

I could no longer see what she was doing, but I could feel it with every inch of my body except the seven inches that wanted to feel it most. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as she rubbed the oil over my hips and thighs, studiously avoiding my throbbing penis. With each instinctive rise of my hips, she pushed me down firmly onto the towel, repositioning herself between my legs. As she started to work lower down my legs, I whispered that she'd missed a spot.

"I think you should do that spot yourself," she said, also whispering, and then I felt the hot oil pouring on my balls and shaft. "Rub it in good. I'm watching you. Don't miss a spot."

I tried to open my eyes to see her but the sun was blinding, so I put my head back down and slowly brought my left hand to my quivering cock. The thought of this beautiful woman, still dressed, kneeling between my legs and watching me rub oil onto my raging erection made my balls tighten. The rush of blood and the oil and the sun made my cock quite hot to the touch.

"That is sooo hot," she spoke softly "you're making me so fucking wet."

"Touch me," I panted, "please...."

I felt her hand lightly pressing on the back of mine, guiding my hand up and down my cock. I slowed my tempo, trying not to cum, and she shifted her weight, pressing down more firmly on my hand, using her fingers to make my squeeze myself more tightly. With her hand firmly on mine, and my hand wrapped around my cock, she had me stroking myself faster and faster. I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers jamming in and out of her pussy.

I knew I was close. I wanted so badly for her to touch me. I tried to slip my hand out from beneath hers so she would grasp my aching cock. Instead, she held on to the back of my hand as I raised it to my chest. She moved to kneel beside me and I felt her cool breath blowing on my twitching cock while she continued masturbating more slowly. I could feel the pre-cum dripping into my navel.

"Don't stop," she purred "keep going. I'm so close. I want you to cum for me."

"If you want my cum, you'll have to take it," I said between rasping breaths.

Cat pushed her fingers into my mouth and I could taste her sweet pussy. I moaned and hungrily licked and sucked her fingers deep into my mouth. She straddled my face and planted her bikini-clad pussy firmly on my mouth. I clawed at her bikini, pushing it aside until my tongue was deep inside her. Her hips began pumping into my open mouth and I could her screaming as she fell forward her breasts stroking up and down my cock. I began bucking and she finally grabbed me - her left hand tugging at my balls while her right hand pumped my cock furiously against her tits. With each pull, my oil-coated shaft slipped inside her bikini top and rubbed across a hard nipple. Suddenly, she stiffened, and let out a low moan. I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth as she shuddered, her orgasm triggering my own. My hot cum flowed across her bare breast, inside her bikini top. I rammed my tongue deep inside her, feeling her squeeze it with her pulsating cunt.

"Oooooh, the cat got your tongue!" she tilted her hips back, grinding herself into my hungry mouth one last time "and I'm one lucky Cat."

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